imnicholWhat's the procedure for upgrading to 12.10Alpha?03:26
LordOfTimethey havent even released an alpha yet03:26
imnicholOh, well then03:27
nhainesimnichol: edit /etc/apt/sources.list and change 'precise' everywhere to 'quantal'03:28
nhainesThen run 'sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade'03:28
imnicholnhaines, that's it?  I thought there was something with update-manager or something03:28
nhainesimnichol: not until there's a milestone release.03:29
nhainesimnichol: after that, 'update-manager -d' will do it.03:29
wilee-nileeimnichol, So this is a OS that you want to upgrade that can go south and that is okay?03:29
imnicholWhen is the first milestone release?03:29
imnicholwilee-nilee, yeah I know the risks03:29
nhainesimnichol: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/QuantalQuetzal/ReleaseSchedule03:30
imnicholNevermind, looks like Alpha1 drops June 703:30
imnicholnhaines, thanks, just found that myself03:30
nhainesimnichol: beat the rush.  ;)03:30
wilee-nileeMine has been running great03:30
imnicholThanks everyone03:30
nhainesPrecise ran really, really stable all cycle.  I was impressed.03:31
wilee-nileeI had a few hiccups with precise but it was the hardware really needed some patches in the OS is all.03:31
imnicholWhat's the goal for Quantal besides a new icon theme?03:33
imnicholSeamless boot/shutdown or something?03:34
wilee-nileenot sure really03:38
wilee-nileeunquestionable love?03:38
wilee-nileefor unity03:38
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BluesKajHey all13:27
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yofeloh, gimp 2.8 was uploaded, hurray \o/19:37
trismnice, time to test another rebuild, wonder if we can get a backport, going to need babl and gegl too though19:43
micahgtrism: if you're willing to do the testing (look at the requestbackport output)19:44
trismmicahg: would I need to make requests for babl and gegl first? (since gimp 2.8 won't build without the versions in quantal)20:07
micahgtrism: yes, and unfortunately, this means we're blocked on a launchpad bug ATM20:08
MrChrisDruifyofel; yes, looks indeed pretty sweet (gimp 2.8)20:33
MrChrisDruifAnd hey BluesKaj20:33
BluesKajhi MrChrisDruif20:35
MrChrisDruifHow's it going?20:35
BluesKajok , was actually going to install windows to do some audio editing , but I think I'll do some research and find a suitable linux app20:39
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BluesKajbrb , gotta fix some partitons on this drive20:40
GRMrGeckoWhen booting 12.10 daily live cd for PowerPC on my PowerMac G4, it shows the loading screen which says Ubuntu 12.10 with dots and then the displays turns off and disk seems like it's reading the interface of Gnome. Would this be an issue with Ubuntu choosing an unsupported resolution/refresh rate for my display?22:05
GRMrGeckoThis is a CRT display22:05
GRMrGeckoThe displays supports 640x480/60/75/85/90/95, 640x640/60/75, 800x600/60/75/85, 1024x768/60 (WxH/Hertz)22:09
GRMrGeckoPlease mention my name when someone can try to help me with this PowerPC issue.23:05

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