wolterhow do I set the source branch of a directory?01:14
wolterI have been trying to with bzr switch, bzr pull and I still dont get the current revision01:17
wolterI get some merge tips when I run bzr status01:17
wolterWhen I pull it tells me that the branches have diverged and thus I have to merge, I merge and try again but nothing changes01:18
bob2bpaste.net output of 'bzr status'01:33
wolterbob2, http://bpaste.net/show/2XVKrJcfFLSFgeDA4lxp/02:53
bob2you need to either commit the merge or abort it02:56
wolterok, but if I commit wouldn't I keep on having divergent branches?03:00
wolterbob2, ^03:04
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jam1morning all07:01
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jammorning mgz08:08
vilamorning .gzS08:52
jelmermgz: you and your army ? :)08:54
vilamgz and wgz :)09:03
vilaThe 'S' was for non-native regexps speakers ;)09:03
caravelhello all o/10:56
jelmerhi caravel10:57
caravelI've introduced bzr for a while in one of my projects, and got windoz users to use it w/ Tortoise, Here I use Fedora 16 KDE, cli works great :)10:59
caravelI've acivated Bazaar KDE service as avail under 4.8.3, but it doesn't seem to work :11:00
caravelall I get, when I enter one of the repo folders in Dolphin, is a statusbar message : Update of version information failed."11:01
caravelnb, this is a local shared repo with bzr+ssh branched trees inside, and ssh is configured fine w/keys (i.e. no pwd needed while using the cli)11:02
caravel(I also use Bazaar explorer and QBazaar, these worked fine the few times I tried them)11:04
* caravel wouldn't mind getting the same level of visual comfort as in the past with tortoise/cvs/svn under windoz, that's pretty efficient "when it works", even thou it costs a few resources :)11:08
mgzcaravel: is there anything with that message in your .bzr.log file? `bzr version` will tell you where to find it11:13
vilajelmer: did you notice bug #100127011:45
ubot5Launchpad bug 1001270 in bzr email commit hook "recent refactoring removed send_text_and_attachment_email" [Critical,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100127011:45
jelmervila: ah, didn't see that11:47
jelmerI guess there's no tests for that bit of the code :(11:48
vilathere was :)11:49
vilabut not at blacbox level11:49
jelmervila: I don't see anything in bzr-email that tests it?11:49
vilaso yeah, not *enough* tests11:49
vilathe one you removed ;)11:50
jelmervila: I've merged Bob's fix11:53
vilaI had no idea, your the only committer there11:54
vila(revno 56)11:55
vilajelmer: ha, completely misread your remark about Bob, where did you merge the fix ?12:20
vilajelmer: lp:bzr-email is still at revno57, no fix there12:22
jelmervila: sorry, pushed now12:31
vilajelmer: works \o/12:36
caravelmgz: thanks for your answer (just seen it) well, bzr version tells me the log file is /home/myuser/.bzr.log however there is no such file here (?) Using bzr-2.4.2-1.fc16.x86_64 (latest stable in fedora @updates repo)12:50
* caravel found it .... kate won't open it for some reason, nano does12:52
* caravel hmm, can open it with kate from cli or using xdg-open, it's just the kate file selector that refuses to open it (?)12:55
caravelmgz: ok, so when entering the folder which holds the shared repo, the log complains that there is no checkout subdir - which makes sense. I guess it shouldn't, since it's a shared repo ? http://www.fpaste.org/W1kS/13:02
caravelshouldn't *search for a working tree, I mean13:02
caravelbesides, entering any of the subfolders in dolphin - each holding a branched working tree - does not complain any more. I will check the log next time (thanks)13:05
caravelhowever it spits 6 identical "opening working tree" stanzas in the log, that sounds much ?13:06
caravelsorry, they're not identical, u'root'  u'ignored' u'status'  then again u'root'  u'ignored' u'status'13:08
mgzcaravel: glad that's working now, extra stuff in the log is likely just the dolphin extension doing a bit more work than it needs to13:13
caravelmgz: indeed. Well, it's nice to see the folder colour changing to green :)13:13
caravel(folder name)13:13
caravelmgz: I suppose the behavior on the shared repo is a bug, right ?13:14
caravelI'd have another question for today : is that an issue to use and 2.5.0/Windoz clients simulatneously (from different hosts) to push commits to the same remote branches ?13:17
mgzcaravel: no, there shouldn't be.13:18
caravelmgz: thanks. And how about using both clients to manipulate the same local shared repository, i.e. alternatively from a Fedora host and an XP guest (as running in a VM) ?13:18
caravelI mean, not performing actions at the same time, but one after each other13:19
mgzthat's a little more suspect, mostly due to ntfs/nfs issues13:20
mgzdepends how exactly you're sharing the filesystem basically13:20
caravelmgz: XP guest accessed the folders as network share, so that's vboxfs not ntfs13:20
caravelwell, I can't express myself today :)13:21
caravelI mean, not a net share, a vbox share -- xp sees it as a network share, but it is not really13:22
caravelmgz: as a matter of fact I did init and branch using 2.5.0/xp guest, then pulled using host, and that seem to work transparently :) just fearing some mess if going back and forth13:24
mgzprovided access really is serialised, and you stick you the subset of filesystem features both xp and nix support, it should be fine13:25
caravelI just need to keep guiding windoz users i.e. screen caps and things sometimes, but wish to to be bound to windoz myself, and 2.5.0 isn't there yet in fedora repo13:26
caravelwish *not13:26
caravelok, thanks mgz13:28
caravelthanks everyone for the nice progress cf. kde service client, and good day o/13:28
* caravel will come back with more log if error ever come back :)13:29
hrwcan someone remind me easiest way to cherry-pick commits from one bzr branch to another? something like "git format-patch" + "git am" would be lovely as this also keeps commit message. Now I am doing "bzr diff -cREV" + "patch -p0" but have to commit after it and provide commit message16:00
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jimishrw: I've used "bzr merge -r 122..123", you can combine it with -rbranch and get from any branch?17:16
bj0what would cause bzr to not use '.bzrignore'17:23
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jelmerbj0: is it versioned?18:00
bj0the .bzrignore file is versioned yes18:07
bj0there are 'unknown' files in the directory, if i add them to .bzrignore, they are still listed as unknown.18:08
jelmerbj0: can you give an example?18:24
bj0you mean like this? http://pastebin.com/Umbhi4CV18:26
jelmerhmm, that seems wrong indeed18:27
jelmerbj0: what version of bzr are you using?18:27
bj0it works for some of my bzr branches18:28
bj0most of them actually18:28
bj0not sure why this one doesn't work18:28

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