guest12345at least when I buy a windows machine, i can put whatever hardware I want in it00:00
zacariasDaskreech: :-)00:00
zacariasguest12345: it's snow leopard00:00
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guest12345zacarias: /etc/samba/smb.conf00:06
guest12345zacarias: but you'll have to go through creating samba users also...00:07
guest12345zacarias: I really don't know what happens when you are doing it from the gui standpoint00:07
guest12345zacarias: sshfs is a process to get to work on snow leopard00:08
guest12345zacarias: http://andrewmallis.com/blog/2011/03/28/mounting-remote-filesystems-on-osx-snow-leopard-using-sshfs-macfuse-and-macfusion00:08
guest12345zacarias: http://linux.fjfi.cvut.cz/~tomik/personal/?p=9300:08
guest12345zacarias: but so is getting samba working00:08
zacariasguest12345: ok, thanks00:10
guest12345zacarias: np, sorry I couldn't be of more help00:11
Daskreechgiantpune: wb00:11
Daskreechgiant:pune g'bye00:12
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guest12345Daskreech: scared him away00:12
log_nullhi there.00:12
log_nullDoes anyone is having troubles when trying to install wine in amd64 machines?00:13
LordOfTimelog_null:  no, what troubles are you having specifically00:13
log_nullI'm using aptitude to do it and aptitude always claims to solve a lot of unsolved dependencies.00:14
log_nullSpecially i386 packages...00:14
guest12345log_null: I have run into problems with multiarch support in the past... however this is not specifically for wine...00:15
log_nullguest12345: well i'm trying to figure out how to not use multiarch, just amd64. There's a way?00:15
log_nullThis is the sources.list I'm using http://pastebin.com/xx7anF5g . Just it, nothing more (double checked).00:16
guest12345log_null: try going to /etc/dpkg/dpkg.cfg.d/multiarch and comment out one line that is in there with the pound sign #00:16
guest12345log_null: then do apt-get update00:17
guest12345log_null: then use apt-get instead of aptitude00:17
guest12345log_null: use 'aptitude search <pkg>' to get the wine package you want to install, then do apt-get install <result of aptitude search command>00:18
dtruleshello everyone00:18
log_nullguest12345: Yeah... I've noticed that aptitude is making a lot of noise, specially when doing "aptitude -f install"00:18
guest12345log_null: I don't know why (i'lve loved aptitude for years) but I don't think ubuntu supports aptitude anymore00:18
log_nullSince past aptitude was a good tool to manage .deb packages, I have no idea why in the hell aptitude becomes a riot program... :(00:19
log_nullguest12345: Maybe we should call it to The Grid, hehehe00:19
log_nullWell, it didn't solved. Anyway, thanks for your time, pals.00:26
dtrulesanyone knows how does that "windows pop up message" on kopete works?00:26
Daskreechdtrules: Hmm?00:27
DaskreechThe one when you get a message?00:27
Daskreechpress ctrl+shift+i and it will process the message00:27
dtrulesyes but I'm trying to configure it00:27
Daskreechah to do what00:28
dtrulesto send.. pop up messages to a windows pc?00:28
Daskreechguest12345: Ytour turn :)00:29
Daskreechdtrules: Run kopete on the windows computer? :)00:30
guest12345dtrules: in the config, can you set it to run a script?00:31
guest12345dtrules: on that event?00:31
dtrulesI'm a newbie on this GNU/linux thing :S00:32
Daskreechdtrules: That's fine what would you like it to do?00:33
guest12345dtrules: in Kopete... settings->configure notifications...00:33
dtrulesok, I want to know how that pop up window thing works00:34
guest12345dtrules: in configure notifications there is 'incoming message'00:34
dtrulesif i can send a pop up message to a friend with windows00:34
guest12345dtrules: when you click that there is 'run command'00:34
Daskreechdtrules: On a technical basis or just what triggers it?00:34
Daskreechdtrules: Ah. Well You can. WIndow has a program called winpopup that we abused horribly in University00:35
DaskreechBut the kopete popup requires a notification library that Windows doesn't ship with00:35
guest12345dtrules: from there you will have to create a file (and do some research to learn some more about this *nix stuff ;-)00:35
dtrulesjust for fun u know00:35
dtrulesok then00:35
guest12345dtrules: the first line of the file should be (called shebang line):   #!/bin/sh00:36
DaskreechYou used to be able to do a lot more of that till spammers started taking over windows machines to popup spam messages during the WIndows XP lifetime so Windows is really really paranoid about external popup requests now00:36
guest12345dtrules: then you will have to figure out the rest... windows has a 'net send ' command to sent messages to another computer (popups also)  and I think there should be an equivalent command to do that to a windows computer in linux also00:37
Daskreechdtrules: I'm sure there are ways to do it but some may require modifying your friend's computer before hand00:37
dtrulesSo It's not so easy :S00:37
Daskreech one that i used to use was a program  called hamaichi which allowed you to view another computer somewhere in the world as if it was on your hard drive but as a plus came with a messaging popup so you can chat with the other computer00:37
dtrulesthank you guys but I dont think I'll do it by myself xD00:38
Daskreechdtrules: I'd say it's easy but it's not trivial00:38
dtrulesI see00:38
DaskreechWhich is probably how I'd describe a lot of things on Windows :-/00:38
guest12345dtrules: or setup your own xmpp server :)00:39
dtrulesI'll bother you for one more thing. I have some problems with graphics00:39
Daskreechwhat kind ?00:39
dtrulesI have an Intel Processor with a graphic GMA 500 chipset00:39
dtruleswhen it boots00:41
dtrulesthe screen goes black00:41
dtrulesand I have to press F7, to make the graphic enviroment start00:41
guest12345dtrules: is it a dell?00:41
dtrulesI dont know what F/ does but it works that way00:41
dtrulesyes it is00:41
guest12345dtrules: and you installed a new graphics card?00:42
dtrulesno It's the one that comes with it00:42
dtruleson board00:42
DaskreechIt ships with two video cards maybe?00:42
dtruleswhen I close this netbook, and then open it again, I have a very big grey line on the bottom of the screen00:42
guest12345dtrules: have you checked out your bios settings?00:43
dtrulesand i can't see that part00:43
dtruleshmm no It's the graphics that comes with the proccesor.. I think00:43
dtrulesno I haven't. what should I look for?00:43
guest12345dtrules: try connecting the vga port of your laptop to a monitor to see if you can see if any messages come up, other than that... it sounds like a dell bios problem00:44
dtrulesIf I press for example, f2 f3 f4 f5 f6 all that "shells"(DK what to call them) works fine00:45
dtrulesI get a KDE notification, every time I boot ubuntu00:46
dtrulesfailing to report it everytime :S00:46
guest12345dtrules: is it happening before or after the posts?00:46
guest12345dtrules: (posts -> power on self tests)00:46
Daskreechdtrules: alt+f7 ?00:47
dtrulessorry I forgot to mention that00:48
Daskreechdtrules: ok That makes sense then :)00:48
DaskreechWhen you don't press it what happens?00:48
dtrulesThe screen is black00:49
dtrulesIf I dont press anything the screen just stays black00:51
dtrulesAfter pressing ctrl alt f7, i get this KDE error message, and another one saying the folder for contacts does not exist00:51
guest12345dtrules: so, when you are in the 'graphic environment' and you press ctrl-alt-f<1|2|3...>  is it all black?00:51
Daskreechhrrm Well it should pop up  the Grahical interface00:51
DaskreechOr does it say login?00:52
Daskreechdtrules: Ah Ok If we get that error we can probably sort out why X isn't starting00:52
dtrulesif Im at graphic e. and press c a f1 2 3 4 It gets to the shell00:52
dtrulestty1 tty2 and so on00:52
dtrulesIt doesnt say login00:53
dtrulesI press ctrl alt f7 and theres a windows00:53
guest12345dtrules: ok, just making sure that there wasn't a frame buffer resolution issue00:53
dtruleswindow sorry00:53
dtrulesand some icons will appear00:53
dtrulesa hard disk, etc00:53
Daskreechdtrules: that's you logging in00:53
dtrulesI dont get any login window00:53
