xubuntu566installing xubuntu now.02:00
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CommonwealthCan anyone tell me what a helper application is?04:03
xubuntu287Thought I'd mention that the 12.04 amd64 alternate cd seems to have a corrupt ATI driver package (ie I checked the md5 sum of the iso, and hit the failure twice on that package)04:15
Unit193Really? How did yu download?04:16
xubuntu287Direct from ubuntu mirror http04:17
xubuntu287Thought it was a bad download, but the md5 sums match04:17
xubuntu287I can try opening up the iso and looking for the package itself04:18
Unit193Alright, well you say the ISO md5 is good, but the package itself fails in the live/install? (To clearify)04:18
Unit193(I'd like to blame comcast, but.... ;) )04:19
xubuntu287ISO md5 is good04:19
xubuntu287unet boot in to usb, (two separate times)04:19
Unit193knome: Can you take a peek at that when you get back?  You said you have the disk.04:19
xubuntu287Install fails when installing packages, used the integrity checker and reports driver as bad04:19
xubuntu287(sorry reports a package that looked to be ati package as bad)04:20
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Unit193xubuntu287: Well, I'd almost say reporting a bug would be a good idea, but not sure exactly what agenst.04:20
Unit193(I personally can't check this one)04:20
xubuntu287After I get my machine back up and running I'll run the integrity check again and write down the package name04:22
xubuntu287though if someone else has a VM handy it'd be good to get another check on it04:22
xubuntu28719092536f4a74f1c260e8aabc90cdf0e f:\isos\xubuntu-12.04-alternate-amd64.iso04:24
xubuntu28719092536f4a74f1c260e8aabc90cdf0e *xubuntu-12.04-alternate-amd64.iso04:24
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Unit193Yep, and double checked from the mirror.04:28
xubuntu287ok I think the package was xserver-xorg-ati_6.14.99~git2011219.aacbd629-0ubuntu2_.deb04:31
Unit193You may be able to check with "debsums"04:33
Unit193!info debsums04:33
Unit193ubottu: Wake up04:33
ubottudebsums (source: debsums): tool for verification of installed package files against MD5 checksums. In component universe, is optional. Version 2.0.51 (precise), package size 54 kB, installed size 224 kB04:33
xubuntu287ah http://markmail.org/thread/oubopssmrzo7icg204:34
xubuntu287great it looks as though all the alternate isos are hosed04:35
Unit193First comment says it all ( https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+source/pkgsel/+bug/995140/comments/1 )04:36
ubottuLaunchpad bug 995140 in pkgsel (Ubuntu) "xserver-xorg-video-all fails to install from ubuntu-12.04-alternate-amd64.iso" [Undecided,Confirmed]04:36
xubuntu287ok I'll go in and edit launchpad and increase the severity and distributions affected04:40
xubuntu287(Having one of the supported install methods guaranteed to fail on all machines is really a pretty critical bug [not to mention embarassing])]04:41
Unit193But, the mini install should work, since it shouldn't have X+friends.04:42
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cacsarActually if someone has the authority to change bug importance on launch pad, I'd appreciate it if they could go in and change it for 99514004:50
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Unit193It takes a launchpad account.04:55
cacsarIt takes a project maintainer or bug supervisor04:58
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Unit193!away | usa_today05:05
ubottuusa_today: Please do not use noisy away messages and nicks in Ubuntu channels. It is annoying and unnecessary. Use the command "/away <reason>" to set your client away silently. See also «/msg ubottu Guidelines»05:05
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sankeywill xfce 4.10 ever make it to xubuntu 12.04, or does it have to wait until 12.11?08:40
sankeyi mean 12.1008:40
knomeuntil 12.1008:49
Sysithere's ppa but won't be in official repositories08:55
malvyear of the linux is coming up09:02
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Marzatamalv: the polar year?09:06
knomemalv, Marzata: #xubuntu-offtopic09:07
G__81hi i am trying to upgrade from xfce 4.8 to 4.10. I am using 12.04. I tried the steps mentioned in the link http://www.tuxgarage.com/2012/05/xfce-4-10-available-for-precise.html but i am not able to get the updates. can someone help me out  ?10:41
Marzatahow to remove the keyring popup in xubuntu?11:16
judgenis it possible to set the desktop icons to launch another file manager instead of thunar? like konqueror or any such thing11:32
Artemis3preferred apps in settings manager?11:33
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judgenthat does work on everything except the desktop11:52
judgendo not get me wrong, i really like thunar.. but i like to play with this kind of stuff11:54
Marzatawhat do you like it really?11:58
csioktelhi, i'm new to ufw, i added some rules with ufw, after reboot, those rules still here, i want to know, where is the ufw save rules path?12:48
csioktelis it ufw will automatic save the rules to somewhere?12:49
recon69_laphi, how to you adjust the screen brightness?13:04
recon69_lapbefore i go blind13:05
recon69_lapnever mind, found it. good to be able to see screen without squinting13:13
Adriannomhi.  just installed xubuntu 12.04 and after i suspend, the screen is very dark, even at the prompt to log back in.  changing brightness has some effect, but even full brightness is very dark.  any ideas what could be going on?13:19
Adriannomthe mouse pointer is actually the only thing that is at full brightness13:20
recon69_lapAdriannom: try right click the desktop and select desktop settings , some sliders in there13:21
Adriannomrecon69_lap, yup, that is how i tried to change the brightness.  it has some effect, but the darkness pervades all13:22
recon69_lapand you got the brightness slider applet ?13:23
Adriannomwhat's that?13:23
Adriannomthis is a fresh install.  do i need to install it?13:24
recon69_lapinstall xfce4-power-manager-plugins13:24
recon69_lapand add it to a pannel13:24
Adriannomok added, but it has a white sun filled with red, and an exclamation mark in the middle13:26
Adriannomwhen i click on it nothing happens13:26
Adriannomah, hovering over it says "no device found"13:26
recon69_lapAdriannom: whats the make and model of computer13:26
Adriannomcan't find any settings for it13:26
Adriannomit's just a home build pc, maybe 4 years old at a guess13:27
recon69_lapAdriannom: guess it's not playing nice with your video driver/card.13:28
