ubottuIn ubottu, greenwolf said: this is not fair00:09
ubottuIn ubottu, greenwolf said: this is my first time here and your suspeneding me from chat00:11
IdleOne!away  Karmaon|away02:13
IdleOne!away > Karmaon|away02:13
LjL[12:06:29] <Guest20643> well out all the one what desktop is more like android and less like windows or apple like where i can just tick to look and feel like i want it ....i just got a PM telling me to try arch distro10:07
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Tm_Thi Wizard10:39
WizardHi Tm_T :]10:39
oCeanhi Wizard, I just informed you of this channel for future reference.10:40
oCeanAs you can read in this channel's topic, we don't allow idling here10:40
Tm_ToCean: I think general discussion about maintaining channels should be in -irc instead of here (:10:40
oCeanTm_T: eh yes, but this is the place for issue resolving in core channels, right?10:41
Tm_ToCean: yes. but third party shouldn't be involved unless there's really heavy reason to10:44
Tm_T...which means third party to -irc and discuss issue in general level10:44
oCeanTm_T: I'm not sure. Are we not considering opening up -ops so others (ie 3rd party) can see/learn how we (= core channel ops) handle these issues?10:46
Tm_ToCean: they read logs, they do not join the channel to discuss other's issues10:47
Tm_Tas in, we do not allow audience here10:47
Myrttiit was discussed in UDS and has been discussed in IRCC meetings, but I don't think formal decision and announcement has been made10:47
oCeanTm_T: well, that was the discussion we had recently10:47
Tm_Tah, until it's done and written somewhere, we go as before if you ask me (:10:48
Tm_T(I don't understand why we would need any audience here if we have public logs anyway)10:48
AlanBellwe decided to process the queues and see if there was still a desire to change anything after that10:48
MyrttiTm_T: +110:48
AlanBellvarious sensible people who pop in here might end up as operators and the problem (to the extent that it is a problem) might go away10:49
Tm_Tonly thing having "live" audience here would add distraction and unnecessary interruption10:49
Tm_TAlanBell: which is why we should discuss things in -irc where those possible operators can involve, in general level10:50
Tm_Topening up this channel (turning this to -irc, essentially) won't solve anything10:51
AlanBelland we decided not to do that10:51
cryptopsyhi fags14:53
cryptopsybye fags14:53
IdleOneWho was that ignorant troll!14:54
Fuchsa known one14:55
mneptokIME, most of the homosexual community would not discriminate against others that way, and would be sure to include them in a greeting.15:49
Fuchs<user11357>  might need an eye on in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-offtopic, even though it gets better currently.20:22
Fuchs(a different user just reported to me, no idea why he comes to me, though)20:22

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