FloatingGoatholstein: SHURE KSM3201:28
FloatingGoatwhat do you think of that01:28
FloatingGoatmight buy it01:31
FloatingGoathorry shet01:39
FloatingGoatthat production grade01:39
Eee-M0NkieHey I have a quick question about Ubuntu Studio03:47
Eee-M0Nkiemaybe someone here can help me out03:47
Eee-M0Nkie1st How does it run on a laptop?03:48
Eee-M0NkieIs it better for a desktop?03:48
len-dtEee-M0Nkie, it runs on a lap top or a netbook03:53
Eee-M0NkieOk cool03:54
Eee-M0Nkiewas worried about power03:54
len-dtbetter or worse depends on the desktop and the laptop.03:54
len-dtI have found that memory is more important than cpu speed or power.03:55
Eee-M0NkieThe Lap top im using is Quad core and 4 gigs ram03:55
len-dtMy netbook has 1 Gig of ram and an atom that runs at 1.6ghz.03:56
len-dtI can still record glitchless sound.03:56
len-dtHow many tracks or how many softsynths is another question.03:56
Eee-M0Nkiecool so I shoul dbe okay then03:57
len-dtI have had ardour recording two tracks while hydrogen was supplying drums and playing 4 softsynths with up to 4 note at a time.03:57
len-dtYou may need an external sound card.03:58
Eee-M0NkieI have one03:58
Eee-M0Nkie: )03:58
len-dtSounds like you are set.03:58
Eee-M0Nkiewas just going to ask if that would help03:58
len-dtInternal sound cards sound ok on the output, but the input circiutry is not so hot.03:59
Eee-M0NkieThanks for the info04:00
len-dtNo problem04:00
Eee-M0NkieI am going to go cut the iso and get started04:00
len-dtEasiest to use a USB stick04:00
len-dtOf coarse I have no dvd drive, so that may colour my thoughts04:01
Eee-M0NkieI dont have free usb atm04:03
Eee-M0Nkiethey all have important tools and various apps04:03
Eee-M0Nkiefor portable use04:03
Eee-M0Nkiethanks again!04:05
FloatingGoatholstein: you there?04:48
astraljavaplotino: Your only option would be to see whether there's a newer version in -backports.08:26
astraljava*oops* Disregard that, poor play with keyboard while thinking the network was down.08:40
Eee-M0NkieI am having a blank screen issue after install of UbuntuStudio 12.0411:23
Eee-M0Nkieneed help...11:23
holsteinFloatingGoat: hello?15:19
FloatingGoatshould i get the SHURE KSM3215:20
holsteinif you need/like it15:20
FloatingGoatut you said et a really good mic15:21
FloatingGoatis taht one really goot15:21
holsteini would stay away from anything in the pg series from shure15:21
holsteini think the ksm27 is more bang for the buck15:21
holsteinthats a great mic though if you find a good deal on it15:21
holsteinin that price range, i might go with another brand... but the shure gear is quite nice15:23
FloatingGoati'll get it use for like 300 bucks15:33
holsteini would trus a used shure mic, as long as its what its supposed to be15:34
holsteinthough, the 27 new is still cheaper15:34
holsteinnow.. you find a used ksm27 for $100.. thats a deal :)15:35
FloatingGoatwhat do you like that mic?15:35
holsteini think both will be quite nice FloatingGoat15:36
holsteinthe value of the ksm27 is arguably more15:36
FloatingGoatbetter than the mxl?15:36
holsteinFloatingGoat: mxl is a paperweight15:36
FloatingGoatyou think its production grade?15:36
holsteinyou cant even compare the 215:36
FloatingGoatthe 2715:36
holsteinunless you want to go into the higher end mxl's15:36
holsteinand i wouldnt15:37
FloatingGoatidk man i think the mxl sounds good15:37
holsteinin that price range, you can get so much better mics, such as the ones wer are talking about15:37
FloatingGoatbut im willing to go higher15:37
FloatingGoatbut ill buy used since used retains the products value15:37
holsteinin theory15:37
FloatingGoatii can just sell it for what i bought it when i need my money back15:37
holsteinassuming it is what it is, and its working15:37
FloatingGoatyeah lol15:37
holsteinim dealing with a used mic repair right now15:38
holsteinits taking forever.. over a year15:38
holsteineh.. i got time to wait... but still15:38
holsteinif you like the mxl, get it15:38
holsteini have had one.. one of the higher end ones15:38
holsteinsounded OK15:38
FloatingGoati need something that will make my vocals sound like bejeebus15:38
holsteingold in gold out...15:39
