xubuntu788i am installin xubuntu 12.04 :D00:01
xubuntu788no speak english :800:01
GridCubexubuntu788, what is your language?00:02
xubuntu788is a older pc, pentium 4, 2. 4 gz, 1.5  ram00:03
GridCubexubuntu788, :) por favor entra en #ubuntu-es00:03
xubuntu788allá voy00:04
Ntemisi like the dock but i would like to remove it and install cairo dock00:47
Ntemisis it possible?00:47
GridCubeNtemis, its not a dock00:48
GridCubeits just a panel00:48
GridCubeyou can simple delete it but it will never come back00:48
Ntemisi prefer cairo dock anw00:49
GridCubeas said, its just a panel00:49
Ntemisgreat work you done here guys00:49
Ntemisam newbie at xubuntu00:50
GridCubeglad you like it, the devs will be happy :D00:50
Ntemisbut i really hate that canonical is using users as beta testers on that sh..ty unity00:50
Ntemisit sucks00:51
Ntemisi want my old gnome back00:51
pleia2Ntemis: that's really off-topic here, please don't bash other systems00:51
Ntemisbut i found a new base to land ;)00:51
pleia2I've never used cairo dock, but I'd suggest doing some google searches for like: xfce cairo dock00:52
Ntemismy bad pleia200:52
gamboWhy does gmusicbrowser play music that isn't in my current filter?00:54
Ntemisthanks pleia2  i am a cairo dock user for many years01:00
GridCubegambo, because, the filter just shows you what you searched, but the playlist is still whole01:02
GridCubegambo, install another media player, you will be happier01:02
* GridCube has really bad opinions on gmusicbrowser01:02
gamboi see01:02
gamboit definitely seems counter-intuitive so far =/01:03
GridCubebut dont take them from me, please enjoy messing your brain trying to figure out how it works01:03
GridCubeyou will have an eureka moment, believe me01:03
gambowell, I have gripes with amarok and banshee... are there others that are as powerful?01:04
gambo(and rhythmbox)01:05
GridCubein any case, install exaile, or audacious (not a bad mediatheque actually), clementine, rhytmbox01:05
GridCubetheres a new one, let me find it01:06
GridCubegambo, http://getnightingale.com/01:08
gambohmm, will check it out, thanks!01:09
GridCube:) de nada01:09
xubuntu054There, seriously, is a working IRC client built into the (X)Ubuntu install process??  Is this real life?03:00
Unit193You need to wake up, Neo.03:01
xubuntu054That's a whole bunch of awesome, dipped in a bucket of odd.03:01
xubuntu054Wonder what happens if I start bookmarking stuff in this FF instance...03:03
xubuntu054I'll find out,after the install is complete, if those bookmarks make it into system.03:04
Unit193They won't.03:04
xubuntu054Still a pretty awesome time-kill while it installs.  I've not used anything except the 'alternate' install in years.03:06
xubuntu054(Habit from when the graphical install was flaky)03:06
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Fudgeanyone familiar with xfce accessibility06:28
baizon!ask | Fudge06:38
ubottuFudge: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience06:38
Fudgebaizon  i actually did ask a question and I am familiar with !ask, thanks06:39
baizonbut this will include a next question06:39
FudgeloL yes06:41
FudgeI want to be able to set accessibility on in xfce without using the gui to do it06:44
baizonsee ;)06:46
baizonhow come?06:46
Fudgebaizon  because I use orca to use the desktop and without accessibility turned on orca doesnt work06:50
Fudgeso unless someone can provide instructions to do it withotu seeing the screen or as I thought changing a conf file or using sed to enable accessibility. but i dont know where the setting is06:51
baizonFudge: man orca06:56
baizonFudge: something like "orca -t" should be what you want :)06:56
FudgeI use orca all the time, orca starts but it does not set accessibility06:57
baizonorca --enable06:58
Sysia sec..06:59
Sysihrm, can't find it from xfconf07:03
Fudgeapparently it can be done within xfce07:04
Fudgethe only thing I get though is welcome to orca, the rest of it doesnt work until accessibility is enabled07:04
