Mezenirhi all13:28
superflyheya Mezenir13:31
Mezenirhowsit going superfly13:32
superflyMezenir: OK, and you?13:33
Mezenirpretty good13:33
Mezenirjust enjoying what remains of the weekend13:33
charlvndo any of you people remember alley cat?16:45
charlvncompletely retro but got it going inside dosbox now just for fun16:46
charlvncrazy playing a game that i played as a kid on an old i386 with a monochrome monitor16:46
charlvnalso installed ubuntu 12.04 on my macbook pro today http://i.imgur.com/L6R1d.jpg16:48
superflycharlvn: seen abandonia.com ?17:01
inetprocharlvn: very interesting17:10
inetproI somehow remember that game from somewhere 17:10
inetproespecially after playing the sound in wikipedia :-)17:11
inetprocharlvn: now where can I find that game?17:13
charlvninetpro: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uZDG4dlU5uY17:14
inetproyep, spent many hours playing that17:16
inetproman many years ago17:16
charlvnthis was early 90's for me17:16
inetproyep, must have been the same for me17:17
Kilosevening superfly and all you other geeky types18:01
superflyhey Kilos18:01
Kilosnaand inetpro nuvolari 18:01
Kiloshi cranzya 18:02
* Kilos reminds everyone of tomorrow nights meeting. dont be late or missing18:03
Kilosyo hamslaai 18:03
charlvnhi Kilos 18:04
Kiloshi there charlvn 18:04
superflyKilos: I'll try to remember - no guarantees18:05
Kiloshehe. ill get here early and remind you18:06
Kilosno excuses accepted18:06
Kilosbye hamsalad18:08
Kilosall well there superfly ?18:08
superflyGRAND! thanks oom Kilos18:08
Kiloshamslaai1, wb18:09
inetproKilos: sawubona18:15
Kilossapele inetpro ?18:15
inetprohoe gaan dit?18:16
Kilosgoed dankie en u?18:16
inetproek gaan nie more by die meeting wees nie18:16
Kilosnet vrek koud18:16
Kilossay it in english so everyone can see18:16
inetprokinders se besighede18:16
inetprorollercoaster life18:17
Kilosja lyk so18:17
inetproa never ending story18:17
Kilosit improves after they 21. then they just need money18:18
Kilosand now and again some advice they dont listen to anyway18:18
inetprowell I'll be happy the day all 4 of them are past 2118:18
inetprolong way to go though18:18
Kilosha ha ha18:18
Kilosyou will be my age by then hey?18:19
inetprocome to think of it, maybe18:19
Banlamit's funny how I see 4 kids as a kinda large family these days18:20
Banlambut back a few generations, things were completely different18:20
Kilosits not often one sees that anymore Banlam 18:21
BanlamI'm one of three18:21
inetproBanlam: my mom and them were 1018:21
Banlambut I doubt I'd have more than two18:21
Kilosin the old days the goverment sponsored you if you had more than 3 i think it was18:22
inetprohmm... not so sure whether they got sponsored in those days18:23
superflyWe're unsure... #2 arrives in August, but I somehow doubt they're the last18:23
Kilosnot all costs etc but there were some perks18:23
Kilosi go ask swaar18:23
Kiloshe says no. i musta dreamed it18:25
Kilosmaybe langjan will know18:25
inetproKilos: I know there used to be less tax for families18:26
inetprowith just the husband paying or something like that18:27
Kilosmaybe that was it inetpro . i dunno18:28
* superfly wishes there was less tax18:29
superflyI don't like almost a third of my salary disappearing into the black hole that is SARS18:30
inetproone very interesting story about by grandmother was that at some point in her life she was left with a pair of surgical scissors in her body18:32
inetprosurvived for many years like that18:33
inetprountil she developed all kinds of pains, aches and deseases18:33
inetpromy mother used to show us the story in the local papers, with xray and all18:34
inetproI wish I could find that story on google today18:37
Kilosthe news paper must still have it in their archives18:37
inetproI shall have to ask my sister whether she got that story18:38
