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c0deMasteris ubuntu SSO can be discussed here too?07:20
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eolsonHi, is it slow to checkout today on launchpad.net for anyone else (about 8kB/s)?  Also, is there a fast way to checkout if I just need the code? -- I haven't gotten --lightcheckout to work with a launchpad.net project yet.15:07
Karmaonis launchpad repos down15:31
Karmaonis launchpad under a ddos?15:47
Karmaonthe repositories?15:47
spmswap death, recovering now15:49
jimis :-)16:14
jimisjust a while ago I had "bzr log -p" using 800 MB RSS. Imagine a whole cluster of such processes, they could kill any server :-p16:15
dobeyeolson: it's "bzr checkout --lightweight" i think. it will still need to pull the code, but it won't create a local copy of all the history, so it will be faster, but may still seem a bit slow if it's a project with lots of code16:47
eolson1dobey, thanks!18:23
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