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dholbachgood morning06:59
benonsoftwareEvening dholbach :)07:01
dholbachhey benonsoftware07:03
dholbachhey dpm07:43
dpmmorning dholbach!07:44
dpmwelcome back! Had a good time off?07:44
DJonesczajkowski: Is that really a rabit? Looks like somebody has crossed a pug with a rabbit07:45
dholbachyes - I got loads of stuff done at home, went out on Saturday night and yesterday we had a barbecue in the park with loads of people - it was great07:45
dholbachhow about you? did you have a good weekend?07:45
dpmyeah, had a good one too, great fun with some people who came from Barcelona :)07:47
czajkowskiDJones: pug and rabbit08:01
DJonesczajkowski: Thats what I thought08:03
s-foxPing mhall119  :)10:28
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nigelbs-fox: A bit too early for him, but he should pong when he gets back10:29
s-foxnigelb, I know it is early. I am counting on a pong back. :)10:39
nigelbs-fox: Good plan!10:39
s-foxHow was your weekend nigelb ?10:44
nigelbs-fox: Busy :)10:44
nigelbRunning a conference next week.10:44
jussis-fox: contentless pings suck - tell him what you want then he can answer straight away when he comes back ;)10:48
s-foxjussi,  it is not I who wants an answer ;) And my answer to his question is longer than a single line. haha :)10:50
czajkowskijussi: aye I came back to 5 over the weekend10:51
nigelbs-fox: sysadmin!10:51
s-foxnigelb,  neat10:51
jussihi czajkowski10:54
czajkowskijussi: hows you?10:55
jussiczajkowski: work work work and do not shirk :P10:55
jussiIm good though10:55
jussicant wait to move into my own place again though10:56
s-foxhey czajkowski , settled into your new place yet?11:15
czajkowskis-fox: yup last week was fun coming back from uds and trying to unpack stuff had to re do most things11:16
s-foxhey czajkowski  can you confirm receipt of my email to the ubuntu-membership-boards list ?11:18
czajkowskihmm leemie see I expired11:18
czajkowskiwhen did you send it11:18
s-foxyou should have got it as you are a member of the community council11:19
* s-fox checks date11:19
czajkowskiah is this re your nomination for boards11:19
czajkowskithen yes ack11:19
s-foxmay 11th :)11:19
s-foxi requested confirmation of receipt as my email has been playing up lol11:19
s-foxthank you czajkowski11:19
mhall119s-fox: pong11:55
DJonesdpm: Are you around with a query on a bug assignment?12:07
dpmDJones, I'm around, I'm not sure I'm the best person to answer, but I'll do my best12:08
DJonesCheers, according to an email I've just received, you've assigned bug 1002264 to me12:10
ubot2Launchpad bug 1002264 in ubuntu-translations ""Musique" application name incorrectly translated to "Music"" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100226412:10
DJonesPossibly you#ve allocated it to the wrong person as I've not had anything to with the application or bugs in that way12:11
czajkowskiDJones: everyone on the team got the mail12:11
czajkowskiDJones: not just you12:11
czajkowskiDJones: you must be on ubuntu-l10n-eng@lists.ubuntu.com12:12
DJonesAh, that makes sense then, I hadn't realised it went to everyone, I suddenly panicked when I saw that12:12
DJonesNo worries then12:12
dpmDJones, no worries. Generally, when there is a localization bug that can be solved by fixing a translation in Launchpad, we assign it to the corresponding translation team to correct that particular translation. So I assigned it to the en-gb team, of which you are a member. As czajkowski was mentioning, everyone in the team gets notified12:15
DJonesThanks for clarifying, I was suddenly thinking I'd need to learn packaging very quickly12:17
jcastrodholbach: you are awesome13:58
dholbachreally? what did I do this time?13:58
dholbachdid you listen to my new mix? :-P13:58
