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mr_pouitmicahg: thanks! (nice to known mousepad doesn't use the dropped functions :p)11:03
ochosimr_pouit: do you need anything from me for the display-dialog? i mean is there any way i can help you with it (apart from what i did already)?11:50
mr_pouitochosi: do you have a mockup for the --minimal dialog box?11:52
ochosimr_pouit: not yet, good point11:52
ochosii think what i'd want there is a quick way to extend/clone the desktop (with best guess) and a button to go to the actual settings dialog11:53
mr_pouityeah, the mockup from the spec isn't too bad I guess11:54
ochosiyou mean from ubuntu's spec?11:54
ochosi(wow, solarized is such a beautiful terminal-color-theme)11:55
ochosii think that's what we should use for 12.1011:55
ochosiwould be nice to have support for multiple color-palettes in xfce4-terminal11:56
mr_pouitmeh, I'm not happy, at this rate, 4.12 will be gtk211:56
ochosinick just isn't happy with gtk311:56
ochosihe has repeatedly stated that now11:57
ochosiand since he does all the work, i think it's pretty safe to assume now that they'll stick to gtk211:57
ochosiwould you mind if we patch a launcher for catfish into thunar?11:57
ochosiinstead of the "home"-button next to the locationbar11:58
ochosia simple "search in this folder" launcher11:58
mr_pouit(but it's naive to assume that gtk3 will have fixed all issues after xfce 4.12 anyway)11:58
mr_pouitthere's already a custom action on right click?11:59
ochosiyes, but it's not discoverable enough imo11:59
ochosiand now that sean is pimping catfish i think we can dare to make it more prominent11:59
ochosi(yes, i totally agree. i've no clue what the long-term - or even mid-term - strategy is here. it's more just a "boo, gtk3 sucks"...)12:00
mr_pouitI think thunar uses the pathbar style by default12:01
mr_pouit(no home button)12:01
mr_pouitbut feel free to replace it12:01
ochosiwhat if we patch the search-button into the pathbar as well?12:02
ochosii mean just pack the pathbar inside a hbox: "pathbar | search"12:02
ochosipathbar is a toolbar and takes care of it's overflow anyway12:02
ochosiso it shouldn't be a real issue12:03
ochosijust a few lines of code for opening catfish in the current-dir12:03
ochosiat least i'd love to do that as long as we don't have a panel-plugin for catfish12:03
ochosior would that create a potential dependency issue?12:06
ochosi(i mean thunar would then depend on catfish because of the stupid button)12:06
ochosi(or just add a check whether catfish is there, otherwise hide the button?)12:06
mr_pouityeah, better with the check :p12:08
ochosithat would have to be there at runtime i guess12:08
ochosimr_pouit: i'll be on a train without internet in 20min, but i'll probably design a few things for the display dialog on the way12:36
mr_pouitokay, nice12:36
mr_pouitI'm still busy rebuilding all panel plugins against xfce4-panel 4.10 ;-)12:37
ochosithis was the right spec, right? https://docs.google.com/document/d/1aHvJ-iIw-59bXTYBmIhQqEx0za2h9jpFE_RhZ2VOvJc/edit?authkey=CJO5wPkH&hl=en_GB&pli=112:37
ochosihehe, i see12:37
ochosii'd really love to have a line-light-like plugin for catfish, but as long as catfish is python that's just wishful thinking i guess..12:38
ochosimr_pouit: i'll probably also take a stab at a multihead-spec for xubuntu, not as comprehensive as ubuntu's, but trying to aim a bit higher than just the display-dialog button-layout12:44
satopit is possible to use vlc instead of different audio and video players in xubuntu 12.10 without qt by using gnome-media-player it only needs to be fixed :-) it is broken :-(13:39
bluesabre_laptopsatop: Is there any reason we avoid mplayer?  I've had as much success rate with mplayer as vlc for most media13:50
satop1bluesabre also for wma files ? 13:54
laiteI really think it's best to have one good application for each specific task, and imo playing video and audio are so different from one another that they require separate programs14:15
bluesabre_laptoplaite: I agree.  I wasn't paying attention to the conversation, I thought this was just for replacing parole14:18
bluesabre_laptopsatop1: The wma files probably do present a problem, unless you've got w32codecs/w64codecs, but they're in the medibuntu repo (licensing issues, right)?14:19
bluesabre_laptopochosi: catfish -- fixed the thumbnail display and sorting by date (probably).  Added about dialog.14:21
satophello i have a problem with the mouse cursor theme in xubuntu 12.04 with xfce 4.10 i installed oxygen-icon-theme from the repositories changed the setting in xfce settings and in update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme ... so i have the same cursor everywhere ... but when i try to resize window i see another "ugly" cursor theme 20:32
ochosibluesabre_laptop: very cool! i'll check it out right now22:41
ochosimr_pouit: ok, i put together a good part of the spec, or at least how i'd imagine it22:41
ochosimr_pouit: i'll put it somewhere on the xubuntu-wiki for now. although it's relevant to xfce as well, it's more a distro-issue...22:42
ochosibluesabre_laptop: oh btw, it would be useful if the treeview-headers were "fixed" (as in html, so they always stay at the same position, even if you scroll)22:47
ochosibluesabre_laptop: it seems you forgot to add that you fixed the window-icon! very nice :)22:49
ochosimr_pouit: the spec is not finished yet, but there's already some essential parts you might wanna read through / comment on: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Xubuntu/Roadmap/Specifications/Quantal/MultipleMonitors23:00
ochosiknome: i know you get emails about wiki-pages anyway, but i started with a multi-monitor spec for xubuntu today23:00
ochosiknome: this is obviously connected to the display-dialog improvements that are planned with lionel23:01
ochosiknome: feel free to read through and give feedback. anyway, it's still WIP23:01
ochosibluesabre_laptop: one interesting feat would be loading thumbnails (like thunar) where possible through tumbler23:23

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