recon69_lapAdriannom: I had the same dark screen , but the applet works for me13:28
Adriannom01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV670PRO [Radeon HD 3850]13:28
Adriannomhm, i tried to install the proprietary drivers, but it failed for some reason.  i just gave up but maybe it's worth persisting13:29
Adriannomthanks a lot recon69_lap13:30
recon69_lapAdriannom: I'm tring to find the command to start the power management app, might be somthing in there13:30
Adriannomyou mean like in settings->power management?13:31
Adriannomsettings->settings manager->power management even13:32
recon69_lapAdriannom: yep, thats the one, on AC tab , is it reducing brightness ?13:33
Adriannomi see no such option13:34
Adriannomare you on 12.04?13:34
recon69_lappower manager -> on Ac -> Monitor -> brightness13:35
recon69_lapAdriannom: and did you upgrade or install 12.04?13:36
Adriannomrecon69_lap, install, then update fully13:37
Adriannomfirst thing i did was experiment with suspend13:37
recon69_lapAdriannom: Had the same problems as you, but my brightness applet works. Dont really know enough about it to help you more.13:38
Adriannomno worries.  what video card did you have?13:39
recon69_lapAdriannom: this night help https://help.ubuntu.com/11.04/ubuntu-help/power-brighter.html13:40
Adriannomnot sure, i don't think it's an ordinary brightness problem because the mouse pointer is super bright13:41
recon69_lapAdriannom: nvida 9600 somthing13:41
Adriannomdoes turning brightness down normally leave the mouse unaffected?13:42
P-ChanHello guys! I need help! In ubuntu 10.04 my video card  runs at 1200x800. In 12.04 in earlier too but now the maximum is 1024x768. I tried xrandr, graphical interface and not works13:42
Adriannomaha, managed to install an alternate proprietary driver13:42
recon69_lapAdriannom: well, maybe change you UI setttings in Setting manager -> Apparance13:42
P-Chan-PCI Devices- Host bridge: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ/P/PL Memory Controller Hub (rev 02) VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation 82945G/GZ Integrated Graphics Controller (rev 02) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller]) Audio device: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family High Definition Audio Controller (rev 01) PCI bridge: Intel Corporation N10/ICH 7 Family PCI Express Port 1 (rev 01) (prog-if 00 [Normal decode]) USB controller:13:43
recon69_lapaggh, P-Chan, use pastebin13:44
P-Chanrecon69_lap: sorry I am n00b13:44
P-Chanrecon69_lap: dude and I can't install this window border: http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php/Windows+7+B%C3%A1sic?content=14869813:46
P-ChanI put in the .theme folder but not runs and other programs like  ubuntu update software not themed.13:46
Adriannomrecon69_lap, the restricted driver fixed it.  thanks for putting me onto that lead :)13:46
recon69_lapAdriannom: no problem, appreciate the thank you13:47
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recon69_lapP-Chan: what video driver are you using?13:48
P-ChanTo discover it i type lspc ?13:48
P-Chanaguitel: I want secure mode. I don't want show the mac adress and other things13:49
recon69_lapP-Chan: in setting -> additional drivers13:49
SysiP-Chan: that theme probably doesn't have gtk3 part, find one that has13:50
Sysifor changing window borders, see window manager settings13:50
P-Chanrecon69_lap: I not have property drivers in my XUBUNTU rox a lot13:51
xubuntu999i have problem i cant install grub to my mbr13:51
P-Chanxubuntu999: try super grub disk13:51
P-Chanxubuntu999: is this safe?13:52
P-Chanrecon69_lap: I don't see drivers13:53
P-Chanrecon69_lap: in the  setting -> additional drivers13:53
aguitelxubuntu999, what problem13:54
xubuntu999grub install fails13:54
xubuntu999fatal error13:54
aguitelwhat error13:55
P-Chanxubuntu999: wHY you don't try super grub disk?13:55
xubuntu999i don't have a cd rom13:55
martinphonehelp to manually configure a proxy with chromium, must be done via terminal: is it enough with "man chromium-browser --proxy-server="foopy:99"? do I have to cd somewhere?13:56
P-Chanxubuntu999: buy one. is very very cheap13:56
recon69_lap P-Chan: bit slow, well out of practice dealing with issues in ubuntu13:56
aguitelP-Chan, go home please13:56
xubuntu999Executing 'grub-install /dev/sda' failed.13:57
aguitelwith sudo13:57
xubuntu999its installation error13:57
P-Chanrecon69_lap: my lspci http://pastebin.com/fcsBAt4W13:58
P-ChanI hate lobbysts13:59
recon69_lapP-Chan: you could try sudo dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xorg , but I'm just taking wild stabs in the dark, you could cause more problems13:59
P-Chanrecon69_lap: I don't understand14:00
aguitelxubuntu999, try :sudo grub-install --recheck /dev/sda14:00
P-Chanrecon69_lap: not happening14:01
recon69_lapP-Chan: I mean randomly changing display settings can easy lead to total loss of display14:01
P-Chanrecon69_lap: ok14:04
P-Chanrecon69_lap: Does Xubuntu 4.8 uses gtk3?14:04
xubuntu258hello. I am having problems formatting a sd card using xubuntu. anyone know an easy way to do this?14:06
P-Chanxubuntu258: me too. I can't format my mp4 in xubuntu. Only in ubuntu14:07
P-ChanGparted not works. Only in b stick14:07
P-Chanusb stick14:07
xubuntu258so its not possible, then?14:07
recon69_lapP-Chan:  gir1.2gtk 2 and 3 are installed, not sure which is actually used by xubuntu14:08
P-Chanrecon69_lap: thanks.14:09
recon69_lapP-Chan: don't mean I know what I'm talking about though. think you want a gtk3 compatible skin14:10
P-Chanrecon69_lap:  I want this http://xfce-look.org/content/show.php/Windows+7+B%C3%A1sic?content=148698 but xubuntu doesn't see14:11
P-ChanAnd my monitor before the resolution problem wad daewoo, now is monitor only O_O14:11
xubuntu977can somebody tell me how to install SGD2 on pendrive and how to use it?14:13
recon69_lapxubuntu977: was going to suggest using disk utility, but i get an error when i try to open it14:13
xubuntu977u mean gparted?14:14
recon69_lapxubuntu977:  dont know, only upgraded to xubuntu yesterday, thats why i'm here14:15
P-ChanHello guys my monitor is 1024x768 I want 1200x80014:34
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martinphonebuy one14:45
aguitelbuy 2 ,one for me14:47
astraljavaReally, guys? That's good support?14:49
astraljavaP-Chan: Do you know if your monitor is capable of such a resolution?14:49
P-Chanastraljava: Yes because It was worked in ubuntu 10.0414:50
astraljavaP-Chan: You could install arandr, and see what it tells you about it.14:50