jcastroyour sponsorship stuff13:58
jcastroI totally ripped it off13:59
dholbachah, glad you like it :)13:59
jcastrowe should be up and running by today13:59
dholbachwriting that script was a ....... night mare :)13:59
* balloons is listening to the new dholbach mix :-013:59
* snap-l is listening to Dio14:00
snap-lWhich is latin for dholbach14:00
jcastrodholbach: what do you do for community follks?14:00
jcastrodo they not get assigned days?14:00
czajkowskidholbach: new mix is great!14:01
dholbachjcastro, we discussed this at UDS, but we didn't come to a good conclusion yet - some thought it might be a good idea, others felt it was too much of a commitment to do it regularly - I still dunno14:01
dholbachthanks czajkowski14:01
jcastroah ok14:01
jcastrothat won't be a problem then14:01
jcastrodholbach: what's your current time commitment per person per month?14:02
dholbachsnap-l, I never had Latin in school - Google Translate says "open"? :)14:02
dholbachjcastro, 4h/month14:02
dholbachwe accumulated the 1h/week commitment into one 4h shift per month14:02
dholbachmany felt they'd be more efficient that way14:03
snap-ldholbach: Try Italian. :)14:04
snap-lthat'll teach me to confuse my romance languages.14:04
dholbachthat's too much :)14:05
snap-lRonnie James dholbach14:06
* dholbach got lost somewhere along the way :)14:06
snap-lDimebag dholbach14:06
dholbachjcastro, ^ is he saying I should get a haircut?14:07
jcastroyour hair is pretty metal already14:08
dholbachok, I got totally lost - nevermind me14:09
* dholbach makes a cup of tea14:09
AlanBellhi dholbach14:13
dholbachhey AlanBell14:13
AlanBellcan we get an a11y tag section added to harvest?14:13
dholbachAlanBell, bdmurray runs the scripts which spit out bug lists for Harvest14:14
dholbachwould you like to just add all bugs tagged as 'a11y'?14:15
AlanBellI think so, it looks like the opp.list stuff is based on tags14:15
dholbachharvest will get data from whatever is listed in http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~harvest-dev/harvest-data/trunk/view/head:/opportunities14:16
dholbachsome of them are based on bug tags, but others come from all kinds of other places as well14:16
dholbachso if bdmurray sets up a script do spit out the data, we can add it to this list of data feeds14:17
AlanBellok, I will find bdmurray, I am trying to work out what it is I need to be asking for :)14:18
AlanBellI can see that ftbfs stuff in harvest is tagged ftbfs, I kind of want it to be like that14:19
dholbachthe more specific we can make those lists the better14:19
mhall119http://www.reddit.com/r/Ubuntu/comments/txisb/top_10_ubuntu_app_downloads_for_april_2012/ upboat time!14:21
mhall119heh, dpm must have posted at the same time I did14:22
snap-lVery cool to see Uplink getting some love.14:22
mhall119I swear I refreshed before I submitted14:22
dpmmhall119, lol, no worries, generally I submit to all networks just after I write the top 10 posts, we should better coordinate next time14:23
mhall119I put it on the FB page for Ubuntu14:24
balloonsmhall119, I upvoted.. I didn't see the upboat button14:26
dpmbummer, the site is slowing down again due to the traffic14:29
mhall119loads of traffic isn't a bummer14:32
mhall119are we not heavily caching on there?14:32
dpmit is not per se, it is when those people cannot reach the site14:32
dpmbut it seems it isn't too bad14:32
mhall119hmm, there are some wordpress cache plugins we should consider then14:33
mhall119jcastro: what did you and marco end up using for WP caching on OMG'14:33
balloonsmhall119, the juju charm has the goods in it now14:35
jcastrosupercache I think?14:35
jcastromarcoceppi: ^^14:35
jcastrois developer.u.c using wordpress?14:35
snap-lAre you using nginx or apache?14:36
snap-lnginx is great for serving static content quickly.14:36
