daftykinsjust a bit horrifying00:00
daftykinsheh i love Microsoft's sites00:01
daftykinsspot the repetition? :)00:01
yothsoggothYeah, they had that microsoft tent thing at my university00:04
szymon_ganyone alive here :)?00:25
daftykins...for now00:31
szymon_gok, i got an error duriing installation of ubuntu; now my /etc/apt/sources.list is almost empty (they are only 3 entries pointing to cdroom). is there any easy way to correct that?00:33
daftykinsyeah, which version?00:33
szymon_g12.04. but i've found its copy, so its ok now :)00:34
daftykinsvewy gewd00:35
szymon_ganyway- how can i stop a module from loading during boot? i mean: my graphic card isn't properly working on open drivers, during normal boot system hangs with unusable screen00:35
daftykinscrisis averted00:35
szymon_gremoving quiet and splash options from grub doesn't help00:36
daftykinsso it's dying even before X, on the boot logo?00:36
daftykinsi'd either install a proprietary driver, configure X to use something else or look up how to disable whichever one is failing hard00:36
daftykinsbut off hand i have no idea how to disable nouveau for example, for nvidia00:37
ali1234you have to use jockey from the terminal00:37
* ali1234 pokes lubotu300:37
ali1234the second answer is better00:39
daftykinstime to boot into that kernel update00:40
szymon_ghm... 287mb of disk and 90 new packages to install just to install drivers :/00:41
szymon_ghow secure is the "home folder encryption"? can root gain an access to files encrypted with it?00:52
szymon_gwhat if he will change the password of that user, and than log in with it?00:52
ali1234szymon_g: changing the password and logging in isn't enough01:09
ali1234however if the user is logged in at the same time as root i'm not sure01:09
ali1234at the very least they could probably steal the encryption key directly from /dev/mem, though it would be none-trivial01:09
ali1234or make a keylogger etc01:10
szymon_gdoes ecryptfs use aes-ni features of newer processors (better sandy bridge, all ivy bridge, trinity etc)?01:11
szymon_gif yes: what are the performance benefits?01:11
mirkoslavkohello everyone01:30
mirkoslavkoanyone not sleeping? :)01:30
daftykinsabout to leave01:31
mirkoslavkojust a short question :)01:31
mirkoslavkohow to make ubuntu 12.04 look like windows 701:31
mirkoslavkowant to trick some of colegues into believing they are using win7 as we are now switching to ubuntu totaly01:31
mirkoslavkoi found youtube and other tutorials for older ubuntu versions01:32
daftykinstbh i don't even run it, maybe someone else will have an idea01:32
mirkoslavkobut they dont work for 12.0401:32
mirkoslavkowhat do you u use?01:32
daftykinsubuntu server for servers, win7 on desktop+laptop :)01:33
daftykinsooh, and ubuntu on my HTPC01:33
daftykinsbut that just boots into XBMC really \o/01:33
mirkoslavkointeresting chocie for htpc01:33
mirkoslavkoxbmc is linux version also?01:34
daftykinswindows, mac, linux01:35
daftykinseven on iphones and ipad now D:01:35
yothsoggothFor making ubuntu look like Windows 7, you could use either XFCE or KDE and install a Windows 7-like theme01:36
mirkoslavkothank you yothsoggoth01:37
yothsoggothno worries01:38
mirkoslavkoxfce is some program to install before?01:38
mirkoslavkodo you maybe have some link or tutorial01:38
mirkoslavkoi am also interested also in changing position of menue and task bar to be like win701:39
yothsoggothXFCE is a Desktop Environment, as are KDE, Gnome, etc.01:39
yothsoggothone second, I have a great link somewhere for a list of these...01:39
mirkoslavkokde looks like win7 menues01:40
mirkoslavkothank you again01:40
yothsoggothif you wanted, you could use Kubuntu or Xubuntu, which are Ubuntu spins designed specifically with the different desktop environments01:40
daftykinsnn all01:41
daftykinsi'm off01:41
yothsoggothgood night daftykins!01:41
yothsoggothmirkoslavko: You might find this interesting: http://kde-look.org/content/show.php/?content=10423201:42
mirkoslavkogood N ;)01:43
yothsoggothI haven't used it or anything, I just found it searching now, but it looks like it might be what you're looking for01:43
mirkoslavkoand kubuntu is basically ubuntu just with different look?01:43
mirkoslavkoubuntu 12.04?01:44
yothsoggothYeah, pretty much01:46
ali1234what? no way01:46
yothsoggothYou can just install Kubuntu on your normal Ubuntu install if you like, but Kubuntu is specifically built with KDE in mind01:46
ali1234kde is very different01:46
ali1234much more than just the look. the whole design philosophy is totally different01:46
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yothsoggothAh, my bad. I thought it was just like a spin that focuses on using KDE and KDE-related programs. What's so different about it?01:50
mirkoslavkoi read on one link: If you have regular Ubuntu installed, you can also install it from the Software Center, just look for kubuntu-desktop in it.01:51
mirkoslavkoBUT i tryed this and it doesnt work01:51
mirkoslavkoit cant find it01:51
yothsoggothOnce you've installed it, you have to log off01:52
