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marcoceppiI'm back13:45
amithkkmarcoceppi: You have a question to answer14:47
amithkkOh, you answered <314:48
ihashacksOk, so after a few weeks of working with Juju + LXC I've decided to step it up to EC2 testing.17:03
ihashacksI did my bootstrap but just get tons of "ERROR Invalid SSH key" in "status" or "debug-log"17:04
ihashacksAll I've found on web searches are a lot of "wait longer," "destroy-environment and try again," and "make sure you have the ssh-keygen setup"17:04
ihashacksI know I have my ssh keys setup and working properly, "destroy-environment and try again" seems silly and I don't know how much "wait longer" I need.17:06
ihashacks...except that now the local .ssh/ is empty O_o17:12
marcoceppiihashacks: destroy the environment, re-run ssh-keygen, bootstrap, try again?17:14
ihashacksI *know* those damn ssh keys were there at first because you get an error about keys not found if you try to run juju w/o them17:16
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SpamapSihashacks: are you getting errors because you don't have a *known* key for the instances?19:49
SpamapSihashacks: thats something different entirely19:49
lamontthe laptop actually made it home this morning... I'll fetch it from the car shortly20:18
SpamapSihashacks: it would help if you paste binned the errors20:19
lamontbah. ECHAN20:19
ihashacksSpamapS: series of events 1) run "juju bootstrap" 2) edit environments.yaml 3) run "juju bootstrap" (receive error about missing SSH keys) 4) run ssh-keygen 5) this time "juju bootstrap" completes, node in ec2 running 6) "juju status" received "ERROR Invalid SSH key"22:54
ihashacks7) destroy-environment and start over22:55
ihashacks^^^ worked22:55
SpamapSihashacks: interesting22:55
SpamapSihashacks: I'd be interested to see that ssh key error22:55
ihashacksI guess juju warned about SSH key, bootstrapped anyways, then when I tried to run "status" it obviously didn't have a key in the running image for me to authenticate with22:57
ihashacksand the error received was the generic "you don't have ssh keys" message when you run juju before ssh-keygen22:58
ihashacksI did notice an interesting "bug" perhaps in ec2-zone constraints. I set "ec2-zone=a" for a mysql server, the node shows in "juju status" but nothing was ever loaded in ec223:00
ihashacksMy dashboard in AWS only shows zones b,c,d for me which is why I think it didn't actually "work" in ec223:00
ihashacksI haven't started with a fresh environment since that issue earlier to confirm that I can repeat the issue.23:00
marcoceppiihashacks: those aren't the same zones I don't think23:00
marcoceppinevermind, I'm confusing regions with zones23:01
ihashacksec2-zone=b and c had the desired result23:01
SpamapSihashacks: Sounds like the provider should use the describeAvailabilityZones call to validate your constraints23:12
SpamapSihashacks: there's a bug to have constraints be pre-checked at some point.23:13
SpamapSihashacks: most likely the provisioning agent was spewing errors once per minute23:13
ihashacksThis one: https://bugs.launchpad.net/juju/+bug/98464023:21
_mup_Bug #984640: Unsatisfied constraints are not reported back to the user <juju:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/984640 >23:21
twobottuxLaunchpad bug 984640 in juju "Unsatisfied constraints are not reported back to the user" [Medium,Confirmed]23:21
_mup_Bug #984640: Unsatisfied constraints are not reported back to the user <juju:Confirmed> < https://launchpad.net/bugs/984640 >23:21

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