guest12345dtrules: is there any clue in your /var/log/Xorg.0.log?00:53
dtrulesok but I'm never prompted to press anything00:54
dtruleshmm let me check00:54
guest12345dtrules: or ~/.xsession-errors?00:54
dtrulesif you could speak less technical, that will help :S sorry00:54
guest12345dtrules: your home directory /home/<username>/.xsession-errors  (~/   is a shortcut on the command line)00:55
dtrulesI've opened Xorg.0.log00:56
dtruleswhat am I looking for here?00:56
guest12345dtrules: look for any line that contains EE00:57
guest12345ok, it is going to take a bit of reading, but check out you xsession-errors00:59
guest12345dtrules: (don't forget the dot!  /home/<username>/.xsession-errors)01:00
dtrulesok how do it open it by shell?01:01
guest12345dtrules: do you know how to use vim?01:01
dtruleswhats the command for reading the file01:01
guest12345what do you normally use?01:02
dtrulesI have no idea man :S01:02
dtruleswhat is that? vim, kate?01:02
guest12345ok, go to the shell and type:   kate ~/.xsession-errors01:03
guest12345Daskreech: any suggestions?01:03
guest12345Daskreech: I'm a vim guy myself01:04
dtrulesits open01:05
dtruleswhat do I do now01:06
guest12345see if anything in there seems to say any reason why it isn't starting01:07
guest12345I don't know what to tell you to look for01:07
dtrulesreading then, I'll paste here If I see something suspicious01:08
guest12345dtrules: sorry man, i got to go...01:09
dtrulesok thank you01:10
guest12345dtrules: you may see somthing in there that may give you a clue, if you do, google the error and you will probably get the solution01:10
dtrulessorry for bothering you01:10
dtrulesthanks for your help01:10
guest12345good luck!01:10
dtrulesthanks, see ya01:10
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L3topdtrules: please restate your problem I am in too many chats to backscroll... try to keep replies to a single line when possible01:23
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qbitall right this is just ridiculous - who and where  do I go to tell the people who operate the repos they have a problem, as it's obvious they don't use ubuntu.kubuntu themselves or they would be busy fixing this02:56
qbit45 minutes to get 30MB of updates - Really?02:57
claydohqbit: try using a different mirror, i am guessing the load balancing or whatever mechanism used to route traffic to various servers is acting up03:11
qbitoh well, hope they fix it soon03:13
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JMichaelXqbit: i have been having the same complaint. PPA & us.archive.ubuntu.com repos are all ridiculously slow. it's been that way for a while now04:24
DaskreechJMichaelX: lots of people use Ubuntu04:24
JMichaelXDaskreech: that has always been the case, what does that have to do with the slow servers?04:25
JMichaelXDaskreech: a few days ago, it took me over 35 minutes to download an nvidia driver from a PPA04:26
DaskreechWell I would guess canonical only has so many servers. They have launchpad and ppas where the use of them doesn't always reflect canonical's interests04:27
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DaskreechThey also have a lot of dev going on as well as deals with hardware manufacturers which means lots of unit tests04:28
Daskreech Could just be that they have more CPU time being used than they have CPU power04:28
DaskreechCourse I am speculating and that doesn't help your video card get new code any faster04:29
JMichaelXDaskreech: that is possible, but it does not changethe fact that they are very slow, to the point of occasionally even timing out04:29
DaskreechFile a bug04:29
JMichaelXi'm positive they are aware of the issue04:30
Daskreechme too but they are likely to respond to a bug.04:30
Daskreech(most likely to close it)04:31
JMichaelXyou may be right, although i would not have necessarily felt would accelerate anything.04:32
DaskreechDidn't say it would accelerate just that they are more likely to respond to it04:34
JMichaelXok, that makes sense04:34
bezgoany smart people here05:15
L3top!ask | bezgo05:30
ubottubezgo: Please don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience05:30
qbitJMichaelX: I have over 2200 servers, 3 mainframes, and something like 10,000 where I work, O know a server/network problem when I see one05:33
qbitjust can't type worth a crap when I get sleepy....05:33
L3topqbit: It appears that the powers that be have throttled the servers back over the last couple of days. I have no idea why, but the same thing was done at release of 1204.05:34
qbitJMichaelX: and up until about 3-4 days ago this 'problem' didn't exist05:34
BluesKajhey , I should br in bed too :)05:34
BluesKaj be05:35
qbitit was not this slow at the release - I upgraded from 11.10 to 12.04 and it wasn't like this05:35
L3topthey dropped to 50Kbs.05:35
L3topWhat is your speed now?05:36
qbitearlier tonight it took 45 minutes to download 30MB worth of updates05:36
qbitbottom is abouit 13 KB/s, but it fluctuates at around 20 or so05:37
qbiteven saw 9 briefly once05:37
BluesKaj12.04 seems fast enough , but if you are using dns servers they should be listed in /etc/network/interfaces ...or so I've been informed05:37
JMichaelXqbit: yes, that sounds like what i have been seeing. however, i started seeing this around 6 days ago (when i did a fresh install on my netbook)05:38
qbitnothing has changed here either since before, or since this started05:38
qbitother than looking for updates when they come out05:39
qbitthey have a problemm it's not here....05:39
JMichaelXqbit: same here. i see the same thing both here at home, and at work, where i have a gigabit connection05:39
L3topqbit, that is about 90kbps05:40
L3topagain... I believe they have throttled down05:40
qbitI have fiber here which is 15Mb/s and that is 1.8MB.s throughput I can do all day every day05:41
L3topand that affects a throttled server how?05:41
qbiteven throttling down to 256 is fine05:41
qbitdown to 13 is twice the speed of a 56K dialup modem05:42
JMichaelXqbit: it can get worse. i have had it time out on me, at least once05:42
qbitL3top: that is what I mean by I know the problem is not me05:42
L3topabsolutely correct05:43
JMichaelXqbit: no, others are seeing the same thing05:43
L3topnot you05:43
L3topwho would be privy to why is outside of my reach to be sure05:43
qbitthey'll fix it I'm sure - just wondering if 'they know or does someone need to tell 'them'05:43
JMichaelXqbit: i'm not sure how they couldn't know05:44
L3tophowever I do not belive it is a "problem" as much as a "solution"05:44
JMichaelXi hope they are speedier at fixing this issue than google is with fixing problems with their repo05:45
qbitoh god - that Google repo I disabled05:45
qbitgot tired of that real quick05:46
JMichaelXgoogle does some great things, but they can also be great about dragging their arses... especially if it involved an issue that does not rake in large profits05:47
BluesKajone of my repos servers had a package upload fail , so we were having update errors , but at least the rest of the package upgrades weren't blocked05:47
L3topqbit... want to do an experiment?05:47
JMichaelXBluesKaj: there may have been a timeout when that mirror was trying to update, or something05:47
qbitnope - what I am going to do is go to bed, I've been up since 4 in the morning yesterday05:48
qbitand I am about to fall asleep05:48
BluesKajJMichaelX, perhaps , but I checked every 2 hrs or so and it wasn't fixed for 6hrs05:49
JMichaelXBluesKaj: interesting05:49
L3topBluesKaj: want to do an experiment?05:49
qbitsee you guys later....05:49
JMichaelXadios qbit05:50
BluesKaj L3top. depends , as long as it doesn't keep me up much longer :)05:50
* L3top can't experiment... lives on a farm with a 62kbps connection05:51
L3topits easy05:51
L3topcp /etc/apt/sources.list /etc/apt/sources.list.bu05:51
BluesKajok , let's try05:51
L3topdeb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt  precise main restricted universe multiverse05:51
L3topdeb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt  precise-updates main restricted universe multiverse05:51
L3topdeb mirror://mirrors.ubuntu.com/mirrors.txt  precise-security main restricted universe multiverse05:51