yothsoggothThen in the login screen you have to select KDE as the desktop shell01:52
yothsoggothI think that's how it's done anyway, I'm just guessing based on my experience of installing other desktop environments. Can anyone confirm?01:53
ali1234yothsoggoth: oh it is. but KDE is a lot more than just unity with different graphics01:53
ali1234same base packages though01:54
mirkoslavkoyothsoggoth i cant install it01:55
yothsoggothali1234: Ahh, yeah I didn't mean to imply it was just graphically different, my bad.01:55
yothsoggothmirkoslavko: Why not? Do you get an error or does nothing happen once you've installed it?01:55
mirkoslavkoi go where all the sofware is: dash home01:56
mirkoslavkoand type in kubuntu desktop01:56
mirkoslavkoand it says cant find it01:56
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yothsoggothYou won't find it in there, it's not a program that you just run... See what I wrote above, about logging out and selecting it from the login screen01:56
mirkoslavkoyes i understand that01:57
mirkoslavkobut how to install it01:57
ali1234actually if you go to the apps lense and put in "kubuntu-desktop" that should give you the option to install it i think01:57
ali1234note the -01:57
ali1234but be warned, it installs LOADS of stuff01:57
ali1234also you might have o use an advanced package manager like synaptic to find the metapackage01:57
mirkoslavkowhere is apps lense?01:58
ali1234you open the dash and then click on the second small icon at the bottom01:58
yothsoggothali1234: Does that app lens suggest to install things? That's neat01:58
ali1234yes, if they are not installed01:58
ali1234the main dash used to, but everyone hated it01:58
mirkoslavkoaha found ubuntu software center01:58
ali1234in software center you might need to select "show technical items" or something01:59
ali1234i dunno, i never use any of that stuff01:59
ali1234you should really try a livecd anyway01:59
ali1234KDE isn't for everyone01:59
ali1234but then neither is unity01:59
yothsoggothali1234: Yeah, I remember it being in the main dash, I'd just assumed it had been taken out altogether when I didn't see it there. Admittedly I didn't use Unity for long though, I found it a little annoying with dual monitors01:59
ali1234multimonitor support got better02:00
ali1234but i still had to quit it due to the other bugs02:00
mirkoslavkowell i dont like unity for left bar and top bar02:00
mirkoslavkoi feel like caged a bit02:00
mirkoslavkoi like linuxmint02:00
mirkoslavkoit feels more open02:01
ali1234you can get the old gnome-panel back quite easily you know02:01
yothsoggothI used it in 11.04 and 11.10, but in 12.04 I can't stand the Sticky Edges thing, so I switched to Cinnamon the day after upgrading to 12.0402:01
ali1234cinnamon on multimonitor? u mad?02:03
mirkoslavkoi like lubuntu also02:03
mirkoslavkobut i am affraid of limited options02:04
mirkoslavkoor maybe less drivers02:04
ali1234seriously, go with gnome-panel on gnome 302:04
mirkoslavkoi have to decide about one distribution of linux for all our office computers02:04
stgraberapt-get install gnome-session-fallback on a clean Ubuntu 12.04 sounds much easier and it's supported (by Edubuntu) for 5 years02:04
yothsoggothali1234: It was the first thing I was suggested trying to replace Unity. It is pretty unreliable though, it completely freezes every couple of hours leaving me to entirely restart X02:04
ali1234yothsoggoth: that's caused by compiz02:05
ali1234you can either switch to metacity and enable compositing, or install an old version of compiz02:05
ali1234either works fine02:05
yothsoggothah, I'll give that a try tomorrow02:05
yothsoggothHow are people finding the HUD? Is it getting a good reception?02:21
ali1234depends who you ask02:24
ali1234if you ask me you get a big fat NO02:24
yothsoggothyeah, I can't say I liked it much myself02:27
yothsoggothUsually when there's something I want to use in a toolbar, I don't know what it's called anyway so it slows my down trying to figure out the name for the feature to find it with the HUD02:28
yothsoggothWell, time for me to get some sleep02:55
yothsoggothgood night all02:55
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brobostigongood morning everyone.09:22
popeyhello brobostigon09:23
brobostigonhello popey09:23
brobostigonhello czajkowski09:26
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popeyhmm, i am getting the wrong battery icon like czajkowski had10:38
Nafalloso do I10:42
Nafalloit's popey's fault...10:42
czajkowskipopey: oh I had a day of it changing see my twitter pics10:42
czajkowskievery 2 mins it changed10:43
czajkowskiad only behaved when I plugged it in10:43
* popey reboots10:43
popeyczajkowski: file a bug?10:47
popeyfound it, bug 100122910:48
lubotu3Launchpad bug 1001229 in gtk+3.0 (Ubuntu Precise) "wrong icon for the power indicator after last 12.04 update" [High,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100122910:48
dwatkinsI finally upgraded to 11.04, perhaps I'll even go to 12.04 soon.11:19
