rfrittmannTo complete the steps of the HowToForge Perfect Ubuntu 12.04 Server installation, I installed a second NIC in the server, static IP and connected it striaght to the iiNet BOB. I'd prefer to have it inside the 192.168.2.x network though.00:21
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denafwhy there's no mention of "label" in man interfaces?04:16
jmarsdendenaf: Because it is a parameter to the ip command, not part of the syntax of the /etc/network/interfaces file , I suppose04:20
denafive been wondering why having interface label or alias in the interfaces file causes the "waiting for network configuration" issue when booting up04:28
koolhead17jamespage, around?06:33
iggiI'm having some trouble with a fresh 12.04 install. The system installed just fine, but when boot I get a blank screen after the grub menu and I can't get a text console form ctrl+alt+f1 or f207:49
iggithe system respond to num lock changes and ctrl+alt+del reboots, so it doesn't appear to be completely locked up07:50
iggirecovery mode seems to work but then dies immediately due to a degraded array I guess07:54
iggiyep, recovery mode worked once I overrode the boot degraded.07:58
Mischinkawhats the default permissions for files in: /var/www/website.com/07:58
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Technetiumcan anyone help with a kernel performance question?10:59
RoyK!ask, Technetium11:39
ubottuPlease don't ask to ask a question, simply ask the question (all on ONE line and in the channel, so that others can read and follow it easily). If anyone knows the answer they will most likely reply. :-) See also !patience11:39
RoyKMischinka: owned by the user that created the dir, perhaps root, and with masks according to your current umask, normally 022, so 755, just ls -ld /path/to/dir to view them11:40
BilgeSo I upgraded to 12 LTS11:58
BilgeAnd now I can't run any ELF binaries11:58
BilgeBash claims the file doesn't even exist11:58
BilgeThey're 32-bit running on a 64-bit system if that makes any difference whatsoever but they all worked fine before11:59
TechnetiumI set up 4 virtual servers, 2 x12.04 and 2x10.10 - one of each has the default server/generic kernel while the other has the virtualisation optimised kernel. I wrote a bash script loops 5 million times and calculates a square root on each iteration.12:00
TechnetiumProblem is that the 10.10 kernel servers (both virtual & server) running version 2.6.35-2 complete the loops in half the time it takes the 12.04 servers - 4 hours compared to 8!. Any thoughts on why?12:01
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brainysmurfanbody have efi working for 12 lts on an xserve?13:17
brainysmurfSomething about needing grub?13:20
RoyKBilge: 32bit libs installed?14:17
RoyKbrainysmurf: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Xserve2-1 ?14:18
BilgeRoyK: that was the problem, yes14:42
BilgeSomehow ia32 libs had become uninstalled during the upgrade process14:42
BilgeNo idea what Xserve 2 is or what that has to do with anything14:43
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RoyKBilge: brainysmurf asked about installing ubuntu on an xserve, therefore the prefix with his nick ;)14:45
BilgeOh shit it's like you're multitasking14:47
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brainysmurfThanks RoyK but that url seems out of date.15:10
RoyKbrainysmurf: have you tried installing yet?15:12
tashMy resolv.conf file keeps getting wiped out. I've never had this happen before, prior to Ubuntu Server 12.0415:43
tashanyone know why?15:43
jdrabtash: did you manualy edit your resolv.conf?15:46
tashwhen I reboot, it gets wiped clean15:47
tashis there a package, possibly, that does some cleaning during boot?15:47
tashI see dns-clean in init.d, but have no clue what that is15:47
tashprobably the resolvconf package15:48
jdrabtash: is your resolv.conf empty or not? there are at least two lines with comments15:48
tashwhen I reboot it is empty, if I add nameserver <blah> to it, it works, til I reboot15:49
tasham going to add dns-nameservers <blah> to the interfaces file and test15:50
jdrabtash: i think you don't need to reboot to test it. just restart your network15:52
tashthat worked15:53