mhall119apache probably14:37
snap-land does some built-in caching14:37
snap-l(at least it can. :) )14:37
dpmjcastro, yes, using wordpress14:38
snap-lThis is what I use for Open Metalcast's PHP config:14:39
jcastromarcoceppi: we should probably backport things to the wordpress charm soon14:39
jcastroso people can actually use it, heh14:39
dpmIS set up a cache a while ago already, as when we were getting high traffic it used to be a lot worse, but I don't know the tech details14:39
jcastroscaling wordpress is stupidly hard14:39
jcastroyou'd think "oh how hard can it be, it's just some LAMP stuff."14:40
s-foxHi jcastro14:40
snap-ljcastro: Try scaling movable type sometime14:40
jcastromovable type can output static pages though right?14:40
snap-lIt can, but getting it to run multiple sites is a bitch.14:40
dpmanyway, if you could help us spread the word by RT'ing https://twitter.com/#!/ubuntuappdev/status/204574586946338817 on FB, the Ubuntu App Developers G+ page, reddit and everywhere else, that'd be awesome!14:43
* jcastro does so14:43
* snap-l does the lemming14:44
technovikings-fox: ping14:44
s-foxtechnoviking,  pong14:44
technovikings-fox: closed user feedback thread on new theme, was getting kinda flaky:)14:45
s-foxNot everyone is a fan of the new look technoviking :)14:45
mhall119dpm: http://askubuntu.com/questions/140259/developer-tools-pascal do we have any process for translating questions in AU?14:45
snap-lI think people will just bitch to hear their heads roar.14:46
mhall119snap-l: +114:46
mhall119personally I'm really liking the updated forums theme14:46
snap-lPersonally I hated the old theme. That it was also on the forums was like adding napalm to gasoline.14:47
jcastroI think it looks awesome now14:47
dpmmhall119, not that I know it. That's the main bit that I'd like to be added to AU: a multilingual site. I'm sure more LoCos would use it if it were in their language. That said, for development questions I think it's ok for it to be in English, and on this particular one he (or someone else) also added the translation14:48
jcastroi18n is on their roadmap14:48
jcastrobut not anytime soon14:48
jcastrothey know we want it but it's hard for them, they're not built with localization in mind like we are14:49
jcastroso right now people are just translating the occasional question like that14:49
jcastrohttp://ubuntu.shapado.com/ is multilingual14:50
jcastrobut it's pretty ugly, doesn't look fun to use whatsoever14:50
dpmnice to see the askubuntu bot working on #ubuntu-app-devel14:58
mhall119jcastro: there is also http://ask.ubuntu-pe.org/15:01
jcastrojokerdino: you did that iirc?15:01
mhall119which is spanish only I think15:01
jokerdinojcastro: amithkk made the bot.15:02
jcastroI thought we wanted that integrated with the existing IRC bot?15:03
jokerdinoamithkk wanted to run this as an experiment to sort out problems. he promised to contribute the code to ubottu as a plugin or something.15:03
jcastroah ok, perfect, that's awesome15:06
jcastrocan I get a hook up on #juju?15:07
jokerdinoyeah it is done as well15:07
jcastronice! You guys are on the ball!15:07
jokerdinojcastro: http://meta.askubuntu.com/questions/3179/how-about-adding-rss-feeds-for-certain-tags-in-irc-channels15:07
dholbachdid jono say anything that he wasn't going to be around today?15:07
jokerdinowas wondering about community tag.15:07
mhall119dholbach: not that I've heard15:08
jcastrojokerdino: let's try it!15:08
dholbachmhall119, ok, thanks15:08
balloonsdholbach, I planned on getting my stuff approved this afternon15:08
balloonsit is monday and still early in PST :-)15:08
jokerdinojcastro: alright, i think he is afk now. will ping him when he comes back.15:09
dholbachballoons, yep, it's just that our meeting started 9 minutes ago :)15:09
