bluesabre_laptopochosi: I was considering using thumbnails in the --thumbnails mode and/or having a tooltip with a small thumbnail and additional data02:02
micahgmr_pouit: it builds at least :)03:05
bluesabre_laptopochosi: latest catfish commit now has the 'find' search infobar pop up after doing a locate search.  Check it out.  =D03:40
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ochosihi everyone15:45
ochosicurrently on a train :)15:45
ochosibluesabre_laptop: nice stuff!15:46
ochosibluesabre_laptop: the infobar is quite huge though, maybe we should think of something more subtle (maybe in the statusbar?)15:46
pleia2astraljava: about? just getting some notes together for our QA discussion16:49
pleia2knome: oops, we link /TestinInfo on our website, but it was deleted16:56
pleia2astraljava: just give me a ping when you're around :) I should be here for at least the next hour or so17:01
astraljavapleia2: Hiya, just came home from rollerskating. :)17:06
astraljavaSadly I haven't looked into the material so far, but I'm sure we can just start the process initially, and set goals for the following meetings.17:07
pleia2yeah, what I have to talk about is mostly just some links and stuff I learned at UDS17:09
pleia2we can discuss further after you research at the proper meeting :)17:09
astraljavaRight, sounds good to me.17:10
pleia2ok, so the first one I attended was about how (and if?) there needs to be improved communication between the QA/Testing teams17:11
pleia2there are lots of them: http://www.theorangenotebook.com/2012/03/whos-who-on-quality-in-ubuntu.html17:11
astraljavaOkay, that's handy.17:12
pleia2it was pretty much decided that the teams operate themselves so no need for consolidation of volunteers was needed (lubuntu folks are happy to work with lubuntu testers, etc)17:12
astraljavaFair enough, but we do have that one QA/testers weekly meeting, already.17:13
pleia2yeah, they were wondering if they needed something beyond that to consolidate further17:14
astraljavaOh okay.17:14
pleia2so they might do another meeting twice a cycle or so to check in with some of the QA/Testing leads to see if they need help or anything17:14
pleia2I also asked a bit about the http://testcases.qa.ubuntu.com/ wiki17:15
pleia2we should move our testcases wiki pages there soon:17:15
pleia2and if we want to write our own Install pages to be linked from the QA tracker, that's cool too (instead of relying upon generic Ubuntu ones)17:15
astraljavaI guess we should, we will have varying ubiquity tasks at least.17:16
pleia2yeah, I don't see it as a huge deal since we seem to manage ;) but it might be nice17:17
pleia2the little post install tasks are all ubuntu-specific too, but they can all be done in xubuntu without much trouble at all17:17
pleia2just things to think about17:17
pleia2the last thing I learned was about Checkbox17:18
pleia2automated testing for applications, we could write some :)17:18
astraljavaYeah, I was intrigued about this one.17:18
pleia2I poked around the wikis some, this seems to be the most comprehensive page about it and links to other resources17:19
pleia2shows how to write them, submit them, etc17:19
astraljavaI've been writing some test automation in python at work before, so I'll have some interesting times ahead to see how it fares with the existing ones.17:19
pleia2that's pretty much it17:20
astraljavaOkay, thanks for sharing! I've been very psyched about getting this progressing during the quantal cycle, but unfortunately real life stepped in the way for the beginning. Hopefully it'll now calm down a bit.17:21
astraljavaWould you be interested in setting some semi-regular work meetings for this?17:21
astraljavaI'm not sure how often we'll have other meetings, so it might help in coordinating the thing.17:22
astraljavaOnce every three weeks or so?17:22
pleia2sounds good :)17:23
astraljavaDo we have a Xubuntu calendar somewhere?17:23
pleia2yeah, sec17:23
pleia2ical: http://www.google.com/calendar/ical/383qgn907l43kd425bteqjg850%40group.calendar.google.com/public/basic.ics17:25
pleia2nothing on it yet since we haven't decided next meeting yet ;)17:26
astraljavaShall we schedule the next one three weeks from now?17:28
astraljavaOh wait, I'm going to a gig that night. You're UTC-7, right?17:29
astraljavaIs 17th good for you?17:31
pleia2I'll let you know if something comes up :)17:32
pleia216:00 UTC is probably better than 17:00 though17:32
astraljavaIsn't that quite early for you?17:36
astraljavaOh, no.17:37
astraljavaA little preoccupied, watching the ice hockey finals at the same time. :D17:37
pleia2I usually don't have plans on weekends until 11 or later, so 9 or 10AM seems to work ok17:37
astraljavaSo, 17th of June, 1600 UTC. Let's see if I can create the event.17:38
pleia2I can add it17:39
astraljavaOk, thanks. I don't have authority to do it, seems like.17:40
pleia2done \o/17:40
astraljavaCool, thanks!17:44
astraljavaI'll post to the -devel list about this a little closer to the event.17:45
pleia2great, thanks17:45
GridCubelol only me and madnick answered the doodle17:46
GridCubeno one else did17:46
GridCubethats nice17:46
GridCubenot even knome 17:46
astraljavaWhat doodle?17:46
GridCubethe one knome sent to the mailing list http://www.doodle.com/6gifbcka8fzvrzz917:46
pleia2I have a flexible schedule and am not traveling any of those days, wherever it lands is fine17:49
GridCubemark all the times and hours then17:50
