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micahgis it better to include unistd.h to fix an FTBFS or to properly resolve something like ::close()05:13
StevenKIf it's C, do the include.05:18
micahgnope, c++05:19
StevenKcunistd ?05:21
micahgStevenK: I see unistd.h is included in other files, so I'll use it as well05:43
* micahg is curious that it didn't fail on amd64, but did on every other arch05:45
micahgtumbleweed: http://bazaar.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-dev/ubuntu-dev-tools/trunk/revision/1311 seems to have broken submittodebian on precise05:53
pwnguindebfx: i see you have a ppa containing mozilla-sync-server. i gather you might know why it's not functioning on 12.04?06:00
tumbleweedmicahg: ah. that wa sa branch prepared on the plane and I haven't tested it all that much yet06:37
* micahg reverted to the precise version in the mean time06:37
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dholbachgood morning07:00
ajmitchmorning dholbach07:01
dholbachhey ajmitch07:03
debfxpwnguin: it requires sqlalchemy 0.6 but ubuntu 12.04 has 0.707:14
gesergood morning07:14
* micahg thinks he's going to cry, amd64 seems to be the only sane arch in quantal07:22
ajmitchmicahg: isn't that a good thing? :)07:23
micahgajmitch: not when it means my amd64 test build is worthless for the rest of the archs :)07:23
ajmitchdon't you have an i386 build?07:24
* micahg just compressed 4GB of build logs07:24
micahgI do, but that means I have to build everything twice before uploading07:24
micahgI usually only do that when I'm worried i386 will break for some other reason07:25
ajmitchnot fun for firefox or anything else large07:25
gesermicahg: including <unistd.h> is the right fix for such FTBFS, see also http://gcc.gnu.org/gcc-4.7/porting_to.html07:29
micahggeser: I saw that, but it didn't have an example of something with the scope resolution operator07:30
geserit should apply there too, as the error is due the source relying on that other headers included unistd.h in the past07:32
micahgyeah, it worked fine, I just wasn't sure what was more correct as I saw a couple different ways to fix in various Debian patches07:32
micahgajmitch: for better or worse the same arch differences seem to be in Debian as well07:34
bobweaverHello AmberJ_10:38
AmberJ_Is there a way to automatically create a graph for a to-be-created package?10:39
AmberJ_I'll like to create a graph which outlines a package and it's dependencies.10:40
AmberJ_This can be 'manually' done using tools like graphviz. But I want something that'll allow me to 'automate' this process.10:40
AmberJ_Of course, I can write a script to do this for a particular project. But I thought of asking here first to see if other package maintainers use something similar.10:41
bobweaverNot sure AmberJ_  I am very new to packaging my-self but I am sure that there is someone here that will be along shortly hold tight. :)10:41
AmberJ_I just need a high level quick graphical representation to represent dependencies for a project.10:44
AmberJ_bobweaver, ok I'll hang in here to see if someone replies :)10:45
bobweaverAmberJ_,  google tells me this http://collab-maint.alioth.debian.org/debtree/10:46
bobweaverbut once again I have no clue10:46
AmberJ_bobweaver, I guess your link does what apt-rdepends does.10:49
AmberJ_For e.g. here's visualization of dependencies on 'apt': apt-rdepends -d -r apt > deps.dot && dot -Tpng deps.dot > deps.png && eog deps.png10:49
bobweavernot sure I am going to test out right now10:50
bobweaverI think it is funny what apt-cache debtree says about it10:50
AmberJ_In any case, I don't think debtree or apt-rdepends will help me as I need to create dependency graphs for "yet-to-be-created" packages.10:54
bobweaveroh like a flowchart ?10:55
bobweaverI use libredraw for my flowcharts10:55
bobweaverbut once again I am new10:55
AmberJ_I need exactly what 'debtree' does. But debtree creates graphs if package exist in the repo. I need to do this for a package which is NOT in the repo.10:56
AmberJ_And, not libredraw... I need an automated script to do this.10:56
bobweaverbut you have .deb ?10:56
bobweaversorry I am sure someone will come along :)10:57
