penguin42yes, those broadcasting under managers are dangerous00:03
broderLaney: do you still need a give-back on rhythmbox?00:20
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bobweaverHello there I am trying to make a ubuntu core installation happen. but for some reason I can not chroot into the mounted /mnt/root I get the error chroot: failed to run command  `/bin/bash': Exec format error. Any ideas what is going on ? Also if this is the wrong channel I am sorry just point me to the correct one thanks a bunch :)03:48
bobweavernever mind it is the arch that the host live cd is on sorry to waste your time.03:50
scienteswhats the name of the privacy control panel?04:20
scientesgnome-control-center doesn't seem to have it04:21
ChauncellorHi, I'm trying to develop a lens for Unity via a quickly template - when I try to install/run it (via sudo quickly install and quickly run) I get errors the lens not being provided by any service files: GDBus.Error:org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name unity.singlet.lens.wikipedia was not provided by any .service files04:21
scientes(and why does finding out what  programs are in gnome so damn difficult)04:21
Chauncellorscientes, activity-log-manager04:21
Chauncellorscientes, my bad, not that....04:22
scientesi'm just trying to figure out how it does it04:22
scientesso i can add similar functionality to my application04:22
scientes(well just an opt-out of zeitgeist)04:22
slangasekkees: hmm.  does bug #637303 look familiar?04:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 637303 in mountall (Ubuntu) "Tries to mount raid element" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/63730304:23
finchHello folks, I'm working on a puppet provider for network interfaces, and I have some questions about the allow-hotplug stanza. Is that value used these days, or is everything handled via udev for hotplugged network devices?06:00
vibhavCan https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/python-scipy/+bug/655192 be nominated for oneiric?06:25
ubottuLaunchpad bug 655192 in python-scipy (Ubuntu) "scipy.weave.inline requires python-dev to be installed" [Low,Fix released]06:25
micahgvibhav: done06:29
* vibhav hugs micahg 06:29
vibhavThe version of python-scipy in oneiric is 0.9.0+dfsg1-1build1 , what should be version for the Ubuntu Delta?06:53
vibhavmicahg: ^06:53
vibhavremove the build?06:54
vibhav can07:12
ubottuLaunchpad bug 932439 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "Horizontal scrolling reversed recently" [Medium,In progress]07:12
vibhav                be nominated for oneiric?07:12
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micahgDaviey: prettytable is trying to pull python-support back into main09:35
Laneybroder: looks like it09:44
Davieymicahg: nah it aint.09:45
micahgDaviey: sure, with your upload :)09:46
Laneyor one of you two could do it for me09:46
Laneyubuntu-build rhythmbox quantal retry09:46
Davieymicahg: I think you are mistaken :)09:46
micahgDaviey: I meant that your new upload just fixed it09:46
DavieyLaney: given back09:47
Laneycheers boss09:47
vibhavCan https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/xserver-xorg-input-evdev/+bug/932439 be nominated for oneiric?09:47
ubottuLaunchpad bug 932439 in xserver-xorg-input-evdev "Horizontal scrolling reversed recently" [Medium,In progress]09:47
jtaylorvibhav: please prepare 655192 according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates first please09:49
vibhavjtaylor: What is wrong in the debdiff I provided?09:51
vibhav655192 according to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/StableReleaseUpdates first  please09:51
jtaylorthe debdiff is fine, but the bug description updated a bit09:54
vibhavOh wait09:54
Daviey*sigh* http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=673618 .. it's already using dh_python3 .. but refusing to use dh_python2.09:54
ubottuDebian bug 673618 in prettytable "prettytable: Please consider converting to dh_python2" [Normal,Open]09:55
Laneywhat debdiff?09:55
jtaylorDaviey: this is to be expected from morph, never mention you're related to ubuntu to him :)09:56
micahgDaviey: not mostly, actually deprecated: http://article.gmane.org/gmane.linux.debian.devel.python/694809:56
* Laney fails at voting in the diversity GR09:57
Davieyjtaylor: he took the python3 patch from us. *sigh*09:59
Laneyperhaps some other member of DPMT could broker a deal09:59
* Daviey replies10:00
Laneyis there some kind of team policy around switching from python-support for example?10:00