P-Chanastraljava: wait a moment I have installed it14:50
P-Chanastraljava:  What you want know in arandr?14:51
astraljavaP-Chan: I can't say, as I haven't used it myself, but there should be an equivalent for querying the monitor capabilities, like `xrandr -q` (if my memory serves correctly, I'm not on a linux box ATM)14:52
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P-Chanastraljava: How output the message in english? I am not NORTH AMERICAN14:58
astraljavaP-Chan: You could try starting arandr from terminal, like this: `LANG=en_US arandr`14:59
P-Chanok man14:59
astraljavaP-Chan: Not sure if it works.14:59
P-Chanastraljava: http://pastebin.com/2z2x7Cwu do you have msn, facebook or anything?15:01
astraljavaP-Chan: No, and support issues are best kept in the channel anyway.15:01
astraljavaP-Chan: What is your native language? Maybe try that channel if you're not comfortable in here?15:02
P-Chanastraljava: sorry, portuguese channel for xubuntu don't exists15:04
astraljavaP-Chan: That listing doesn't seem to support higher resolutions, so maybe there's something wrong with the drivers. What graphics card do you use?15:04
Adam313Hi, I was wondering does anyone know an easy way to delete a parition on windows xp15:04
astraljavaP-Chan: Yeah, but you could ask on #ubuntu-pt, I'm sure they will help even when you're using Xubuntu.15:04
P-Chanubuntu br15:04
Adam313I had linux mint 12 but I want to uninstall it and delete the parition15:04
P-Chani am brazilian brazil il il15:04
Adam313or If I install xubuntu can I just use that empty parition?15:05
Adam313can anyone help me out?15:05
astraljavaAdam313: Yes, you can install Xubuntu on an empty partition. In fact, that's the most usual thing to do.15:06
P-Chanastraljava: my lspci http://pastebin.com/fcsBAt4W15:06
Adam313astraljava, Thank you15:06
Adam313but can you tell me a quick an easy way15:06
Adam313to delete linux mint1215:06
P-ChanAdam313: use gparted15:07
Adam313P-Chan, Thanks I'l look into it15:07
astraljavaAdam313: You don't necessary need to delete the partition either, the installer is capable of installing on a partition you don't need anymore. It will re-format it if that's what you want.15:08
Adam313I wont delete that parition if you told me I don't need to :p15:08
Adam313I was just wondering where can I download this, can I download it for windows xp?15:08
Adam313My desktop is rigt beside me and I'm ready to go15:09
* astraljava points at the topic15:09
recon69_lapAdam313: it's a good idea to get the partition info before you install as it can be hard to know what partition is which with just device names15:09
Adam313recon69_lap, It's a small parition, 60gb's15:09
Adam313I know which one I'm using because I only have two15:09
Adam313So is there any other networks on freenods that I would enjoy lol15:10
Adam313I have never been on freenods for a long time before.15:10
astraljavaAdam313: No idea, but please use -offtopic for other chitchat, this is a support channel only.15:10
Adam313one more question: is gparted for windows ?15:11
P-ChanAdam313: no but live cd is avaiable15:12
Adam313P-Chan, What is live cd because I have no cd's to burn anything to, I was thinking of using a usb drive by using linux live usb15:13
Adam313P-Chan, I need a parition editor so I can delete the files of that parition safely first of all15:13
P-Chanuse mint live usb to delete mint installed15:14
astraljavaAdam313: You can use the live image from USB stick as well, don't be fooled by the name.15:14
recon69_lapAdam313: the installer allows you to delete/create/format partitions15:14
Adam313recon69_lap, the xubuntu installer??15:15
Adam313Wow, that solves a lot of things.15:15
Adam313I have another thing: is the newest xubuntu better or 10.415:15
Adam313Because I want to use the windows ubuntu installer, is there a list of what version I can pick on it? not just ubuntu, like kubuntu or xubuntu15:16
recon69_lapAdam313: just select advance or other when installing15:16
Adam313recon69_lap, okay15:17
Adam313thank you very much, i appreciate it,15:17
recon69_lapAdam313: what is this windows installer you talk about, sounds bad15:17
Adam313Uhm, It's on the ubuntu site.15:17
recon69_lapAdam313: you are setting up a duel boot system?15:18
astraljavawubi, and it's really only supposed to be used for checking out how Ubuntu works and looks like. Not a long-term solution by any means.15:18
Adam313recon69_lap, Yes.15:18
astraljavaAdam313: Then that's not a windows installer you're looking for15:18
Adam313astraljava, I was thinking of using wubi15:18
astraljavaAdam313: Right. Well, be aware that it'll be fairly limited.15:18
Adam313astraljava, What will be limited? wubi15:19
recon69_lapAdam313: thats not a duel boot system15:19
astraljavaAdam313: Yes.15:19
Adam313recon69_lap, okay15:19
Adam313I'm dual booting15:19
Adam313so I can't use wubi15:19
Adam313linux live usb sounds good :p15:19
P-ChanAdam313: Yes. I have various isos15:20
Adam313is 10.4 better for xubuntu or the newst one?15:20
recon69_lapAdam313: boot to the live usb, install to the empty partition and keep the usb for emergences15:20
P-ChanUnetbootin only create a Image in USB15:20
P-ChanUSB CREator create a EXT2 partition15:20
recon69_lapAdam313: I'd go with 12.04, it's got two more years support as well as being 2 years newer15:21
astraljavaAdam313: 10.04 will only receive support for less than a year anymore.15:21
Adam313P-Chan, Using http://www.linuxliveusb.com/15:21
Adam313can i edit paritions and delete paritions using that15:21
P-ChanAdam313: 10.04 is supported for more 2 years for server15:21
milen_hi all I have a problem whit flash player  anyone can help? Videos in internet does not start at all I have installed the adobe flash player and xubuntu restricted extras but still nothing, any one can help?15:21
Adam313I really need to delete that parition first15:21
recon69_lapAdam313: just make sure you pick the right options as you install, you should get to a screen listing partitions .15:22
P-ChanAdam313: mint himself has gparted in live USB15:22
P-Chani use mint in my live usb because has codecs15:22
mlsmithEw...Bug #775117 is still affecting me too. Comment #13 fixed my issue though.15:23
ubottuLaunchpad bug 775117 in thunar (Ubuntu) "Thunar hangs on first launch of each session" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/77511715:23
recon69_lapAdam313: formating the partition will delete everything on that partition15:23
Adam313recon69_lap, okay15:24
Adam313so on the xubuntu install15:24
Adam313is there a way I can format the partition when im doing this?15:24
