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go8765why in ubuntuone i have smaller size of file  that i have in hard drive?14:38
go8765why in firefox download window i have smaller size of file that i have in hard drive after downloading?16:11
dobeygo8765: the data stream is compressed16:16
go8765dobey: in mp3 file?16:17
dobeyall files are sent with zlib deflate16:19
go8765dobey: http://storage8.static.itmages.com/i/12/0519/h_1337443944_5542809_c177947497.png16:31
dobeygord: yes16:43
dobeysorry gord16:45
dobeyanyway, must go16:45
JanCdobey: actually, does Firefox use KiB or kB (etc.; maybe even while displaying the wrong unit)17:26
JanCwhen looking at the links he/she refers to, it's quite obvious that that is what is going on17:29
JanCe.g. 196 kB ~= 191 KiB17:30
JanCmaybe U1 is broken in the same way?17:31
JanC(I suppose he's referring to the web interface then?)17:32
JanCor maybe just the download size in Firefox when using that17:33
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