* Fudge shrugs07:09
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recon_tvhi all, upgrade time is here for me :)11:00
recon_tvok, so the upgrade did not go smooth :( , being a bit to optimistic11:59
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laiterecon_tv: you could try ripperx12:54
laitecan brasero rip cd:s? I thought it was only for burning them12:57
recon_tvtrying ripperx12:59
recon_tvthx, ripperx works a charm13:01
aguitelyeah ,it ripperx13:03
aguitelin firefox tabs ,the fonts are in different dark13:04
recon_tvwonder why releases nearly always mess up really simple things, like playing mp3's !!!!13:09
Sysiif you did fresh install, it's because mp3 codec is licenced and can't be bundled in cd13:10
Sysilicenced with wrong licence that is, if it was GPL/BSD/something it would be okay13:10
recon_tv seems ripperx gave me a bunch of 2kb files13:11
aquixrecon_tv  the lame lib is in the repos13:13
recon_tvno, can play mp3's, ripping them seems to be the problem13:13
recon_tvripperx encodes mp3 files, watch the size increase in filemanager as it works, when it finishes the size drops back to 2kb, ??13:16
aquix2kb is some sort of info text file13:18
aquixyour doing something wrong13:18
laiterecon_tv: did you check from ripperx's config that there is mp3-encoder selected13:19
laiteinstall package 'lame' if you can't find any suitable encoder13:19
recon_tvlame encode was selected, trying to flac now13:21
recon_tvworked to flack, wonder if it's a bug13:27
recon_tveven worked on CD2 :)13:27
aquixrecon_tv   good boy for using flac, even how unvoluntairy :p13:36
recon_tvmp3 was default, moved over to flack, but a lot of portable players do not like it13:37
recon_tvanyway, white mink black cotton is a rocking album if you into swing13:38
milen8204hello all, I can`t boot alternative Xubuntu 12.04 from USB stic13:39
milen8204I have google it and made all changes written in the net but nothing happens13:40
recon_tvmilen8204: could be lots of things, how does it fail to boot?13:42
recon_tvand what did you use to make the usb image13:43
milen8204no defoult or UI configuration foun13:50
milen8204or something like that13:50
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milen8204Ubuntu 11.10 startin disk creator13:51
milen8204I used13:51
milen8204that to make my USB disk13:51
recon_tvmilen8204 what os you using to create the usb stick?13:52
milen8204recon_tv, Ubuntu 11.1013:53
recon_tvhave you tried usb-creator-gtk , that'll probably work better13:54
milen8204the USB stick boots on my laptop but does not on my PC13:55
recon_tvsounds like a conflict then, have you tried to boot to terminal?13:56
recon_tvbrighttness applet not working14:05
aquixboot to terminal?14:05
recon_tvaquix: press shift as you boot to get boot menu, look for rescue mode or boot to terminal as an option.14:09
recon_tvaquix: I think, not sure of this and busy rebooting one of my boxes already14:09
aquixtry     startx14:10
milen8204aquix, startx ?14:13
aquixmilen8204  it's a command to start x.org and then your desktop enviroment:          startx14:15
recon_tvmilen8204: when you get to a terminal if you type startx it will start the windows manager14:16
recon_tvmilen8204 then you can look at the error message if there is one14:17
milen8204recon_tv, but I am trying to install Xubuntu 12.04, and does not boot trough bios14:18
milen8204have no terminal there14:18
aquixmilen8204 install it how?14:18
milen8204to another PC14:18
aquixusing cd or usb?14:19
milen8204I try to boot Xubuntu 12.04 installation using USB stick14:19
aquixmilen8204 in older bioses you have to set the hdd boot order since the usb stick will register as a hard drive.14:20
milen8204I wrote .iso file on CD but in the middle of installation an error-massage appeared and interrupted the installation14:21
milen8204aquix, ok14:21
milen8204I will try14:22
