amithkkSo, Is the bot working well?03:53
twobottuxAnnouncement from my owner (amithkk): Hey! I'm 2bottuX, A bot by Amith KK. I'm on 2 ubuntu channels and #2buntu. My Function is to provide AskUbuntu Integration. If you want me in any of your channels watching a tag, msg amithkk07:52
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twobottuxauappdev: can I make apps for ubuntu using a windows pc <http://askubuntu.com/questions/139810/can-i-make-apps-for-ubuntu-using-a-windows-pc>17:24
JanCtwobottux: I'd say it is possible, although a "Windows PC" doesn't really exist (every PC that runs Windows can also run Ubuntu, either natively or in a virtual machine)17:55
twobottuxJanC: Error: "I'd" is not a valid command.17:55
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