holsteini wouldnt expect the equipment to "make you a star" so to speak15:39
FloatingGoatused 27's go for around 15015:39
holsteinthats OK i suppose15:39
holsteinnot much more for a new one15:39
FloatingGoatno i have some really great tracks that im going to run through production grade synths15:40
holsteini dont know what that means15:40
FloatingGoatalls left to do is finish writing the songs and record15:40
holsteinim not sure how you can run a track through a synth15:40
holsteinsynths are just synthgs15:40
FloatingGoatno i mean15:40
FloatingGoatI made them in LMMS15:40
holsteintheres not really a "production grade" synth15:40
holsteinits all just MIDI, and/or samples15:41
FloatingGoatyeah there is lol15:41
holsteinits up to you to keep them clean15:41
holsteinFloatingGoat: nah15:41
FloatingGoatlike the sh*t deamau5 uses n stuff15:41
holsteinFloatingGoat: not really15:41
FloatingGoatthats high quality sh*t15:41
holsteinits all just samples15:41
FloatingGoatsounded good on flac15:41
holsteinflac, wav.. whatever15:41
FloatingGoatyeah thats what i mean15:41
FloatingGoatneed better samples15:41
holsteinits just a samples15:41
holsteinbetter is arguable15:41
FloatingGoatand im going to plug them into the piano roll15:42
holsteinand a matter of opinion15:42
FloatingGoatidk my music now is missing something man15:42
FloatingGoatneeds better quality samples15:42
holsteini dont care what you run them through, its just a sample15:42
holsteinand the end result is likely CD.. or worse.. mp315:42
holsteinso, no one will notice, or care about any of this ;)15:42
holsteinnothing wrong with keeping tracks clean though15:42
holsteini dont do a lot with samples or sampling though15:43
holsteini do mostly recording of acoustic instruments15:43
FloatingGoatyeah its really had for me to get real recordings15:43
holsteinwell, looking at your environment, and some key pieces of gear can be an easy way to clean up your signal15:44
holsteinassuming you need/want to make your own samples15:44
holsteinotherwise, get out your wallet, buy some samples, and enjoy :)15:44
FloatingGoatwhats 129 sound for the 27?15:46
holsteinif its clean and new-ish, thats a good deal15:46
holsteinits a great mic15:46
holsteinfor that $$15:46
FloatingGoati might have to take a look at it15:47
FloatingGoata pawn shop posted an ad for one on craigslist15:47
holsteinyou could probably make a cash offer then15:48
holsteini would go in with $100, and walk slowly out the door if they refuse it15:48
FloatingGoatcome back in with 130?15:51
FloatingGoatmaybe i can get them down to like 11015:52
FloatingGoatits a small shop so possible15:52
FloatingGoatthat look in good condition15:55
holsteindoesnt matter what the case looks like16:01
holsteinthose are sturdy mics though16:01
holsteinthats a good value at 13016:02
FloatingGoatis that real?16:04
FloatingGoatyeah it seems a good value16:04
FloatingGoatseeing as they go for 300 new16:04
FloatingGoatand you said to emulate the studio16:04
FloatingGoatso use mic right? :P16:04
holsteinFloatingGoat: they are $180 new16:05
FloatingGoatMY LIFE IS A LIE16:05
holsteinthe ksm27 is not the ksm3216:05
FloatingGoat32's are 500 new!16:05
holsteinFloatingGoat: the only way to emulate the studio is to do just that16:06
FloatingGoatjust do what?16:06
holsteinget nice mics and preamps and rooms and other equipment16:06
holsteinthis is a decent mic16:06
holsteinstudios use it16:06
holsteinwill you sound good with it?16:06
FloatingGoatyeah son!16:06
holsteini have no idea16:06
FloatingGoatyou want to hear what i already have on my sh*t mic?16:06
holsteinif you got crap preamps, then that'll be the bottleneck16:06
holsteinFloatingGoat: sure16:06
FloatingGoatokay sec16:07
FloatingGoatwell i was tinking of gettin a cheap behriner16:07
holsteinand those are just that16:08
FloatingGoatlol bro16:08
FloatingGoatim not spending 200 bucks on a mixer16:08
holstein*no* studio uses *any* behringer preamps16:08
FloatingGoatill do that on my computer16:08
holsteinFloatingGoat: nope.. but you could spend $200 on a nice preamp16:08
FloatingGoatno bro16:08
FloatingGoatthats too much yo16:08
FloatingGoati dont even know how to use it16:08
