FloatingGoatso your sayin dont buy the mic?01:57
Mr__hi everyone05:32
Mr__is the ubuntu sounds meta package broken05:32
Mr__i'm getting05:32
Mr__ Depends: ubuntustudio-generation but it is not going to be installed05:32
Mr__ Depends: ubuntustudio-recording but it is not going to be installed05:32
Mr__got it, thx for the fast help05:41
holsteinFloatingGoat: think about the 486 machine i was hypothetically talking about13:54
holsteinif i said to you, im going to buy 8 gigs of ram for my 486, or my pentium 3... i mean13:54
holsteinthats kind of what im getting at13:54
holsteinthe mic may not be enough13:54
holsteinif i had your rig, i would replace the internal sound card first13:55
holsteini would get something USB, with at least one channel, that either has a preamp, or can work well with one13:55
vitaldhello, can i get a help here? I have a problem with microphone noise, I have a PC and Xubuntu 12.04.16:49
FloatingGoathmm okay17:33
FloatingGoathow much would that be17:33
FloatingGoatPreSonus AudioBox USB17:38
FloatingGoator what about that art tube17:40
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serfushow is ubuntu studio translated?20:41
len-dtserfus, translated means?20:42
len-dtserfus, Do you mean into different languages?20:44
serfusi mean, how can one translate ubuntu studio20:44
serfuswhere does it get it's translations from?20:44
len-dtUbuntustudio is a colection of programs, so the translation happens one application at a time.20:44
len-dtAny translations that do happen are done by volunteers.20:45
serfusdoes it use the translations to ubuntu from launchpad?20:45
len-dtThe only translation I know of that has been done for the ubuntustudio stuff is french.20:46
len-dtI hate to say this but I reall don't know.20:47
serfusbut it is basically ubuntu with a customized repository, right?20:47
len-dtNot even that.20:48
serfusi could not find anything about it with google20:48
serfusnothing in the wiki or something20:48
len-dtUbuntustudio is Ubuntu with a different colection of applications.20:48
serfusso the same translations should be used20:48
serfushum it's a bit odd20:48
len-dtSome of our menu stuff is a bit different. We follow xubuntu a bit and then add some of our own stuff20:50
len-dtSo if the desktop file for an application has translations in it they will show up.20:50
serfusoh so it's based on xfce?20:50
len-dthave you seen this page? https://help.launchpad.net/Translations20:51
serfusyeah :)20:51
serfusi did my share of translations20:51
len-dtIs there a language you are interested in?20:52
serfusi'll tell you what bothers me20:52
serfusubuntu is translated pretty well20:52
serfusto hebrew20:52
serfusbut for some reason20:52
serfusubuntu studio20:52
serfusthe translation really sucks20:52
serfusand i can't find who did it20:53
len-dtWhich parts of ubuntu studio do you mean?20:53
serfusor how to fix it20:53
serfusi'm not sure20:53
serfusi don't use it myself20:53
serfussomeone from the israeli loco mentioned it20:53
serfusi didn't know it's based on xfce20:54
serfusthis might be the problem20:54
len-dtThe ubuntu studio team is really very small. None of us are full time.20:54
len-dtYa it could be.20:54
serfusyeah i know how things work with open source :)20:54
len-dtWe moved to xfce because gnome 2 is going away.20:54
serfusso ubuntu studio uses mainly xfce apps?20:55
len-dtUnity which is great for what it is, doesn't work well for the audio workflows.20:55
serfusno need to defend unity :P20:55
len-dtxfce for the desktop stuff. the audio/video/graphics stuff is none specific.20:55
serfusjust say it sucks :D20:55
len-dtUnity doesn't work for me, but my wife likes it... go figure.20:56
serfusi know xfce, it's great. but it isn't translated well, or at all20:56
serfushaha yeah some people seem to enjoy it20:56
len-dtGnome 3 is not there really either and all of them plus kde are CPU heavy20:56
serfusi can't stand those shell stuff20:57
serfusi'm on lxde since 12.0420:57
serfuswhich is awesome20:57
serfuseven lighter then xfce20:58
len-dtSo xfce seemed to be the most mature thing out there. ldxe is good, but it is not quite complete for us.20:58
serfusyeah i can understand why xfce is preferable20:59
serfusrather then lxde20:59
len-dtWe are not ready to do a lot of fiddling with it and some of our devs are part of the xubuntu project too.20:59
len-dtAnyway, lunch is calling me, ... bye now.21:00
serfusbye len-dt, thanks for the chat21:00

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