bjsniderdid the ff useragent contain a forward slash separating ubuntu and the arch at one point?01:06
bjsniderin other words, ubuntu/x86_6401:06
bjsnidermaybe with a space01:06
micahgbjsnider: unlikely04:31
bjsnidermicahg, it's always been a semicolon?04:32
micahgAFAIK, It might have been Ubuntu/10.10 before or something04:32
bjsnideri ask because one of the wordpress plugins is using an explode command with / as the separator, but it's a couple of years old04:35
bjsnideras if it was a / at the time04:35
micahgidr back to hardy what it was04:36
micahgMozilla/5.0 (X11; U; Linux i686; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100225 Ubuntu/9.10 (karmic) Namoroka/3.6.2pre04:37
bjsniderthey were using slashes04:48
bjsniderdoes ubuntu modify that in any way or is that 100% mozilla code?04:48
micahgUbuntu modification04:56
datubeHi, we're using Ubuntu Lucid with the Mozilla Stable PPA for Thunderbird. The PPA contains version 11.0.1 while the Ubuntu repo is on 12.0.1. Is this by "desing" or should I stay with the Stable PPA version?10:54
horse01Hi there, I found a trouble with Thunderbird 12.01.1, when I use "archive" option, specially whit "month archives" option selected. With this option, the archives are not created allways?... Anybody have the same trouble?13:59
* chrisccoulson is wondering how mozilla ever got PGO builds of firefox to work on linux20:25
micahgthey're using 4.5 :)20:27
chrisccoulsonit never worked with our 4.5 gcc20:27
chrisccoulsonneither does it work with 4.620:27
chrisccoulsoneither our toolchain is just crap, or mozilla's toolchain is magical ;)20:28
chrisccoulsonperhaps bhearsum has a magic wand he could lend us ;)20:30

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