holsteinFloatingGoat: then, id say, dont bother with the mic either16:08
holsteinFloatingGoat: are you a computer guy?16:09
FloatingGoatto an extend16:09
holsteinimagine i come to you right now and i say i want to use a 486 for something16:09
holsteinright now..16:09
holsteinyou could propose some slim linux scenarios16:09
holsteinyou could propose embedded16:09
holsteinbut, really... today, i would need a moderate baseline system16:10
holsteinor, i might as well not bother16:10
holsteinOR, just accept the sub-par performance of the 48616:10
holsteinand thats what im saying to you16:10
holsteinyou dont have the base line minimum yet16:10
holsteinyou dont *need* to spend a bunch of money16:10
holsteinyou dont need a mixer at all16:10
holsteinbut, you can see what a studio has and emulate that as best as you can16:11
holsteina studio would charge you $120 an hour16:11
holsteinand you are going to pay that for your microphone16:11
FloatingGoatArt Tube MP Professional Mic Preamp/Processor16:11
holsteinhow can you expect to compete or compare with that without some decent tools?16:11
FloatingGoatwhat about that shet16:11
holsteinthats a good cheap step up16:12
holsteinhow do you get in the computer with it?16:12
holsteinyou want to keep that clean16:12
holsteinFloatingGoat: right16:12
holsteinFloatingGoat: thats awful too16:12
FloatingGoatmaybe a really good usb sound card16:12
holsteinFloatingGoat: you need some USB interface, and those can come with pre's16:12
holsteinso, i usually say its a better value to get a USB device with preamps on it16:12
FloatingGoatArt USB Dual Pre PS Two Channel Preamp with USB16:13
holsteinFloatingGoat: yeah, your tracks are OK16:13
FloatingGoatthats not my favorite one16:13
holsteincouple little tweaks and you'll clean that up16:13
holsteini would get the $30 tupe preamp16:13
holsteinand the $30 USB beringer inferface16:14
FloatingGoathttp://ubuntuone.com/3TSelC5UAIGI2O9KAf1Hxa I like this one a lot i made it a while back, one of my first tracks16:14
holsteinOR, just some maudio all-in-one for $10016:14
holsteini mean, those samples are "in the box"16:14
holsteinand thats what you mostly do16:15
holsteinmaybe you just create the tracks, the midi ones, take them to a studio and sing over them16:15
holsteinyou could knock a bunch out in a few hours16:15
FloatingGoatwhat does in the box mean16:15
FloatingGoati dont think i could though16:15
holsteinFloatingGoat: the computer is responisble for creating and/or rendering those sounds16:16
holsteinthe mic doesnt matter16:16
FloatingGoatbecause it takes a lot of trial and error for me16:16
holsteinthe sound card doesnt matter16:16
holsteinthe preamps dont matter16:16
holsteinfor all intents and purposes, that music sounds as good as its ever going to sound, assuming you render it properly16:16
holsteinthe vocals can get cleaner16:16
holsteinFloatingGoat: you dont think you could what?16:17
holsteingo in the studio?16:17
holsteinyou just pay them and go... its a service, like buying a sandwich16:17
FloatingGoatno i mean16:17
FloatingGoatits hard for me to get a good recordin16:18
holsteinthats why folks pay and get paid for this stuff16:18
holsteinits not easy16:18
holsteinsounds good though16:18
holsteini say, save some money, and buy some smart versitile gear at a good value16:19
holsteinthat mic is a good start16:19
FloatingGoatthats why i i think it would be better to get my own mic16:19
holsteinFloatingGoat: i have my own mic16:19
FloatingGoatand like spend all day recording16:19
FloatingGoatone song16:19
holsteindo what you want.. im just throwing out suggestions16:19
holsteinall the options16:19
holsteinanyways.. gotta run!.. enjoy!16:19
holsteinnice tracks!16:19
FloatingGoatlater bro and thanks16:20
FloatingGoatlol D:16:20
thebishopdoes anyone have a Korg Padkontrol?  What software do you use with it?17:05
Len-nbthebishop, i do not have one, but it seems to me it is a type of midi controller? Is that correct?17:45
MaynardWaterswhats that other channel, #opensourcemuscians?18:11
MaynardWatersmissing an i, silly18:12
qarmaalguien ofrece ayuda en espaƱol? porfavor18:52

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