AmberJ_Ok, here's what I'm doing. I'm doing packages for a project but I'll like to see if project developers agree with "packaging ontology" that I chose. So, I'll like a graph that represents how different components in the project will be packaged.10:58
AmberJ_Project has many components which can work independently. So, I'll create separate packages for them. In fact, we predict that we'll end up creating 20-30 packages for the project. I'll like to create a graph that represents these packages and how they depend on each other..10:59
geserAmberJ_: how do intend to figure out the dependencies of your yet-to-get-packaged programm?11:01
AmberJ_Right now I can think of only two ways:11:02
AmberJ_1. Using cmake: The project uses cmake. 'cmake' has an option to build dependency graphs using graphviz .... using "cmake --graphviz=file.dot"11:04
AmberJ_But the graph that gets created is huge (hundreds of nodes). I tried customizing the graph using cmake-graphviz options but could not get what I want.11:04
AmberJ_2. Another way is to write a script that parses a simple plaintext file (with a predefined format) to create a graphviz dependency graph.11:05
AmberJ_The file may look like:11:05
AmberJ_package1: package2, package311:06
AmberJ_which means that "package1" depends on "package2" and "package3". My script will parse this file to create a graphviz/dot graph.11:06
AmberJ_So, I thought maybe you guys already use something like this...11:07
LaneyIf you can get them into an apt repository, there is apt-cache dotty. Otherwise I don't know (beyond writing a script) I'm afraid.11:08
* bobweaver is having tons of fun with debtree now .. wonder how long and big of a picture debtree ubuntu-desktop | dot -Tpng >ubuntu-desktop.png will do 11:11
AmberJ_Laney, yes, my task is to get them into launchpad PPA but since I never contributed to project's codebase, I'll like developers to confirm that packaging 'classification' that I'm choosing is correct.11:12
AmberJ_The devs know exactly how components depend on each other.11:12
AmberJ_I guess I'll have to write my own script then..11:12
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bregmaAmberJ_, package1-> package2->package3 _is_ a dot script, have you though of doing that?11:58
AmberJ_err no, let me check.11:58
dupondjeIf we have a specific delta to support KDE, we still merge this? As KDE is not 'supported' anymore by Ubuntu.12:10
geserdupondje: yes, still merge (if the delta is still needed). universe isn't 'supported' either and we keep the delta12:22
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dupondjegeser: ok :)12:38
dupondjeNew upstream version with the fix included exists, lets see how hard it is to get it uploaded in debian ... :)12:46
dholbachLaney, broder, tumbleweed: we agreed on fortnightly meetings(every 2nd and 4th Thursday), right?13:22
LaneyI thought we just agreed on the first one :P13:23
Laneybut that sounds reasonable13:23
Laneyalso … I *ahem* … won't be able to make the first meeting13:23
dholbachthat's inexcusable13:24
Laneysack me :(13:24
* dholbach adds first agenda item: decide on Laney's punishment13:24
* dholbach hugs Laney13:24
Laneythe research group is having an 'away day' that day13:24
dholbachLaney, does http://paste.ubuntu.com/999028/ look good to you? (anything I forgot?)13:30
dholbachalso did I add some standing agenda items to https://wiki.ubuntu.com/MOTU/Meetings13:31
dholbachLaney, did we decide to present our first bug fixing initiative at the first meeting already?13:31
dholbachif so, I better start putting some work into it13:31
Laneythat would be nice, but it doesn't have to be at the meeting if it's not ready imho13:32
Laneydon't forget to link to the agenda from the mail13:32
dholbachah yes, of course13:32
* dholbach hasn't written meeting announces in a while ;-)13:32
Laney"Decide on future meeting times"13:32
dholbachhum, I thought we'd go with fortnightly Thursday 16 UTC meetings for now13:33
Laneysure, should make certain everyone else understands this too13:33
Laneyeven if we did decide it at UDS, hopefully there will be people who weren't there turning up13:33
dholbachright, unfortunately the meeting won't be the best time for people who disagree with the timing of it to bring up an alternative :-P13:34
