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hanniehey stillnotcool How's life?14:58
hanniestillnotcool, the tex file Learning more gives me some errors in LaTeX14:59
hannieI have to find out what the problem is (something with tabs)14:59
hanniehi ChrisWoollard If you are here, I want to know if you have time for some proofreading in the near future15:01
herathannie: Hi, Got your email. I also completed managing additional software part. You can tell vaibhav to look into it, too.15:01
hannieay, herat thanks15:02
hannieI will tell vibhav he can proofread the whole chapter15:02
herathannie: yes, that would be great, thanks.15:03
hannieyou won't be available the coming week? np, vibhav can contact me if he has any questions15:03
heratYes, I have exams.15:05
stillnotcoolhannie: Oh no!15:05
stillnotcoolthanks for catching that15:05
hannieherat, did you do the whole chapter Software Management?15:05
hanniestillnotcool, yes, always fighting with LaTeX :(15:05
hanniebut I always win ;)15:06
stillnotcoolhannie: Thanks for all your hard work with that.  please let me know if there's anything I can do to help.  I can look into issues after work today15:06
hanniestillnotcool, if you have TeX Live installed, could you try and add the new text to Projects and generate the pdf file, please?15:08
herathannie: Yes, Most of the content did not require much changes.15:08
hanniestillnotcool, The problem is in the section Books and Magazines15:08
hanniestillnotcool, If you also cannot generate the pdf because of this tab problem, please let me know15:09
stillnotcoolhannie: Actually, I do not have that swoftwre installed :(15:09
hannieah, in that case don't bother. It takes hours to install it15:10
stillnotcoolBut I will go back through our file and double-check the syntax15:10
hannieI will find out myself what's wrong15:10
stillnotcoolif that would help15:10
herathannie: I am also not able to generate pdf. I pulled code yesterday and now I am getting errors.15:10
hannieherat, that is odd. I just pulled the latest code and generated the new pdf15:10
heratohk, let me try again.15:11
hanniestillnotcool, I could not find any tabs in the section that causes the problem, but maybe you find something odd in Books and Magazines15:11
stillnotcoolhannie: Okay.  I will have a look some time soon.  Sorry for the trouble.15:12
hanniestillnotcool, thanks. Let me know if you find something odd15:13
hannieherat, did you change something in Projects just before you tried to make the pdf?15:14
herathannie: No, I just pulled from repo.15:21

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