recon_tvmilen8204: did you check the CD for errors? are you booting off the CD when you get the error, or when you are installing , still unclear14:22
aquixmilen8204 use unetbootin for making a live usb, btw14:23
milen8204aquix, does not work still get that massage14:24
aquixrefresh my nuggin. what is that message14:25
milen8204aquix, how to check CD ?14:26
aquixmilen8204 you can check the iso you downloaded by comparing md5 hash sums14:26
recon_tvmilen8204, tell us again exactly what you are doing and what is happening14:27
aquixbut let's be real. doesn't happen14:27
milen8204recon_tv, I am trying to install Xubuntu 12.04 on my old PC14:27
recon_tvhope this does not turn into 20 yes/no questions14:28
recon_tvare you using a usb stick or a cd to install from?14:28
aquixhes using a usb stick14:28
aquixit fails on him14:28
milen8204I had downloaded desctop iso file14:28
milen8204first I have burn it on CD14:28
milen8204but in the middle of installation an error appeared14:29
aquixmilen8204 what did you format the usb stick with? recommended i fat 3214:29
milen8204and tried to install iso file whit USB14:29
milen8204aquix, I have formatted  FAT 3214:30
recon_tvmilen8204: when you boot from cd, there should be a option to check the cd, try that first14:31
aquixmilen8204 you mention both cd and usb. we need to now what happened with both methods.14:31
milen8204now I tried to install whit USB but I am getting an error no DEFAUT or UI configuration directive faund14:31
aquixmilen8204 do you get to the grub menu?14:31
milen8204whit CD yes14:31
aquixand usb?14:32
milen8204USB no14:32
recon_tvmilen8204: you bios probably not set to boot from usb14:33
aquixyezh, but still have cd issues14:33
recon_tvso let check the CD!!!!!14:34
aquixmilen8204  when you get to the menu, press tab key, then replace    quiet splash         with nomodeset14:34
milen8204recon_tv, no I had installed Lubuntu 11.10 whit USB stick14:34
aquixand report the errors you get14:34
aquixthose damn l folks :)14:35
milen8204I have wrote the error that appeared14:36
recon_tvtrue, but have you run the check on the CD, that should be easy14:37
recon_tvwould give us a good starting point too14:37
milen8204The installer encountered an unrecoverablee error. A desktop session will now be run so that you may investigate the problem or try to install again14:38
milen8204recon_tv, I chaked md5sum on .iso14:38
milen8204but not to CD14:38
recon_tvok, check cd, if it's ok, try reinstall, might just be a glitch14:39
milen8204recon_tv, how to check it ?14:39
recon_tvboot to the CD's grub menu and select "check CD"14:40
milen8204ohh :D14:40
aquixm60 back to mint you bastard14:43
m60So you're saying Mint is superior to Ubuntu / Xubuntu, aquix ? Bold statement to make here ...-)14:44
xubuntu610anyone installing on acer ao751h?14:45
recon_tvI question you logic m60? he only implied that you are a mint user14:46
recon_tvmilen8204: you find where to check the cd?14:50
milen8204recon_tv, yes thanks now I am checking it14:52
aquixand he left, bastard14:57
recon_tvspocked him lol14:58
aquixxfce will do that :)14:59
recon_tvbet i'll be crying like a baby after a i finish upgrading my primary machine15:01
recon_tvhave to spend a day resetting the layout15:02
aquixmeh, thats like 2 hours15:02
Sysipartitioning layout?15:02
recon_tvUI layout15:02
aquixcop on the beat :)15:03
Sysibut totally changing it takes like 15mins, 30 tops :p15:03
recon_tvbut six years was a good run with the last one.15:03
recon_tvSysi, maybe for you, but there are so many little things15:04
SysiI think I reinstall at least six times a year15:04
aquixI have my firefox layout backed up with FEBE, but a fresh profile is always the best15:04
milen8204recon_tv, no errors found15:04
recon_tvmilen8204: so, just install it again and see if you get an error.15:05
aquixsix reinstalls in a year? distro hopping went to distro madness.15:05
aquixarch is nice15:06
