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AlanBellBug #890665 should be addressed this week16:07
ubot2Launchpad bug 890665 in harvest-data "please add a11y tag to harvest" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/89066516:07
* AlanBell has completed one work item \o/19:12
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JanCusing Ubuntu (or a PC in general) with only one hand isn't easy...   :-/19:43
* AlanBell has orca running on a raspberry pi20:07
JanCwell, I don't think I'll need Orca, but maybe sticky modifiers will be useful20:19
AlanBellJanC: yeah it would be great if you could provide some feedback on how functional that area is20:55
JanCwell, I can sort of use my left hand a bit, but not really to type, and holding down modifiers is possible but slow & awkward   :-(21:02
JanCgood advice to everybody in here: don't keep working on your computer when you're really tired and then fall asleep...  :-(21:03
JanC(the result is called "radial neuropathy")21:41
PendulumJanC: you might be better off trying Dasher21:46
Pendulumsince Orca fixes a problem you don't have, but Dasher's rather closer to helping the problem you do have21:47
JanCwell, one-handed typing is not too difficult21:47
PendulumJanC: also I hope your hand gets better. I get radial neuropathy in both hands/wrists when I'm not careful. It's no fun.21:48
JanCyeah, fortunately it's only my left arm/hand and I'm right-handed21:49
JanCbut still annoying21:49
JanCand normally it should heal (at least mostly)21:49
JanCtomorrow they will do some tests21:50
Pendulumjust give it rest21:50
Pendulummine's all RSI and wonky-joint related21:50
Pendulumso I tend to do rest, iburpofen (or other anti-inflammatory), and a brace21:50
Pendulumshould probably brace more in general, but I can't be bothered21:51
JanCI read carpal tunnel syndrome is related (same nerve, other cause)21:51
Pendulumall the wrist nerve stuff is related21:52
PendulumI get told mine isn't carpel tunnel because the pain and other symptoms are in the wrong place21:53
Pendulumbut it's radial nerve inflammation21:53
JanCmine is because of long pressure on the nerve (falling aleep with you weight on your arm)21:54
Pendulumofficially they don't know what causes mine21:54
Pendulumbut it shows up when I hand write too much and when I sublux my wrist and occasionally if I type too much (but typing is better than handwriting, it's just I'm not really supposed to use my hands at all)21:55
Pendulumbut I'm weird :)21:58
JanCPendulum: I guess your arm laying on the table for a (too) long period might be a reason21:58
JanCbut that's a guess of course, I'm no doctor21:59
JanCPendulum: also, not being allowed to use you hands would obviously being worse than being able to use 1 hand22:06
PendulumJanC: it's partially related to the motion of hand writing why I have problems with it22:06
Pendulumbut, officially for EDS what they say is "if you have hand problems, switch to voice recognition software and do everything you can to keep from using your hands because it's a part of the body we really can't fix once you break"22:07
Pendulumjust very few people follow the official advice22:07
Pendulumwell, it's hard not to use your hands22:08
PendulumI at least try to avoid chopping things22:09
Pendulumand I have voice recognition software that I can use on the mac (and on my ubuntu vm on my mac)22:09
Pendulumand I have braces that I'm getting better about using for my fingers22:09
JanCat least I know this is only about this one nerve, and will probably heal (be it in a week, a month or a year), while I think you're not that lucky...  :-(22:13
Pendulumbtw, if they decide there's inflammation and the pain gets bad, ask about a steroid injection22:14
JanCso I'm still sort of "lucky"22:14
Pendulumit'll hurt extra for 2 days and then the inflammation will go down and it'll be better for ages and ages22:15
JanCI have no pain really, just thingling22:15
JanCsort of like when a limb "sleeps"22:16
Pendulumwell, that's good at least :)22:17
Pendulumhopefully you'll recover soon22:17
JanCexcept it doesn't wake after 5 minutes22:17
JanCtomorrow they will put needles in my arm and run electricity through them to test what parts of the nerve are still okay etc.   ;)22:24
Pendulumyeah, that's always a fun test ;-)22:27
TheMusoAlanBell: Nice! How well does the a11y stack run? Not too well I'd suspect.22:28
AlanBellTheMuso: I ended up in a package dependency loop while trying to install more of gnome22:29
AlanBellI might have to start again22:29
TheMusoAre you running Debian on it?22:29
TheMusoHrm ok, sounds like unstable is living up to its name. :)22:29
PendulumTheMuso: it's my fault he even tried. I saw the e-mail to the gnome-accessibility list asking about Linux accessibility on ARM and pointed out that while it would be nice to assume that it just works, it should probably be tested22:31
JanCtoo bad the main OS on the raspberry pi is still closed source   ;)22:32
TheMusoI have a Panda Borad here, I should really do some a11y testing on it at some point to see how well it performs. Granted a panda board is somewhat more powerful than a rasberry pie, at least in the CPU department.22:32
PendulumI've also poked Martin Bogomolni (the Martin who used to work for Calxeda who comes to most UDSes) since he's about to release an ARM board specifically for desktops and one of the options is going to be Ubuntu22:33
Pendulumand akgraner because I know it's something she and I have talked about and she'll know if anyone at Linaro has actually tried22:33
AlanBellJanC: it isn't closed source, there is just a binary blob for the GPU driver22:33
JanCPendulum: ah, Ichatted with him some time ago, I think22:33
TheMusoSounds cool.22:33
PendulumJanC: he was in Belgium. It's where I met him.22:33
JanCAlanBell: technically the GPU is the main processor, with an ARM co-processor (is what I've been told)22:34
JanCPendulum: chatted on IRC, briefly22:35
JanCreminds me, I have some other idea for him   ;)22:36
PendulumJanC: you probably met him in Brussels, too. He came to the Ubuntu Women dinner. 22:36
PendulumJanC: try e-mail or g+. he's not on IRC much anymore22:36
JanCah, then I sure met him, but didn't know that22:36
JanCI don't think I have his e-mail22:37
JanCaccidentally dropped into a chat about arm desktop boards22:37
JanCchat discussion about22:38
JanCand https://launchpad.net/~martinbogo still has his calxeda address, it seems22:44
PendulumJanC: http://www.flickr.com/photos/martinbogo/4777108301/in/photostream is about what he would have looked like in Brussels22:47
JanCyeah  ☺22:48
JanCI'm just really bad at real world <-> online translation   ;)22:49
PendulumI can't believe Brussels was 2 years ago22:50
JanCanyway, off to sleep-- I don't want a repeat of last night!  :p22:51
PendulumJanC: sleep well. I hope things clear up quickly for you :)22:51

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