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superm1amejia: we dont' build arm on PPA, need to get a special PPA for that16:17
superm1btw, i started to look at that post of things to fix on the mailing list16:17
superm1but didn't get enough time to sit down and address everything in it16:17
superm1so it's pending16:17
cosmichi @ all20:24
dekarlhi cosmic20:27
cosmicI have  a new graphic card  Nvidia GT 520, since i have build in the card  and have conected the PC via HDMI Cable i have massiv problems . 1. My  Desktop doesnt fit on the TV anymore, second sound problems with game emulators. Is anyone so kind to give me hint how to get rid of my probs !?20:27
cosmichi dekarl20:27
dekarlhmm. That sounds like a generic, non-mythbuntu specific, issue. You'll likely have more luck in a generic ubuntu channel.  (I have no expertise in that area myself)20:29
cosmicyeah it is generic, but i hoped someone felt in the same isue as i20:31
dekarlmaybe. its never wrong to give it some time around here :)20:32
cosmichow are you dekarl , were are you from ? may i ask ?20:32
cosmichow do you use ur myth installation ?20:33
dekarli'm hailing from frankfurt/germany and using mythtv as it was designed (record everything I might want to watch, then watch as I got time for it)20:34
cosmicHey, fellow ... i was living in frankfurt for about 8 years and now i am back to the place i belong :)20:35
cosmicis recording / watching the only aspect for you in using Myth ?20:36
dekarlsome videos/music/weather, but thats secondary20:36
cosmici see20:36
cosmicDVB-T/-C/-S/-S2  ??20:37
dekarlC, T, shoutcast and hopefully soon http live streams (aka iPad/iPhone stations)20:38
cosmicwas meinst20:38
cosmicwhat do you mean with Iphone station ?20:38
dekarlthere are stations that put their live stream on the web as MPEG SPTS cut into segments and deliverd via http. that mode of transmission was designed by Apple for their iOS devices20:39
cosmicok , i see20:40
dekarlbasically it should be super simple to convert it back into one MPEG2 stream containing H.264 and AAC20:40
cosmicwhich kind of "PC" do u use as frontend ?20:40
cosmicbasically, for sure ;)20:41
dekarlone of the devs has the complete downloading and merging of chunks stuff written and "it plays", he's looking into wrapping it into a recorder (which would be cool for e.g. Nasa TV) it "just" needs some infrastucture to collect station urls20:42
dekarlI use the backend (i3 or i5, don't know with a discrete nvidia card) or a netboot ION220:43
dekarlI had someone select "stuff that works with Linux/MythTV" for me. In return I'm looking after the software parts20:44
cosmicbackend/frontend  is the same "PC" ?20:46
dekarlyes, one combined frontend/backend and a second (silent) remote boot frontend20:46
dekarlwhat EPG source are you using?20:47
cosmicONLY EPG20:48
cosmicI have to use DVB-S2 here in Kassel20:48
cosmicthat sucks20:48
cosmici used DVB-T in FFM it was awesome20:48
dekarlBut you get lots of channels via DVB-S2 (and the compression on DVB-T stinks)20:49
dekarlif you are watching our public channels you can get some guide data at http://xmltv.spaetfruehstuecken.org/xmltv/ I'm working on it on and off as I got time.20:50
Zinn[xmltv.spaetfruehstuecken.org] Egon zappt - Das Programmheft für den Videorecorder von heute20:50
dekarlgot to leave, see you around20:50
cosmicsee ya, thank you for chatting, have a nice day20:52
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Twiggy2centsWhen I boot my backend, I have mythfrontend.real--syslog local7  running and also mythfrontend --service.  This is headless, and I am pretty sure they arent set to start at boot.  Anyway, why is there two and what is the difference?23:17
tgm4883Twiggy2cents, mythfrontend --service is the start script. mythfrontend.real is the actual mythfrontend binary23:19
tgm4883you shouldn't need the frontend on a backend system23:19
Twiggy2centsI am pretty sure when I upgraded the distro I chose backend only23:20
tgm4883Twiggy2cents, can always apt-get remove it23:20
Twiggy2centsIs there a way to just remove that?  It wants to remove mythtv as a whole23:21
tgm4883apt-get remove mythtv-frontend23:21
Twiggy2centsAlso on another note.  My mythweb is really screwed up now.  I mentioned it in the users chan23:21
Twiggy2centstgm4883, that removes mythtv as a dependency23:22
tgm4883Twiggy2cents, just the mythtv package right?23:22
Twiggy2centsmythgallery mythmusic mythtv mythtv-frontend23:23
tgm4883yea those should be fine23:23
tgm4883it's not removing the backend23:23
Twiggy2centsSo is the mythtv package basically the list of what you need for mythtv or something?23:23
tgm4883and the mythtv package should just be a metapackage23:23
tgm4883it's installed if you said you want a BE/FE machine23:24
Twiggy2centsHeh after removal those entries still show up in ps.  Should I just kill them and next time they wont be there?23:25
hauxI'm not really sure what MythTV is, but is mythbuntu an idea os for... a media computer mostly used for watching videos on a TV?23:25
tgm4883haux, do you have a tv tuner?23:25
hauxI do not. But I don't have cable/satellite either, so I wouldn't be using it as a DVR or anything like that.23:26
tgm4883probably not the best solution for you then23:26
tgm4883you will want something like XBMC23:26
Twiggy2centsOkay, I have to go in a sec but since you are here....  Do you have any clue where to start troubleshooting mythweb when the only thing it loads is the main page, settings, videos, and listings.  Nothing else loads.  Not even the status page which if I understand correctly isnt even actually mythweb but is a redirect to the status page port23:27
hauxSo I could pretty much just install xubuntu, and then install xbmc to handle all of the media watching?23:27
tgm4883haux, yes23:28
tgm4883Twiggy2cents, Anything in the mythweb logs?23:28
hauxI'll give that a try, thanks23:28
tgm4883or apache logs23:28
Twiggy2centswhere is the mythweb log23:29
tgm4883Twiggy2cents, also, I wasn't able to get the status page to load when I had a missing tuner (backend couldn't connect to it). Check the backend logs for any errors23:29
tgm4883Twiggy2cents, the mythweb log is just in the apache logs23:30
tgm4883so access.log and error.log23:30
Twiggy2centsOkay let me check that, also I just saw this Expire autoexpire.cpp:161 (CalcParams) AutoExpire: Filesystem Info cache is empty, unable to calculate necessary parameters.   any idea on that23:31
Twiggy2centsI think this computers usb bus is dying.  I have 3 usb tuners and theyo have issues on reboot or removal/reinsertion.  I have to start the computer with them unplugged then plug them in.  That is why I upgraded anyway.  At least I know it is my computer I guess23:34
Twiggy2centstgm4883, that was it..  I guess I need to get ahold of another computer.23:38

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