DrivenMadWould anyone know how to build a image to flash to an android device?? I want to lean aboutthe boot proccess of the droidx and how i could make a native ubuntu install for it.06:13
twbDrivenMad: depends on the device06:14
twbDrivenMad: please address the channel unless it's actually a *personal* message (like "you smell like rotten fish")06:16
DrivenMadohh sorry06:16
twbNo problem.06:16
DrivenMadI know from doing diffrent rooting from the original droid, droidx , and an hp tablet. they are diffrent.. something about parts of it still being locked somehow??06:16
twbI'm not familiar with droidx, but you probably want to look for references for droix and "omap3"06:17
twbNote that rooting is not the same as reflashing; "rooting" typically implies you keep the vendor's kernel and ramdisk, and only change/supplement the userland.06:18
DrivenMadok cool :) i ahve been reading about omap3 and the diffrent versions of arm (arm7) cpus..06:18
DrivenMadcorrect, i do understand that :)06:18
twbIf you wait patiently, one of the smarter denizens will probably tell you exactly what to do06:19
DrivenMadim lost on how i  would even start to flashing something else.  maybe a custom sbf file or something.. i have an extra original droid just screaming for something crazy on it :)06:19
DrivenMadawesome thank you for t your thoughts:)06:19
DrivenMadI have been watching some of the ubuntu for android videos.. super awesome!!  looks like it will be based for the newer dual cpu devices..06:21
twbDrivenMad: you can't have "ubuntu for andriod" is for vendors, not consumers.  You can't have it unless you buy a phone that already has it.06:21
DrivenMadi would like to take the droid and make it even jsut a terminal to remote to.. to use the resources on the phone... heck there is anough to run a CS server on one of them.. i just have to get around any latency from wifi, unless i can get somekind of usb to ethernet adapter working on it :)06:22
angelocDrivenMad: you can build a rootfs to run inside a chroot, it's the widest used method, you can find plenty of guides on google06:24
DrivenMadI figure if it accually comes out, someone will figure out a port of some sort.. i hope :) or I will learn enough to try :)06:24
angelocDrivenMad, you can use my rootstock branch https://code.launchpad.net/~angeloc/project-rootstock/project-rootstock to start with ubuntu-core06:26
angelocDriveMad, intead of building the rootfs from scratch06:26
DrivenMadI have run ubuntu on the original droid in a chroot enviroment, i even got backtrack running on the droid and my hp touchpad. The trick i want to figure out is to add better support for the wifi and bluetooth in the base.06:26
DrivenMadawesome!!! thank you very much!!06:26
DrivenMadWow fantastic!!!06:27
angelocDrivenMad, i think there is nothing you can do for wireless and bluetooth support into a chroot, a chroot is a restricted world!06:29
twbangeloc: chroot is not very restrictive.  in x86-land there are ways around it, dunno if it'd work or be worth the hassle in an android environment06:32
DrivenMadhehe true thats what i found out :)  you are basically restrained by the original kernel.. although i have played with some wifi drivers and rebooted.. sometimes it broke it, sometimes it worked.. i acually had the wifi doing monitor mode 2 times, ran kismet very well. then after anotehr reboot broken again.. :(06:33
DrivenMadbrb food :)06:33
angelocDrivenMad, twb, loading a wireless driver into a chroot seems wired to me ...06:34
twbangeloc: meh, if you ask to modprobe something, the kernel will execute the modprobe outside the chroot &c &C06:35
twban indirect modprobe I mean06:35
angeloctwb, never tried, but intresting!06:35
angeloctwb, of course modprobe should not be in a cherrot env06:36
twbWell, chroot is not a security measure06:38
twbIf you want that you should probably be looking at LXC06:38
DrivenMadwaht is lxc?06:49
DrivenMadahh tools :)06:50
twbLXC is like chroot, but more.06:51
DrivenMadhehe i see .. chroot on steroids :)06:51
twbAs well as changing the root of the VFS, it can also virtualize the process tree, the network stack, etc.06:51
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