akgranerJoseeAntonioR, they have access to post it there12:00
pleia2moved over completed summaries, but we still need the blogosphere ones16:18
pleia2I'd really rather not have to bullet-point them again16:18
MrChrisDruifOh, I didn't update Lubuntu's meeting link16:19
pleia2I haven't moved those over yet, so there is still time!16:20
pleia2any other flavors meetings?16:20
MrChrisDruifI saw a ping for Xubuntu meeting time? So no meeting yet?16:21
pleia2no meeting yet16:22
MrChrisDruifI can't think of any other flavors having meetings16:22
pleia2ok, thanks :)16:25
MrChrisDruifAnd I'll take a quick look at those blogosphere ones right after updating that Lubuntu link16:26
MrChrisDruif...if I can check the link...<_<"16:27
MrChrisDruifDid you know the Lubuntu team had a meltdown?16:28
pleia2I heard about the resignations16:28
pleia2it's early in the cycle and they still have a lot of contributors, they should be ok :)16:28
MrChrisDruifI'll keep my eye on them (even thou I was one of the resignations)16:29
* silverlion is one of them too16:29
MrChrisDruifsilverlion; you resigned LONG TIME ago if I remember correct?16:31
silverlionMrChrisDruif: to be correct i steped down from team-leadership the time you mention but i still was a consultant behind the scenes for phillw16:31
MrChrisDruifAh, k16:32
MrChrisDruifMy bad >_<16:32
passstabwhy did you resign?16:52
silverlionpassstab: well that is internal stuff << to answer the question from before my disconnect17:00
MrChrisDruifsilverlion; passstab wants to know why you resigned ^_^17:00
silverlionMrChrisDruif: i answered him one line above :p17:00
MrChrisDruifYeah, just 2 secs before ;-)17:01
silverliongreat... i like people not responding to what i write17:07
pleia2this isn't really the place for lubuntu discussion anyway ;)17:10
silverlionpleia2: you are right ^^ but i answered a question ;)17:10
pleia2ok, I finished up the summaries ;)19:12
MrChrisDruifWooh O_O19:13
pleia2ok, ready for editorial review: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuWeeklyNewsletter/Issue26619:23

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