Unit193http://openbox.org/wiki/Help:Actions#NextWindow That's almost close.00:00
gnufunUnit193: Thank you for the reply.  What is the correct line to uncomment in that configuration file?00:00
Unit193sudo sed -i 's/GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0/\#GRUB_HIDDEN_TIMEOUT=0/' /etc/default/grub00:01
Unit193And you need to comment it out, meaning turn it inoto a comment.00:01
gnufunUnit193: Thank you for that.  I am looking in /etc/default/grub  That line is already commented out (It has a '#' in front of it already)00:04
Unit193So you *should* be seeing the grub for 10 seconds before booting, so it sounds to me as if it wasn't installed.00:05
gnufunAt the very end of installation when it prompted a reboot.  I removed the usb when the computer was off.00:06
gnufunIf the usb is plugged in, the munu comes up.00:06
gnufunand I can then boot from the hard drive00:07
gnufunIf the usb is not connected, then XP comes right up.00:08
Unit193...Or that grub was installed there accidently.00:09
Unit193Once you are in, you can install grub to the main drive.00:10
gnufunWhat is the most efficient way to do that?00:10
gnufunShould I boot from usb, then mount and install?00:10
gnufunThank you very much.  I will check that link00:11
Unit193Should get it great from that.00:12
gnufunUnit193: Thank you for your help.  It worked!00:15
Unit193Wonderful! Glad that has it!00:15
casey9hey what is openbox01:45
jmarsden!info openbox01:46
ubottuopenbox (source: openbox): standards compliant, fast, light-weight, extensible window manager. In component universe, is optional. Version 3.5.0-2ubuntu2 (precise), package size 298 kB, installed size 1316 kB01:46
jmarsdencasey9: Does that help?01:46
casey9so its like LXDE01:47
casey9its another one that you can use01:47
jmarsdencasey9: Not exactly; it is a window manager, LXDE is a DE (Desktop Environment).  LXDE uses openbox underneath.01:48
casey9so lubuntu uses openbox01:49
casey9then what so they mean when its optional?01:49
jmarsdencasey9: Yes.  "optional" is relative to the minimal (text only) install.01:50
casey9ahh ok01:50
casey9one more thing the time on Lubuntu is displyed in militay time01:51
casey9how do i have it disply the time normaly01:51
jmarsdenDisplayed where?  You can change the time display format for most clocks...01:51
casey9ok but what format do i want01:51
holsteincasey9: https://help.ubuntu.com/community/Lubuntu/Documentation/CustomizingTheClock01:52
jmarsdenman strftime and set it to anything you like...01:52
jmarsdenMaybe %r will do what you want?01:54
* jmarsden is going AFK, back in an hour or so.01:55
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ilijahy my webcam donot work in skype08:18
ilijamy webcam is Microsoft VX 70008:19
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TheWonderingGuruHello everyone12:26
TheWonderingGuruDoes anyone know how to autostart xcompmgr to enable compositing on the lubuntu system log in?12:27
bioterrorTheWonderingGuru, wget this http://ricecows.org/lubuntu/xcompmgr.desktop to your ~/.config/autostart/12:27
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Guest93838will ms office work in lubuntu with wine?16:55
mysteriousdarrenGuest93838: yes, but access won't work through wine. Excel and word will that I have used extensively.16:57
Guest93838thanks! hope ppt also works...16:58
Unit193!appdb | That's a great DB16:59
ubottuThat's a great DB: The Wine Application DB is a database of applications and help for !Windows programs that run under !WINE: http://appdb.winehq.org - Join #winehq for application help16:59
mysteriousdarrenUnit193: your trying too hard...jk17:00
Unit193Me? I don't try at all. :D17:00
mysteriousdarrenGuest93838: yes, it works just makes sure you have the newest version of wine 1.5 or something near that17:01
Unit193He's gone.17:04
mysteriousdarrenUnit193: I forgot I hide join, part messages17:06
mysteriousdarrenUnit193: Seems like your always on here, do u ever sleep?17:06
bioterrorhe needs to watch for you guys17:06
mysteriousdarrenbioterror: you guys?17:07
bioterrorUnit193 = the eye of Mordor17:07
bioterrordidnt you know?17:07
mysteriousdarrenthats true17:08
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ChesterXhello everyone, is there a solution for the ibus dead key problem? (when enabling ibus all dead keys get killed)17:41
smilebyee :)18:29
rolandbwhats a good software package for mirroring two USB (boot) sticks?18:35
Unit193Well, I'd say DD should be able to do that.18:37
icerootrolandb: dd or clonezilla18:52
Unit193Howdy, whatcha need?19:16
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Bulletrulzim new22:27
Bulletrulzto lubuntu22:27
Bulletrulzbut i have used linux mint b422:27
Bulletrulzcan u guys like help show me the routes22:28
Bulletrulzthis looks kinda like win vista lol22:28
Bulletrulzcyall later22:29
Unit193It would appear you haven't used Vista then...22:29
Unit193Try the faq?22:30
AlexGer83hello @ all23:44
LordOfTimeerror: no user named 'all' :P23:45
AlexGer83I have some problems installing Lubuntu 12.04 onto a XenCP. I used the minimal nonPAE.ISO. Won't install... should i add a special command?23:47
AlexGer83execute: friendly user is greeting the IRC-Chan #lubuntu and calls every on it all23:50
AlexGer83Ill connect with my phone... have to go outside23:51
AlexGer83s*** batery empty...23:51

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