jtaylorother dpmt members also refuse dh_python2 patches10:00
vibhavjtaylor: Not sure what to put in the [Regression Potential] section10:00
jtaylorvibhav: e.g. low, just adds dependencies10:01
vibhavjtaylor: done10:02
* micahg would think it should be escalated if the team is being obstructionist10:02
jtaylorits no release goal in debian to remove pysupport10:03
jtaylorthe python team is not very ubuntu friendly in the first place mainly to how python maintenance is done, I would advise against pouring oil into the fire10:04
vibhavjtaylor: Is the bug description fine?10:04
jtaylorjust patch it in ubuntu and wait10:04
micahgyeah, I guess it's not a release goal for wheezy10:04
micahgmaybe for wheezy + 110:04
micahgwe're still ~700 packages away from being done anyways: http://people.canonical.com/~ubuntu-archive/transitions/dh-python2.html10:05
jtaylorvibhav: you should also mention why -imaging is added10:06
vibhavjtaylor: Why did you add -imaging to the recommends?10:06
jtaylorvibhav: http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=64803610:07
ubottuDebian bug 648036 in python-scipy "python-scipy: imread in scipy doesn't work" [Important,Fixed]10:07
vibhavjtaylor: jtaylor Done10:09
jtaylorthe latest fftw3 update in unstable pulls in openmpi, that would need patching out in ubuntu?10:11
jtayloras its in main10:11
jtaylorvibhav: looks ok I'll check it later10:15
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Bluefoxicyit looks to me like Ubuntu doesn't recognize SSD, and thus doesn't put 'discard' into the fs options for SSD partitions13:57
broderBluefoxicy: you can set the discard option regardless of whether or not there's an ssd involved - it'll gracefully fallback to a noop if the device doesn't support it, but we're following upstream's decision to leave it "by default until sufficient testing has been done"14:04
Bluefoxicybroder ah14:04
Bluefoxicybroder:  what about setting deadline scheduler on SSD?14:05
broderdon't know anything about that14:05
Bluefoxicyit's supposedly faster than CFQ14:05
Bluefoxicybasically noop is just FIFO, deadline will try to get reads scheduled before writes, and CFQ will try to be fair and account for how close sectors are to each other so as to reduce seek time14:06
ion[citation needed] (not sarcastically, i’m interested sincerely)14:06
Bluefoxicyof course there's no seek time on an SSD14:06
Bluefoxicyyou can set these through /sys/block/[device]/queue/scheduler14:08
BluefoxicyI'm using CFQ on my hard drive and Deadline on my SSD right now14:08
Bluefoxicyforum post of course says set it on the kernel command line, but that's system-wide default14:08
Bluefoxicysomething like maybe14:08
Bluefoxicycheck_trim() {14:08
Bluefoxicy        sudo hdparm -I "$1" | grep -q "Data Set Management TRIM supported" && return 014:08
Bluefoxicy        return 114:08
Bluefoxicycheck_trim /dev/sda && echo deadline >/sys/block/sda/queue/scheduler14:09
Bluefoxicyand so on14:09
Bluefoxicybut with something to read /etc/fstab, build an array of all the block devices with partitions to mount, and then loop through them14:09
broderif you were going to do that, i'd look more directly at /sys/block/sda/queue/rotational14:09
Bluefoxicynice :)14:10
broderbut basically, i think ubuntu is fairly unlikely to pick something like that up without upstream kernel buy-in14:10
BluefoxicyI don't think the kernel will ever auto-deadline14:11
broderyou could imagine it auto-nooping for non-rotational disks14:11
Bluefoxicyon the one hand you might say, since the kernel can see it's non-rotational maybe it should stop taking a "Default Scheduler" approach and instead implement a smart policy that applies deadline to non-rotational media and CFQ to rotational media14:12
Bluefoxicybut this argument has already come and gone14:12
Bluefoxicythe kernel developers--Linus especially--do not support policy in kernel14:12
broderhmm, fair14:12
broderok, i guess you could take it to upstream udev14:12
BluefoxicyThis happened with grsecurity/PaX etc14:12
Bluefoxicyyeah udev makes sense14:12
Bluefoxicyin fact udev makes a lot of sense14:13
* Bluefoxicy checks to see if his cell phone shows up as non-rotational media14:13
Bluefoxicyodd, it does.  (it's an SD card)14:14
penguin42why do you say odd?14:14
Bluefoxicysorry, it shows up as a spinning disk14:15
Bluefoxicy~# cat /sys/block/sdc/queue/rotational14:15
penguin42ah yeh, that's odd14:15
broderusb doesn't expose the rotational flag14:15
Bluefoxicyi was gonna say, this would be useful for things like USB flash drives too, except it's ... not.14:16
