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seiflotfythelinuxer: ping12:54
thelinuxerseiflotfy: pong12:54
thelinuxerhey man12:54
seiflotfythelinuxer: http://mail.gnome.org/archives/foundation-announce/2012-May/msg00008.html12:54
thelinuxerI was planning to talk to you today :)12:54
seiflotfythelinuxer: me 212:54
seiflotfythelinuxer: i am planning to come to egypt from 9 july to 21 july12:55
seiflotfythelinuxer: i want to have a small 3 day hackfest at my place12:55
thelinuxerfirst good luck with Gnome foundation board :)12:55
seiflotfythelinuxer: but i am looking for already experienced hackers12:55
seiflotfybecause i have a big todo list from canonical/ubuntu12:55
thelinuxerseiflotfy: what help can I give you ?12:56
seiflotfyand i want to get ubuntu-eg to implement it12:56
thelinuxerseiflotfy: please please please do112:56
seiflotfy100% my intention12:56
seiflotfyi have the todo list12:56
seiflotfyand i just need experienced developers12:56
seiflotfy2 or 312:56
thelinuxeryou gonna face a little problem with that12:57
thelinuxermost of the guys have graduation projects this year12:57
seiflotfythat sucks bit time12:58
thelinuxerwe can always check with them12:58
thelinuxera small announcement on facebook and the mailing list should do it12:58
thelinuxerand of course we should mention that you only gonna choose 2-312:59
seiflotfyi want اسلام مصطفي12:59
seiflotfyi never contacted him, but i went through his code on launchpad yesterday13:00
seiflotfyhe shows lots of promise13:00
seiflotfyhe seems like a good hacker13:00
thelinuxergood choice I was thinking about him13:00
seiflotfyhe lives in sohag13:00
thelinuxeri was afraid you would say he doesn't have much experience13:01
seiflotfythelinuxer: expertise is not what we need13:01
thelinuxeryes he lives in sohag but I think it can be arranged13:01
seiflotfyexpertise comes iwth time13:01
seiflotfywe ne3ed to develo9p new potential13:01
thelinuxerI will contact him if you want and get here in the IRC room, ok?13:01
seiflotfyand he shows potential and enthusiasm13:01
seiflotfyyes please13:01
thelinuxeranyone else ?13:02
seiflotfyi need to check on islam wazery13:02
seiflotfyhe is around alot but never seen his code or something13:02
seiflotfyso i need a link to some of his code and projects13:02
thelinuxerhmmm ..13:02
thelinuxerhe has upload rights on some kde project13:02
thelinuxercan't remember which ..13:02
thelinuxerah yes :D13:03
seiflotfyI AM EVERYWHERE13:03
seiflotfynah kidding13:03
seiflotfyi did my homework and looked for potential hacker13:03
thelinuxerthat's cool13:03
thelinuxeranyone else ?13:03
seiflotfyi am thinking of shams13:03
thelinuxershams is not in egypt anymore :(13:04
seiflotfyi think he can manage 2 or 3 hackers including me13:04
seiflotfywhere is he?13:04
thelinuxerSaudi Arabia13:04
seiflotfyHazRPG: you got some coding experience right?#13:04
thelinuxerseiflotfy: Islam seems offline right now13:08
thelinuxerI will tell him you're interested to talk with him we keda13:09
seiflotfyyeah thanks13:09
seiflotfythelinuxer: let me show you the todo list13:10
seiflotfythelinuxer: http://summit.ubuntu.com/uds-q/meeting/20824/desktop-q-zeitgeist/13:11
seiflotfyyou have to log in to see the pad13:11
seiflotfyi want to finish one taks per day13:11
seiflotfyif we finish 3 tasks then we did enough contribution in code13:12
seiflotfymy goal is to grow the developer base of ubuntu-eg to be able to maintain itself and grow furthur13:12
thelinuxerI sure hope so :)13:12
seiflotfywe spend a lot of time giving talks trying to teach people how to contribute, but i think we need to starts with ourselves13:12
thelinuxermeaning ?13:13
thelinuxerwhat do u mean by start with ourselves ?13:14
seiflotfyubuntu-eg should contribute code13:14
seiflotfyonce we contribute code we will have a purpose to maintain the code13:14
seiflotfywhich will lead to us evolving and growing the developers base for our code13:15
thelinuxerah ok13:15
seiflotfyand with first hands experience in contributing upstream we can actually give better presentations and more advanced tutorials13:15
thelinuxerof course :) please ping me when it's near to get ready13:16
thelinuxerI might try to join in13:16
thelinuxerseiflotfy: ^13:21
seiflotfyeven if for a day13:21
thelinuxerI would like to meet the hackers and get some work done :)13:21
thelinuxerbut please tell me a little early to be able to squeeze it in and get ready13:22
seiflotfywill do13:22
seiflotfy2 weeks notice is ok?13:22
thelinuxeryeah sure13:22
thelinuxeralso links for tutorials and hacking guides would be great13:22
seiflotfyyeah those will be prepared before the hackfest13:26
thelinuxerseiflotfy: cool13:26
Wazeryhi seiflotfy13:54
seiflotfyhey Wazery14:19
seiflotfyhopw r u14:19
Wazeryand u?14:19
thelinuxerseiflotfy: you wanted to check something with Wazery ?14:34
seiflotfysorry in a meeting14:34
seiflotfyok Wazery do you have time this summer14:34
seiflotfyjust 3 days between 9th and 21st of july14:35
Wazeryfine if 3 days14:35
Wazerysorry I will go for sleep14:39
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