dholbachgood morning06:59
jokerdinofinally, ted gould lays the golden egg - http://askubuntu.com/q/98692/2579809:10
dpmjokerdino, \o/ awesome :)09:20
jokerdinoi had to resort to "harassing" him on Twitter though :P09:21
dpmjokerdino, it was for a good cause :)09:22
jokerdinodpm: yeah.. it is good that we have some sort of a guideline for future app developers09:22
dpmthat's the idea, really pleased to see the growing activity on the application-development tag recently!09:23
dpmwe really need to make people aware of app development in Ubuntu and promote AU's 'application-development' as a great means to get help09:24
jokerdinoi think we are making decent progress towards that.09:25
jokerdinowhich is a good thing09:26
jokerdinothere is also an experimental twobottux doing the RSS feed for that tag. it should post the new questions in this room.09:27
dpmjokerdino, oh wow, so is that already running?09:27
jokerdinoit is working yes.09:27
dpmthat is really awesome, good work!09:28
jokerdinoamithkk did the work :)09:28
dpmjokerdino, I'm sure you had something to do with it too, and thanks amithkk!09:31
amithkkAlways happy to help dpm11:11
amithkkThat should have a comma if there are grammer nazi's heer11:12
dpmno such people in here :)11:15
dpmthanks amithkk :)11:15
amithkkSo, any feature requests heer?11:16
dpmamithkk, you mean feature requests for the bot? Let me check when I see the first question popping up - otherwise, has anyone got an idea for a good question to ask on AU to test it? :)11:29
jokerdinoamithkk: does it post older questions edited up?12:01
twobottuxauappdev: Developer tools --> Pascal <http://askubuntu.com/questions/140259/developer-tools-pascal>14:47
dpm\o/ nice, the bot is working :)14:48
=== jalcine is now known as Jacky
pavolzetorhi, do you know some easy method to test signals in GObject?23:59

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