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harushimoI'm going to be setting maas again. It broke my system last time02:19
harushimoI have it up and running now02:19
harushimowhat do you people suggest to approach the problem?02:20
harushimoshould i use the live cd?02:21
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twbWhat problem?02:34
twb"maas broke my system" is not a meaningful problem description02:34
harushimoIt broke apt-get02:35
twb<dpkg> Telling us that something is broken is fairly useless.  You need to tell us exactly what is failing, and what you expected it to do.02:37
twb<dpkg> "Doesn't work" is a vague statement.  Does it sit on the couch all day long?  Does it procrastinate doing the dishes?  Does it beg on the street for change?  Please be specific!  Define 'it' and what it isn't doing.  Give us more details so we can help you without needing to ask basic questions like "what's the error message?".  Ask me about <smart questions>, <sicco> and <errors>.02:37
harushimopassword authenication failed02:40
harushimothat was the error message02:40
twbapt-get said that?02:41
harushimothat is when I was trying to use maas02:43
harushimothe error message for apt-get was it locked by a process and which it wasn't02:43
twbI'm sorry, but I don't have the patience to get meaningful diagnostics out of you through dialogue.  Please wait patiently for someone else to help.02:46
harushimoyou don't need to02:46
harushimoI reinstall the system already02:46
harushimoI did this a week ago02:46
harushimoI just downloaded the ubuntu-cloud iso02:46
harushimoI was wondering what is the preferred method to install maas02:47
harushimoI did an apt-get install through ubuntu software center02:47
twbOh, I see.   Sorry, I thought you were asking for help with your original issue, so it didn't happen again.02:47
harushimoit didn't happen again02:47
harushimoI'm sorry if you got that idea02:47
twbDon't worry about it.02:49
harushimoback to the issue02:50
harushimowhat is the preferred method to install maas?02:50
harushimoI have the iso02:50
twbI don't use maas, so I don't know.02:51
harushimothats fine02:51
harushimothank you.02:51
josheee12hey, guys.  i want ufw to allow connections from localhost to be able to access any port.  help?03:35
josheee12*any port on localhost03:35
twbThat's probably on by default03:36
twbjosheee12: please pastebin the output of "iptables-save -c"; I will check for you03:36
josheee12momentarily.  keep in mind this is an assumption it's not working, because my varnish cache server isn't turning up content after enabling ufw03:37
josheee12any ideas?  my issue is that i use varnish to front all my http connections.  based on the host, you'll get content because varnish passes throgh to a different nginx instance.  varnish keeps giving me an nginx 404 page, even with caching off.03:48
twbSorry, I was in a meeting03:51
twb74. [26:35261] -A ufw-before-input -i lo -j ACCEPT03:51
twb^^ that line says everything on loopback is allowed, and it has matched 26 packets (or more likely, flows) since ufw was last loaded03:52
uvirtbottwb: Error: "^" is not a valid command.03:52
josheee12any idea, then?03:52
twbHave you checked logs?  Have you tcpdumped?03:53
twbYou can establish quickly that ufw is not responsible, by turning ufw off entirely for five minutes03:53
josheee12alright, thanks03:54
josheee12can i pm you?03:54
twbSure, but technical discussion should remain in-channel03:54
josheee12i'd just rather not give my domain out if i don't have to since i'm going to expose a current gaping security flaw on my server03:55
joseph_why is tasksel and byobu display screwed up in 12.04 on ec2?04:03
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twbjosheee12: so the problem is fixed?04:09
brainysmurfI'm getting segment fault in libc-2.13.so when I mount -a04:16
brainysmurffstab: /var/DragonNet nfs04:16
twbThat line is not complete04:19
twbYou need a mount options field like "default" or "intr,bg"04:20
brainysmurfnow it says missing helper program?04:23
twbIs nfs-common installed?04:24
twbAlso "nfs" means NFS3; you may need NFS4 if the server is some OS X thing04:25
twb(It is worth trying nfsv3 first)04:25
brainysmurfworks :)04:26
