amithkkAnybody here09:24
benonsoftwareamithkk: Yes?09:25
amithkkThe community team redirected me here to get a block cloak09:25
benonsoftwareamithkk: Ping a member of the IRC Council, they should be able to help you09:26
amithkkI guess..09:28
amithkkhead_victim: ping09:28
amithkkelky: ping09:28
Myrttineither of those are members of the IRC council09:32
amithkkAlanBell: ping09:32
amithkkTheir not?09:32
* amithkk sighs09:32
MyrttiAlanBell is09:32
amithkkI've got to get my councils sorted09:32
head_victimamithkk: As mentioned, I'd love to help but am not in a position to do so.09:37
head_victimMy suggestion is to lay out the request you have so even if you're not around when the council members are they can act upon your request. If it's private or urgent I'd suggest emailing them.09:38
AlanBellamithkk details please09:41
amithkkI made a bot for AskUbuntu Integration09:42
amithkkand got it registered and working09:42
amithkkSomebody suggested an irc cloak for it09:42
amithkkwell... I guess thats it :D09:42
AlanBellbot account name?09:43
AlanBelland channels you intend to run it in09:43
amithkk#juju #juju-dev #ubuntu-app-devel and #2buntu09:44
amithkkthat's the list for now09:44
amithkkany channels expressing interest will be added09:44
AlanBellwhat is #2buntu?09:45
amithkkThat's the place where the bot provides services, and the bot reports any problems there09:45
amithkkSince it was originally for controlling the 2buntu room09:45
AlanBellI am off out for a bit, will pick this up later09:49
amithkkOk :)09:52
=== botnick is now known as tomtiger11
adrianrlyHello. I want to apply for an Ubuntu clock (ubuntu/member/ubuntu-ro.adrianrly). My launchpad URL: https://launchpad.net/~adrian-n11:39
popey!membership | adrianrly11:40
ubottuadrianrly: Ubuntu Membership means recognition of a significant and sustained contribution to Ubuntu and the Ubuntu community.  For more info see https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership11:40
popeyadrianrly: you might want to read that11:40
adrianrlyOk. Reading right nou.11:41
adrianrlyI didn't see that page. I reached this page: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Cloaks from search engine to search engine. I should talk about this with the guys from Romanian Team.11:46
popeyadrianrly: the first link on that page takes you to the membership page ☺11:51
adrianrlyYeah, you're right but I didn't click that link because I thought: "I have ubuntu on 3 devices and I have launchpad so that makes me a member".11:52
adrianrlyGuess not :)11:52
paolettopnnecessito informazioni per mettere a log testuale un canale di ubuntu-it18:31
paolettopnc'è un op che mi può aiutare?18:31

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