jedijfChinnoDog: i don't do wristwatches; never did. even though i do like looking at some as jewelry.01:03
jedijfChinnoDog: i do have a pen that lights up when a call is received01:03
InHisNameI thought it was a 'paper thin' watch.   Looked a bit bulky in the movie.01:27
waltmanI'm skeptical that they can do all that animation in eInk.  I do wear a watch, mainly because when I'm trying to catch the train it's easier to check my wrist than to pull out my phone.03:33
ChinnoDogI only wear them as jewelry but the pebble might actually do something useful.03:37
ChinnoDogI'm pretty sure a watch worn as jewelry would have the same effect regardless of whether it worked or not03:37
waltmanIf you're just wearing it as jewelry, you could get one of those silly analog watches where it's impossible to tell time because it only has hands, but no number/divisions around the circle.03:39
InHisNameMight be able to buy a $3,000 watch for $100 when it is totally unfixable,  still good to go as 'jewelry' though.03:48
waltmanI'm more practical when it comes to watches.03:52
JonathanDHey rmg5110:41
rmg51Yo JonathanD10:41
jedijfwaltman: were you dissing movado, one of my faves?14:19
waltmanjedijf: That depends. Do they make silly watches where it's impossible to tell time?17:20
ChinnoDogbut waltman, if it had numbers on it where would the challenge be?17:37
pleia2I think some people believe figuring out what time it is shouldn't be a challenge ;)17:38
waltmanI've got enough challenges in my life, such as not missing my train.17:39
waltmanOK, suppose you're a supermarket checkout person and the customer says, "I don't think this is all going to fit in my reusable bag. Let me buy another one."17:40
waltmanDo you take that as a challenge to try to stuff all 50 lbs of groceries into the original bag, or do you split the load evenly between the two bags?17:41
waltmanMy guy at Wegmans was all "Look, it all fit!"17:43
waltmanThen I go to lift up the bag and I'm worried the straps are going to break.17:43
waltmanI wonder why he thought I decided to buy the second bag.17:43
rmg51wimp ;-)17:45
waltmanrmg51: I was still going to have to carry the second bag!17:45
rmg51where's the challenge?17:45
waltmanthe challenge was in redistributing the weight before the person behind my finished checking out :)17:46
waltmanI should just give up on subtlety and politeness.17:46
rmg51next time go with more then one bag :-/17:47
waltmanI had two bags, but one of them had ripped.  That's why I bought the second bag.17:48
waltmanMaybe I wasn't clear in my explanation. The first thing I purchased at the cash register was a second reusable bag. The clerk rang it up, put it behind him, and then stuffed all 50 lbs of groceries into my original bag.17:49
rmg51should of bought the bag before you shopped17:50
waltmana) I didn't know how much I was going to get, and b) why would that have helped?17:51
waltmanc) they sell the bags at the registers, presumably for exactly the situation I  had17:51
rmg51you would of had two bags to use right away17:52
rmg51instead of having someone think you just wanted to buy a bag not use it right away17:52
rmg51that happens way too often17:52
waltmanbut...but...why would you even BOTHER trying to overstuff everything into one bag when you've got two to play with?17:54
rmg51because the clerk is silly17:55
waltmanthank you!17:55
rmg51if he wasn't so silly he would be working in IT :-D17:56
jedijfwaltman: what knid of watch was the clerk wearing?18:45
InHisNamehe was wearing a paper watch with NO numbers and no hands, just tiny nubs. So you have to really work at figuring out the time.19:03
waltmanjedijf: I didn't notice20:16

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