KXTwoHey guys I have a question , when I do an fdisk -l im getting strange output.  Dev disk/mapper/server-root for example?04:46
KXTwoanyone know what thats all about?04:46
twbDo not do "fdisk -l".04:48
twbReliable information resides in /proc/partitions04:48
twbAnd that is a devicemapper device, most likely an LVM LV.  See also output from pvs, lvs, vgs commands04:49
KXTwonot sure what any of that means04:49
KXTwobut checking out /proc/partitions04:49
KXTwopartitions has lines i dont understand either.  sr0, dm-0, dm-104:50
twbsr0 is the CD drive.04:50
twbdm-0 is again part of device mapper.  /proc/partitions uses dm-0 rather than the LV name; you can resolve one into the other by looking in e.g. /dev/disks/ or /dev/mapper04:51
twbdm-N will have a device minor number of N04:51
KXTwowait a minute04:51
KXTwois this because I installes server with LVM?04:51
KXTwowhich explains why I'm ignorant04:51
KXTwoas thats new to me04:51
twbOtherwise instead of dm-0 you'd see something like sda204:51
KXTwoBut its nothing I need to worry about.04:52
KXTwowell when I install manually04:52
KXTwoI only ever have two maybe 3 partitions04:52
KXTwoprimary, swap, and maybe a backup partition04:52
KXTwothats why it through me off04:52
KXTwoalso I thought it was weird that server installed as 1 2 and 504:52
twbThat's ubuntu being silly04:53
KXTwoeventually I want top ut a larger harddrive into my server04:54
twbWhen using MS-DOS disk labels ("partition table"), you have four "primary" partitions, of which one may begin "extended" partitioning.  Linux numbers the extended partitions from 5.04:54
KXTwoand then eventually figure out a way to get it to to automatically back important files up to a repository04:54
twbd-i partman for some reason defaults to allocating partitions as extended partitions immediately, so you typically see 1,5,6,7 instead of 1,2,3,5,6,...04:54
twbKXTwo: etckeeper, and also keep /home (user data) on a separate fs from / (OS)04:55
KXTwosome one else was saying something about that04:56
KXTwothough currently im not entirely sure how to set that up but ll get to it04:56
twbprobably me04:56
KXTwoim reading the ubuntu guide04:56
KXTwoI think ti was your name does look familiar04:56
KXTwobut actually my server data is in var/www04:56
twbSo fix that04:57
KXTwoits a web server?04:57
KXTwothats where I want it?04:57
twbThat's not where it belongs.04:59
twbFHS clearly says it belongs in /srv; /var/www is a hysterical remnant for silly people04:59
KXTwothats where the guide said to put it!05:00
KXTwowhat is FHS05:01
twbThe Filesystem Hierarchy Standard05:01
KXTwowhy does it matter so much?05:03
KXTwovar/www is where it looks fo the index.html?05:03
twbit doesn't really matter05:03
KXTwowell if there is a learning opportunity or something to learn that will improve performance then I'm all about it, but if it doesnt matter lol05:04
Poindexter_Has anyone here compared version ircd-seven-1.1.3 with Bahamut with Ubuntu, Debian or FreeBSD any comments?05:33
twbPoindexter_: we support what's in the main apt archive.  If you're running third-party irc daemons, you might have better luck talking to #freenode or something.05:36
Poindexter_I tried that. It was useless.05:37
twbTalking to #freenode was useless?05:37
Poindexter_I didn't say that.05:37
Poindexter_The people were non-descript..05:37
Poindexter_Setting up an IRC server is not a speciality with most webmasters. Especially with setting up a website interface to interact with an IRC server with clients.05:39
Poindexter_Some issues have to do with PHP components of Linux and others have to do with AJAX additions.05:40
twbDon't use PHP.  http://me.veekun.com/blog/2012/04/09/php-a-fractal-of-bad-design/05:41
Poindexter_I am not a fan of PHP though.05:41
KXTwoanyone use ebox?05:43
Poindexter_I have read tons of articles on .htaccess    and the do's and dont05:44
Poindexter_about it.05:44
twbIMO htaccess falls into the "don't" category.05:44
twbJust put everything in /etc/apache2 where it belongs; htaccess has too many hidden gotchas.05:44
twb!anyone > KXTwo05:45
ubottuKXTwo, please see my private message05:45
Poindexter_I could imagine. Thanks for the heads up.05:45
twbPoindexter_: IIRC it's best to disable the module entirely.05:45
KXTwoso uptight lol05:46