dholbachbut yeah, let's add it as an agenda item for the meeting13:34
Laneyand "find people to blast away most of our crufty wiki pages"13:35
* Laney would help there13:35
Laneyah, andrewsomething got WIs for that13:35
dholbachok, mail sent out13:36
dholbachI'll follow up on the original MOTU-Q-Plans thread as well13:37
dupondjesomebody here that can sponsor something for me in Debian ? :)13:56
dupondjeWhats the easies way to merge a changelog now the MoM doesn't handle this anymore ..14:00
dupondjeor can we just remove the previous ubuntu changelog entries ?14:01
dupondjehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/JeanLouisDupond/MOTUApplication somebody want to endorse me ? :)14:28
* dholbach might have sponsored one or the other upload :)14:32
dupondjeBig chance ;)14:33
Laneydupondje: are you adopting it?14:33
dupondjeI finally took all my inspiration to create a Wiki page ... :)14:34
geserdupondje: try dpkg-mergechangelog14:35
dupondjek :)14:36
dholbachdupondje, done14:37
dupondjedholbach: thx14:38
dupondjegeser: what arguments should I use exactly for dpkg-mergechangelogs, man isnt very clear14:46
Laneydupondje: I just noticed that the previous maintainer (muammar@d.o) offered sponsorship15:37
Laneyyou should probably take that up15:37
dupondjewhere did you see that? :)15:39
ubottuDebian bug 620507 in wnpp "O: eterm -- Enlightened Terminal Emulator" [Normal,Open]15:40
dupondjeah yea, well don't know if I want to maintain that package :) upstream is also quite dead ...15:40
dupondjebut the last upstream version has some wanted fixes so15:41
Laneyis there any worth in keeping it around instead of removing it?15:41
Laneyhe'll probably be wiling to sponsor a QA upload anyhow15:41
Laneybut if you don't hear back in a week or so, you can ping me15:41
dupondjehttp://developer.ubuntu.com/packaging/html/udd-merging.html this is still up-to-date ? :)15:45
dholbachdupondje, it's supposed to be - there were some bugs filed though which we want to get fixed15:49
dholbachdupondje, anything specific which looks problematic to you?15:50
dholbachmaybe barry can help answer some questions in that case :)15:50
dupondjenot really problems. Just trying my first merge with bzr :)15:50
* barry wakes up15:51
barrydupondje: i think that page is still accurate15:51
dupondje1) bzr checkout https://code.launchpad.net/~ubuntu-branches/ubuntu/quantal/snort/quantal 2) bzr merge debianlp:sid/snort 3) fix the conflicts 4) add changelog 5) commit ?15:52
barrydupondje: i'd use `bzr branch ubuntu:snort` probably (just shorter).  step 5 is optional.  you *could* let the importer do all the magic, rather than pushing a new ubuntu:snort revision.  i'd definitely recommend that if quilt is involved.  other folks have different strategies, but this works for me15:54
dupondjelets see :)15:56
dupondjeMost recent Debian Sid version: MISSING15:58
dupondjenormal ? :)15:58
tumbleweedsounds like you're going to have to merge it by hand15:58
Laneyin my experience that happens with debian branches even when they are up to date15:58
Laneycheck the changelog15:58
dupondjeAlso bzr diff -r tag: gives me tons of changes, while only 2 lines were changed in Ubuntu ... :)16:00
tumbleweeddon't forget those branches are patches applied, so you'll be seeing .pc stuff too16:03
dupondjehow can I ignore that? cause with that overhead its no cool overview :)16:04
Laneyor -- debian/ to bzr diff16:05
dupondjebzr diff -r tag: debian/ seems to give correct diff17:06
dupondjebut now if I commit, all the other changes will be comitted also ?!17:06
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dupondjehttps://wiki.ubuntu.com/JeanLouisDupond/MOTUApplication => Still some endorsments wanted ! :)19:12
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micahgdupondje: I'd suggest e-mailing people asking for endorsement and listing what they've sponsored for you19:39
dupondjemicahg: i'll spam some people personally on IRC :)19:42
dupondjetumbleweed: could you add your endorsment ? :)19:57
tumbleweeddupondje: already got it in an open tab, waiting for some time19:58
dupondjegreat! :)19:58
dupondjeno stress19:58
dupondjewhen is there another mass-sync ?20:20