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blendedbychrissounds like one is a forward increment and one is reverse18:01
blendedbychrisis a reverse incremental backup less prone to corruption?18:01
RoyKa *reverse* incremental backup? wtf is that?18:03
blendedbychrisRoyK: instead of starting with a full backup and adding incrementals… it takes a full backup and subtracts incrementals18:04
blendedbychrisso your restore process is backward18:04
blendedbychristhat's what i was reading18:05
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blendedbychrishow do i flush dns cache?20:38
blendedbychrisah nm doesn't look like ubuntu caches dns20:39
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blendedbychriscan i prevent iftop from resolving names via rdns?20:40
guntbertblendedbychris: try iftop -n20:40
blendedbychrisgot it… thanks!20:41
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losplayahow you doing lord just wondering if you can advice how to make my phpbb install visible online22:57
LordOfTimelosplaya:  probably can, depends on what's wrong with the system22:57
LordOfTimefirst question: are you on a residential network or corporate network behind a firewall or router?22:58
LordOfTimesecondly: how did you install phpBB?  from the package in the repos, or from the .tar.gz that you download from their site22:58
losplayaok so far every thing seem fine i have disabled the fire wall i thinkg its to do with apache as i can see the apache default page22:58
losplayai got it from repos22:59
LordOfTimethat's problem 1 (no offense)22:59
LordOfTime!info phpbb precise22:59
ubottuPackage phpbb does not exist in precise22:59
LordOfTimewhat's its name in the repos nowadays...22:59
losplayano worries im new to this22:59
LordOfTimeactually i wonder if it was removed from the repos :PO22:59
losplayai can view it on my local network22:59
LordOfTimelosplaya:  local network != internet22:59
LordOfTimeyou didnt answer my first question either22:59
losplayahome network23:00
LordOfTimeah.  behind a router right?23:00
LordOfTimedid you forward the ports on the router correctly?:23:00
LordOfTimeso that port 80 forwards to the system running phpbb23:00
losplayayep got port 80 forwarded to my server23:00
LordOfTimei'm not used to apache, but i dont trust repository versions of phpBB23:02
LordOfTimethey're at least a year behind upstream23:02
LordOfTimei'd recommend just using whatever the default directories are for apache, and plop phpBB in there from the download on the phpBB site23:02
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losplayai will give that a go23:03
losplayathank you for the advice lord feel like im praying when i talk to you23:04
LordOfTimetbh, the nick 'TimeLord' is taken xD23:05
losplayafirst time i have used irc dont know why it has taken me so long23:07
LordOfTimetbh, i dont use Apache, i use nginx, but considering i'm also one of their bug responders (for nginx), i kind of have bias for using nginx xD23:07
brainysmurfLordOfTime nginx rocks23:08
LordOfTimebrainysmurf:  i know right? :P23:08
LordOfTimei use it almost exclusively23:08
LordOfTimei'm also jumping on the CVE bugs that've been in Oneiric and prior23:08
LordOfTime(they're already fixed in Precise)23:09
losplayai have lot learn23:09
brainysmurfI am trying turn two xserves into ubuntu boxes; I found this: http://bit.ly/4I11zK Do I need to do anything for Precise?23:09
LordOfTimeubottu doesnt have anything on it?23:10
ubottuLordOfTime: I am only a bot, please don't think I'm intelligent :)23:10
* LordOfTime glares at ubottu23:10
LordOfTimei think this'll help, not sure though23:11
LordOfTimemost of my systems that're servers are converted desktops23:12
LordOfTimethat sit in an airconditioned room 24/7/36523:12
losplayayou be surprised what peeps use for servers23:13
LordOfTimethis laptop here could technically be a server23:13
LordOfTimeits runnign a GUI, but its got some server packages on it23:13
LordOfTime(nginx, php, mysql, for starters)23:13
brainysmurfYeah these two live in air-conditioned rooms23:14
brainysmurfOkay it says to use the alternate mac iso. Thanks What did you google to find that?23:15
LordOfTimeubuntu server efi23:15
LordOfTimebut note i dont know \if that's recent23:16

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