recon69_lapAdam313: yes, just make sure you do not pick any of the automated options, you need to pick the partition before anything gets deleted15:25
Adam313recon69_lap, okay15:26
Adam313so i dont choose the automated options15:26
Adam313Is it hard?15:27
recon69_lapAdam313: yep, advanced the whole way :)15:27
recon69_lapAdam313: no, you just have to be careful , you select the wrong option and click "are you sure" a partition disappears15:28
Adam313okay recon69_lap15:28
Adam313After I formatt that parition15:29
Adam313can I go back to the automated way15:29
recon69_lapAdam313: dont bother , select the partition and set it to "/" , then install15:29
Adam313I'm going to be on my laptop so can I ask you questions along the way when I am doing this?15:29
Adam313oh yes15:29
Adam313So I installed linux live usb15:30
Adam313I hate how in windows xp I can't see the other partition15:30
Adam313I now have to go on linux again15:30
Adam313just to friggin get that .iso file15:30
recon69_lapAdam313: no, you will have installed xubuntu using a xubuntu live usb15:30
P-ChanAdam313: Windows i made by lobbysts15:30
P-ChanBut Badindows is necessary to me15:31
recon69_lapAdam313: iso??? what do you need that for?15:31
Adam313recon69_lap, the xubuntu file15:31
Adam313that I have to put into the usb????15:31
Adam313I have it downloaded15:31
recon69_lapAdam313: the live usb stick is you install file15:31
Adam313can you explain was a "live usb" is15:32
Adam313Are you saying I won't be using a real usb15:32
recon69_lapAdam313: god, you write the .ISO to a usb stick, then boot your computer using the stick, then you select install and install xubuntu onto your empty partition, why what where you planning to do?15:33
Adam313recon69_lap, That is what I'm talking about15:33
Adam313I'm going to use linux live usb to write the iso file onto my usb15:33
recon69_lapAdam313: do you know what a .iso file is?15:33
Adam313it is the file that holds the install for the distro15:33
recon69_lapAdam313: what i dont get is you going to use a live usb to make another live usb?15:35
Adam313recon69_lap, Isn't linux live usb (this is a program) to write the .ISO file onto a usb15:35
Adam313its the name of the program15:36
P-ChanAdam313: does xfce forum support xubuntu?15:36
Adam313P-Chan, I don't know15:36
P-ChanAdam313: why my problem isn't solved here :(15:36
P-ChanI wanna cry :'(15:36
Adam313P-Chan, I'm new to linux so I would not know15:36
Adam313:S sorry mate15:36
Adam313recon69_lap, do you get it  now?15:37
recon69_lapP-Chan: have you tried asking main ubuntu channel15:37
P-Chanrecon69_lap: Ubuntu is for ubuntu, xubuntu is for xubuntu15:37
recon69_lapP-Chan: not really a xfce issue, more of a xorg issue15:37
milen8204recon69_lap, I can not run Video in internet sites15:38
recon69_lapmilen8204: do you have flash installed?15:38
milen8204recon69_lap,  but the video do not run at all15:38
Adam313recon69_lap, I have a 700mb cd15:39
Adam313and the .iso file 7.13.3mb15:39
Adam313will I be fine15:39
Adam313Or should I use my usb15:39
P-Chanrecon69_lap: the problem is only xubuntu has this problem, Kubuntu haven't it but i prefer xubuntu super mega power light weight15:39
recon69_lapAdam313: just make sure you do not just copy the file, you need to burn it as a .iso15:40
Adam313recon69_lap, what do you mean15:40
recon69_lapP-Chan: your issue is at a lower level that the UI, issue is with your monitor or video not being correctly setup/detected.15:41
Adam313the program I am goingto use will be the usb program " linux live usb" I'm not going to use the cd15:41
recon69_lapAdam313: well i used usb-creator-gtk , but not sure if you on windows15:43
Adam313I am on windows15:43
Adam313is that for windows15:43
Adam313I might use it if you claim its good15:43
P-Chanoff topic: I like this music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eC0VfQMRdc15:44
pleia2unetbootin exists for windows too https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Installation/FromUSBStick#From_Windows15:44
P-Chanpleia2: I use UNETBOOT15:44
pleia2P-Chan: use #xubuntu-offtopic15:44
pleia2P-Chan: please don't post links like that here15:44
recon69_lapAdam313: no, you'll have to find whatever MS windows uses. 3 years since I used windows, like a foreign country now15:44
P-Chanpleia2: ok15:44
Adam313pleia2, what is unetbooting15:45
Adam313is it a usb creator for iso files15:45
pleia2Adam313: the link I gave explains15:45
pleia2(I don't use windows either, so I'm not really sure about the process)15:45
recon69_lapI like the way a USB install remembers everything so you dont have to do anything twice :)15:46
Adam313recon69_lap, okay15:47
Adam313its putting the .ISO onto my drive15:47
recon69_lapanyone know why i get "Failed to execute child process "palimpsest" (No such file or directory)" when i select application->system->disk utility ?15:49
Adam313also recon69_lap : can I delete the iso of the drive after?15:49
recon69_lapAdam313: what???15:51
recon69_lapAdam313: remember that a .iso is a copy of a drive, so can be confusing if you are not really clear15:51
Adam313recon69_lap, Oh, I meant can I delte the .iso off the USB drive :P15:52
recon69_lapAdam313: the iso should not be on the USB drive? did you copy it there?15:53
Adam313I'm writing it there recon69_lap15:53
Adam313using linux live usb creator.15:53
Adam313It writes it there and makes the usb bootable15:53
Adam313so I can use it for install just like a cd15:53
recon69_lapAdam313: yes, and after you write it the USB will contain a linux operating system15:53
Adam313I know, but can I delete it off the usb after15:54
Adam313I know you think that may be silly but I might need to if my mum needs it (she does not use  google drive, dropbox, etc)15:54
Adam313I don't have a USB drive and I am using hers15:54
recon69_lapAdam313: agggh, the ISO will not be on the USB, a linux operation system will be,15:54
Adam313well you know what I mean, can i delete the linux os off of it after? :P15:55
Adam313ah it recognized the linux distro, xubuntu 12.04 :)15:55
recon69_lapAdam313: sure, but create a live CD so you have a backup for system rescue15:56
Adam313obv :p15:56
Adam313okay thats good that I can delete it after15:56
Adam313thanks for all your help recon69_lap15:56
recon69_lapyou have not used computers long, nothing is obv :)15:56
Adam313but I hope if I have any questions while I'm installing it you will give me some tips15:56
Adam313recon69_lap, What do you mean? I have never used Linux before15:56
Adam313I love computing, irc, gaming, etc15:56
