isiahhi all, I am back after 2 years02:35
Ted_hi, I was hoping I could ask what seems like a pretty simple question04:03
Ted_I've successfully created a live USB to boot from on my Intel MacbookPro04:04
Ted_is there a way for me to actually install ubuntu on this stick though?  It's 16 gb, and it's currently formatted FAT using diskutility on my mac04:05
Ted_Every time I've tried, I get various errors04:05
Ted_I just want to be able to load the drive using ReFit and boot it as if it was an internal partition04:05
Unit193You can either do a !persistent install, or check the docs at !mactel04:09
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Culiforge11.10 & 10.04, trying to mount nfs shares to client (10.04) went through how-to and it worked first time. Now when I attempt to remount I get mount.nfs: mount system call failed.12:11
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isiaha simple way to change wallpapers20:40
philipballewisiah, 12.04?20:44
isiahi got it21:06
isiahwallch is working fine21:07
philipballewcool isiah !21:11

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