jokerdinoalso, the askubuntu twitter feed is working fine in #2buntu as another experiment.15:09
dholbachI'll survive :)15:09
balloonsmhall119, would be happy to pretend to be jono15:09
dholbachI'm sure he'll turn up any minute15:09
jokerdinoso, if that one is cool, we can throw it in the support room.15:09
dholbachballoons, great idea - mhall119: can you go and approve my blueprints? :)15:10
balloons"I think you need to flesh that out a bit more Daniel"15:10
mhall119dholbach: your BPs have to many work items for mhall119, please re-assign them all to balloons15:10
mhall119then I'll approve15:10
dholbachnice - that's the community spirit we better not encourage elsewhere15:11
=== jcastro changed the topic of #ubuntu-community-team to: Work Items: http://status.ubuntu.com/ubuntu-precise/canonical-community.html || Don't forget to "flesh them out a little bit" || Community Trello: http://goo.gl/n4or5 (experiment) || Things to work on (in order): work items || dpm's channel: http://goo.gl/o2IR5
jcastroI am fired15:12
dholbachjcastro, nobody will notice15:12
* mhall119 is going to flush out those work items15:12
bkerensagood morning15:14
balloonsbkerensa, top of the morning to ya15:16
jokerdinojcastro: actually i was a little worried about putting up bots everywhere..15:16
* jokerdino should stop crashing the community team meeting. ;)15:17
* bkerensa waits for FedEx to arrive with System76 Lemur Ultra15:17
dholbachjokerdino, no meeting right now15:17
jcastro<-- caffeine break15:17
jcastrodholbach: smoke if you got em!15:18
balloonsbkerensa, did you see the new laptop system76 came out with yesterday?15:19
bkerensaballoons: yeah I need to get them to send me it soon... I sent out a e-mail this week :)15:20
* bkerensa needs caffeine15:20
jokerdinooh, no meeting yet?15:24
jokerdinowhen do we have the fix it friday going again? it was fun when it was around.. :)15:25
dholbachjokerdino, soon again15:26
dholbachjokerdino, we'll talk about it in the next motu meeting on thursday15:26
jokerdinoawesome. thanks!!15:26
jokerdinotime to take the back seat :S15:27
dholbachhey jono15:28
jonohey dholbach15:28
jonosorry I missed our call, my phone died in the middle of the night so my alarm didnt wake me up :-(15:28
dholbachno worries15:30
balloonsjcastro, mhall119 dholbach .. good jono missed our conversation.. he'll never know now that jorge changed the topic, or I made fun of him, and mhall119 pretended to be him . . .15:30
dholbachjono, you've got to do something - I don't know why the others hate me so much - they tried to give me all their work items!1!15:30
marcoceppijcastro: I agree15:31
marcoceppiI'll start today15:31
jonodholbach, I will try and intervene15:31
dholbachthanks - I hope it will be sufficiently dramatic15:31
jonodpm, all set?15:31
jonodholbach, are you going to be around in 30?15:32
jonodholbach,  cool, we can review BPs then15:32
jcastromarcoceppi: welcome back pneumonia guy!15:33
jokerdinoouch, he was on pneumonia?15:33
mhall119dholbach: that's not true15:34
jcastrojono: hey, I have friday off, so we'll have to have my weekly call earlier as well if you want to review BPs earlier15:34
mhall119I tried to give balloons all my work items :)15:34
jonojcastro, yeah, lets do it later today15:34
dpmjono, sorry, yeah, all set15:34
dpmslacking as usual15:34
balloonsmhall119, tried? my inbox is flooded with "blueprint" changed emails.. clear abuse of summit powers..15:34
mhall119balloons: Launchpad power15:35
mhall119if I had abused my summit powers, you'd have chaired all my sessions too15:35
jcastroLaunchpad Spam: Making people look busy since 200515:35
balloonsI'm with dholbach jono -- these guys are just too mean15:35
mhall119file a bug15:36
jonoballoons, eh?15:36
* mhall119 will mark it "Won't Fix"15:36
jokerdinoyou guys don't look serious, i am calling sabdfl.15:36
