dholbachgood morning07:00
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locodir-useranyone here?16:28
BigWhaleere, ere, ere, ....16:28
locodir-useri m a new user of linux16:29
mhall119hi locodir-user 16:30
locodir-useri m facing problem with ubuntu 12.0416:36
mhall119for support you should /join #ubuntu16:37
mhall119there are more people there who can help16:37
mhall119otherwise you can ask questions at http://askubuntu.com/16:37
mhall119if you type just "/join #ubuntu" it will open it for you16:37
locodir-usercan u help me?16:37
mhall119I can try16:38
locodir-useri m not finding any install button in soft centre16:41
mhall119it is usually directly above the screenshot16:42
mhall119if it's commercial software, the button will say "Buy..." instead16:42
mhall119but it will still download and install it after purchase16:42
locodir-userbut software isn't downloading16:43
mhall119which software?16:45
locodir-userthere is a "use this source" button instead of install button16:45
mhall119what's the program?16:46
locodir-useri can't play music or video because it's wanting ...plugin.........i want to install vlc16:46
locodir-useror avi16:51
mhall119locodir-user: and do you already have VLC installed?16:58
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