KXTwowhats the difference between ssh and ebox?05:46
twbUm, ssh is a secure remote shell; ebox is a WHCP05:46
Poindexter_Twb Freenode uses version ircd-seven-1.1.3   Have you installed and used the beast?05:48
twbPoindexter_: I use ircd205:48
Poindexter_What is the advantage?05:49
twbIt's in apt, so it (theoretically) receives security maintenance05:49
Poindexter_That is abstruse. Explain please?05:49
twbWell, do you understand why distros exist?05:50
KXTwoi've on ly ever used SSH, I do not know what WHCP is, or if there are any advantages disadvantages with ebox05:50
twbKXTwo: WHCP is Web Hosting Control Panel.  The idea is they provide a web interface so idiots can be sysadmins.  Which doesn't work.05:51
Poindexter_Distros exist because someone has a different idea about how things should be run.05:51
KXTwoso stick with ssh05:51
twbPoindexter_: distros exist to take upstream code and *integrate* it, so it works as a cohesive whole, and to provide security and critical bugfix updates for it.05:51
twbPoindexter_: so the argument for using ircd2 is that it's in Ubuntu, so it receives the standard benefits of being part of Ubuntu (as opposed to being third-party software)05:52
Poindexter_Twb, that makes powerful sense.05:52
twbKXTwo: exactly.  If you are already comfortable with command-line use, there is zero point to ebox05:52
KXTwotwb: thanks, again i ask a lot of questions just for learning05:53
Poindexter_KXTwo without questions there would never be answers. Keep asking.05:54
twbKXTwo: no worries.  It's in my best interests to reduce the idiocy on the greater internet05:55
KXTwotwb: I am far from an idiot05:56
KXTwosimply ignorant on all matters related to ubuntu server :005:56
twbEveryone SAYS that :P05:56
KXTwotwb: well I have credentials lol05:56
KXTwoand most of my questions are fair05:56
KXTwothis guide is very informative05:57
KXTwobut chapter 6, network authentication, I am not sure what you use openLDAP for.05:57
twbI'm an asshole; don't take it personally05:57
KXTwotwb: Im an asshole too, just not an idiot haha05:57
twbLDAP is how you get hosts to have the same set of users and groups05:58
twb(It is a lot more flexible than that, but that's it's primary use)05:58
KXTwogive me a an example of why I'd use it?05:58
twbKXTwo: because you have >>1 host05:58
KXTwoas in multiple servers?06:00
twbOr if you have one server and a hundred desktops06:00
twbIf you're familiar with Microsoft Active Directory, that is kerberized LDAP under the hood06:01
KXTwook well it sounds like for now I don't need LDAP06:01
KXTwoI just have one crappy web server lol06:01
KXTwoso will skip that chapter lol06:02
KXTwonow I do feel like an idiot, but I swear I'm smart haha06:02
twbSure; the server guide is a reference, not a recipe.  You don't have to do everything it says06:03
KXTwoagain im jjust reading for learning06:03
KXTwoI didnt realize I was in the optional section06:03
KXTwoi do want to to DNS though so gotta read this one06:03
twbEh, personally I don't like their use of bind; I prefer nsd3/unbound06:04
KXTwohey twb, you definitely know your shit.  I have a question about nmap.  my phone also connects to my wireless but when I do nmap on my network it doesnt show up.  I can map directly to it but never with just a nmap "network", do you know anytyhing about that?06:05
KXTwotwb: well i ahve to start somewhere!06:05
twbKXTwo: you're doing what, nmap ?06:06
KXTwotwb: yes and everything shows up but my phone, but if I type nmap "phone ip address" it gives a response06:07
twbI cannot explain that06:07
KXTwoyah it seems no one can yet lol06:07
Poindexter_Why would you want to use NMAP for port scanning your phone?06:13
KXTwowhy not?06:15
KXTwonmap is meant to find all devices on a network06:15
KXTwoother than my phone it works06:15
KXTwoit works if my phone is active too which is weird06:15
Poindexter_Because everything you do with your phone is logged by the phone company. That is not smart.06:15
KXTwoThats not true?06:16
KXTwoand even if it was06:16
KXTwoim not doing anything to be worried about06:16
KXTwobut my wireless provder cannot monitor what i do over wifi lol06:17
KXTwoYes really06:17
KXTwoagain not that it would matter06:18
KXTwobecause im not doing anything to care06:18