Adam313I program a bit to15:56
Adam313well I used to15:57
Adam313I have been slacking for a year atleast15:57
recon69_lapI mean that it's the obvious that you over look that wastes weeks and weeks before you realize.15:58
Adam313my god15:58
Adam313I think this is a vm box15:58
Adam313fuck my life15:58
milen8204any one had a problem whit flash player ?16:00
recon69_lapmilen8204: no, don't think it's flash, maybe if you described in detail whats going wrong16:00
milen8204the clip does not start in youtube site in other sites that needs flash player to be installed16:01
recon69_lapmilen8204: have you tried clicking on the clip?16:02
milen8204i have installed all add-ons16:02
milen8204recon69_lap, yes :D16:02
milen8204could my problem be of my video card ?16:03
recon69_lapmilen8204: you just installed? can you play normal video using m-player?16:03
=== usa_today[AFK] is now known as usa_today
Adam313recon69_lap, Okay I think it is working16:04
Adam313can you help me out in insall16:04
milen8204recon69_lap,  I will try and tell16:04
recon69_lapAdam313: Only from memory, so any f'k up's are not my fault16:04
Adam313my god16:05
Adam313its not fucking loading16:05
astraljavaAdam313: Please refrain from cursing in here.16:05
Adam313astraljava, okay lol16:05
astraljavaAdam313: You should read the Code of Conduct before spending much time on ubuntu channels.16:05
Adam313astraljava, maybe later I'm very busy16:05
Adam313I wont cuss though16:06
recon69_lapAdam313: and please be descriptive, did the usb write, did it boot computer ?16:06
Adam313recon69_lap, It did not boot at all16:06
Adam313it is a empty usb16:06
Adam313but it shows16:06
astraljavaAdam313: Okay, but please, whenever you have time. It's not anything to be taken lightly.16:06
Adam313900 mb is used16:06
Adam313I'm just going to format the usb drive and delete the partition16:06
Adam313I will do all this16:06
Adam313when I get a proper cd16:06
astraljavaAdam313: USB stick works just as well as a CD. In fact, just faster.16:07
astraljavaAdam313: How did you prepare the stick?16:07
milen8204recon69_lap, I have no m-player installed16:07
astraljavamilen8204: Without the dash (so, mplayer)16:08
Adam313oh jeez16:08
Adam313how do I formatt my usb drive16:09
Adam313It has 900mb full and I don't the files are hidden16:09
Adam313I dont know what to do :|16:09
milen8204i have no video player in Multimedia except Parole16:09
recon69_lapmilen8204: sudo apt-get install mplayer16:10
milen8204ok :D16:11
GridCubemplayer is terminal based16:11
GridCubeyou need a front end16:11
GridCubelike smplayer16:11
recon69_lapthx GridCube :)16:11
Adam313recon69_lap, How do I format my usb drive16:12
Adam313I need those hidden files gone16:12
GridCubeAdam313, install gparted16:12
Adam313GridCube, okay16:12
recon69_lapAdam313: your using windows, open the disk manager and format the drive16:12
vitaldhello, i have a problem. When I try to record a sound on my PC I got a noise also. Xubuntu 12.04, sound card is 00:14.2 Audio device: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI SBx00 Azalia (Intel HDA).16:13
recon69_lapAdam313: right clicking the icon give options too16:13
GridCubeAdam313, oh... you are using windows?16:13
Adam313GridCube, Yes, I was installing xubuntu16:14
Adam313I have linux mint 2316:14
Adam313i mean16:14
recon69_laplol, have not idea what Adam313 has16:14
Adam313Wait it seems to be working, the xubuntu install16:14
Adam313so GridCube16:14
Adam313how do I fix this :p16:14
Adam313on linux can I format it16:14
GridCubeusing gparted yes16:14
Adam313is it easy to install :s16:15
GridCubesudo apt-get install gparted16:15
GridCubebut ifyou use the live cd its pre-installed16:15
Adam313its installing16:16
recon69_lapAdam313: or "sudo apt-get install gparted"16:16
GridCubeas... i just said16:16
Adam313thats what he said lol16:16
Adam313its installing16:16
Adam313okay the install is done16:16
Adam313now what16:16
GridCubeopen gparted16:16
GridCubealt-f2> gparted16:17
milen8204recon69_lap, I can run video whit mplayer, ho is still not noticed in my Multimedia16:17
GridCubemilen8204, mplayer has no front end16:17
GridCubeso no entry on the menus16:17
Adam313GridCube, how do I login to root16:17
GridCubeyou need a front edn for it16:17
GridCubeAdam313, why?16:17
GridCubeno no16:17
milen8204but i started it whit terminal16:17
recon69_lapAdam313: there is no root :)16:17
Adam313It says I need root privalidges16:17
GridCubealt-f2 > gksu gparted16:17
GridCubeAdam313, ^16:18
milen8204GridCube, I can run videos in Internet Do you have any ideas ?16:18
Adam313did it16:18
Adam313im on gparted16:18
Adam313this is cool16:18
GridCubemilen8204, mplayer can16:18
recon69_lapdanm, keep forgetting gksu16:18
GridCubemilen8204, but you need flash16:18
Adam313where do i find my usb drive on it :p16:18
Adam313found it16:18
GridCubemilen8204, have you installed the xubuntu-restricted-extras?16:18
Adam313GridCube, How do I delete the files on my usb16:19
milen8204GridCube, yes16:19
Adam313I did unmount16:19
milen8204GridCube, I have google it the problem16:19
Adam313right click and delete16:20
Adam313do I click delete16:20
GridCubeformat it16:20
GridCubeyou will delete the partitions16:20
Adam313GridCube, into what type16:20
GridCubeif you hit delete16:20
GridCubeAdam313, will you use it only with linux?16:20
Adam313I hit delete but undid it, it almost ruined the usb lol16:20
Adam313GridCube, nope16:20
Adam313windblows and linux16:21
GridCubethen you can format it to ntfs or fat3216:21
GridCubei recommend ntfs16:21
Adam313why ntfs16:21
GridCubefat32 its safer yes, but i have find that ntfs its less pron to incredible cases of file corruption16:22
recon69_lapthis probably worth reading for new linux users http://www.unixmen.com/201204-top-things-to-do-after-installing-ubuntu-2/16:22
GridCubeand for usbs like 16gb its better16:22
Adam313GridCube, mums only going to be using it for ms word (ew)16:22
Adam313GridCube, Its 1gb16:22
GridCubeAdam313, then fat3216:22
Adam313this is just old :p16:22
GridCubemilen8204, sorry, can you explain your problem to me please?16:23
recon69_lapactually i take that back, it's full of unity stuff16:23
GridCubevitald, what program are you using to record sound?16:23
milen8204GridCube, I can run any videos in Internet sites16:23
GridCubegood :D16:23
vitald<GridCube>, Audacity16:23
milen8204I mean I can not run any videos in Internet sites16:24
Adam313GridCube, I can't find it anymore D:16:24
recon69_lapmilen8204:  try sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer16:24