BluesKajbu ?05:51
L3topput that in sources.list.05:51
FloodBotK1L3top: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.05:52
L3topjust so reverting is easy.05:52
L3topby put that in I mean replace05:52
L3topapt-get update05:53
L3topthen... grab something of significant size.... apt-get something --download-only if you do not wish to install something... for sake of experiment05:53
BluesKajL3top, hmmm, I"m on 12.10 , think I'll pass05:54
L3topjust replace precise with what you want05:54
L3topI mean... you can see what it is... it is cononical supported05:54
L3topjust replace precise with quantal05:55
L3topdon't be a skuurdy pants... look at it... it isn't gonna hurt you.05:56
L3topwhat it does is check your location against a list of repositories, and grabs the one which pings quickest05:57
L3topI am curious if the mirrors suffer the same throttle05:57
BluesKajL3top, i get erroes on 2 on of the debs ,and it changed my mirror tocustom instead of normal server for Canada ...partial packages as well ...like earlier today06:03
BluesKajthe mirror I used this morning was waterloo U , but this server is some other server that's default for Canada06:05
BluesKajnow I get a lot of duplicate sources list entries , L3top06:06
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BluesKajL3top, I added the repos you listed and thats what happend, above06:09
=== Gryllida is now known as gry
BluesKajanyway gents , sacktime here06:15
BluesKajnight nall06:16
BluesKajerr all06:16
brian__hi, I'm using kubuntu 11.10 and for some reason when I pop in a dvd and try to load it in Kaffeine, it gives me an error " Error reading from:  Error reading NAV packet"06:18
JMichaelXbrian__: you need to go to www.medibuntu.org , install their repo, and install libdvdcss206:20
brian__I did06:21
brian__and dvdread406:21
JMichaelXbrian__: reading DVD menus relies on patent-encumbered libraries that ubuntu cannot have in their repos for legal reasons06:21
JMichaelXbrian__: then i'm not sure what the problem might be06:21
brian__I am aware of that. I've known that since back in Gutsy06:21
brian__alright, thanks06:23
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mega0wn3rcan someone help me?07:22
mega0wn3rI have a question about Plasma Active.07:22
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Tm_Tmega0wn3r: yes?07:25
mega0wn3rI want it on my phone. Is that possible?07:26
mega0wn3rIt's rooted.07:26
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lordievaderGood morning07:34
Tm_Tmega0wn3r: you prolly need to understand quite a lot about fitting an operating system to a phone07:35
Tm_Tmega0wn3r: so short answer is "no" /:07:36
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience07:36
mega0wn3rCan someone help me get started with LFS? I really tried but can't get it set up right.07:37
Neo139I'm connected though ssh to a kubuntu 12.04 box. I want to execute a file. Im in the folder where the file is. I do ./filename.bin and it outputs "bash: ./filename.bin: No such file or directory" but if I do "ls" the file is there. the file name has no non-printable chars (I checked with ls | cat -v) and the permissions are 777. I have no clue why I can't execute it. (I could execute it just fine in a debian box)07:39
lordievaderNeo139: Try running it with the full path.07:40
Neo139I get the same results :\07:40
lordievaderNeo139: You are on the ssh, and not mistakenly on locahost?07:42
Neo139I'm on ssh. on that box. 100% sure07:42
lordievaderNeo139: And pwd outputs the correct dir?07:43
Neo139yes. this is so strange07:43
Neo139ls prints the file name in green07:43
Neo139that means something?07:43
lordievaderSo let me get this straight, ls ./ gives you the file. But running it says not found? You didn't make a typo?07:44
Neo139It isn't typo07:44
Neo139I don't even write the file name, I start and then hit tab07:44
lordievaderNeo139: Run an ls -la and check if the permission is really 77707:45
Neo139-rwxrwxrwx  1 root root 3513408 Sep  1  2005 hldsupdatetool.bin07:45
lordievaderNeo139: Perhaps a bit of sudo might help: sudo ./hldsupdatetool.bin07:46
Neo139I'm also through screen, but I don't think that has to do with anything07:46
lordievaderNeo139: It shouldn't07:46
Neo139sudo ./hldsupdatetool.bin don't output anything, but don't execute it either :\|07:47
lordievaderNeo139: Can tools like mv or cp find the file?07:48
mega0wn3rIf your on a differint computer won't that mean sudo on your own pc does nothing on the other? You already have permission, don't you?07:49
Neo139mv can find the file07:49
Neo139root@LIRB44:/usr/servercs# mv hldsupdatetool.bin hldsupdatetool2.bin07:49
Neo139root@LIRB44:/usr/servercs# ls -l | grep "hlds"07:49
Neo139-rwxrwxrwx 1 root root 3513408 Sep  1  2005 hldsupdatetool2.bin07:49
lordievadermega0wn3r: Sudo in an ssh session sends the sudo to the ssh server not to localhost.07:49
mega0wn3rI know, but you need to be in the sudoers list or something, don't you?07:50
Neo139yea, but in this case, Im root, the file is 777. so it isn't permissions the problem i think07:50
lordievadermega0wn3r: True it needs permission to use sudo, but if it is a regular kubuntu box it does.07:50
mega0wn3rok then07:51
lordievaderAnyhow Neo139 try sudo sh ./<name-of-file>07:51
Neo139root@LIRB44:/usr/servercs# sh ./hldsupdatetool2.bin07:51
Neo139./hldsupdatetool2.bin: 1: ./hldsupdatetool2.bin: Syntax error: "(" unexpected07:51
Neo139root@LIRB44:/usr/servercs# less hldsupdatetool2.bin07:51
Neo139"hldsupdatetool2.bin" may be a binary file.  See it anyway?07:51
Neo139its a binary file07:52
Neo139 I md5sum it, and the file is ok07:52
lordievaderNeo139: Yeah I know... this is really strange...07:52
lordievaderNeo139: Running it as a user didn't work either?07:53
Neo139didn't tried, let me see07:53
Neo139same results07:53
lordievaderHow odd07:53
lordievaderNeo139: Oh hey someone here got the same problem: http://forums.srcds.com/viewtopic/1063607:55
mega0wn3rCan you copy the file to make another? Maybe then it'll run.07:55
Neo139root@LIRB44:/usr/servercs# ./hldsupdatetool3.bin07:55
Neo139bash: ./hldsupdatetool3.bin: No such file or directory07:55
Neo139I can cp, mv, less, but when I tried to execute it does't find it :\07:56
mega0wn3rTry without ./07:56
Neo139tried, also with fullpath07:56
mega0wn3rtry ../07:57
lordievaderNeo139: Try the stuff they said in the forum.07:57
mega0wn3rCan someone help with LFS?07:59
mega0wn3rThe stuff I found was outdated07:59
Neo139=) =) =D!!07:59
Neo139thanks lordievader07:59
Neo139apt-get install lib32gcc1 made the trick07:59
lordievadermega0wn3r: I have some vague idea of what it is... let alone how it works. So no I cannot help you, but perhaps someone else.07:59
lordievaderNeo139: Ah oke, nice.08:00
Neo139the file was 32 bits it seems08:00
mega0wn3rOk. Know where I might find this someone else?08:00
Neo139it worked on a 64bits debian without anything on a VM08:00
lordievadermega0wn3r: Somewhat later here, or on (k)ubuntuforums08:01
mega0wn3rI h8 forums... Any other irc?08:02
lordievaderhttp://www.kubuntuforums.net/ http://www.ubuntuforums.org08:02
lordievadermega0wn3r: http://irc.netsplit.de/channels/?net=freenode&chat= You could try channels like ubuntu or linux or a different distro.08:03
mega0wn3rOk. Thx.08:04
lordievadermega0wn3r: Good luck!08:05
angelohi leute08:12
lordievaderHey angelo08:13
mega0wn3rCan someone help woth rekonq crashing08:40
lordievadermega0wn3r: I don't use rekonq, but you could try to launch it through a terminal to see if that spits out something when it crashes.08:41
mega0wn3rok but it only crashes when i close it/tabs08:42
lordievadermega0wn3r: Ah kind of the samethign I have with amarok... but I usually kill it with killall XD08:43
lordievadersame thing*08:43
mega0wn3ramarok doesnt work for me either08:43
mega0wn3ri have to sudo it08:43
mega0wn3rin terminal08:43
lordievadermega0wn3r: In what way does it not work?08:44
mega0wn3rIt can't find sound08:44
mega0wn3rno sound08:44
mega0wn3rEven after I install drivers08:45
lordievadermega0wn3r: Can kmix find your audio cards?08:45
mega0wn3rWhat's kmix?08:46
lordievadermega0wn3r: Kmix is the volume icon you see on the bottom right.08:47