balloonsmhall119 won't fix mhall11915:36
mhall119there's nothing to fix :)15:36
jcastrobkerensa: ping me when you're around pls15:38
bkerensajcastro: ping15:38
marcoceppijcastro: it's good to be back15:38
mhall119argh, why can we only have 5 tags on a question in AU?15:53
jcastroif you're using 5 it's probably too many15:54
greg-gjcastro: but I want to tag all my AU question with "Ubuntu, question, help" and then 3 specific to the question tags!15:55
jcastrofirefox question15:56
dholbachgreg-g, you might have forgotten "sos" and "eternal-gratitude" in your list15:56
dholbach"free-hugs" too15:56
greg-gdholbach: ah, right, thanks buddy!15:56
jokerdinobehold, community tag is incoming.15:56
jcastrodpm: dholbach: balloons: mhall119: do any of you have your BPs approved yet?15:57
jokerdinomhall119: 5 tags is not enough? o.O15:58
mhall119jcastro: not me, waiting on my turn with jono15:58
dholbachjcastro, just stuff outside the community track15:58
mhall119jokerdino: not when there were already 5, and I wanted to add one more15:58
jcastrowhich one?15:58
jokerdinochoose the best tag then.15:58
jokerdinoand you seem to be a **fast** typer.15:58
mhall119I wanted to tag one as 11.1015:58
jcastrook who is lined up to have their BPs approved first?15:58
jcastroI want to check them afterwards to see how close I am. :)15:58
amithkkBa dam tiss15:59
mhall119close to what?15:59
amithkkIts on15:59
jcastromhall119: I want to see how mine look in relation to yours15:59
jokerdinoamithkk: there is no bot here..15:59
mhall119jcastro: mine are all taller and better looking15:59
jcastroI need to determine if I've underachieved my BPs or if I got Planella'ed15:59
balloonsjcastro, Plannella'ed for sure15:59
twobottuxaucommunity: Protected by Community blocks answer [closed] <http://askubuntu.com/questions/138363/protected-by-community-blocks-answer> || Are there ubuntu meetups being held to discuss and fix bugs? <http://askubuntu.com/questions/130138/are-there-ubuntu-meetups-being-held-to-discuss-and-fix-bugs> || How to say "Thanks" to the Ubuntu developers? [closed] <http://askubuntu.com/questions/125305/how-to-say-tha16:00
balloonsI was mhall'ed16:00
mhall119what does that even mean?16:00
nigelbballoons: hahaha16:00
jcastroamithkk: ok, so after that one they'll come in one at a time? As they're tagged community?16:00
nigelbballoons: is mhall119 assigned all your BPs?16:00
amithkkIt refreshes every minute now16:00
jcastromhall119: it means doing something, thinking your awesome, and then you see what dpm did and you want to cry.16:00
cjohnstonthat means he got tons of summit work items mhall11916:00
mhall119jcastro: ah yes, that16:01
mhall119cjohnston: I only got like 3 summit work items16:01
mhall119I was smart this time16:01
cjohnstonthree explicitly assigned to you.. plenty more that you will be picking up16:01
mhall119in theory16:01
jonodholbach, ok, lets roll16:02
dholbachlet's do it16:02
* dpm hugs jcastro16:02
dpmthat's so not true16:02
balloonsmhall119, made me cry16:03
amithkkIsn't the UDS over?16:03
mhall119s/want to// and it's true16:03
jcastrospeaking of awesome hair, gmb post our pics somewhere?16:03
mhall119amithkk: UDS may be over, but the work lives on16:03
dpmgood point I haven't seen them, no16:03
mhall119I saw dholbach's light-meter stand in shot16:03
mhall119that's all16:03
czajkowskiamithkk: uds is where the work comes from for the coming cycle16:04
dpmdoes anyone know what can could be causing the long delays from posts from d.u.c to appear in the planet? I still can't see the top 10 apps blog post in there16:14
mhall119does the planet feed pull everything, or just posts with certain tags?16:18
czajkowskimhall119: what ever feed you add in16:19
AlanBellmhall119: it pulls everything from the feed you give it16:19