Flashteki remember when i was initially running Gentoo.. by the time I upgraded everything there was another 500mb of updates to download and install11:20
stilia-johnyhi guys!12:13
stilia-johnyI am from greece and the last 7 months i am living in uk (london) is ther any Ubuntu comunity?12:14
popeyhello stilia-johny12:15
popeywe have a community in the uk, yes ☺12:15
stilia-johnyand how can i be a member? if is available?12:16
popeywe dont have a formal membership process12:16
popeywe have a mailing list (link in the /topic) and this irc channel12:16
popeywe have a launchpda group12:16
stilia-johnythere is no forum?12:16
popeythere is, but nobody uses it12:16
stilia-johnyand i thought tht the forum works better!12:17
popeyyou are entitled to that opinion ☺12:17
popeymany disagree ☺12:17
stilia-johnyok lets make a question now! i want to move my boot folder and my grub2 in a partition!12:18
Laneyslow launchpad is slow12:18
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popeystilia-johny: as its sunday, its not very busy here, probably better asking support questions in #ubuntu or on http://askubuntu.com/ for a quicker response12:19
stilia-johnyi have windows ubuntu and backtrack in my pc.. and i want to make a small partition to put my boot folder and my grub2 and some ISO's12:19
popeyI'd probably use gparted on a live cd for that12:20
popeythen copy the data over and then edit my fstab12:20
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BigRedSI think it'd be nice to have scheduled fscks happen on shutdown rather than only on boot, especially for a desktop. Is there somewhere I shoudl be looking to see if someone's already proposed this?12:38
BigRedShttp://www.ubuntu.com/community/report-problem suggests ubuntu-devel is the place rather than launchpad12:38
BigRedSwhich seems a bit ad-hoc12:38
penguin42BigRedS: I'm not aware of anything that's suggested it, for those who unplug their machine or if a laptop put it in a bag that would be BAD - but I can see for a desktop to do it and then power off I agree it would be neat12:39
penguin42hmm breakfast time12:39
dwatkinsI'm looking forward to a late breakfast this evening.12:40
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Adriannomhi.  just installed xubuntu 12.04 and after i suspend the screen is very dark, even at the prompt to log back in.  changing brightness has some effect, but even full brightness is very dark.  any ideas what could be going on?13:19
Adriannomthe mouse pointer is actually the only thing that is at full brightness13:20
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matttafternoon all15:55
DaraelHaving a problem on several machines since they were upgraded to Precise.  The settings for keyboard layouts are ignored, and the layout is permamently set to whatever the default for that account was before the upgrade, but behaves as though all the check-boxes under "options" were unset.16:05
DaraelThis means I no longer have access to QWERTY keyboard layouts on my own user account, and my caps-lock is a caps-lock instead of a backspace, and no amount of fiddling with the settings has fixed it.  What can I do?16:06
* popey tickles BigRedS 18:51
popeythen changes his mind and tickles bigcalm instead18:51
* DJones pinches popey's feather18:51
KevanVDJones: duck?18:52
KevanVI suppose they have a better reach18:53
ali1234popey: yesterday i found out compiz 0.9 is a from-scratch rewrite19:12
popeynews to me19:13
ali1234it's not even written in the same language19:13
ali12340.8 is C, 0.9 is C++19:13
ali1234i thought it might be :)19:14
ali1234hence why i mention it19:14
ali1234it's slightly annoying that you can't install them both side by side because they have the same name19:16
MartijnVdSis it better though19:17
ali1234is what better?19:17
ali1234it's much much worse19:17
ali1234it basically only works with unity19:17
ali1234and even that doesn't really work properly19:18
ali1234i know someone out there knows the answer to this19:28
popeyi know bits of it19:32
popeynot all19:32
popeythe stuff in the top right is mostly "indicator-*" packages19:33
ali1234the "stuff" in the top right is all one applet19:33
ali1234i think it is indicator-applet-complete19:33
popeyhmm, doesn't look like it to me19:35
popeyhey ho19:35
ali1234what do you mean?19:35
popeywell, one is the session menu, thats indicator-session19:35
ali1234no no no19:35
ali1234there's multiple versions19:35
ali1234there's slpit up versions and one with "everything"19:35
ali1234having everything as a single applet fixes the problem with stuff getting shuffled on the panel19:36
ali1234all the different versions come from indicator-applet source package anyway19:38
ali1234ooo, human theme is still n the repos20:06
ali1234wow, human theme for windows + ambiance for gtk works really well20:08
* Laney wibbles20:51
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* hamitron wonders why a window seems to move slightly down and to the right, when left clicking to make it active23:55

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