mega0wn3rThen yes it does.08:47
mega0wn3rIt says it needs codecs to play mp3s too.08:48
mega0wn3rin amarok08:48
lordievaderThat might be why amarok doesn't work.08:48
mega0wn3rI got the codecs and it keeps saying it needs them08:49
mega0wn3rAll my other sound works08:49
lordievaderYou've installed what is it called? Kubuntu-restricted-extras?08:49
lordievadermega0wn3r: sudo apt-get install kubuntu-restricted-extras08:51
mega0wn3rI got a crash in rekonq.08:53
lordievaderWhat did the terminal say? !paste08:54
ubottuFor posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.08:54
mega0wn3rThis was the output:logankemp@logankemp-Presario-CQ57-Notebook-PC:~$ rekonq08:54
mega0wn3rQDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.08:54
mega0wn3rQDBusConnection: session D-Bus connection created before QCoreApplication. Application may misbehave.08:54
mega0wn3rlogankemp@logankemp-Presario-CQ57-Notebook-PC:~$ Failed to open VDPAU backend libvdpau_nvidia.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory08:54
mega0wn3rQFont::setPixelSize: Pixel size <= 0 (0)08:54
mega0wn3rQFont::setPixelSize: Pixel size <= 0 (0)08:54
FloodBotK1mega0wn3r: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.08:54
lordievader!pastebin | mega0wn3r08:54
ubottumega0wn3r: please see above08:54
mega0wn3rI can't use paste. My browser crashed08:59
lordievadermega0wn3r: Install firefox :P: sudo apt-get install firefox08:59
mega0wn3rI have firefox, but I don't use it because of some complications with it...09:00
mega0wn3rI would use it if you know where to get nightly.09:00
lordievaderYou need a repo for it.09:01
lordievaderOr in other words, you need a browser to find that repo :P09:02
lordievaderWhy actually a daily build of FF?09:02
mega0wn3rI like it.09:03
mega0wn3rBesides it works well.09:03
mega0wn3rBetter than aurora and stable.09:03
lordievadermega0wn3r: ppa:ubuntu-mozilla-daily/ppa09:04
lordievadermega0wn3r: Experimental is usually unstable...09:04
mega0wn3rI know.09:05
mega0wn3rBut it usually isnt.09:05
mega0wn3rAnd I use it all the time on windows.09:05
mega0wn3rthat says ubuntu but im on kubuntu... it works, right?09:06
lordievaderYeah kubuntu is ubuntu with kde frontend.09:07
lordievaderxitingshui: What's wrong?09:10
xitingshuino thing . thank you09:10
mega0wn3rI hear kubuntu is not good for development like ubuntu. Is there a fix for that?09:11
lordievadermega0wn3r: What kind of dev? GTK?09:12
mega0wn3rI was doing Linux From Scratch.09:12
mega0wn3rI want to be able to work on that.09:12
xitingshuifor mega0wn3r maybe you need BLFS09:13
mega0wn3rIDK... I just want a custom Linux system.09:14
lordievaderWhy go through all the trouble of creating another distro when there are quite a few good ones. (this is more a convo for offtopic...)09:14
mega0wn3rI want it to be my own.09:15
mega0wn3rIt's a matter of how cool a custom system is.09:16
lordievadermega0wn3r: Please join #kubuntu-offtopic, this is the reason why the channel exists. The #kubuntu channel is for kubuntu related questions.09:17
mega0wn3rIt is related, isn't it?09:17
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mega0wn3rlordievader: I got nightly. Thx.09:32
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ALS-IT-NET-PCHello here you want.....10:30
ALS-IT-NET-PCgood bye.....10:31
lordievaderWell that was quick.10:31
mega0wn3rI want a terminal always open on top of what I'm doing. I want to be able to click through it but select it with ctrl+s+click or something. How can I do this?10:37
mydogsnameisrudytake a look at yakuake10:39
mega0wn3rWhat or who is that?10:39
mega0wn3rnvm I googled it10:41
Captain_MartI just installed Kubuntu 12.04 32 bit on my Toshiba Satellite L455 laptop, and my internet connection is running very slow. Here is the results of lspci if someone could help. http://paste.ubuntu.com/997139/10:42
=== massimo is now known as Guest6905
mydogsnameisrudyCaptain_Mart:  have you run update and upgrade?10:45
=== massimo_ is now known as Guest46158
Captain_Martmydogsnameisrudy: I tried, but it's running so slow. It never completes10:45
mydogsnameisrudyhmmmm ok10:46
mydogsnameisrudyyou running wireless or cable10:47
Captain_Martmydogsnameisrudy: I tried both, and they both run the same. I tried googling my adapter, and ended up at the realtek site. I tried downloading the driver, but ended up losing my wired connection all together10:48
mydogsnameisrudyive not run into this so your going to have to hang around untill someone else comes to help sorry10:50
Captain_Martmydogsnameisrudy: Ok, thanks10:51
mydogsnameisrudyill do some googling to look for you10:51
lucaHi! I noticed that my keyboard is not working in grub unless a usb pendrive is plugged as well. Anyone who noticed the same?10:52
lordievaderluca: Nope here everything is working, are you using a usb keyboard? Perhaps you need to enable "legacy USB" or something like that in the bios.10:54
lucalordievader: I can try that, thanks!10:55
Wizardhttp://techbase.kde.org/Getting_Started/Build/KDE4 does that link work  for you?11:26
mydogsnameisrudyWizard: FAILED11:27
WizardDamn :D11:27
WizardI mean, too bad :(11:27
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Captain_Mart_I just installed Kubuntu 12.04 32 bit on my Toshiba Satellite L455 laptop, and my internet connection is running very slow. Here is the results of lspci if someone could help. http://paste.ubuntu.com/997139/11:50
kerloiHi all. I recently installed kubuntu 12.04 (I made an update) and now I have a problem with the printer. Every job I start goes to a "stop" state.12:07
lordievaderkerloi: You could try to reinstall the printer.12:09
kerloilordievader: What do you mean 'reinstall' ? Remove and then add the printer ?12:13
lordievaderkerloi: Exactly, not the best solution I guess. But the only I can think of right now...12:15
kerloilordievader: It's working :) thx12:24
lordievaderkerloi: Ok great!12:25
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mr-richOk, here's my issue: I set up Kununtu 11.04 to have a static IP in /etc/network/interfaces. When I upgraded to 11.10, it somehow went back to using dhcp at the same time. So, my Kubuntu now has 2 IPs ... one static and one generated via dhcp. So I removed the static IP info from /etc/network/interfaces. Strange things is, I STILL have 2 ips I can access this machinte with.13:36
mr-richthe static (which I removed) one AND the dhcp one. Very strange. How do fix?13:37
lordievadermr-rich: Did you reboot or ran the command: sudo service networking restart?13:37
mega0wn3rDid you restart the machine/reload the interfaces?13:37
mr-richmega0wn3r: lordievader: this is an ongioing problem. this has been happening for months.13:39
mega0wn3rI have an issue too.13:39
mega0wn3rHow can I make it where I can click-through a transparent terminal?13:39
mr-richI've rebooted several times ...13:39
mega0wn3rDid you edit the file as root and make sure it saved?13:39
lordievadermr-rich: How is it set-up when you right-click on your network icon in the bottom right corner. And go to Network Management Settings?13:40
mr-richmega0wn3r: double click the title bar to "shade" the terminal, click on what you need to click on, double click to "unshade" ...13:40
lordievadermr-rich: Then your network connection and edit.13:40
mega0wn3rI want it to be there, though13:41
mega0wn3rNot just minimized or shaded13:42
lordievadermr-rich: How is the Basic Settings set-up?13:42
mr-richI'm there now ... "Automatic DHCP". Here's the rub: when I do an ifconfig, all I see is the DHCP IP, not the static, but I can still ping the old static IP an access my local LAMP stack from the old static IP ...13:43
mr-richAHA ...13:44
lordievadermr-rich: Now click the drop-down menu Basic Settings and go to Additional13:44
Captain_MartI just installed Kubuntu 12.04 32 bit on my Toshiba Satellite L455 laptop, updates are taking forever to download (about 2 kb/s). I just did a modem speed test on speakeasy.net, and my download was 27.8 mb/s and upload was 7.14 mb/s. I thought it was a bad driver at first, until I did a speed test. Any ideas?13:44
lordievadermr-rich: Is there anything there?13:44
mr-richIt's under addidiotnal addresses ...13:45