GridCubeAdam313, unplug it and plug it back again16:24
Adam313I did16:24
Adam313but I dont know which one it is on gparted16:24
Adam313and it does not seem to open on linux anymore16:24
Adam313I shall check with my laptop16:24
GridCubeAdam313, its the one 1gb big16:25
GridCubeyou need to reopen gparted16:25
Adam313GridCube, uhm its still using the same amount of space16:25
GridCubeAdam313, can i see a screenshot please?16:25
Adam313uhm sure16:26
recon69_lapmilen8204: did that work?16:26
milen8204recon69_lap, I will try16:26
recon69_lapmilen8204: do this instead http://wiki.answers.com/Q/How_do_you_install_Adobe_Flash_Player_in_Xubuntu16:26
GridCubemilen8204, if you use firefox you can try the flash-aid add-on16:27
Adam313GridCube, do you mind if i send via irc16:27
vitaldGridCube, what can to do with it?16:27
GridCube!imagebing | Adam31316:27
GridCube!imagebin | Adam31316:27
ubottuAdam313: Screenshots can be made with the [PrtScr] button. Want to show us a screenshot of your problem? Upload an image to http://imagebin.org/?page=add and post a link to it.16:27
GridCubevitald im investigating16:28
Adam313GridCube, http://imagebin.org/21313116:29
vitaldGridCube, thanks, i'm waiting16:29
recon69_lapdoes "applications->system->disk utility" give a error when starting to anyone else?16:29
GridCubeAdam313, in windows install http://www.partitionwizard.com/download.html16:30
GridCubeits a free partition manager16:30
Adam313GridCube, I don't know why but this is seriously messed up :/16:31
Adam313GridCube, what irc client do you use?16:31
GridCubevitald, http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Noise_Removal16:31
recon69_lapmilen8204: also just found For Ubuntu 32 bit & 64 bit : To be able to watch some videos and see  flash website in your browser (firefox/ Chrome..), you need to install  flash plugin, go to  ubuntu software center and search  word “flash” and install it.16:32
Adam313GridCube, Thanks16:32
Adam313I see all the files16:32
Adam313this is great16:32
recon69_lapdamn, all these different instructions for different UI's , becoming a mess16:32
milen8204recon69_lap, I have been installed flash plug-in16:32
Adam313recon69_lap, I see the linux os on the usb drive16:33
Adam313but why is it not booting16:33
Adam313Is it because I am using a partition16:33
recon69_lapAdam313: is your bios set to boot from usb?16:33
Adam313recon69_lap, I don't know16:33
GridCubei see 2reasons: 1) it wasnt marked as booteable, b) your computer can't boot into usbs16:33
Adam313How would I do that16:33
recon69_lapmilen8204: well, does it work now after installing the flash plugin?16:34
GridCubeAdam313, usually, modern bios have an F11 function that lets you choose the booting media16:34
milen8204recon69_lap,  the adobe flash pug in have been installed whit xubuntu-restricted-extras16:34
GridCubethats correct16:35
Adam313okay I'm sure it wont work for this16:35
Adam313so I shall just delete it16:35
recon69_lapAdam313: somthing like this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C8VZ95_XFA816:35
milen8204but still no video16:35
GridCubeAdam313, as you please16:35
GridCubemilen8204, http://get.adobe.com/es/flashplayer/16:35
vitaldGridCube, it didn't solve my problem. This noise is in any programs and I think that problem is in PulseAudio or somewhere more.16:35
GridCubevitald, sadly, my experience with audiorecording says that hardware noise its pretty common16:36
recon69_lapvitald: opening alsa-mixer can be helpful with soud issues16:36
Adam313GridCube, I don't know what ahppend16:36
Adam313now its just not even opening16:37
GridCubeAdam313, usb keys die all the time16:37
Adam313GridCube, :/16:37
GridCubevitald, http://wiki.audacityteam.org/index.php?title=Improving_Recording_Quality16:38
recon69_laplol, I normally lose them long before that, and had one that made it through the wash several times :)16:38
milen8204I have chrash-report16:38
GridCubemilen8204, does the get.adobe page said you are running  Versión de Adobe Flash Player
vitaldrecon69_lap: I tried to make something in alsa-mixer early, microphone was working perfect in Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10...16:39
milen8204GridCube, no it says the package was not found16:39
vitaldGridCube, thanks for link but I think that problem isn't in Audacity16:39
recon69_lapvitald: probably some setting, only recently on xubuntu myself16:40
GridCubevitald, :/16:40
GridCubevitald, what does pavucontrol settings are?16:40
GridCubemaybe you upped the volume a itch too much?16:40
GridCuberecon69_lap, http://get.adobe.com/es/flashplayer/16:41
GridCubethis site correct?16:41
GridCubeit says you have no flash16:41
recon69_lapvitald: and you have checked out sound setting in the volume control ?16:41
GridCuberecon69_lap, thats pavucontrol :)16:42
Adam313GridCube, I fixed it.16:42
Adam313not going to get xubuntu yet16:42
Adam313gotta get a cd because bios wont work16:42
Adam313GridCube, It was quite easy, Linux is very advanced though16:42
Adam313I had to go through hell and back to get wee chat for irc16:42
Adam313I'm switching to Xubuntu because of the horribad repos on min1216:43
GridCubesudo apt-get install weechat16:43
Adam313GridCube, Obviously16:43
Adam313but I had to install16:43
Adam313extra stuffa16:43
Adam313and extra stuff16:43
Adam313and fix errors16:43
recon69_lapAdam313: you just have beginners problems, you'll be apt-getting like the best of us in a week16:43
vitaldGridCube, recon69_lap:  volume is normal, I tried different levels, I set 4.0 sound output and stereo input and 6 ch sound in alsamixer. Maybe it connected with my problem?16:43
GridCubeAdam313, the livecd has xchat preinstalled16:43
Adam313GridCube, XChat is not always the best16:44
GridCubedunno vitald thats way too much to my experience level16:44
Adam313I like WEEChat because it is very Lightweight16:44
GridCubeAdam313, but its preinstalled16:44
recon69_lapdoes the disk manager fail for anyone else or just me?16:44
Adam313irssi is light weight16:44
Adam313easy to install16:44
Adam313wee chat is like irssi16:44
Adam313but with more stuff and basicly better all in all16:44
GridCubehow "fail"16:44
recon69_lap"system->disk utility" i mean16:44
Adam313arch is the best lolololollol16:45
GridCubei dont have that recon69_lap16:45
recon69_lapGridCube: Failed to execute child process "palimpsest" (No such file or directory)16:45
Unit193Weechat is different than irssi, and clearly you use weechat.  They exist for different people.16:45