AlanBelland some people give it a tag feed16:19
* czajkowski must look at her feed again it's all messed up and only posting summaries 16:19
czajkowskieven though summary box is not ticked16:19
popey"The server is temporarily unable to service your request due to maintenance downtime or capacity problems. Please try again later."16:20
popeymay be why?16:20
mhall119czajkowski: AlanBell: yeah, I was asking dpm what we're feeding it16:20
czajkowskimhall119: ah ok thought it was more genereal16:20
mhall119popey: that would do it16:21
dpmwe've got a tag feed16:22
dpmso I guess the rule is: post it, wait until it reaches the planet, and then post to social networks?16:23
dpmyeah, the feed is still struggling16:24
dholbachalrightie - see you tomorrow!16:46
jonomhall119, all set?17:01
jonomhall119, hangout sent17:05
mhall119I'm trying to load it, it keeps timing out17:05
* mhall119 is really starting to hate google hangouts17:05
mhall119jono: one minute, it's making me re-install the plugin17:07
czajkowskimhall119: happens me from time to time, restarting chrome fixes it17:07
balloonsmhall119, I think it's you, not the machine17:09
mhall119dammit, still failing17:10
mhall119time to try firefox17:10
jussiproprietary crap :P :P17:10
mhall119firefox fails too :(17:11
mhall119jono: I'm going to reboot my laptop, maybe one of my updated packages that required a restart actually does require a restart :)17:12
jussiif we get the house we applied for we will have 1st world internet again! :D17:12
jonomhall119, np17:12
jussi(1st world internet == ~200 Megabits...)17:14
greg-gjussi: bragger17:16
jussigreg-g: hey, Im just happy... :D17:16
jussigreg-g: I might take the cheap option and get the 100mbit version though :)17:17
jussialthough Im not sure it will be fast enough :P :P :P17:18
pleia2jussi: psst, greg-g lives in a city with such speeds on our cellphones (woo 4g!)17:18
jussipleia2: so?  as I said, Im just happy :D (IM coming from ~2mbits)17:19
snap-lI love that jussi has 25x the amount of bandwidth available to him as the expensive option17:19
snap-land 12.5x as the cheap option17:19
jussipleia2: actually I think Im more happy about the possibility of getting a home again...17:20
jussiliving with the mother in law sucks tbh17:20
czajkowskijussi: at least that option was avilable to you so hush up life is good again for you17:20
greg-gpleia2: can't tether on 4g for very long before they put you at dialup speed, and my actual internet connection is about 6mbit :( I want monkeybrains, but we're in a dead zone17:20
pleia2greg-g: sprint is actually unlimited :)17:21
snap-lpleia2: If you can get 4G17:21
pleia2of course the usb dongle I have from them only does 3G in linux :\17:21
jussiiirc, we have 4g here also - not sure of the state of it though17:21
snap-lApparently Detroit is akin to a third world country in that regard.17:21
jussipleia2: which dongle?17:23
jussithey offer some huawei here17:23
pleia2jussi: not sure offhand17:23
greg-gpleia2: yeah, I'm on Virgin (I'm cheap) and they cut you down after 2.5 gigs now (used to be 5)17:24
greg-gand, Virgin doesn't have 4g access to sprint's towers yet17:24
snap-lgreg-g: Ting does, in certain markets17:24
snap-lDetroit not being one of them17:24
greg-gsnap-l: :)17:24
snap-lbut Cinci / Cleveland / Parma do17:25
snap-l(screw Ohio)17:25
greg-gsnap-l: I think I might offload this phone to Carrie and move to Ting ;)17:25
snap-lgreg-g: lmk when you do, I get referrals.17:25
greg-gahh, cool17:25
greg-guh oh, Ting just lost some points. I'm running Fx Nightly (15.0a1, build from last night) and I get this on every ting.com page:17:26
snap-lmy only complaint is that the wifi on this Samsung Galaxy S 2 Epic 4G is that the wifi is about half what it was on the iPhone17:26
