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ArmageddontheGrg, o/18:55
Armageddonmaza taf3al ya 3azizi ?18:55
theGrgRji3na 3a chromium18:55
Armageddonlimaza ?18:56
theGrgFirefox started using ~50% CPU18:56
Armageddonbta3rif shou bta3mil ?18:56
theGrgand the whole thing freezes18:56
Armageddondelete .mozilla if you don't need it18:56
Armageddonif you do18:56
Armageddon3mol mitle18:56
Armageddonbackup it up to a server18:56
theGrgya3ne I close a tab and the whole window freezes for 5 seconds18:56
Armageddondelete .mozilla18:56
Armageddonand restore it18:56
Armageddonthat happens if you have an old .mozilla min 2iyem l 3.618:57
theGrgI don't though18:57
Armageddonhave you updated firefox version ?18:57
theGrgmin eyem 9 I guess18:57
Armageddonma ba3rif le when you do that from a version to the other bisir hek18:57
theGrg3ande profiles and stuff18:57
Armageddone backup to a server18:58
Armageddoniza baddak ba3tik l server te3e18:58
Armageddonback up, delete .mozilla18:58
Armageddonw restore18:58
theGrgbut what's the point to delete and then copy it back ma fhimit18:58
Armageddonno mish copy18:58
Armageddonhayde isma shi sync18:58
Armageddonit firefox18:58
theGrgOh, never used it18:58
Armageddonbas I don't trust them enough to sync to their server18:58
Armageddonfa I made my own on my laptop18:58
Armageddonwhenever that happens I sync locally, delete and backup18:59
theGrgwould a simple local apache server work18:59
Armageddonma baddak apache18:59
theGrgI already have it.19:00
Armageddonit's not a web server19:00
Armageddonit's a sync server19:00
Armageddonit's a python server19:00
ArmageddontheGrg, http://docs.services.mozilla.com/howtos/run-sync.html19:02
Armageddonhadde ya obbare19:02
ArmageddontheGrg, w iza ma baddak tnazil server 3indak I give you my ip and you can sync on my computer and then get them back19:03
theGrgdoes this backup my addons Armageddon ?19:12
ArmageddonI don't think so19:12
Armageddon3mol list fiyon19:12
theGrgbtw I thought the same thing19:18

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