vitaldGridCube, recon69_lap: 4.0 output is working just if i set 6ch in alsamixer. If I set a 4ch pavucontrol is make a fictive output and I have no sound.16:45
GridCubevitald, sorry i dont know :(16:46
GridCubemaybe the people on #medibuntu can help you?16:46
GridCubethey use xfce now16:46
GridCubeso :/ dunno16:46
vitaldGridCube, sadly but thanks for trying16:46
Unit193GridCube: #ubuntustudio?16:46
recon69_lapvitald: same here, dont know, just pointed out the sound controls I know of. there was a hardware test app that might be worth looking for16:47
GridCubethat one16:47
Adam313Do any of you use arch?16:47
GridCube:/ why did i say medibuntu?16:47
GridCubevitald, ask on #ubuntustudio16:47
vitaldGridCube, thanks a lot16:48
Adam313you know guys16:48
Adam313win7 is not bad16:48
Adam313its good for compatibility16:48
pleia2Adam313: please take non-support discussion to #xubuntu-offtopic16:49
Unit193Adam313: You may be better off in #xubuntu-offtopic (Or #ubuntu-offtopic if traffic is low)16:49
vitaldrecon69_lap: thanks I'll searching something16:50
recon69_lapthey'll be checking spelling next, and first time i ever heard MS described as being compatible16:50
recon69_lapso no ideas regarding Failed to execute child process "palimpsest" (No such file or directory)16:57
laiterecon69_lap: try reinstalling gnome-disk-utility, it should provide /usr/bin/palimpsest16:59
=== yy-logging is now known as lil-yy
recon69_laplaite: that fixed it, odd that it was missing, a installer bug?17:01
recon69_lapalso getting "The 'Manual' browser command has been chosen, but no command has been set." when i click links in pidgin17:02
laiterecon69_lap: Check pidgin preferences->Browser, select something else from dropdown-menu (firefox etc. should be an option)17:03
laiteTools->preferences, that is :)17:03
recon69_laplaite: thx, forgot to look for preferences in the panel icon17:04
milen8204I have installed all thinks  in Ubuntu Software center that have flash in it but videos in Internet do not start at all17:14
recon69_lapmilen8204: have you opened firefox , gone to tools -> add-ons , and added shockwave flash ?17:18
recon69_lapgot a buzz in my mic recoding too :(17:21
milen8204recon69_lap, yes I have it17:22
milen8204you can see it17:24
recon69_laphmm, I'll suggest a couple more plugins, DivX web Player , quicktime plugin, vlc multimedia plugin, windows media player plugin17:26
recon69_lapand finally is "sudo apt-get install flashplugin-installer" installed?17:27
GridCubemilen8204, have you tried the flash-aid addon¿17:28
milen8204GridCube, yes :D17:28
milen8204i had installed it17:29
GridCubeit works?17:29
classicGridCube, lolol17:29
classicvirtual box xubuntu17:29
GridCubeclassic, what with that?17:29
Marzatamilen8204: have you installed xubuntu-restricted-extras?17:29
classicGridCube, Should I do it17:29
GridCubeif you want17:29
milen8204Marzata, yes,17:30
GridCubemilen8204, XD theres just a set of options one can guess17:30
milen8204My video is Radeon could be problem17:30
GridCubeoh. ATI.17:30
* GridCube doesnt like ati, not a bit17:30
=== lil-yy is now known as yy-logging
milen8204me too17:30
Marzatamilen8204: in my case youtube videos work even without flash, it's html517:30
GridCubemilen8204, press alt-f2 and write: gksu jockey-gtk17:31
GridCubeMarzata, not all17:31
MarzataGridCube: most17:31
milen8204GridCube, there is no additional drivers17:31
recon69_lapwhat is the file browser called in xfce?17:32
GridCubemilen8204, do this, on a terminal write: lspci | grep "VGA"17:32
milen8204enica@Xubuntu:~$ lspci | grep "VGA"17:33
milen820401:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices [AMD] nee ATI RV280 [Radeon 9200 PRO] (rev 01)17:33
milen8204whi ctrl+alt+T do not start a terminal ?17:34
GridCubemilen8204, http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/linux/Pages/radeon_linux.aspx?type=2.7&product=
GridCubemilen8204, its a presetted shortcut :)17:35
milen8204it is the driver ?17:36
milen8204ok thanks a lot17:39
milen8204how to install it ?17:41
milen8204GridCube, how can I install that driver ?17:42
GridCubemilen8204, https://help.ubuntu.com/community/BinaryDriverHowto/ATI17:42
milen8204ok thanks17:42
* GridCube thinks ati is very very very troublesome17:43
* milen8204 too17:43
milen8204how can I make Ctrl+Alt+T to start a terminal in Xubuntu ?17:44
pleia2milen8204: go to Settings > Settings Manager > Keyboard17:44
pleia2and select the "Application Shortcuts" tab17:45
milen8204pleia2, thansk17:45
pleia2there you can add shortcuts17:45
milen8204gnome-terminal ?17:46
GridCubegnome-terminal is for gnome17:47
Marzataxterm is for?17:48
MarzataX marks the spot?17:48
GridCubenope, X is for X17:49
milen8204ok thanks17:50
milen8204ok how can I edit the shorcut ?17:51
GridCubeadd one17:51
pleia2double click on it17:51
GridCubethat too17:51
pleia2when the box pops up you type the command you want to use for it17:51
milen8204pleia2, when I double-clicked the shortcut is just written I cant edit it17:53
GridCubemilen8204, add a new one17:54
pleia2milen8204: you don't type it in, you actually use the command17:54
pleia2so doubleclick, then ctrl alt t17:54
pleia2it'll show up17:54
Marzatapleia2: sometimes they are missing17:54
classicwhen you buy a new computer17:55
classicshit ton bloat17:55
milen8204pleia2, ok I will try thanks17:55
pleia2classic: do not use that kind of language in here17:55
GridCube!language | classic17:55
ubottuclassic: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.17:55
classicsorry wrong channel17:55
classicwrong channel17:55
classicwrong channel17:55
classicdo you people have bots installed on your irc client17:55
classicto automaticly type that17:55
pleia2classic: please stop17:55
classicIt was an accident17:55
classicwrong channel..17:55
Marzatais there something like Disk Usage Analyzer for Xfce?17:56
Unit193Well, I personaly like ncdu...17:57
recon69_lapMarzata: does Disk Usage Analyzer not work in xfce?17:57
Marzatarecon69_lap: I hope it works, but is for Gnome.17:58
milen8204I can do it :D, I will use super+t, When I pres CTRL + ALT + T  the shortcut made was <Primary>+Alt+t17:58
baizonMarzata: baobab, gdmap17:58
baizonyeah or ncdu17:59
pleia2milen8204: Primary and Ctrl are the same thing, so that's correct18:01
recon69_lapanyone know the cmd for extracting a .zip file?18:02
pleia2unzip file.zip18:03
milen8204pleia2, but do not work :D18:03
pleia2milen8204: strange, works fine for me :(18:04
milen8204i was  written in Bulgarian language, thats why the shortcut is unexecutable18:05
milen8204now works :D18:06
milen8204thansk pleia218:06
pleia2great :)18:06