pleia2not really worth my time17:50
Unit193I'm open all days, except for ones I'm not.17:52
astraljavaDoes my entries show up now?17:56
astraljavaAhh, it wants for each day of the week, not only Sunday the third.17:57
astraljavaWTF? It won't let me save.17:59
astraljavaI have to create an account for that?!18:00
astraljavaWell apparently OpenID should work, but still it won't let me save.18:31
astraljavaSo, tough luck.18:31
bluesabre_laptopochosi: catfish -- filtering works for mimetypes and dates now.  Also, I have enabled live filtering, so when you have results, you can add or remove filters and it will be applied immediately.  :D19:51
ochosibluesabre_laptop: cool :) we should definitely tell kalikiana about this20:45
bluesabre_laptoptrue, I'll post a message to him on xfce-dev20:46
ochosiwow, works great20:46
ochosii'm fairly impressed :)20:47
bluesabre_laptopgood to hear20:47
ochosione more thing i thought about today:20:47
ochosiwhen the zeitgeist-suggestion is a single filename, it's kinda stupid to then search for it20:47
ochosicause usually you'd get a single file as result-set20:48
bluesabre_laptopyeah, didn't really know how else to use the suggestions though20:48
ochosiand that takes longer than the original suggestion20:48
ochosiso i was wondering whether we should try to make users execute the "exo open" command on them20:48
ochosii mean: add a second row to the suggestion-box with an icon20:49
ochosiit's either a searchglass or the stock_open icon20:49
ochosiif it's a filename with ending, use the stock_open icon and clicking it executes exo-open on the file20:49
ochosiin fact in the other case maybe no icon is better than the searchglass20:50
bluesabre_laptopThat's a good point.  But as long as we don't have a button for search, isn't it better to keep the searchglass?20:53
ochosino, i meant really add those icons to the popup-list20:55
knomeanybody interested in moderating the xubuntu mailing lists?20:55
Unit193I'm not on the users one, but I'm at leaset subscribed to -devel. :P20:56
knome+ ochosi, we should probably think about the team structure, now that i think about it; does it make sense somebody is in the artwork team if he's not in the xubuntu team?20:56
knomeUnit193, then you don't seem like a good candidate :P20:56
knomeUnit193, i mean, messages to -devel is fine, there aren't so many of those to moderate20:56
ochosiknome: haven't given the team structure much thought tbh20:56
ochosiknome: but it's a good point. we'll have to talk about this sometime soon (have a presentation tomorrow and am already pretty tired)20:57
knomemmh, i'm tired too20:57
knomeand i should do a few things before going to sleep..20:57
ochosibluesabre_laptop: one more thing i just noticed: i think it's better to drop the horizontal padding on the sides of the treeview, but add it for the statusbar20:58
ochosibluesabre_laptop: the other thing i noticed (but if you're aware of it, forget it) is that the menu-button should be a toggle-button instead of a normal button (i.e. stay pressed down as long as the menu is open)21:00
ochosiknome: i updated the terminal-colors-spec and linked to a github repo from where you can test the color-scheme i linked you to recently21:01
knomecould you actually just send an email so i don't forget?21:02
knomex-devel is fine too, and you might get more feedback21:02
bluesabre_laptopochosi: not a fan of the padding?  On the menu button, I knew about it, just being lazy to fix it.  I'll have that on the next commit21:02
ochosibluesabre_laptop: i'm a fan of the padding everywhere but the treeview i think (now that i use it, i know i had it in my first mockup...)21:03
ochosii think what looks oddest is the infobar with padding21:04
bluesabre_laptopI agree with that21:05
bluesabre_laptopI might toy around with it a bit21:05
ochosisure sure, anyhoo, never take my comments as much more than suggestions21:05
ochosiafter all, you're doing the heavy lifting21:06
bluesabre_laptopdoesn't hurt to have an extra opinion though21:06
ochosinot sure whether you already had plans for the custom-button in the time-section, but you could hook that to a gtkcalendar21:07
bluesabre_laptopI thought there was a calendar widget!  Thanks for the tip.  Didn't see one in glade so I was making a minimal thing21:10
ochosifor the documents i guess the easiest thing is let people add file-endings for now21:10
bluesabre_laptopI was considering using the mimetypes class and having a combobox with known mimes or let the user enter file extensions21:11
ochosianother point for later is the search-syntax ("$string $string" == match $string & $string instead of match "$string $string")21:12
ochosi(or allowing regexp or what do i know)21:12
bluesabre_laptopthat might be an easy fix21:13
ochosiyeah, i just don't wanna distract you with 1000 things at the same time21:14
ochosiknome: ok, mail sent21:14
ochosidarn, i'm really tired and as i mentioned before i have a presentation tomorrow...21:16
ochosibluesabre_laptop: sorry, gotta hit the sack now, i'll probably not be around tomorrow much (meetings all day) but will be around more again on tuesday the latest21:16
bluesabre_laptopk, seeya21:17
bluesabre_laptoplook forward to some big updates for catfish21:17
ochosii do already :)21:18
ochosi(i might just quickly pull and test in a break tomorrow ;) )21:18
ochosinight everyone!21:19
knomeochosi, thanks ;)21:19

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