mega0wn3rIs there a limit on download speed somewhere?13:45
lordievadermr-rich: Remove it from there, restart/reload network settings and try to ping it again.13:45
mr-richmega0wn3r: no way I can think of to "click through" a window. Transparancy is just an "eye candy" setting ... :(13:46
lordievaderCaptain_Mart: You know that those speeds are usually not what you get from actual downloads? On speedtest.net I get around 30~40Mb/s down, actual dowload is around 5MB/s13:46
mega0wn3rI want my terminal to look like this with the ability to click through it. http://static.inky.ws/image/2013/image.jpg13:46
mega0wn3rCan someone help?13:47
mr-richlordievader: well, I actually want this machine to have the static IP ... I'm a step closer to figuring this out ... thanks ...13:47
Captain_Martlordievader: Yes, I know, but I should be doing a lot better than 2 kbps. It's like I have dialup, and my updates are never downloading13:47
lordievadermega0wn3r: Why? You make your entire terminal useless?13:47
lordievadermr-rich: Well if you know only have the dchp you can trow that out to replace it with a static.13:48
mega0wn3rNot if I can select with ctrl+click+s13:48
Captain_Martlordievader: It took me 20 minutes to download the flash plugin just to do the speed test13:48
mega0wn3ror something13:48
mr-richlordievader: dumb Q: what is the comand to restart network?13:48
lordievaderCaptain_Mart: True, what happens when you download something from a web server?13:48
lordievadermr-rich: sudo service networking restart (is what I use)13:48
mr-richlordievader: thanks ... I may drop off in a minute ... :)13:49
Captain_Martlordievader: I just downloaded a 3.5 mb file almost instantly13:49
lordievadermega0wn3r: I guess it is possible, but I don't know how to, alt + tab is good enough for me... I also have 2 monitors...13:49
lordievaderCaptain_Mart: Are you using some kind of mirror for apt-get/sources that is slow?13:50
Captain_Martlordievader: I haven't touched anything. It's a fresh install13:51
lordievaderCaptain_Mart: Go to muon software center -> settings -> software sources and check what is says in Download From.13:51
lordievaderCaptain_Mart: He should auto detect it, but that can fail.13:51
mega0wn3rI don't like alt+tab13:51
Captain_Martlordievader: server for united states13:52
lordievaderCaptain_Mart: You are in the us? Anyhow try selecting another server.13:52
mega0wn3rI am in the us too. Server is kind of down right now.13:52
Captain_Martlordievader: Yes, I am in the US. Should I try "Main Server"?13:53
mega0wn3rMain server won't work for me either.13:53
lordievaderCaptain_Mart: Just try a few different servers.13:53
Captain_Martlordievader: OK13:53
Captain_Martmega0wn3r: You are having trouble with slow downloads also?13:54
mega0wn3rno they just dont work13:54
mega0wn3rmissing files when i update or download13:54
lordievadermega0wn3r: That could be a misconfigured source.13:55
mega0wn3rNo, it's right.13:55
mega0wn3rI checked and also tried multiple ones.13:55
lordievadermega0wn3r: Some source that has packages for oneiric or something and you are looking for precise.13:55
mega0wn3rIt's what came with my kubuntu 12.04 LTS13:56
Captain_Martlordievader: That did it!13:57
lordievaderCaptain_Mart: Ok great!13:57
Captain_Martlordievader: I am now downloading updates fast. Thank you!!13:57
lordievadermega0wn3r: Hmm, that is strange.13:57
lordievaderCaptain_Mart: No problem, glad it is now up to speed.13:57
mega0wn3rnetwork has been down all day13:58
mega0wn3rsome sites dont work13:58
mega0wn3rsome things dont download13:58
mr-richlordievader: networking restarted. I can still ping the old static IP ... :(13:58
lordievadermr-rich: Hmm... Perhaps a full restart? Else I wouldn't know how to fix it...13:59
mr-richMaybe ... I'll have to try it later ... Gotta get to workk ...13:59
BluesKajHey all15:58
eagles0513875hey BluesKaj16:10
BluesKajhi eagles0513875 , is supposed to be automatically assigned to a /boot partition?16:12
BluesKajgrub that is16:12
eagles0513875BluesKaj: i have mounted my lvm partition and in /boot there is no grub.conf there O_O16:13
BluesKajdid you assume grub would auto install there ?16:14
eagles0513875no ikonia suggested i add the nomodeset there reboot and then add it to the grub file in /etc/default16:15
Belial`is the appmenu titlebar menu button package available for kubuntu 12.04?16:16
Belial`searching around and i see stuff for 11.10 but nothing for precise.16:16
eagles0513875BluesKaj: guess its time to file a nasty bug report or 2 here :(16:21
BluesKajok eagles0513875 , but what made you think grub would install in the lvm in /boot16:25
eagles0513875BluesKaj: why wouldn't it16:25
eagles0513875its the only partition i have on lvm which is my root partition besides swap16:25
BluesKajeagles0513875, it's best not to make assumptions, does grub see lvm as root tho...this is as much for my learning experience as yours :)16:27
eagles0513875i dunno but lvm or not i had this issue BluesKaj16:28
=== rdponticelli_ is now known as rdponticelli
ikoniaeagles0513875: I did NOT say use /etc/grub16:31
ikoniaeagles0513875: I specfically sad NOT to do that16:31
eagles0513875ikonia: i know and i didn't16:31
eagles0513875i mounted my lvm partition16:31
eagles0513875then i went into the directory where i mounted the partition and looked in /boot and there was nothing at all in that directory16:32
ikonianothing in /boot ?16:32
eagles0513875only thing i can think of is that for some odd reason grub is getting installed to the MBR of the usb device16:32
eagles0513875no nothing in boot16:32
ikoniaeagles0513875: even if it went to the mbr of a different disk there still should be files in /boot16:32
eagles0513875I'm not seeing any sadly16:33
ikoniathen your install has not worked16:33
eagles0513875ok will try again later right now i need to shower and head to church16:33
ikoniaif /boot is empty, then your install has failed16:33
ikoniawhy are you installing with a usb disk in16:34
dusoftanyone can help with this strange and rare problem on kubuntu: http://askubuntu.com/questions/138641/message-call-to-lnusertemp-failed-temporary-directories-full-check-your-ins16:38
=== AD is now known as Guest75347
eagles0513875ikonia: i find them quicker to create using unetbootin but i do have a cd burt will try again with that16:41
ikoniaeagles0513875: again you have done the opposite of what I told you16:43
ikoniaeagles0513875: for the test I specfcially told you to use the alternative CD16:43
ikoniayou ignored that and did a minimal install16:43
ikoniaI then specfically told you AGAIN to use the alternative CD16:43
ikoniayou have again ignored that and used a usb stick16:43
ikoniawhat is the point of asking for help to continue to ignore the direction given16:43
dusoftwhat could this mean? Message “Call to lnusertemp failed (temporary directories full?). Check your installation?” displayed in X before KDM16:44
eagles0513875ikonia: downloading alternate iso now16:45
ikoniawhy do you continue to ignore direction16:45
ikoniayou are really starting to annoy me with this continued asking for help and then ignoring the information despite being told a second time to follow it exactly after you ignored it the first time16:45
eagles0513875:-/ well I'm not ignoring it now16:46
ikoniaI shouldn't be having to ask you 3 times to follow the instructions given to you, why am I working to make you follow the instructions, it's just not worth the effort16:46
ikoniaeagles0513875: you shouldn't have ignored it the first two times !16:46
ikoniamore so after I told you how tedious/insulting it was for you to do it after the first time16:46
ikoniaeagles0513875: it's probably best you find your own way, as it's clear spending time trying to help/guide you is wasted16:47
BluesKajeagles0513875, if you have other ideas about methods of doing things , say so then Ikonia can advise you .16:48
ikoniano point continuing16:49
eagles0513875i was trying to do what he said in regards to editing the grub file in /boot16:49
eagles0513875thats what i was trying to do. my question is what is the difference between the alternate iso and the normal iso16:49
