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micahgeagles0513875: I'd suggest trying on Monday :)03:05
eagles0513875micahg: ok :( won't have much time sadly :( due to an exam04:11
micahgeagles0513875: weekday I mean vs weekend04:13
eagles0513875i tried friday evening central European time04:14
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jtaylormicahg: is bug 655192 really sru worthy?09:45
ubottuLaunchpad bug 655192 in python-scipy (Ubuntu Oneiric) "scipy.weave.inline requires python-dev to be installed" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/65519209:45
micahgjtaylor: it's a simple enough fix, I figured why not09:46
jtaylorhm it is a good learning bug09:47
geseranyone familiar with current python packaging can take a look at https://launchpadlibrarian.net/104394860/buildlog_ubuntu-quantal-i386.python-traits_4.1.0-1_FAILEDTOBUILD.txt.gz and tell if the package is doing something now obsolete?10:28
geserI'm also about the warning "W: dh_python2:90: Python 2.7 should install files in /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/. Did you forget "--install-layout=deb"?"10:29
geseris --install-layout=deb not needed anymore?10:29
jtaylorweird dh_python2 does not appear to work10:42
geseris it perhaps due to install in site-packages instead of dist-packages?10:43
jtaylorthey are in dist-packages in the end10:43
jtaylorbut maybe thats dh_python2's doing10:43
geserah, right10:44
jtaylorindeed it is10:44
geserthose "find" calls which produce that error come from a -predeb target in debian/rules10:45
jtaylorwhy does cdbs not set --install-layout10:45
gesergood questions, it looks like got dropped10:45
jtaylorthat would be very weird10:45
geseralso in Debian too10:45
jtaylorah its an ubuntu only change to dh_python210:54
jtayloran illadvised one ...10:54
jtaylorubuntus dh_python2 does not do the psshared move as we only have one supported version10:54
jtaylorbut many packages use the pyshared folders10:55
jtaylorthis is wrong, but so convinient even I did it in the past ;)10:55
geserso we need to modify packages like python-traits to work on the non-pyshared directory?10:56
jtaylorand file a bug in debian10:56
jtayloror revert the change in ubuntu10:56
geserI doubt filing those bugs in Debian would be welcomed as they don't apply do Debian10:57
jtaylorlet me check my pymodules checkout for how many are affected10:57
jtaylor:/ I deleted it10:58
jtaylorI'll file a bug to revert this11:14
jtaylorto many packages are affected by that to just go and fix it shortly before wheezy freeze11:14
geserDebian still ships a pyshared directory, right?11:15
jtaylorthey still have two python directories11:17
jtaylorbug 100191211:18
ubottuLaunchpad bug 1001912 in python-defaults (Ubuntu) "dh_python2: revert pyshared removal in 2.7.3-0ubuntu3" [High,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100191211:18
geserI guess it's the usual expected fallout in universe which the MOTUs should fix (similar to other toolchain changes)11:19
geserbtw: I've fixed python-pyface, python-traits and python-traitsui (3 FTBFS less :) )11:20
jtayloryey more diff from debian ...11:24
jtaylorfor no real gain11:24
jtaylorI filed a bug against traits, lets see if that causes some reaction11:25
geserScottK: Hi, as you are sort of familiar with the boost situation: do you if libbboost-all-dev will get installable again? or should packages which need boost mpi switch to build with boost1.48?12:36
ScottKgeser: It will.  I need to work on that.13:30
vibhavchu: Because you /window 1313:43
vibhavoops :(13:43
jtaylorgeser: did you file bugs fir pyface and traitsui?13:47
geserjtaylor: not yet, will wait on the reaction on your bug first. I'm in no mood to forward bugs for issues which are "Ubuntu-only" in the eyes of the DDs (especially Python ones)13:51
jtaylorgeser: they have the same maintainer so one bug is probably enough13:52
jtaylorI'm just looking at the eggdrop sru, precise has a format-security patch oneiric doesn't15:28
jtaylorone of the issues looks scetchy but I can'T really judge if its a real issue15:28
jtaylorcan I add the patch to oneiric in the sru?15:28
jtaylorbug 88532915:28
ubottuLaunchpad bug 885329 in eggdrop (Ubuntu Oneiric) "eggdrop crash on i386" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88532915:28