milen8204recon_tv, it is my third install and still get the error: The installer encountered an unrecoverablee error. A desktop session will now be run so that you may investigate the problem or try to install again15:06
recon_tvI installed lots of distro after I tried unity, but only moving my main comp over now15:06
recon_tvnice gmusic opens many windows if you open many files :(15:10
aquixmilen8204 that sucks balls. but I'm out of options personally. Might be hardware failure.15:13
recon_tvaggh, still closing gmusic windows15:13
drcmilen8204: Is this your 3d install using 1) the same DISC; 2) the same ISO image or 3) same burning software?15:14
aquixrecon_tv get clementine on that thing and forget about that junk.15:14
milen8204drc, the same CD15:14
recon_tvmilen8204:  ??15:15
drcmilen8204: Someone famous once defined insanity as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.15:16
aquixdrc that was Einstein15:17
recon_tvdrc, this is the first time we are doing it knowing the cd is ok.15:17
drcrecon_tv: ok...sorry...15:17
drcaquix: I know...but I can never remember "i before e"... :)15:20
aquixdrc  :)15:20
milen8204recon_tv, I had tried two times before15:22
milen8204now i have cheked the CD15:22
milen8204and the CD is k15:22
recon_tvsure, and it'll probably fail again, then we can try startx in terminal to try work out whats wrong with UI15:24
aquixmilen8204 this is not normal, not sure if your new to linux'15:24
milen8204I am using Ubuntu for an year15:26
milen8204aquix, I think so that is not normal :D that why I am asking for an advice :D15:27
recon_tvwell, ubuntu for 6 years and computers for 25 years, far from an expert but I have a good feel for fault finding :)15:28
recon_tvand you nearly always end up doing it one step at a time15:28
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recon_tvmilen8204: installing still?15:32
milen8204yes :D15:35
milen8204now I have tried onother option15:35
milen8204I have installed Lubuntu 11.10 (because I have a disk) and now whit Xubuntu 12.04 disk I have chosen the option upgrade Ubuntu 11.10 to Xubuntu 12.0415:36
milen8204and will see what will happen15:37
recon_tvlol, into upgrade territory, just means we will have to do it again if it fails15:37
recon_tvmilen8204: you need to tell us these details15:38
recon_tvmilen8204: an upgrade is very different from an install15:38
milen8204recon_tv, yes i15:39
milen8204but install fails15:39
milen8204every time15:39
milen8204Thats why I have tried upgrade15:39
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milen8204recon_tv, that error appeared in that option too15:43
milen8204The installer encountered an unrecoverablee error. A desktop session will now be run so that you may investigate the problem or try to install again15:43
recon_tvok, so do you get a desktop session?15:45
recon_tvmilen8204: so did you get a desktop session?15:47
milen8204I downloaded the desctop session15:48
recon_tvso have you got a UI or a desktop?15:48
recon_tva terminal or a desktop i mean15:49
FowarekHello! I am having trouble with the Xubuntu Live CD. I'm trying to run it on an older Dell Desktop computer, but it just hangs on the loading screen. The bar is still moving back and forth, but it has been running for about 5-10 minutes now and still hasn't loaded into the desktop environment. This is true when I select "Try Without Installing" and "Install" options. Any ideas?15:49
recon_tvFowarek: I would try the alternative installer next for a text install15:50
milen8204recon_tv, I done understand sorry15:51
milen8204I have desktop15:51
recon_tvmilen8204:  do you want to try from the usb, check your bios to see if it will boot from it15:51
FowarekOkay, I'll try the alt installer then. Thanks!15:52
milen8204recon_tv, my USB does not run at all15:52
milen8204it does not boot15:53
milen8204My CD runs but it fails to install Xubuntu15:53
recon_tvmaybe it's not set in the BIOS? have you checked?15:53