ikoniaafter you installed the way I explitly told you NOT TO16:49
ikoniacome on you know the difference16:49
ikoniawe discussed some minor ones in #kubuntu-offtopic16:49
ikoniaespecially the lvm differences that you wanted16:49
ikoniaso why ignore that advice16:49
ikoniaand when you ignored it I said "do not ignore the direction do it this way" you ignore it again16:50
ikoniawhat is the point in wasting the time and effort to listen to your issues, offer advise/solutions for you to ignore it over and over again16:50
ikoniaI thought you'd stop it after I told you it was really rude less than an hour again16:50
ikoniapretty annoyed that you've ignored it again16:50
ikoniait's probably best you find your own way, as there is zero point trying to help you when you ignore it16:51
eagles0513875today isn't my day my mind is in the clouds so to speak16:51
ikoniait's nothing to do with the clouds16:51
ikoniait's you not listening or being too ignorant/know it all to actually do what you are told to do16:51
eagles0513875if anything stubborn16:52
ikoniano, it's not stubborn16:52
ikoniait's ignorant/know it all better]16:52
ikoniawhich again, leads back to the pointless task of trying to help you16:52
ikoniaeverytime I get "you're too hard on him, give him a chance"16:52
ikoniaI try to help/give me time, to then have this same loop over and over16:53
ikoniait's just insulting and rude as well as a wate of time16:53
robin0800ikonia: why not just block him now16:54
ikoniaI'm done, I've said it's best he finds his own way, thats fine16:54
BluesKajikonia, perhaps eagles0513875 become somewhat obessesed with solving the USB install problem and placed your instructions on the back burner16:58
ikoniathen mentioning "I'm not tyring to resolve the grub boot option issue at the moment, I'm trying to resolve some USB issue I've not mentioned earlier" would be a useful comment16:58
eagles0513875i also forgot to mention i setup the lvm stuff using the net install cd17:01
eagles0513875at this point i am trying to solve the grub issue17:01
ikoniayou where supposed to setup the lvm stuff you wanted, that was the point of using the altnerative installer CD17:01
eagles0513875and it is setup17:02
ikonia(or at least one of the main reasons I told you to use the alternative CD)17:02
illidanhi, i am seriously worried here. Suddenly KDE said my homedrive is full.17:02
ikoniais it?17:03
illidandu -h says my entire root drive is almost full except 3gb, but how is this possible? i didnt copy anything17:03
ikoniaillidan: du should show you where the big files/directories are, look what's in them17:03
illidanonly thing is symlinks to much bigger drive in my folder17:03
illidanthe big directory is my home folder, but ńo file in there is big nor are there many midsize files17:04
ikoniadu will show you where the big files and directories are17:04
ikonialook at those17:05
illidanthats what i did17:05
ikoniaok - and where/what are the big files and directories17:05
illidanbut the size of the folder is said 41 gb17:06
ikoniaillidan: please pastebin the output of "df -h"17:06
Daskreechyou could try ducks17:07
ikoniaillidan: I asked fo the output of "df -h" not du17:07
illidandf sry17:08
ikoniaillidan: ok, so it's not /home that's full17:08
ikoniait's / - which home sits off17:08
ikoniaillidan: run "du -h" on / and look again for the big data17:08
ikoniadu -hx sorry17:09
ikoniadon't want to see other file systems17:09
Daskreechtype sudo -i17:10
Daskreechthen type alias ducks="du -cks * | sort -rn | head -11"17:10
Daskreechthen you can type ducks in any dir and it will tell you the 10 largest sets of files underneath it17:10
Daskreechso if you go to / or /home and type ducks it will tell you what's using the most space under it17:11
illidanthis http://paste.ubuntu.com/997689/  it is my home directiry17:13
illidancould it be that a symlink to a 2,5 tb drive is counted?17:14
illidanmay vmware workstation have anything to do with it? i was about to create a vm but i did not yet run it and i put its folder on another drive17:15
ikoniadepends if you created an image file that's taking up space17:16
ikoniaagain - du -xh will show you where the data is17:16
illidanwell there is none17:17
illidanbut the totals lie17:17
ikoniathere is17:17
ikoniaout of interest where is your symlink ?17:19
illidanakonadi and cache are both under 300mb and they are the biggest folders17:20
ikoniaillidan: lots of little data still adds up17:20
ikoniadoesn't have to be 1 40GB directory17:20
ikoniawhere is the symlink ?17:20
illidan~/data to /data/home/user/  and ~/storage to /storage         and there are not much files17:20
ikoniaillidan: please show me the output of ls -la ~/storage in a pastebin please.17:21
ikoniaso that's all clean17:22
ikoniacheck the same with /data17:22
FloodBotK1ikonia: Please don't flood; use http://paste.ubuntu.com to paste; don't use Enter as punctuation.17:22
ikoniaso then the data must be the adding up of all of the little bits and bobs in /home/$user17:23
illidanbut the target is not colored like at storage17:23
ikoniaprobably that target doesn't exist17:23
ikoniawhat colour was the storage link17:24
illidanstorage is white on blue background and data is bluishpurple on normal black17:24
ikoniathat's odd17:24
ikoniaillidan: I'd check both those links are there and accessable17:24
ikoniared normally means they are broken17:25
illidanmount says sdc3 is still mounted at /data17:25
ikoniabut I'd check they are there and accessable as there is clearly something "different" about them17:25
=== shadow_wraith is now known as ShadowKnight
ikoniaillidan: try following the links, cd into them etc17:25
=== ShadowKnight is now known as kuronokenshi
illidanwhen browsing storage with dolphin through the link i noticed it says total size is 4 kib17:26
BluesKajis it odd not to have data or storage in / ?17:27
ikoniatotal size of what ?17:27
illidanof storages main folder17:27
ikoniaBluesKaj: you mean the mount point ?17:27
BluesKajikonia, no i mean root17:27
ikoniaBluesKaj: sorry say again, I didn't follow properly17:27
illidanbut when looked at without using the link its the 600 gib like they are17:28
ikoniaillidan: you're probably seeing the size of the symlink file17:28
illidaninkonia: But why could that be?17:28
ikoniabecause the actual symlink is small as a file17:29
ikoniait's the directory it links to that's big17:29
illidanoh sry i was confused a bit17:29
illidani mean how could it be that somehow it may be counted i the roots hierarchy?17:30
ikoniaillidan: easy way to check, unmount the targets17:30
illidanstill 41 gb17:31
ikoniaok, so you've proved it's not the links17:31
ikoniait's in your homedir17:31
illidanthere is no filer bigger than 500 mb, about 10 files in the range 100-300 mb and the smaller files are less than 100 and under 1 mb17:34
ikoniathat can't be right17:34
L3top!info gdmap17:36
ubottugdmap (source: gdmap): Tool to visualize diskspace. In component universe, is optional. Version 0.8.1-2 (precise), package size 52 kB, installed size 324 kB17:36
illidanafter umounting the symlink to storage exists but the one to data is gone, still there is no data folder17:36
DaskreechCheck your hidden dirs17:36
Daskreechcheck ~/.xsession-errors17:37
illidanno .xsession-errors there17:37
illidani am looking wrong sry17:37
illidanis ther17:37
illidannow my system lags extremely... data symlink is there but sorted to somewhere else because the target folder does not exist. the storage symlink still works because the folder /storage exists as empty one after umounting. and xsession-errors is empty17:40
illidannow kde begins failing hard as space on / is considered full17:41
illidanwhen cat 'ing the xsession errors its full write fails and and getsystemclock fails17:42
illidanmay it be... no... / is an ssd, could this be the moment when their lifetime is exceeded?17:43
Daskreechillidan: df -h says what now?17:44
illidan /dev/sdb2 56gb size 53 gb used avail 32mb mounted on / , nothing else big17:45
illidanonly standard mounts, no additional drives17:45
Daskreech32 mb?17:45
illidani dont know17:46