greg-g"We want to make sure you have an outstanding Ting experience. We are not able to deliver that with your current browser settings. Please consider visiting us again using the latest version of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, or Opera with JavaScript enabled. "17:26
greg-g(and yeah, JS is enabled)17:27
snap-lgreg-g: Post it to their forums17:27
snap-lthey're very responsive17:28
greg-gsnap-l: https://help.ting.com/entries/21460753-website-user-agent-scraping-is-wrong17:33
snap-lAsked for it to be answered. :)17:35
snap-lNIce thing is you _will_ get an answer.17:35
snap-lAnd not the usual "blow it out your arse" answer.17:36
jcastrojono: I got an update for my calendar, we going now?18:02
jonojcastro, update?18:02
jonojcastro, I dont see an update in my cal18:02
jonojcastro, I was just about to hop back on with mhall11918:02
jonojcastro, lets sync later when I am finished with balloons18:02
jcastrooh ok18:03
jcastrojono: oh lol, our old meeting is still in the calendar18:03
jcastronm me18:03
jonomhall119, ok, firing back up18:04
jcastrocalendar proliferation, my worst nightmare18:05
jonomhall119, invite sent18:06
bkerensasnap-l: you like that Galaxy S 2? I am getting a Tab 2 10.1 this week18:09
snap-lbkerensa: Outside of the wireless problem, I'm loving it.18:10
balloonsfinished with balloons?18:27
balloonsI'm scared :-)18:27
* jcastro pops balloons 18:28
jonoI love it when someone complains about Free Software on Google+18:28
jonoso ironic18:28
* balloons is wearing the free as in beer speech and love shirt18:28
jonoballoons, hey18:30
jonoballoons, all set?18:30
* jono gets onto his fourth call of the morning18:30
mhall119balloons: I wore that shirt the other day, my daughter made a face at it and said "Why would they put 'love' and 'beer' together?  That doesn't make sense"18:36
popeymhall119: my nephew calls beer "yuck juice"18:57
jonowhat is the public IS channel on IRC?19:13
jonoI always forget19:13
s-foxoh hi jono  :)19:13
s-foxthanks technoviking19:14
=== jalcine is now known as Jacky
bodhi_zazentechnoviking: What would you think about putting rank images below rank (on forums) ?19:22
technovikingbodhi_zazen: kinda like they are now?19:23
bodhi_zazenNo, now they are all on one line, looks crowded19:24
bodhi_zazenI do like the smaller size19:25
bodhi_zazenAlso, thank you for your hard work on the theme, it looks great19:26
technovikingbodhi_zazen: thought about that, looks weird unless you have 5 icons below19:26
technovikingbodhi_zazen: thanks19:26
technovikingbodhi_zazen: I can try again and see what I can come up with. Take a look now with the current ones I uploaded19:30
bodhi_zazenThe ones you just uploaded are an improvement from the old, before the cof was too large19:31
technovikingFYI to Canonical folks: http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198431619:31
czajkowskitechnoviking: working fine here19:33
pleia2showing expired for me too19:35
mhall119thanks technoviking, I've just brought it to IS's attention19:36
popeyexpired here19:36
technovikingmhall119: thanks19:37
czajkowskimost odd19:37
mhall119czajkowski: did you use https?19:38
popeyclick login19:38
czajkowskimhall119: ah nope might explain it19:40
czajkowskipopey: aye then i see it19:40
technovikingpoppy is on the forums! isn't that a sign of the apocalypse?21:50
MrChrisDruiftechnoviking; it is O_O22:02
MrChrisDruifBut the same can be said about me22:02
popeypoppy you say22:03
popeyyou forum people, you paste links to the forums, I click them and then you all see the "people online" thing and point at me and go HAH!22:04
MrChrisDruifpopey; HAHAHA! =D22:04
balloonsnice! so effective, so evil22:06
technovikingI like when the community scratch their itch. http://www.tuxgarage.com/2012/05/stylish-styles-for-ubuntu-forums.html22:20

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