jokerdinosorry guys, whenever irccloud.com goes berserk, it reconnects me to this channel for no reason.05:37
elkyjokerdino, it's probably been saved in your config somewhere05:37
jokerdinoi am trying to do something about this. hopefully, this won't happen again in the future.05:38
jokerdinoleaving now.05:39
ubottuIn ubottu, vibhav said: bombtime is <reply>: ●~* ●~* ●~*08:43
Myrttibotnick: hi?09:13
Myrttibotnick: hello?09:33
IdleOneIAmNotThatGuy: unless you need help from the ops team or have been made an op and we didn't get the memo, please don't idle in this channel.09:36
popey18:35:48 < IAmNotThatGuy> Hello ikonia09:39
popey18:35:58 <+ikonia> hi there, is there something we can help you with ?09:39
popey18:36:19 <+Unit193> ikonia: Lubuntu OP.09:39
popeyIdleOne: ^^09:40
IdleOneerr damn09:40
popeyThe Lubuntu ops might think we have it in for them, the amount they get questioned and kicked from this place :/09:40
IdleOnewhy isn't he auto-op09:40
popeythat was also discussed at the time09:40
Flannelmight be wortwhile to wait more than a minute for a response in the future09:41
IdleOneI'll message and apologize and make mental note not to kick09:41
IdleOneback in the day we had 3 ops, we knew who they were and they knew us all.09:43
elkyIt's been a very very long time since there were only 3 ops...09:44
elkywhen i became one back in like 2006, there were already more than 3...09:44
IAmNotThatGuyIdleOne, I am an Lubuntu OP10:13
IdleOneIAmNotThatGuy: I know, now :/10:17
* IdleOne gives IAmNotThatGuy a hug10:17
* IAmNotThatGuy hugs back10:17
IAmNotThatGuyI was tired and you made me wake up from the whole all of a sudden. Now I will get back to office to work. btw, ty IdleOne :]10:19
IdleOneplz2msg AlanBell and ask that he add you to access list :)10:19
IAmNotThatGuySure thing. :]10:20
ikoniahi dedalux14:07
ikoniadedalux: are you there ?14:14
ubottuIn #ubuntu, jellybellie said: ubottu: that is helpful17:15

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