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illidanentire drive was used about 10-12 gib yesterday. today i did backup my phone contacts with wammu and after that i wanted to make a windows vm to install mass effect in it, but i was still in the creation dialog when kde said drive is full17:49
AranelAfter 12.04 upgrade now plasma-desktop doesn't start with "org.kde.kded not provided by any .service files" :/ Can you help me?17:49
illidanis there any install log for apt ?17:50
Daskreechillidan: type sudo -i17:50
Daskreechthen alias ducks="du -cks * | sort -rn | head -11"17:50
Daskreechcd / && ducks17:50
Daskreechit will give what's taking up space17:51
Daskreechgo into the top first or second dir when it returns whichever you think more suspcious and type ducks again17:51
Daskreech It will bring you to what ever is taking up space17:51
DaskreechI'd guess either /var/log or something hidden in your ~ dir17:51
illidani did that already on advise of ikonia17:53
illidanit is my home folder showing the total of 41 gib whats totally not normally possible17:53
illidanbut all the filesizes in there summed dont give 4117:54
illidani mean without filtering the result with head17:54
illidanwhen i reboot and its suddenly back to normal, i will bring doom over something18:01
* illidan rebbots18:02
DaskreechWhich means I presume that he didn't check his hidden dirs18:06
Daskreechdu -sh ~/.local would be interesting18:06
DaskreechAs a note rebooting when you have no HDD space is never a smart move under any OS18:27
illidanDaskreech, ikonia, the 43 gib drive filling file was the .xsession-errors file, but I wasnt able to access it while logged in, in rescue mode it was visible. so I deleted it and everything seems back to normal. is there anything that breaks when / was full?18:39
Daskreechillidan: Ah thought you said that didn't exist?18:40
Daskreechillidan: Was full? no. Is full? yes18:40
illidanDaskreech: it was there but not accesible while logged in x, but in rescue mode i could delete it18:40
illidanDaskreech: how could it grow that big?18:41
Daskreechillidan: errors?18:41
qbitI had .xsession-errors fill like that from a bug in strigi indexing18:41
DaskreechYeah me too. Still have it archived. was 68 GB18:42
Daskreechillidan: how was it not accessible ?18:42
qbitI turned it off and left nepomuk running, supposedly it was fixed in later kde updates but I haven't turned it back on to see as I don't use it18:42
illidanit was not shown with ls -la and not mentioned by du18:42
illidanwell i dont use strigi much (since install not one time), will turn it off18:43
qbityou need nepomuk for kmail2 and kontact, etc, but I found I didn't really need strigi18:44
Daskreechdu would not mention it ls -la should. You may have missed it?18:45
illidanwhich turns only strigi off? semantic desktop or file indexer18:45
qbitnever really knew how related the two are to the bug, but the .xseesion-errors filing up a drive was a well known symptom18:45
Daskreechfile indexer18:45
qbityes - you can turn off strigi without having to disable nepomuk18:45
DaskreechYeah it's either a very badly formatted set of files or a bug with Kmail trying to feed nepomuk data and the two getting into a very verbose discussion18:46
qbitthen watch the ,xsession-errors file for runaway growth - I believe turning off strigi should damp that down18:47
qbitI had a drive fill up that way too   :-)18:47
illidani have an unused 30 gb partition left on my data drive, is it reasonable to moveandsymlink .xsession-errors over there?18:48
illidanhm the file growth since deletetion was 0 to 43 kib on login and is 203 kib now18:50
qbitmine is currently 382KB18:51
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qbitand these figures are reasonable as they contain all the other output from desktop/Qt widget spew18:51
qbitit's when it runs away and starts taking gigs of space is when it is abnormal18:52
illidanhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/997867/ this stuff is what made most of the lines in the file i deleted.18:52
qbitthat looks fairly normal, as in it resembles mine18:53
illidanalso teh internets say, ssds get slower when you fill/almost fill them. when i deleted the file in rescue mode i forgot to mount with discard flag, will sandforce or the kernel do garbage collection or do trim afterwards?18:55
qbithow agressive garbage collection is will vary by firmware18:56
qbitand background garbage collection is supposed to wait for idle18:56
yofelthere's an fstrim command which will try to trim all free blocks (use at your own risk), but I'm not sure if it's really worth the trouble18:57
qbitI took the disacrd out of my fstab, and used to use the old hdparm's wiper.sh with GUI down and logged in as root to console18:57
qbitthese days I use fstrim as it's designed to be used on mounted file systems safely18:58
illidanwiper.sh contains --security-erase commands?18:58
qbitnever used the security erase18:58
qbitthought that would entail reinstalling OS and formatting and all that stuff18:58
illidanits my stnadard mehtod of wiping is quick and works perfectly18:59
illidani mean when i really wipe everything from the drive18:59
illidanor does wiper wipe only free space?18:59
Daskreechno security erase is a multiple wipe. then a zero of the used blocks18:59
qbitI do fstrim about once a month or after deleting large chunks of stuff, which I don't do very often18:59
TCHcan someone help me a bit with xrandr?19:00
lordievaderTCH: Sure what is wrong?19:01
TCHi have an LG 900B Studioworks monitor19:01
TCHi would like to run some old games wich uses 320x240 or 320x20019:01
TCHi know my monitor is capable of these modes19:02
qbitfor me when drive throughput gets down to about 200MB/s from such deletions doing the fstrim gets it right back up to the 240MB/s I usually have and then the background G.C. keeps it sane19:02
TCHbut i cannot switch to these19:02
lordievaderTCH: And now you want to foce those resolutions?19:02
TCHi read some tips on the net with adding modes19:02
TCHand use some frequency calculators19:03
lordievaderTCH: Follow this guide: lordievader ALL=NOPASSWD: ALL19:03
TCHbut none of them worked19:03
TCHi am reading your post19:03
lordievaderTCH: The link I gave you does work, I use it myself to force a monitor to 1280X102419:03
TCHi'll try it, thanks19:04
illidanqbit: did fstrim ever mess something up? can I run it while browsing or should i run it from tty without logins?19:04
qbitillidan: so far as I've used it I've been lucky and it has never messed anything up - but I've always done it from console with no X or GUI running19:05
TCHi've got that xrandr error again when i use addmode19:06
TCHcan i copy the message to here?19:06
illidanqbit: how long does it take?19:06
lordievader!paste | TCH19:06
ubottuTCH: For posting multi-line texts into the channel, please use http://paste.ubuntu.com | To post !screenshots use http://imagebin.org/?page=add | !pastebinit to paste directly from command line | Make sure you give us the URL for your paste - see also the channel topic.19:06
TCH6 rows19:06
qbitillidan: my desktop kubuntu is on a 30G partition and only uses about 7 or 8 gig of that - and it takes about 3-4 minutes19:07
TCHhere they are19:07
TCHjust a minute i post the whole session to another page19:08
TCHextended version: http://paste.ubuntu.com/997889/19:09
TCHany idea?19:10
lordievaderTCH: I'm afraid to say that I have no idea...19:12
lordievaderTCH: 640x480 doesn't cut it? How are you trying to play these games? Through wine?19:13
lordievaderTCH: Try giving wine a virtual resolution, or in other words run it in windowed mode.19:13
TCH640x480 would be ok, if i could force wine to double the pixels19:13
TCHi would like to play in fullscreen19:14
lordievaderTCH: I'd say playing in windowed mode is better than not playing at all...19:15
TCHi know, i play them that way now19:15
TCHactually i can switch to fullscreen, but the picture is only quarter sized of the screen19:16
TCHcan you suggest a channel where xrandr is the main topic?19:16
TCHmaybe they can tell me what are these opcode errors means19:16
TCH(google did not helped)19:17
lordievaderTCH: That is something unkown to me, perhaps some one else knows.19:17
TCHok, thanks for the help anyway19:18
