jjessegood evening :)00:53
snap-lOpen Metalcast.com, because sharing is caring, and going to jail for music is stupid. Open MEtalcsat.com03:20
* snap-l is making promos03:20
snap-lGood morning / afternoon16:31
greg-grick_h_: you used your kinesis lately?20:56
greg-gI'm -><- that close to ordering one today20:56
greg-g(the advantage)20:57
greg-gjust making sure it works well for vim users :)20:57
greg-g(my other two buddies who have one are emacs)20:57
brouschkinesis sounds like an exercise machine21:00
rick_h_greg-g: yea, I did swap out to the unicomp a little bit last week just for variety21:10
rick_h_but it's all good for vim usage, and the hardware config is so awesome21:10
rick_h_this is crazy...I want to move to portland!21:14
greg-gwait, portland, where did that come from?21:17
rick_h_greg-g: because it's not 88 degrees there21:20
rick_h_I have a secret dream to move out NW so I can never have hot days again21:20
greg-gahh, hah21:23
greg-grick_h_: SF/MV?21:24
rick_h_greg-g: hah, not sure I could take that much tech crazy :P21:25
rick_h_but that's for 20yrs from now, so maybe it'll be all ex tech by then lol21:25
brouschwe went to a kite festival at the beach today. absolutely perfect21:26
brouschcould even swim21:27
rick_h_we were up at traverse city...COOOOOLD water21:36
rick_h_but the boys still went nuts in it21:36
snap-lActually, I think rick_h_ wants a bunker in MOntana21:48
greg-gthat's my dream21:50
greg-gor just a cabin in some secluded valley21:50
greg-gwith fiber21:50
greg-gof course21:50
rick_h_that's the trouble isn't it21:51
rick_h_I do like my coffee shop and my high speed and 4g21:51
rick_h_greg-g: does the bookie preview thing work for you atm?21:51
rick_h_greg-g: when you go to save a new bookmark, didn't we get that working?21:51
brouschnot enough good places to eat in the wilderness21:54
greg-grick_h_: it did, lemme check21:54
rick_h_greg-g: thanks, appreciate it. Don't know why I tried it but failing to load some JS for me here but it's really strange21:55
greg-grick_h_: yeah, worked, even on a weird site (see my last bookmark)21:55
rick_h_greg-g: ok, will look at it more, but less urgency if it's just me21:55
greg-gyeah :)21:55
brouschhm, what does poison ivy infection look like?22:09
greg-gbrousch: give me a pic and I'll confirm, I've had it a ton in my life22:24
brouschi don't think it will show up. tiny little clear bumps22:24
greg-gso bad once I had to get a steriod shot22:24
greg-gyeah, and the liquid inside is fairly clear,right?22:24
brouschi think so22:25
greg-gprobably then22:25
brouschmust've gotten it when i weed-whacked the entire back yard jungle22:29
rick_h_man, we partied the weekend with friends of my wife and their 2yr old (2wk older than Michael) and I have to say we've got it so easy and I love this little guy to death23:31
snap-lrick_h_: You've been great parents23:49

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