recon_tvmilen8204: the error you described has been reported by others, i'm looking at http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=1487937&highlight=default+ui+configuration , but it's a bit old15:55
milen8204I had a google search but that I made did not work15:56
recon_tvmilen8204: I suggest using usb-creator-gtk  as i used it today to create a live usb, AND CHECK YOUR BIOS!!!!!!!15:57
milen8204recon_tv, I checked it I have set in BIOS USB as HDD device15:58
milen8204recon_tv, I will try alternative .iso15:59
recon_tvmilen8204: I think however you created the usb and cd is bugged and would like to try with usb-creator-gtk as there are no questions other than what iso to use16:00
milen8204ok will try16:01
recon_tvmilen8204: read https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick16:02
recon_tvsorry have to go, match just started :)16:04
milen8204recon_tv, i am using  usb-creator-gtk16:05
milen8204to create USB16:05
recon_tvmilen8204: try with that, i'll be back in a bit16:07
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recon69_lapmilen8204: you get anywhere with the install?16:45
milen8204recon69_lap, yes I downloaded alternative version, burned on CD, now I am installing it :D16:46
milen8204so far, so good :D16:46
recon69_lapanyone know how to add a new toolbar?16:53
GridCubeyou mean a panel?16:58
recon69_lapyep, panel16:58
GridCuberigh click > panel > preferences > BIG GREEN +16:59
Connor|WorkWHen setting up a dual boot with W7 the partition slider has two boxes showing the W7 partitoin and the future Xubuntu partition but it doesn't say which partition is the W7 partition, I presume the one on the left is W7 and the one on the right is for Xubuntu?16:59
Connor|WorkPutting Xubuntu on my friend's netbook, I'm normally a Slackware/Gentoo user and haven't touched *buntu in years.16:59
recon69_laplol, there it is >:o16:59
GridCubeConnor|Work, can i see an screenshot of  gparted?17:00
martinphonecan parole reproduce flac?17:01
Connor|WorkYes, hold on17:01
GridCubemartian, dunno17:01
Connor|WorkAlso any particular reason why jwm won't work on Xubuntu? I put Xubuntu on my netbook after arriving to work and finding that my Sabayon partition was gone, I picked jwm as my window manager but no panel or anything shows up when I log in, right click doesn't even do anything17:02
Connor|WorkUploading screenshot now17:02
GridCubemartinphone, it uses gstreamer so i bet it does17:02
GridCubeConnor|Work, i dont know about jwm, i just use xfwm417:03
Connor|WorkI normally use XFCE but I'm trying out different window managers and such17:03
Connor|WorkGot nothing to do today17:04
GridCubeok Connor|Work thats the installer partition manager, please open gparted :)17:04
Connor|WorkGridCube: using that installer partition manager, why would it not show which OS is which partition?17:05
GridCubeConnor|Work, i don't know it usually shows which partition will be the destiny painting it in a color with the logo17:06
GridCubeok so yea, the tiny one should end up as xubuntus17:06
GridCubemaybe you have to click to select it?17:06
GridCubei don't really know i usually just let the installer do it automagically or preset the partitions on gparted and the choose the destinys by hand17:07
rarogпо русски18:06
rarogПривет всем!!!!!!18:07
ubottuПожалуйста наберите /join #ubuntu-ru для получения помощи на русском языке. | Pozhalujsta naberite /join #ubuntu-ru dlya polucheniya pomoshi na russkom yazyke.18:08
xubuntu416is anyone reading what i'm writing?19:21
xubuntu416it is my first time with xubuntu19:22
xubuntu416with linux at all19:22
Marzataofcoz it is19:22
xubuntu416i've alreay tried it before but it doesn't worked well before19:23
xubuntu416hey marzata fuck off19:23
xubuntu416i'm just starting what doesnt mean that you can mock on me19:23
xubuntu416so shut up pls ;)19:23
Marzataofcoz it means19:24
xubuntu416what big expert you are, you should be helping me man19:24
xubuntu416well, lets go straight to the point19:26