lordievaderTCH: Sure no problem, and good luck!19:18
illidanqbit: thanks, bye19:21
qbitbest wishes19:22
illidanDaskreech: thanks, bye19:22
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TCHi have found a workaround19:48
TCHx is capable of rescaling the screen19:48
TCHxrandr --output CRT1 --mode 640x480 --scale 0.5x0.5 --crtc 119:48
TCHthis command gives a 640x480 screen but with double the size, so it is looks like a 320x240 screen19:49
lordievaderTCH: Lol, ok good to know!19:50
TCHokay thanks guys, i am leaving now20:03
Dan39how to set stuff to delete, not go to trash in dolphin? or maybe move the trash location from /tmp to /home/tmp or something20:32
Dan39delete files and it fills up / partition fast :\20:32
qbitin Dolphin ->settings ->General -> Context Menu -> click box 'Show 'Delete' command20:33
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qbitthen when you right-click you can delete w/o having to go throw Trash20:34
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Dan39delete key still goes to trash tho?20:35
Dan39cant change that?20:35
qbitnot sure , never do it that way20:35
Dan39shift-delete is permanent, so i figured it configurable20:35
qbityeah - that would probably be under the key-bindings area20:36
qbitbut I tried it and you're right - just 'delete' key and it goes in Trash20:36
Dan39no one else has problems with /home and / partitions, and / being so small?20:40
DaskreechDan39: Small?20:46
Dan3920 GB20:46
DaskreechI've never used more than 7 GB for /20:47
DaskreechHome is ofcourse a different beast and depends on each person20:48
Dan39yea and... you try deleting something big and it going to trash? :\20:48
Daskreechin any case you probably can set the delete key to be delete instead of trash20:48
Daskreech I normally just shift delete if I want something really gone20:48
phoenix_firebrddoes the home folder have a limit?21:16
Joitjust pysical21:16
phoenix_firebrdDan39: what do you mean by /home being small?21:17
Joitbut i would anyway make it manually and make home at a seperate partition21:17
Joitor use another hdd. that way you can update the system and allways keep your home folder21:18
phoenix_firebrdJoit: i know, but Dan39 said /home and root being small , i am wondering about that21:18
Joityeah i read that :D. i think his hdd is at last 20gb21:18
phoenix_firebrdJoit: oh, in that case he should relocate his home folder somewhere like you told21:19
Joitwhen you have some videos or dvds then it can be fast small21:19
Joitphoenix_firebrd: seems hes back in his game21:20
phoenix_firebrdJoit: ya, thats why i always make root partition with plenty space. but still as you said the videos could easily consume it21:21
phoenix_firebrdJoit: game?21:21
Joitphoenix_firebrd:  he mentioned something like that.21:21
phoenix_firebrdJoit: oh21:22
DaskreechI've updated my / to about 15 GB now21:22
phoenix_firebrdDaskreech: thats good, 7 gb is too low21:22
Joitphoenix_firebrd: what is your average space what your / folder needs actually, just wonder, and i did not install a lot stuff right now21:22
phoenix_firebrdJoit: let me check21:23
phoenix_firebrdJoit: root without home folder is 3.521:24
phoenix_firebrdJoit: i usually use 100 gb for root21:24
phoenix_firebrdJoit: now i am using 30 gb, since i use another linux install21:25
Joitthats a bit, i think 20 gb can be quickly to small21:26
Joiti got a neat miniprogramm for monitoring the space on the hdd, but i accidently did close it21:27
phoenix_firebrdJoit: Not for me,i store media files separately in another partition21:27
phoenix_firebrdJoit: the plasma widget?21:27
Joitnot sure what it was. i have to look for it again. i did close it.  Well, gladly i dont have a lot media files. but sounds like a good idea too, to have a sperate space for that21:28
BluesKajgetting by here wit 10G for /21:28
phoenix_firebrdBluesKaj: nice, Daskreech was with 7 gb21:29
phoenix_firebrdi use a lot of applications, so i need to have a lot of space for root21:30
phoenix_firebrdI am using a 64 bit kubuntu 12.04, i have installed 32 bit app using the dpkg arch  check override. Now whenever i what to install any package, muon or apt wants to remove the 32 bit app. i tried the option "lock" in muon,  it didn't help21:33
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DaskreechI've never used more than 7Gb but when I did reach there I decided to move up from 10 GB to 1521:39
Daskreechphoenix_firebrd: TO be clear my / is/was 10 GB but in actual use I've not actually consumed more than 721:40
phoenix_firebrdDaskreech: oh. are you using netbook?21:40
Joiti have home with 10,7gb. and my root is 21 gb. wonder what did happen there lol21:40
Daskreechphoenix_firebrd: No desktop21:40
phoenix_firebrdJoit: have you used the autoremove of apt?21:41
DaskreechJoit: You happen to be you :)21:41
phoenix_firebrdDaskreech: nice21:41
Joitphoenix_firebrd: i dont thin kso21:41
phoenix_firebrdJoit: remove old and unwanted packages21:41
Joitphoenix_firebrd: i will try that21:42
Joitit free's 18 mb, not that much21:43
DaskreechJoit: also tru du -sh /var/cache/apt21:43
Joitthere are also only 1,6gb there21:47
phoenix_firebrdJoit: use filelight application to see what hogs your root21:48
Joitphoenix_firebrd:  lol, now filelights shows me 8 gb at root and 12 gb at home21:52
phoenix_firebrdJoit: :)21:52
Joiti need to go off, lol, good night phoenix_firebrd21:53
phoenix_firebrdJoit: gn21:53
Dan39lol guys, i was saying i have seperate partitions for / and /home. with / being the small one22:02
Dan39/home is over 1 TB22:02
Dan39/ is only 20 GB22:03
DaskreechAh. That's not terribly small but doesn't make a difference if the file you are deleting is on the /home since the .Trash is in your home directory22:03
Dan39stuff was being put in /tmp/kde-username/dolphin-something22:06
DaskreechDan39: It moves there temporarily while you move it22:06
Dan39there was stuff left in there22:07
Dan39and what if i move a big file?22:07
Dan39i should be able to change the "temp" directory somewheres22:07
Dan39that may do22:07
Daskreechwell depending on what you are doing people either make a tmpfs or have a dedicated /tmp22:09
Daskreechassuming that you move around a lot of data /tmp can be very important22:10
Dan39i didnt say remove it lol22:10
Dan39i just said make it so /home/tmp is used instead of /tmp22:10
DaskreechMebbe :-)22:12
Daskreech$KDE_TEMP_DIR or some such22:12
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neo69how can I remove a app from kubuntu startup?22:27
neo69the one I want to remove is apache22:28
Daskreechneo69: remove it from your services22:29
neo69Daskreech: where?22:30
Daskreechneo69: I'm checking. It's an upstart thing22:30
neo69Darkwing: ok, thanks22:32
phoenix_firebrdI am using a 64 bit kubuntu 12.04, i have installed 32 bit app using the dpkg arch  check override. Now whenever i what to install any package, muon or apt wants to remove the 32 bit app. i tried the option "lock" in muon,  it didn't help22:36
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Daskreechtry hold in aptitude ?22:54
neo69Daskreech: I found it out22:59
neo69or use update-rc.d or do it manually on /etc/rc*.d folders23:00
neo69Daskreech: ^^23:00
neo69Daskreech: on /etc/rc*.d there is a text file explaining how23:00
phoenix_firebrdneo69: did you try disabling it through settings-> startup and shutdown-> service manager?23:01
phoenix_firebrdDaskreech: are you talking about the aptitude to me?23:02
neo69phoenix_firebrd: apache isn't there23:04
illidanqbit, Daskreech: fstrim worked very well. as of now, the x session errors log is stable at about 160 kibs. I have a suspicion what made strigi go crazy, i imported my phone contacts to akonadi. It was a huge amount and a few contained umlauts or descriptive signs, may that have caused a glitch?23:04
neo69I'm back23:08
phoenix_firebrdneo69: can you check this folder "/etc/init.d/"23:10
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ubottuUpstart is meant to replace the old Sys V Init system with an event-driven init model.  For more information please see: http://upstart.ubuntu.com/23:21

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