HamledHow can I display the 'blame' view for a particular file at a specific revision01:58
wgrantHamled: On the main changed view (eg. http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~loggerhead-team/loggerhead/trunk-rich/changes), click the right-most link on the relevant revision (the Files column). Open the file you want, then click "view with revision information"01:59
Hamled[18:36:22] < Roflex> http://baltimore.craigslist.org/edu/3002911479.html02:00
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saeedi want to write small lanchpad widget for kde06:24
saeedhow can i find list of install software in my system06:24
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dpmhi jtv, quick question: is it possible to remove someone from the translation credits for a project in LP? I've got a project where I've uploaded a bunch of PO files that were originally translated in LP (thus had no Last-Translator) and now I'm credited for the translations of all languages. Would it be possible to remove me from the credits?08:50
jtvdpm: otp08:50
dpmno worries, not urgent08:51
jtvdpm: I'm back.  The only way, really, to get your name off the credits is to make sure that:09:20
jtv1. My current series of ongoing changes rolls out.  At last the who-contributed-to-what data will be constantly checked and updated.  And some horrible bugs that caused missing credits will be fixed.  Stuff we've discussed before, but it's been stuck in the deployment pipeline for a while.09:21
jtv2. No non-empty message in the translation has you as the submitter.09:21
jtvThen, the scrubbing script that I'm hoping to land soon (I've had it ready to land for quite some time now) will eventually notice that you are not the submitter for any of the translationmessages in that pofile, and you will no longer be in the credits.09:22
wgrantjtv: You should be able to land it in 40 minutes :)09:24
* jtv checks for conflicts etc.09:24
jonathanjwgrant: i see that bug i reported last week was deployed, hooray! thanks for helping with that10:46
waseem-xHi ,How do i file a bug against my own ppa11:00
czajkowskiwaseem-x: whats the problem ?11:01
geserwaseem-x: you can't file bugs against packages from PPAs11:02
waseem-xwe would like to create a bug list for our ppa...so this is not possible?11:49
czajkowskiwaseem-x: no its not, you can against projects11:51
waseem-xok thanks,11:52
jo-erlendI've filed a bug against gtk+3.0. But it may be a bug in Glade instead or as well. I'm not able to find out. How do I decide that the bug also affects Glade?12:17
jo-erlendheh. Suddenly links appeared.12:19
czajkowskijo-erlend: folks will triage it and add other pacakges t it if the are effected12:21
czajkowskior add it and if they are not people do remove em fast :)12:21
ximionhi! does anyone know why Launchpad doesn't send me translation data anymore?15:20
ximion(meaning: are there maintainance tasks going on, or is there something else I have to be aware of?)15:21
czajkowskiximion: nothing is happening at present15:23
czajkowskican you be more specific ?15:24
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ximionczajkowski: I want the translation data for Listaller master, to make a new release: https://translations.launchpad.net/listaller/master/+export15:24
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ximionI submitted the request hours ago and tried it again several times15:25
ximionusually, I just have to wait ~10min to get the data, but this time it takes incredibly long15:25
ximion(and I really need the translations :D)15:25
czajkowskiximion: let me go and see15:26
ximionof course there might be a problem with my mailaccount, but I receive mail, so I don't think so15:27
ximionthank you! :)15:27
czajkowskiximion: you getting any erorrs15:27
ximionczajkowski: No, nothing. No feedback at all (what I most dislike about the "send me translation via mail"-feature ^^)15:28
ximionI'll try it again15:28
czajkowskiximion: ok15:28
ximionI just get the "Your request has been received. Expect to receive an email shortly." message15:28
ximionczajkowski: let's see if I get one ^^15:30
ximionczajkowski: still nothing :(15:38
czajkowskiximion: lemmie go and ask15:40
czajkowskithedac: see the above for context15:41
* thedac reads backscroll15:42
ximionczajkowski: thanks for taking care of that :)15:52
ximion...but still no localizations ^^15:54
czajkowskiximion: we're working on it15:54
czajkowskipatience :)15:54
ximionczajkowski: cool, thanks :) - I've enough time, I think ^^15:55
czajkowskiximion: should  be back working shortly15:58
ximionczajkowski: cool! So it was broken... I first though the problem was with my mail client ^^16:00
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ximionczajkowski: any news? ;-)16:38
ximionyipee, it works again! :)16:53
ximionthank you czajkowski & thedac ! :)16:54
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