LubuntuPoweredi am having issues with Flash now. it was after i went through some updates via the update manager. it will say "missing plugin" or something similiar. i had it reinstalled already and still the same problem.02:41
herpyI have a problem with Chromium04:59
Unit193What's the problem.05:00
herpyWhen I try to load a certin youtube vid I get the aw snap message05:00
Unit193You in the html5 test? http://youtube.com/html505:01
Unit193Also, what flash version/package do you have installed?05:01
herpy1.2.202.235 flashinstaller05:03
Unit193I'd recommend you purge that, enable !partner if it isn't already, and install adobe-flashplugin (not a ton of difference, but I've noticed a few.)  Alternitivly, you can install Chrome and get pepperflash.05:04
herpyenable what?05:09
ubottuCanonical's partner repositories provide packages a location for software vendors to publish applications. The repo itself can be added by running this in a !terminal: « sudo add-apt-repository "deb http://archive.canonical.com/ $(lsb_release -sc) partner" »05:09
herpy!partner? How do I do that?05:09
ubottuherpy: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)05:09
Unit193Says right there...05:10
herpyscrew it I'll install chrome05:14
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surtHello. I'm having trouble with a U100/MSI Wind netbook booting Xorg/lightdm. I tried service lightdm start and startx, and both commands throw me back to the console.08:12
surtI removed a whole load of bloat applications, including pcmanfm.08:12
surtThis is the second FRESH install, and it still won't boot. Been trying to fix this ALL day can anyone please help?08:12
surtI've also got the error "^@could not write bytes: Broken pipe".08:14
surtIs anyone there? I've got no clue what's wrong.08:15
bioterrorfrom console: startlubuntu08:15
bioterrordoes it prompt something?08:15
bioterrorand then some logs could be inspected to get a glue08:16
bioterrorglue :D08:16
surtcan't blame autocorrect ;)08:16
bioterrorwell no I cant08:16
surtinstalling bloat now...08:16
surtOK. I tried startlubuntu and got an error..oh snap08:18
surtThat worked08:18
bioterrordid it work?08:18
bioterroryou got desktop?08:18
surtYeah brother well done :)08:18
surtSo I *must* have pcmanfm installed?08:18
bioterrorpcmanfm is core component08:18
bioterrorit handles the desktop08:18
surtOK. No biggie, I'll just remove it from autostart.08:19
bioterrorI have no idea what you've been upto08:19
surtOh um08:20
bioterrorbut I would: sudo dpkg-reconfigure lightdm08:20
bioterrorsomething wrong with your installation08:20
bioterroras X seems to work08:20
surtThere's an autostart file somewhere with a whole load of @'s in front of them for autolaunched tasks08:20
surtI just remove pcmanfm from there08:20
bioterrorwhy you want to remove pcmanfm from there?08:21
surtthunar has custom actions I can't do without08:21
bioterroras you wish08:21
surtShould have spacefm by default. I think.08:21
surtpcmanfm + perks08:21
FarinetHello, i succeeded in entering the lubuntu chat?08:41
bioterrorseems so08:41
FarinetOk, fine . . .08:42
FarinetNot so familiar with xchat ;)08:42
bioterrorif you're familiar with AmIRC, you're home with X-Chat :D08:43
FarinetThe last time i used to chat it was with ProTerm on an Apple IIGS :D08:44
surtLast time I was on chat, I was using TekNap on OpenNap. Memories...08:46
FarinetAnyway, may i ask for some problems i've with lubuntu 12.04?08:46
nothingspecialThat's the idea Farinet :)08:47
FarinetOk, here it comes08:47
Farinet1. Problems with 12.04 lubuntu ppc: Even with the update from 12.4 beta to 12.04 LTS the symlinks which point to vmlinux etc. are put on the "/" (root) directory. Moreover, the most recent linux kernel img has the wrong rights!08:49
FarinetI described that in ubuntuforums.org (thread: PPC Testers needed)08:49
FarinetIt was a problem which existed already before with *ANY* kernel update08:50
Farinet@nothingspecial May be i saw you in the forums as well . . . (?)08:51
nothingspecialyes Farinet08:51
FarinetAnother question concerns that the newest kernel is "-smp" flavour. I read that the ubuntu comunity maintaining the ppc versions decided to drop the non "-smp".08:53
Farinet2 questions in regard: Is that ubuntu specific (or does debian the same)? What means "-smp" - just out of curiousity . . . ?08:54
nothingspecialFarinet: You can read the discussion re droping smp here08:57
nothingspecialnon-smp rather08:58
Farinet@nothingspecial: If so, why the "apt-get update" & "apt-get upgrade" installed an -smp flavour. I never ever had one on my Powerbook ??09:02
nothingspecialFarinet: I'm afraid I don't know. You could ask in #ubuntu-powerpc09:06
