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* jimis watching bzr log -p consuming 800MB RSS and still going...13:15
jimis"bzr merge -cREVNO ." is telling me it has modified 2 files, but bzr status shows nothing was modified. Any ideas?13:42
jimishmm never mind I used -rREVNO..REVNO-1 and it worked13:45
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ldurosis there a way to delete a remote repository?19:27
vadi2Is anyone else's bzr viz from 12.04 severely broken in terms of UI not functioning? Scrolling all the way up to the latest commit does not work.21:35
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caravelhello there o/23:37
caravelwhat is the status of the kde service (as of 4.8.3, running Fedora here) ? repo branched via bzr+ssh, cli tool works fine, but in dolphin all I get is some message in status bar : "Update of version information failed"23:38
wolterI am trying to revert my branch one version back but it keeps printing out the names of files I have modified and it will not complete the operation23:42
wolterWhat can I do to fix this?23:42
bob2http://bpaste.net the command you ran and the full output23:44
wolterbob2, I uncommitted and that seemed to work, thanks for trying to help though!23:50

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