jtaylorjust to be sure15:28
jtaylornevermind the patch is buggy15:35
dupondjeeggdrop is bit buggy :(15:43
jtayloryes it looks quite awful15:46
jtaylorwe alsoc an't merge with debian as the ssl patch does not exist for .2015:46
jtaylorand ubuntu has a license violation of linking ssl against gpl code ...15:47
dupondjejtaylor: http://www.egghelp.org/files/patches/eggdrop-1.6.20-ssl.zip15:49
jtaylordupondje: that one does not work on 64 bit15:49
dupondjewhat patch is used now ?15:50
dupondjeas bas15:50
dupondjeyea but there are multiple :)15:51
jtaylorno idea15:51
dupondjejtaylor: SSL is only diff in debian & ubuntu ?15:55
dupondjeshouldn't be to hard :)15:55
jtaylorif you have a good patch15:55
* Laney spots dupondje volunteering to take it on15:55
jtaylorwhich we don't15:55
Laneyalso to port it to gnutls eh15:55
jtaylorI'd suggest waiting for 1.8 which has native ssl15:56
jtaylorand hopefully a ssl license exception15:56
dupondjewhy it needs to be moved to gnutls ? :)15:56
jtaylordoes dcut work in ubuntu?16:05
dupondjeI don't know if somebody here can review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/remmina/+bug/93752216:08
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937522 in remmina (Ubuntu) "rdp clipboard sync doesn't work anymore." [Undecided,Confirmed]16:08
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* dupondje thinks it shouldn't be TO hard to port eggdrop ssl patch to gnutls :)17:18
dupondjejtaylor: ?17:40
dupondjeyou think its usefull to work on porting ssl patch to GnuTLS ?17:41
jtaylorI don't know17:41
jtaylorfirst you should check how upstream solved the openssl license issue17:42
jtaylor(probably by ignoring it)17:42
dupondjeupstream ?17:42
jtaylorthe eggdrop developers17:43
dupondjeeggdrop dev does not include SSL in 1.6.x17:43
dupondjeso :)17:43
jtaylorbut in 1.817:43
dupondjejtaylor: nothing in it about openssl it seems17:44
dupondjeso indeed :) ignoring it :P17:44
jtaylorok another problem with eggdrop18:14
jtaylora no my mistake18:16
dupondjejtaylor: so what you think, try to make a GnuTLS patch ?18:37
jtaylordupondje: contact upstream about that18:37
dupondjeupstream is quite dead18:39
dupondjelast commit is months ago in the 1.8 branch :s18:39
jtaylorthen there is probably not much point in a port18:39
Laneyman, I remember running an eggdrop bot back in the day18:52
Laneymust be 10 years ago now18:52
Laneysad if it really is dead :(18:52
jtaylorhow is ubuntu's stand on the openssl issue actually?18:54
jtayloris it considered a system library?18:54
Laneywhat's a system library?19:00
Laneyboth it and gnutls26 are in main19:00
jtayloryou can consider openssl a system library which avoids the license issue19:01
jtaylorgpl has some exception for those19:01
jtaylordebian does not consider openssl a system library so you need an explicit exception19:02
dupondjeport the ssl patch to GnuTLS then :)19:05
dupondjeits not so hard19:06
jtaylorif you can update the patch to tls and .21 that would be great19:06
jtaylorit should then also be published on the eggdrop site19:06
jtaylorand brought to debian19:07
dupondjethe patch is around ~20 lines of real code19:07
dupondjenot much :)19:07
* tumbleweed wonders if weechat really needs 5 daily build PPAs https://code.launchpad.net/~weechat-devs/weechat/trunk/+recipes19:39
tumbleweedthey appear to all be using different versioning schemes. across several different upstream versions19:41
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dupondjeCould somebody review https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/remmina/+bug/937522 for me? Its been open some time now :)21:02
ubottuLaunchpad bug 937522 in remmina (Ubuntu) "rdp clipboard sync doesn't work anymore." [Undecided,Confirmed]21:02
Laneydupondje: Surely upstream are the best people to review that21:04
Laneyalso, it is in main.21:04
dupondjeIts already in upstream :)21:05
Laneyplease indicate that in the patch headers then21:06
Laneyand send it to the Debian bug / link them to the commit21:07
LaneyI can't help you any more than that as it is in main, but having the sponsors know it's already upstream should help.21:08
ajmitchah, mondays21:08
Laneythe best day21:08
Laneya whole new week ahead of you21:08