FarinetOk. I read (ubuntu.5.n6.nabble.com) they will drop non-smp (Benjamin Herrenschmidt & cie are well know developers i think)09:12
Farinet@nothingspecial: so, it would be better to ask the ppc related questions over there, i presume?09:13
nothingspecialI would imagine so Farinet, don't know how busy it will be on a Sunday though09:13
FarinetOk, then the lubuntu 12.04 x86 related problem: On a Samsung Netbook (N 150P) i cannot use lightdm. If i set it (by dpkg-reconfigure lightdm) to main display manger the login hangs. With lxdm it works.09:16
FarinetBut when i try to purge lightdm all lubuntu related stuff is deleted as well, and i rest with basic lxde09:16
nothingspecialThat may be something to do with the wallpaper Farinet, do you have a custom wallpaper set?09:17
nothingspecialsilly as it sounds ....09:17
nothingspecialsee here Farinet09:21
FarinetNot in this moment; at least not in the settings for lightdm (with lxdm i use Natty_bug)09:22
nothingspecialThe post concerns Ubuntu but the bug may be similar09:22
Farinet@nothingspecial: JFYI: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/PowerPCKnownIssues (> No non-smp kernel)09:22
nothingspecialI'm not suggesting installing gdm by the way09:22
FarinetNot really ;)09:23
FarinetI can live with lxdm, not that big of a problem. But i'd like to understand, where the problem is (and i'm a bit afraid for further upgrades)09:23
nothingspecialI have to go Farinet, hope you solve your issues09:27
crazypeteis there any way to fullscreen leafpad without the menu bar showing?10:26
GODOSi have a little problem with lubuntu can you help me?11:21
bioterrorgo ahead and ask11:21
GODOS i added auto login at the /etc/xdg/lubuntu/lxdm/lxdm.conf11:22
GODOSbut i have to make a mouse click on the use name to login11:22
GODOSi want auto login without showing the lxdm11:23
GODOShow can i do that?11:23
GODOSi have added autologin=themis11:23
GODOSbut auto login is not working11:24
GODOSany solution?11:25
GODOShow can i enable auto login without showing lxdm11:40
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n1ckn4me09876543I downloaded Soundblaster X-Fi linux driver, now I have to install it, the readme file tells me: << In terminal,16:27
n1ckn4me098765431) Goto source directory16:27
n1ckn4me098765432) Execute make command as root16:27
n1ckn4me09876543   make16:27
n1ckn4me09876543   make install >> what's the command to install programs/driver16:27
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yoohahello guys22:50
stlsaintyooha: hey23:03
stlsainthey room if i upgrade netbook to 12.04 will it break my install?? *wink*23:03
LordOfTimestlsaint:  what're you running now23:05
stlsaintnot sure23:07
stlsaintoh oh 11.10 ;)23:14
stlsaintLordOfTime: meh, just joshing. Wanted to see if anyone was in the room :D23:14
* LordOfTime checks from time to time :P23:14
stlsainti am going to upgrade though so...23:14
* stlsaint crosses fingers23:14
LordOfTimenormally i'm hanging out in #ubuntu-server and #ubuntu and #ubuntu-bugs :P23:14
LordOfTimestlsaint:  back up important data first!23:15
stlsaintLordOfTime: NOPE! Im putting all my faith into Lubuntu. Test of time ;D23:15
LordOfTime(and yes i meant to do that in caps :P)23:15
stlsaintLordOfTime: no caution here bud. Going all out lol23:16
LordOfTimeyour loss, if the thing breaks mid=upgrade23:16
* LordOfTime is a tech, so he always recommends backing up data23:16
stlsaintLordOfTime: if anything breaks ima be pissed23:25
LordOfTimeand this is why i recommend backing up important data :P23:26
Unit193stlsaint: I didn't backup, it works for me™23:42
stlsaintUnit193: smooth so far thought its just downloading packages23:43
gnufunHello, I just installed Lubuntu on an Acer Aspire One ZG5.  I kept Windows XP on the other partition when installing.  When booting, the grub menu screen does not come up.  Instead the netbook boots directly into Windows.  If I connect the usb, then the grub screen comes up and I can choose ubuntu.  It then boots from the hard drive.  I tried to sudo update-grub.  That looked like everything went according to plan (it found every23:48
pepinitoHi there. Is ther any way to get a application switcher with previews in Lubuntu?23:50
Unit193gnufun: You got cut off at "...according to plan (it found ever" However, you can hold left shift on boot, or edit /etc/default/grub and comment out hidden boot (# being comments) and run sudo update-grub23:51
pepinitoHi there. Is there any way to get a application switcher with previews in Lubuntu?23:56
Unit193There's no need to repeat your question.23:56
pepinitoi know i know, I hadn t login against NickServ, so i didn know if the first one went out.23:58

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