xubuntu416i'm trying to access my files which are on windows19:26
xubuntu416do you know what should I do?19:26
pleia2xubuntu416: please don't use that kind of language in here, be nice to us19:26
pleia2xubuntu416: when you open up the file manager, does it show the windows drive?19:26
pleia2Marzata: please be helpful if you're going to participate here :)19:27
xubuntu416sorry man, i didn't really want to say that19:28
xubuntu416yes, windows19:28
xubuntu416yes, it appears but says that it fails to mount the drive :S19:29
Marzatawindows is in VB?19:29
Unit193Did it give any errors? And is the drive on the same disk but different partition?19:30
xubuntu416and i need to say that this system is really good, man, well usable!19:32
ubottuntfs-3g is a Linux driver which allows read/write access to NTFS partitions. Installation instructions at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/MountingWindowsPartitions19:33
iqmanchown to current user of mount point directory works for me19:34
xubuntu416thank you! i'll read it now19:35
Unit193Not sure if the program Gigolo would mount that or not.19:37
xubuntu416what a exclusive root operation means?19:38
GridCubemeans that only root can do it19:39
ubottuDo not try to guess the root password, that is impossible. Instead, realise the truth... there is no root password. Then you will see that it is 'sudo' that grants you access and not the root password. Look at https://help.ubuntu.com/community/RootSudo19:40
xubuntu416will read it also19:43
xubuntu416didn't understand it quite well19:44
xubuntu416ok, no problem i'll try it in another way19:52
xubuntu416i'm trying to access my files on windows19:52
aquixfrom linux?19:52
gordonjcpif only someone had attempted such a thing before, and extensively documented it on the Internet19:52
GridCubexubuntu416, are you using wubi?19:53
aquixscrew  that ... We're helping you now19:53
xubuntu416it is my first time with this system i cant understand what i read19:53
GridCubexubuntu416, are you using a lice cd?19:53
xubuntu416no installed it19:53
GridCubexubuntu416, ok19:53
GridCubedo you not have an icon on the desktop of a drive?19:54
xubuntu416yes, it says Acer19:54
xubuntu416that is the brand of my notebook19:54
GridCubethats your windows partition19:54
xubuntu416but says that it cant"mount" or something19:55
GridCubeopen it19:55
GridCubethats different19:55
GridCubenow open a terminal19:55
xubuntu416terminal emulator, right?19:55
GridCubexubuntu416, you know how to pastebin?19:56
xubuntu416no, what is this?19:57
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:57
GridCubethat means, go to paste.ubuntu.com, and paste the results of the things im going to ask you now19:58
GridCubeso i can see what the problem ok?19:58
xubuntu416i understand, thank you19:59
GridCubenow, on the terminal type this: sudo fdisk -l19:59
GridCubeand pass me the results19:59
GridCube:D i found out thats faster, you can do simply: sudo fdisk -l | pastebinit20:01
GridCubeand it will upload it for you :D20:01
GridCubeand will give you a link20:01
GridCubehow awesome is that20:01
xubuntu416yes, it is nice20:02
xubuntu416i didnt know about it20:02
GridCubeyou did not put your password20:02
GridCubeyou need to tell your password to sudo20:02
GridCubeso the command executes20:02
xubuntu416ok, i'll try again20:03
GridCubevery well20:05
GridCubenow on the same terminal write: sudo mkdir /media/Acer20:05
GridCubeit should return nothing20:05
GridCubethen do this: sudo mount /dev/sda2 /media/Acer20:07
GridCubeand paste the results20:07
GridCubeoh, ok20:08
GridCubenow do: sudo mount /dev/sda3 /media/Acer20:09
GridCubeand paste the results20:09
GridCubethere you have it20:11
GridCubecan you read that?20:11
xubuntu416i should write mount -t ntfs-3g -o remove_hiberfile /dev/sda3 /media/Acer?20:11
GridCubeyou could try20:12
GridCuberemember to sudo it20:12
xubuntu416like sudo mount -t ntfs-3g -o remove_hiberfile /dev/sda3 /media/Acer?20:13