ajmitchLaney: when are you applying for core dev anyway?21:09
ajmitchnot soon enough!21:09
Laneyi started an application ^o)21:09
Laneyalso, I just bzr branched ubuntu:libvirt and it was over 600 meg :O21:10
* ajmitch can't really write an endorsement21:10
ajmitch600MB? how?21:10
micahgLaney: make something I can sponsor tomorrow :)21:10
Laneydunno who to ask for an endorsement; the problem with using the queue really21:10
ajmitchabout the only thing I've sponsored for Laney would have been mono once :)21:10
* ajmitch is finally feeling less dead after the ubuflu, time to start on work items this week21:11
Laneymicahg: maybe a libvirt depending on how that pans out ...21:11
ajmitch600MB of pain there21:12
Laneyyeah i'll do a debdiff21:12
Laneyonly using bzr to make the merging easier21:12
ajmitchneed shallow checkout21:12
Laneyif only we had a mom to look after us21:12
Laney545 conflicts encountered.21:13
Laneyno thanks21:13
ajmitchtrying to merge in a new upstream version for some reason?21:13
Laneymy end goal is gnome-boxes21:13
ajmitchah right21:13
* ajmitch was wondering why you'd touch libvirt, usually the server team cares for that21:14
Laneyperhaps jbicha has looked into this ¬_¬21:14
dupondjeI would like to do some merges, but since the MoM is down, I lost overview21:14
ajmitchdupondje: what are you needing?21:15
dupondjeMoM overview :)21:16
ajmitchwe should have the list of packages that need merged, but probably not the last uploader & generated diff21:16
LaneyI thought http://qa.ubuntuwire.org/~lucas/merges.html was a URL21:17
dupondjethats a 404 :)21:17
ajmitchLaney: s/qa/people/21:17
ajmitchso that does have last uploader21:17
Laneydoes, with horizontal scrolling21:18
ajmitchget a wider screen? :)21:18
* Laney tugs at the laptop21:18
* ajmitch is listed as TIL for openclipart21:18
* ajmitch blames micahg for that one21:19
ajmitchI guess I really do need to buy that new hardware so I can build it :)21:19
Laneyto the cloud!21:20
ajmitchLaney: it took several hours with only 4GB of RAM in my laptop21:20
LaneyHigh-Memory Quadruple Extra Large Instance21:21
Laney68.4 GB of memory21:21
dupondjecool good list, I think i'll enter some sync/merges tomorrow ^^21:21
* ajmitch will need a mortgage21:21
Laneyi wonder how much an hour on that is21:21
ajmitchmore than I want to pay?21:22
Laney$1.800 per Hour21:22
Laneynot so bad!21:22
* ajmitch will let Laney do all the haskell-* packages21:22
lifelessLaney: go for a x8.large; 32 core no VM :)21:26
micahgLaney: openclipart took 9 hours for me to build with 8 cores21:31
ajmitchmicahg: so.. technically you TIL, right? :)21:33
micahgajmitch: can't we just sync it?21:33
Laneylifeless: so hardcore I can't even find any information about it :P21:33
ajmitchmicahg: it should be syncable, yes21:33
Laneysyncs don't need test-building, right? ^_^21:34
jbichathe libvirt packaging seemed a bit complex to merge, ie I couldn't tell how much of the diff was important21:34
micahgajmitch: I'll try to do the test build when I go to sleep21:34
ajmitchmicahg: thanks :)21:34
ajmitchLaney: micahg will jump out & kill me if I don't test-build21:34
micahgLaney: jbicha: please talk to hallyn before merging libvirt (to see if there's any reason not to, caveats to watch for, or if he's already working on it)21:35
Laneyof course21:35
jbichaI'm not touching libvirt :)21:35
Laneyit is a pretty fearsome diff21:37
lifelessLaney: http://docs.amazonwebservices.com/AWSEC2/latest/UserGuide/using_cluster_computing.html#concepts_cluster_compute_hvmAMI21:38
lifelessLaney: there are Ubuntu AMIs21:38
LaneyI think I might leave this merge :P22:11
micahgLaney: you can do gimp for me if you're looking for something to do :)22:13
Laneyoh look, time to go to bed!22:16
bobweavermicahg,  what do you need done in gimp ?22:16
micahgbobweaver: oh, it's just on my list to merge tonight :)22:17
bobweavermicahg,  I am always willing to help / do grunt work :)22:19
bobweaverhere is some of my gimp work22:20
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* bobweaver is trying to get iso image together tonight of ubuntutv . back to vala22:22
micahgbobweaver: well, I'm expecting stuff to break in the merge22:23

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