charlvnone way to escape taxation (in a legal way even) was to spend less than 180 days in any particular country18:39
charlvni used to do this but i'm not in for it anymore, now i just pay tax lol18:40
charlvninetpro: that is insane, how the heck did that happen?!18:40
inetprocharlvn: it heppened for sure18:40
inetprowas all rusted when they eventually cut it out again18:41
charlvnyeah that's disgusting, that can't be good18:41
charlvnbut i've heard of weirder things18:41
charlvnbrb dinner18:41
inetprocharlvn: enjoy18:42
* Kilos adds some french salad dressing to hasalad18:45
Kilosinetpro, ideas?18:45
Kilosmy wine tells me to insert the correct cd into cdrom18:46
inetproKilos: why?18:46
Kilosis it because i have a few partitions that it doesnt see the cdrom18:46
Kilosit doesnt seem to see the cd thats in the cdrom even though it installed from it18:47
inetproKilos: what are you trying to install from the cd?18:48
Kilosi have installed a ms game to wine18:48
Kilosred alert18:48
Kilosoh no it was age of empires18:49
Tonberrymost forms of copy protection fail on wine18:50
MaazTonberry: By the way, Kilos on freenode told me "tell tonberry Meeting monday night 1930" 10 minutes and 16 seconds ago18:50
Kilosi have hunted through all the conf stuff but dunno how to tell wine what to do18:50
Tonberryat least last time i checked18:50
Kilosaw thats sucks Tonberry 18:50
Kiloscant go internet, data is for here and mxit18:52
superflyKilos: my Age of Empires I and II both work fine in WINE18:56
Kerberomine lies at home (400km away) so i can't test18:57
Kilossuperfly, do you have separate home root and boot partitions?18:59
superflyKilos: no18:59
Kilosi think thats the prob here i have all them partitions18:59
Kilosso winsucks doesnt see the drive19:00
charlvnage of empires 3 is available on PlayOnLinux19:00
Kiloswill be like :F or something19:00
Kilosyeah but playonlinux wants internet connection19:00
Kilosi have AOE 2 and 3 here on cd19:01
Kerberohamslaai seems bored19:06
Kerberothat man is scarce these days19:06
superflyKilos: but you can tell WINE to map certain directories to certain drives19:07
Kiloshow do i tell it what the drive letter is superfly there isnt a my computer on the desktop like with windows19:08
superflyKilos: you have to open winecfg and set it in there19:09
Kilosty superfly i will look for that19:09
charlvnwho is this damn idiot peer and why does he keep resetting hamslaai's connection19:21
charlvnsorry, old irc joke i know, but couldn't resist :)19:21
Kiloswe all done that. nw19:21
Kerberohamslaai: problems with your adsl?19:22
charlvngah, now pakistan is also blocking access to twitter http://www.aljazeera.com/news/asia/2012/05/201252011031244485.html19:23
Kilosi dont think he is near his pc and his connection isnt very stable19:23
Kerberoif i had to guess i woudl say hamslaai is in de akker19:25
Kilosnight all. sleep tight. see you at the meet tomorrow night19:27
Kilosmuch warmer in bed here19:27
nuvolarihi oom Kilos 19:27
nuvolarinight oom Kilos 19:27
nuvolariwas on the phone with family 19:27
Kilosah hiya nuvolari 19:27
nuvolaribut just in time to say g'night :P19:28
Kiloshoe gaan dit nuvolari 19:28
nuvolaridit gaan goed dankie, en met oom?19:28
nuvolaribietjie koel vanaand19:28
nuvolarithink I need a jacket19:28
Kilosvergadering môre aand ne19:28
nuvolarimaybe long-sleeved clothes :P19:28
nuvolariyeah, I will be around19:28
Kiloseish we gonna be between 2°c and 5°c tonight19:29
Kilosin durbs its winter when its 10°c19:29
inetproKilos: lekker warm slaap19:29
inetprokry vir jou 'n ekstra kombers19:30
Kilosdankie inetpro julle ook19:30
Kiloslol ek het al twee en n duvet19:30
* inetpro just noticed some very cold weather outside already19:30
inetprohad to go buy some milk quickly19:30
nuvolaribah. xfce froze up :(19:33

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