GridCubeyou could do the safer thing thats loging back to windows and closing properly, then loging back to windows and closing properly again20:13
GridCubebut yeah, you could try that20:13
xubuntu416ok, so i will shut off the windows and i will come back here, ok?20:14
GridCube:) ok20:14
GridCubethings should simply work then20:14
xubuntu416ok, thank you, c you soon¹20:14
GridCubeno mounting or anything20:15
GridCubei have to go for a while now :)20:15
xubuntu416ok, so if i just shut off the windows i will be able to access the "Acer" files?20:15
xubuntu416because i inted to migrate to here :)20:15
satophello i have a problem with the mouse cursor theme in xubuntu 12.04 with xfce 4.10 i installed oxygen-icon-theme from the repositories changed the setting in xfce settings and in update-alternatives --config x-cursor-theme ... so i have the same cursor everywhere ... but when i try to resize window i see another "ugly" cursor theme20:18
satophow can i make the resize cursors using  the correct theme ? if any one knows ?20:21
xubuntu255Hi, I'm trying to install xubuntu on an old acer aspire 1350 laptop(256mb memory). I'm using the alternate cd install, it boots up fine but when i select the "Install xubuntu" option the installation never starts and the system just hangs. The disc drive makes a noise every second like it is starting to read, but never does so. I'm fairly sure that the disc drive is able to read since I have previously installed puppy linux on the21:09
Unit193You could try a few https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BootOptions , and doing a "Check Disk for defects" could help too.21:10
xubuntu255It maybe so but I cannot know. All the options have the same result I mentioned above except from the memory test, which runs fine and gives me no errors.21:12
GridCubexubuntu255, do you have a pendrive? you could try creating a liveusb, maybe your disk has reading problems21:24
linux_junkiei'm back with xubuntu23:27
linux_junkiejust spent the day upgrading from ubuntu 10.04 to xubuntu 11.1023:27
linux_junkieany major differences in 12.04?23:28
GridCubenot really no23:29
linux_junkieworth upgrading?23:29
GridCubei find that flash is more stable tho23:29
GridCubeand you know is a lts so it has lots of stable stuff and support for longer time23:29
linux_junkiei dont watch a lot of online video23:29
linux_junkiemost video i watch is on dvd's23:29
GridCubeyep, well, its newer, has newer programs and stuff like that :P23:30
GridCubebut there is no much difference from 11.1023:30
linux_junkiei'll leave it a while before upgrading then23:30
GridCubexfce 4.10 was released to late to be included as a major change23:30
GridCube12.10 will ship it so things will change now23:31
linux_junkiei got xfce 4.8 so if i upgrade to 12.10 i'll be downgrading xfce! lol23:32
GridCubelinux_junkie, thats not how it works, so i hope you're joking23:32
linux_junkiei know 4.10 is a newer version to 4.8 i was referring to version number23:33
GridCube:P yes, but 10 > 823:34
linux_junkie4.8 is higher than 4.123:34
GridCubethe dot is not a decimal dot23:34
linux_junkie.10 is not 1023:34
GridCubethe dot is not a decimal dot23:34
linux_junkieit is on my screen23:34
GridCubeits a version dot, its 4 and 1023:34
GridCube:P its confusing stuff from programmers23:35
linux_junkiei did read on xfce forums that they were thinking of changing version numbering system..23:36
linux_junkie.. they bring out a new version every two years or so...23:36
Unit193Since it doesn't appear to be a support question, may be better off in #xubuntu-offtopic23:36
linux_junkieso maybe they should number it based on year its released23:36
linux_junkieoh sorry I thought it was general chat23:37
Unit193Nop, just supporties here.23:37
linux_junkieoh well I'll stay and see if I can support anyone23:37
GridCubelinux_junkie, :P but you can join #xubuntu-offtopic23:51

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