arscariosusmga sir15:42
arscariosuspaano nakakakuha ng magandang cloak?15:42
Terminusarscariosus: if you're affiliated with a project, you can get one. otherwise, ask a freenode staffer for an unaffiliated cloak.16:27
zakamehi hi16:28
Terminusheya zakame. what's new?16:28
zakameCDs have arrived16:35
zakameI'll just make a count of them and get them shipped to requestors16:35
Terminusnice. i've been giving 12.04 a whirl and so far it's ok. been digging up the bugs.16:38
zakameI haven't been on 12.04 though for close to a month now16:39
Terminusi also got tired of my old mushy keyboard so i splurged on a keyboard with mechanical switches. =D16:39
zakamesince getting a new personal laptop16:39
zakameyeah I saw on fb16:39
* zakame thinking of sniping that model m replica he saw on ebay.ph earlier16:40
Terminusi haven't even been on 12.04 for a month yet. i waited till it was released then i added it to my debmirror config.16:40
Terminushaha. i've been dreaming of a realforce or hhk2 keyboard but i don't think i can justify $300 to $500 on a keyboard right now. shipping a leopold would be expensive as well. found the blackwidow and the price wasn't too far off the razer store so i decided to just go and get it.16:42
Terminusi stuffed a centos 6 vm with zimbra on my 12.04 install earlier. thought it could handle it. nope. brought my box to a crawl.16:42
zakamestill depends on my unlaziness... I'm so used to chiclet keyboards now16:43
zakameover libvirt?16:43
Terminusafter using the blackwidow, my macbook's chiclet keyboard started feeling mushy. >_<16:44
Terminusnah... vmware player. i haven't tried kvm yet.16:44
Terminusthe problem was, i was running it on an i3-2100 with 4GB ram. XD16:45
Terminusi tried my hand at stock market trading as well. it's addicting. haha16:45
zakamefor real?16:46
zakameor those simulators?16:46
Terminuszakame: yeah. i opened a trading account with BPI. i did my first buy order earlier. made triple what i put in at the end of march.16:47
Terminusby yeah i mean for real. hehe16:47
Terminuserrr... first sell order i mean.16:47
Terminusi plan to buy the same stock again when the price goes down. i think it peaked earlier.16:48
zakamemy aunt was encouraging me to do the same, I'll probably go for it later in the year16:49
Terminusthis is the nice thing about being the sysad. unrestricted internet connection so i can trade during office hours. the majority of the office has net connections blocked. hehe16:49
TerminusBPI has been pretty convenient so far. only need two accounts. one has a maintaining balance of 3000, the other, 500 so low overhead.16:50
zakameso you're doing the brokering yourself?16:51
Terminuswell, technically BPI is the broker but i'm the one posting the buy and sell orders. just input stock symbol, volume, and price and if there's a match, PSE will approve the transaction. happens in a second according to the timestamps.16:53
Terminusi'm using https://www.bpitrade.com/16:53
zakamei haven't had a bpi account in ages16:57
Terminusi've never had a bpi account till now. hehe16:59
zakamethat was my first bank account as a kid back in the 90s16:59
zakamenever was serious about it though, so I ended up closing it17:00
Terminuswb. =)17:35
Terminushad to put the gf to bed. XD17:38
Terminusguess i'm gonna call it a night so good night. =)17:45
zakamegood night! :)17:46
arscariosusTerminus: thanks sir18:42

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