brilJust installed Xubuntu on a eee pc with 4 gb. I choose the alternate cd because I have only 4 gb on that laptop18:12
brilBut I get online a terminal after installing18:12
brilalternate is also with a gui I thought?18:12
recon69_lapmaybe startx18:13
classicoh wow18:13
classicyou here18:13
classicwait nvm18:14
=== classic is now known as Adadm313
=== Adadm313 is now known as Adam313
=== Adam313 is now known as classic
brilI now try to install the desktop, but that wont work because I have no 4.4 gb18:14
=== classic is now known as Adam313
recon69_lapbril: the UI fits on a CD ??18:15
brilOnly have usb18:16
brilI set up a bootable usb disk18:16
brilI am now very technical, and my English is also not that good18:16
brilBut i made a bootable usb disk with the alternate iso and after installing I only had a terminal.18:17
GridCubebril, no, the alternate has not gui18:17
brilthen we have a problem :)18:18
GridCubebril, what you need?18:18
recon69_lapsound like he wants a xubuntu desktop in under 4gb18:19
brilWell, it is an old laptop with only 4 gb disk. Very small so usefull for places where i wanna have a laptop but not my normal one. On holidays and things like that18:19
brilbut all the linux distro's want 4 gb or more18:20
GridCubebril, try tinycore or slax18:20
GridCubetinycore does the work, i like it18:21
GridCubeyou need like 100mb for a whole desktop with it18:21
brillets google it18:21
brilit for my girlfriend actually.18:21
brilso things like a brower, a chatprogramma must be availbe.18:22
Unit193AntiX, SliTaz, Puppy(-lucid)....... :P18:22
GridCubeoh, puppy is nice too18:22
GridCubeand slitaz18:23
GridCubethats good too18:23
* GridCube thinks this is #xubuntu-offtopic material18:23
Unit193It really is.18:24
brilwell, I got my answer: Xubuntu doesnt work for that laptop anymore18:24
brilno gui = no option so i gonna test slitaz18:24
brilthanks you guys18:25
GridCubebril, the alternate disk has no gui, the installation do18:25
Unit193Also, you could go from the mini and just install what you need (openbox, fluxbox)18:25
brilGridCube, i am very new. So correct me if I am wrong, but the gui is that use can use your mouse and see graphics. Not only a terminal18:26
brilit that right?18:26
GridCubegraphic user interface = gui18:27
brilyes ok, then I understand it.18:27
brilinstall what i need is no option, i dont wanna spend to much time on it18:28
brilI looking for a complete solutions18:28
brilfor a normale user18:28
GridCubebril, slitaz or tinycore18:29
GridCubeor puppy18:29
recon69_lapbril: you mean gf user18:29
brilI like to figure out some new things in Linux, she dont18:30
brilbut i am gonna try slitaz now, and if that doesnt work i gonna buy a budget laptop18:30
brilthis 2004 crap is old18:31
recon69_lapbril: or buy a 32mb flash drive :)18:31
recon69_lapgb opps18:31
brilWell, that is no option, she need the flash drive because on holdidays you make pictures and wanne email them direct to your friends.18:32
brilsd i mean18:32
pleia2bril: please don't be like that18:32
milen8204GridCube, Should I type Xubuntu except Ubuntu in that command: sudo sh amd-driver-installer-12-4-x86.x86_64.run --buildpkg Ubuntu/precise18:35
GridCubemilen8204, i dont know18:44
astraljavabril: Yeah, please learn to control yourself in here. Code of Conduct helps you if you don't know what it means.18:45
milen8204GridCube, I am in deep sh*t whit that driver installation :D18:46
GridCubemilen8204, :)18:46
pleia2!language | milen820418:46
ubottumilen8204: Please watch your language and topic to help keep this channel family-friendly, polite, and professional.18:46
GridCubewell, sorry about that milen820418:46
milen8204GridCube, not a problem.18:47
GridCubemilen8204, maybe you can get better help at #ati ?18:47
milen8204GridCube, ok thanks18:47
milen8204I will try18:47
recon69_laphmm, still having issues with urban terror19:07
recon69_lapurban terror working :)19:25
crondAnyone know how to get steam+optirun to play nice and launch apps running on the nvidia card?19:52
cymbalkidello mates20:36
cymbalkidanywho their?20:36
ubottuA high percentage of the first questions asked in this channel start with "Does anyone/anybody..." Why not ask your next question (the real one) and find out? See also !details, !gq, and !poll.20:37
cymbalkidi didnt know it was such a sin to say "anywho their?"20:38
Unit193" <--- There you go!20:40
Ocelot92has someone problem with something?20:41
astraljavaJust good fun, but maybe a tad in the wrong channel. :) cymbalkid, the thing is, this is not a place for general chat, so Unit193 was trying to educate you via the factoids.20:43
xubuntu521unetbootin dd winimage? witch21:00
xubuntu521for installing xubuntu form usb memory21:01
Unit193unetbootin is the one generically used.21:04
Marzataxubuntu521: use Startup Disk Creator21:05
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martinphonedoes any of you use chromium with a proxy?21:47
Unit193I do not like that browser, but you can open a terminal and type   http_proxy="" chromium-browser to get it.21:51
* Unit193 gone21:51
sankeywill xfce 4.10 have to wait until xubuntu 12.10 to hit official repos?22:09
crondsankey, I believe so, since 12.04 is an LTS, I don't think they tend to update major package versions, but I could be wrong.  However, there is a ppa for 4.10.22:16
sankeycrond: okay, but for sure we'll never see 4.10 in the 12.04 liveCD, right?22:17
pleia2that's right (and the ppa isn't officially supported, may not work as expected sometimes)22:17
pleia2sankey: right22:17
* crond decides to try the 4.10 PPA and see if everything will die horribly.22:17
sankeyi hope it works, i'm trying to get a friend to use linux, and xubuntu is looking like a good option22:18
sankeyand he like the half-screen window tiling/snap in windows22:19
sankeyi suppose unity is a good option too22:19
crondseems functional.  so far.22:25
crondpower manager says I have 10 hours of battery22:27
crondthat can't be right.22:27
sankeyhow does that work, takes the average consumption over time?22:28
sankeymaybe it needs more samples22:28
crondI'm guessing so22:28
crondahh, adjusting my screen brightness also makes a major difference.22:28
sankeyaccording to this PDF i found on google, the difference between high and low screen brightness is 3.5 -> 0.5 watts22:30
sankeyon a particular laptop from like 5 years ago22:30
sankeyif your laptop idles at 10 watts, then 3 watts *does* make a big difference22:31
arulphiuserhow can i install startupmanager to xubuntu 12.0423:20

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