testerhi, is there a channel for ubuntu friendly / ubuntu testing?04:00
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autifWhat is the right place to ask about Install CD customization? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization is based on hardy and i386 - I need to customize a CD for amd64 - have some questions.15:10
k1lautif: i would suggest #ubuntu since this is the irc-council channel15:11
IdleOneit isn't the irc-council channel15:11
Sidewinderautif, But, the #ubuntu channel is probably the best place to ask.15:12
k1lwell, this one here is the international ubuntu ops channel (to be correct)15:13
IdleOnethose instructions should work with 12.0415:13
autifIdleOne: true - as long as I am under i386 only - I am creating an ISO for amd64 and I am not sure how to create the *.conf files (under the title Building the repository with apt-ftparchive)15:15
k1lif this is a difficult one you can try #ubuntu-meta15:15
WizardInternational ubuntu ops channel?15:17
WizardThan I have a question.15:17
IdleOneautif: not sure but I imagine it would be the same no matter what arch you are using15:17
autifoooh - an unlisted channel - ubuntu-meta does not show up in https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/ChannelList. Thanks k1l15:17
WizardI have troubles with keeping #ubuntu-pl on topic.15:18
IdleOnetroubles, in what way?15:18
IdleOnepeople go offtopic a lot?15:18
k1lWizard: do you have a #ubuntu-pl-offtopic?15:18
IdleOnecreate an #ubuntu-pl-offtopic15:18
IdleOneand be strict about keeping -pl on topic.15:19
WizardNo, we don't have. A little offtopic is not bad, at least channel isn't dead.15:19
WizardBut people constantly came in to bash Ubuntu and advertise Arch or Mint.15:19
autifIdleOne: I am not so sure - apt-ftparchive-deb.conf - has a few sections - these are specific to i386 - for amd64 - these sections will look very different. I have tried a few things, but I am not able to get what I need. So I am looking for an expert15:19
WizardOther ops are constantly afk and I don't have permissions to set other ops.15:19
WizardI can't be on irc 24/715:19
k1lwell, the troll problem needs a hard op-hand15:19
k1lWizard: myabe you need to recriut some more ops then15:20
WizardI did.15:20
IdleOneWizard: you can ask the loco-council for help with getting more ops to help out15:20
WizardI have two candidates.15:20
WizardGood idea IdleOne.15:20
IdleOneyou might want to ask the IRCC if they can help. As for having the proper flags you can ask the IRCC to see what they can do about that also15:21
WizardThank you, IdleOne.15:21
IdleOnesure thing15:21
WizardI'll try to contact them later.15:22
IdleOneyou might want to add @ubuntu/member to the acces list and also the UbuntuIRCCouncil account15:22
IdleOneIRCC can help you out there I believe15:23
WizardIs there any guide for Ubuntu channel rules? Currently we use: "Don't be rude, honour polish language and don't use cursewords"15:24
ubottuThe guidelines for using the Ubuntu channels can be found here: http://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/Guidelines15:24
WizardWhich is compatible with COC, IMO.15:24
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IdleOneis what we use for #ubuntu. loco channels are free to use whatever guidelines they like but it is recommended all ubuntu* channels follow the same basic guidelines15:25
ubottuThe Ubuntu IRC Council is the team governance council for the the Ubuntu IRC channels on the freenode network - For serious inquiries please join #ubuntu-irc-council or email irc-council@lists.ubuntu.com - See also https://wiki.ubuntu.com/IRC/IrcCouncil15:27
WizardIs it possible to get ubottu for our channel? :)15:34
WizardIt is a really helpful bot.15:35
IdleOneI think -pl would get lubotu315:36
IdleOneAlanBell: ^^15:37
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AlanBelllubotu3: join #ubuntu-pl15:45
AlanBelllubotu2`: nick lubotu215:47
WizardAlanBell: Thanks.15:47
WizardAlanBell: Is there a way to translate its answers?15:50
AlanBellI think some teams run their own instance with translated responses15:51
AlanBellanyone else know how people deal with translations of the bots?15:51
Wizard#ubuntu-ru has bot which speaks russian.15:52
IdleOneyou would have to submit !factoid-#ubuntu-pl is <reply> traslanted factoid15:52
SidewinderI guess it could be done manually but that sounds like a daunting task.15:52
IdleOnethat would make the factoid channel specific15:53
IdleOnewhich I believe would also require a trusted person to have the proper rights with the bot to avoid having to get each factoid approved15:53
WizardOh my god :]15:54
WizardRestructurization of #ubuntu-pl has officially started ;]15:55
WizardFirst thing is to organize meeting and approve new ops.15:56
IdleOneI know -es runs it's own instance, perhaps they might be willing to help out but the translations would still have to be done by -pl folks15:56
WizardI bet I would find people willing to do this.15:56

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