geserdo you get a 0 for any block device? I get only ones for "cat /sys/block/*/queue/rotational"14:16
Bluefoxicygeser:  I have an SSD14:17
Bluefoxicy/ is on SSD, /home/_vm/ is on SSD (I tried putting it in /var/vm/ and Ubuntu decided to delete its contents during installation, so screw that), /home/ is a spinning disk system14:17
geserI get 1 for even /sys/block/ram0/queue/rotational (isn't this from a tmpfs mount?)14:19
Bluefoxicythis is a mess :P14:20
BluefoxicyChromium is so friggin' awesome14:27
Bluefoxicy 2806 bluefox   20   0 1708m 690m  34m S    5  8.8 599:21.25 chromium-browse14:27
Bluefoxicy 14:27
Bluefoxicy2806Plug-in Shockwave Flash14:28
penguin42Bluefoxicy: Can you see it in the developer tools , it has some profiles/heap snapshotting etc14:31
Bluefoxicypenguin42:  ???14:31
Bluefoxicypenguin42:  I pulled up the memory stats and Chromium informed me that the huge 700 meg process was just the Flash plug-in doing nothing.14:32
penguin42Bluefoxicy: chromium's tools menu has a task manager and developer tools option, it shows you which tab is using what memory (to some degree)14:32
Bluefoxicythe next biggest process is the browser itself at 230MB, and then the biggest actual tab eats about 55MB14:33
Bluefoxicyso ... Flash is a ridiculous memory hog.14:33
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* vibhav hugs jtaylor 15:22
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melodieis it possible to ask a pair of questions about the topic "LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch" please ?17:50
melodiethe link is : https://help.ubuntu.com/community/LiveCDCustomizationFromScratch17:51
melodieis it ok to ask here ?17:51
JanCI suppose it's okay to ask (depending on the exact question, there might be better places to ask, but people can point you there then)17:54
melodieI would like to know if the part mentioning "There is a problem with 10.04 upstart package not containing /sbin/initctl.distrib ... " is still valid for Precise ? and if no one here knows, where could I ask ?17:54
melodiehi JanC17:54
melodieand in fact I don't understand at all this part, it lacks information17:56
melodieand what does "sudo chroot chroot" mean ? Never seen chrooting that way before : is it the right command, or maybe, some mistake ?17:57
melodiethanks for all pointers. :)17:58
penguin42I think the second one is the directory of your chroot - ie. sudo chroot /whereever/you/put/yourchroot18:02
melodiepenguin42, I get it. I thank you !18:06
JanCmelodie: upstart-specific questions can also be asked in #upstart (but not so many people are active there) or on the upstart mailing list18:06
melodieahem... what does "upstart" mean ?18:06
melodieI am there and I see a few persons18:07
JanCupstart is the init system used in Ubuntu, basically the first program started by the kernel that then starts all other programs needed by the OS18:08
melodieJanC, thank you very much !*18:14
JanCI don't know what that specific issue is/was about, BTW, or whether it's fixed now18:15
melodieJanC, ok thanks18:23
melodieI am reading the page of the bug report. It more or less looks like an egg and hen problem18:27
melodiecool the comment #44 is to say the chroot pb is solved ! I'll fetch someone to update the howto maybe ? I read the rest just in case18:53
JanCmelodie: it's a wiki?  ;)18:54
JanC(although maybe the help part is locked, not sure?)18:55
melodieJanC, I don't know yet but I will try to discover, and if needed will visit #ubuntu-doc (if it still exists of course)18:56
melodieJanC, are we are being cooking now, I'll first finish to read that page to make sure the bug fix is effective, then I will look further. anyhow, thanks for your support !18:58
JanCmelodie: you can log in using your Ubuntu SSO account (the same account/password as used by UbuntuOne & Launchpad)18:58
melodieJanC, ok18:58
melodieI meant, I'll have to look at the rest a little later. :)18:59
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JanCyes, and "smakelijk" / "bon appétit" / "Mahlzeit" / "enjoy your meal" or whatever they say in your country...  ;)19:04
melodieJanC, merci ! bon appétit aussi ! smakelijk too !19:21
JanC:) I ate a couple of hours ago  ;)19:21
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malkaunsany X11 experts here?  How do i programatically create a new virtual X display?22:54
malkaunslike NX22:54
mlankhor1tmalkauns: things like Xnest/ephyr?22:55
malkaunsmlankhor1t, what's that?22:55
malkaunsnested X server?22:56
mlankhor1tapt-cache show xserver-xephyr / xnest22:56

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