prabuinethi there, anybody using tamill99 layout in ubuntu?07:20
jokerdinohello prabuinet07:35
jokerdinoi am using the phonetic layout07:35
jokerdinohi there Logan_07:35
Logan_Hi jokerdino. I was just helping prabuinet out (I don't know Tamil at all).07:35
jokerdinooh alright then. welcome to our IRC channel.07:36
prabuinetjokerdino: i like to use 99 layout07:36
jokerdinoso, what's your question about?07:36
prabuinetjokerdino: i can't find it in ubuntu07:37
jokerdinooh that.07:37
jokerdinoone sec.07:37
jokerdinothat should give you a basic idea of what you should be doing.07:39
prabuinetjokerdino: under "select an input method" combobox i have only chineese07:42
jokerdinohmm weird.07:43
jokerdinosudo apt-get install m17n-db m17n-contrib ibus-m17n please07:43
jokerdinoeverything other than please07:43
prabuinetjokerdino: will try07:44
prabuinetjokerdino: நன்றி07:55
jokerdinoyou are welcome.07:56
jokerdinoi take that as you are able to use the layout :D07:56
prabuinetjokerdino: actually the ibus-m17 was missing in my machine07:56
prabuinetafter installing it i can get the layout07:56
jokerdinonice to hear.07:56
prabuinetone question,07:56
prabuinetwhy this layout is not included in normal layouts07:57
jokerdinonot everyone uses tamil and as such, they want to cut down on default packages.07:57
prabuineti mean why this is supported only through ibus?07:57
jokerdinoby the way, we have a meeting this saturday07:59
prabuineti'm new here08:05
prabuinetwhat kind of meeting and where?08:05
jokerdinoYou are more than welcome.08:05
jokerdinoour ubuntu-tam loco team meeting. Here in this chat room.08:06
prabuinetoh cool!08:06
prabuinetat what time?08:06
jokerdinoone sec.08:06
jokerdino 26 May 3PM (GMT +5.30)08:07
prabuinetand, what is the main agenda?08:08
jokerdinoit's just the regular meeting.08:09
prabuinetis there a mailing list that i can subscribe?08:09
jokerdinoyes, we do have one.08:09
jokerdinohttps://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/ubuntu-tam/2012-April/001227.html this is what happened last meeting08:10
prabuineti'm subscribing08:13
jokerdinoyou have to wait until amachu accepts your request. i'll bring that matter during the meeting.08:13
jokerdinoit would be nice if you could join us in the meeting as well :)08:14
prabuinetsure :)08:15
prabuineti would also like to contribute if any possible..08:21
prabuinetdo u know any projects need contributions?08:22
jokerdinothat would be nice.08:22
jokerdinoyou could help us in translating packages if you are good at it.08:22
prabuineti can08:23
prabuinetcan u plz show me the directions08:23
jokerdinoalright, then you should join us in the meeting. i am hoping to bring it up again this week.08:23
jokerdinoprabuinet: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/Translations08:24
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prabuinetjokerdino: is there any predefined translation table for common english words, which we can refer while translating?09:23
jokerdinoi have made one.09:24
jokerdinonot complete but hopefully useful09:24
jokerdinoso, if you think some other common words should be added, comment on the document and i'll get it added.09:26

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