tumbleweedthey should be ~daily... but it depends on cjwatson's sleep schedule, I think :)20:21
dupondje3 days behind it seems (need audacious synced :))20:21
Laneyit might still be syncing from testing20:23
dupondjecould you sync audacious? then I can merge/syncreq audacious-plugins :)20:26
tumbleweeddupondje: you're application could be longer. if you've done SRUs / security / uploads in debian. you should mention them20:28
jtaylorthere was a sync today20:29
jtaylorfrom testing20:29
dupondjetumbleweed: i'll add those tomorrow :)20:30
dupondjejtaylor: quantal doesn't sync from unstable?20:30
jtaylordon't know, maybe there was a 10day gap between todays sync and the last one20:31
tumbleweedwe started by syncing from testing, but the plan is to switch to unstable20:31
tumbleweedexcept that apparently launchpad doesn't make that switch easy20:31
dupondjeah ok20:31
ajmitchtumbleweed: LP should be simple to fix, right? :)20:32
* tumbleweed leaves that to ajmitch20:33
micahgit's open source, anyone can do it :)20:33
ajmitchtumbleweed: nah you just annoy one of the webops to manually clean up the database to get around it20:34
* dupondje is still messing with bzr merges20:35
dupondjebzr: ERROR: [Errno 2] No such file or directory: '/home/dupondje/quantal/bzr/snort/.pc/applied-patches'20:35
dupondjeboo ! :)20:36
cjwatsondupondje: I'm running them daily, still from testing until I get confirmation from infinity that the armel compiler issues are sorted out20:40
cjwatsontumbleweed: I'm just going to ignore the issues with DSD generation and work around them with a sledgehammer *shrug*20:41
dupondjeaha ok :)20:41
cjwatsoneasy enough to just compare lists of published sources, though I'll have to be a bit careful about performance I guess20:43
cjwatsonbut it's only daily20:43
cjwatsonit's iterating over several thousand DSDs anyway20:43
tumbleweedyeah, that's fairly straightforward20:44
cjwatsonreally must get around to cronning auto-sync after that20:45
cjwatsonaside from the obvious batch mode stuff I think it just needs something to check whether new packages are alrady in the queue20:45
cjwatsonand maybe something to mail out lists of new packages that need inspection for some reason20:46
dupondjeany news on the MoM btw ?20:47
cjwatsonyes, got the new machine installed today, just waiting on them syncing over a forgotten directory before I can try it out20:47
cjwatsonso should be really close20:47
dupondjeaha great !20:48
dupondjemissing grab-merge :)20:48
dupondjemerging changelogs manually are annoying me :)20:48
dupondjejtaylor: what arguments to use? cause I tried it, but couldn't get a correct output20:49
jtaylorgood question, I mostly let git handle it for me :)20:50
dupondjehéhé :) well was stuck there also20:55
stgraberdpkg-mergechangelogs a/debian/changelog b/debian/changelog > c/debian/changelog20:57
dupondjeUsage: dpkg-mergechangelogs [<option> ...] <old> <new-a> <new-b> [<out>]20:58
dupondjeyour missing some :)20:58
jtaylorold is the merge-base new-[ab] is ubuntu/debian21:04
tumbleweedbdrung: hrm, we do we still have mergechangelog in u-d-t?21:05
bdrungtumbleweed: yes (merge-changelog)21:06
stgraberdupondje: oh right, was thinking of merge-changelog and not dpkg-mergechangelogs ;)21:06
tumbleweedbdrung: err I meant to ask why21:07
bdrungtumbleweed: dunno. maybe because noone cares about it?21:08
tumbleweeddpkg-mergechangelogs looks like it does everything this did21:08
jtaylorit is easier to use than dpkg-mergechangelogs21:08
* tumbleweed has never used dpkg-mergechangelogs, maybe I should try it :)21:09
jtaylorits not so nice21:09
jtaylorisn't the version parsing code used in merge-changelogs in some library?21:09
tumbleweederr yeah python-debian21:10
dupondjemerge-changelog old-ubuntu debian-new21:15
dupondjeseems to work fine!21:15
tumbleweedoh well, I'll not retire mergechangelog quite yet, then21:32
dupondjecan't get dpkg-mergechangelogs give me a valid output :(21:33
tumbleweedthat's either user error, a bug, or a documentation bug :)21:35
dupondjewho will tell ... :D21:36
dupondjetumbleweed: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/JeanLouisDupond/MOTUApplication added some more info :)21:39

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