KXTwoI just connect to the router for downloading updates etc06:18
KXTwomore of just a curiosity as to why nmap doesnt discover ti06:18
twb16:15 <KXTwo> it works if my phone is active too which is weird06:19
twbKXTwo: that strongly implies that it's just the phone disconnects when idle, to save power06:19
Poindexter_NMAP is a great tool. Its predacessor was SATAN System Admin tool.06:19
KXTwotwb: no it doesnt though.  I can still ping it, and find it manually?06:20
twbHm, good point06:20
KXTwoyah I was right lol06:20
KXTwothe ? was because I expected you to tell me my assumption was wrong lol06:20
twbFor now I'm still inclined to write it off as the phone being strange06:21
KXTwook twb so I am reading this dns chapter and its talking about caching nameserver. it wants me to add my ISP's dns ip's.  Why would I do that on a local DNS?06:21
Poindexter_The phone company may BLOCK promiscuous MODE xmissions.06:22
KXTwooh wait, reading further is always a good idea!06:22
twbKXTwo: ultimately, there are DNS root servers.  They contain the canonical references for e.g. *.com and *.org.  You *could* point your caching resolver directly at them, but it is generally better for everyone if you point it at an intermediary caching resolver (your ISP)06:23
twbThe main reason not to, is if your ISP are pricks and do Naughty Things to records.06:24
KXTwotwb: maybe I am thinking completelyw rong about this.  I just wanted a DNS for my local network, so say my network can be named something like personal.net06:25
KXTwoso I want to have server.personal.net06:25
KXTwoam I wrongly thinking about it?06:25
Poindexter_Twb ISP's throttle bandwidth. That in itself is unforgiveable.06:25
twbPoindexter_: if your ISP throttles per flow, get a different ISP.06:25
twbKXTwo: for that, I use dnsmasq to provide combined DHCP and DNS services.06:26
KXTwotime warne cable definitely throttles06:26
twbKXTwo: but you might want to separate network services from application services, and run an OpenWRT appliance for the former and an Ubuntu server for the latter.06:26
Poindexter_My ISP is OK. I have no problem. But I did find fault with their email port number. I had to do a work around.06:26
twbPoindexter_: they should be using submission port (587)06:27
KXTwotwb: I only want one server, its all I CAN run right nwo without virtualizing06:27
KXTwoso DNS by itself is not what I want to do that?06:27
twbIf you want DHCP clients' names to appear in the local domain, you need a DHCP server and a DNS server, and to make them talk to one another.06:28
twbdnsmasq obviates the last by doing both jobs and talking to itself.06:28
KXTwoMy entwork is all static ip's06:28
KXTwobut my router has dhcp?06:28
Poindexter_Twb just curious, is there a way to flush the IP's DNS of your files. Windows uses    ipconfig /flushdns      command. What do you think?06:29
twbYour "router" would be the thing I called an OpenWRT appliance.06:29
twbPoindexter_: I don't understand the question.06:29
KXTwook so im back to needing to setup dns06:30
Poindexter_I forgot I am talking with Ubuntu folks. Sorry for that question. But I suppose it still applies to the IP DNS server. Not the command ipconfig /flushdns.06:31
KXTwoso this dns was a bit harder than I thought lol06:33
twbKXTwo: the concepts are difficult to convey, but operationally it is not that hard06:34
KXTwoI cant decide WHICH I need06:35
KXTwoprimary or secondary06:35
KXTwoim assuming primary06:35
twbWell, kind of.  You're hosting your own realm, but only for your local users06:35
Poindexter_I have a huge .hosts file I use with my Windows box. When I add just one <http:// anything> It takes almost 5 minutes to fix the file. I have thousands of entries in the .hosts file. When I  ipconfig /flushdns    it takes about 15 minutes for the computer to come back to normal.06:35
KXTwokind of?06:35
twb"primary server" usually means you are hosting somethig like example.net so the rest of the world can resolve it06:36
twbYou want something that resolves inside your LAN but nowhere else06:36
KXTwoso is that secondary?06:36
KXTwoI cant tell a difference in the description between primary and secondary06:36
twbA secondary just keeps a backup copy of the primary's zonefiles06:37
twbWhat you probably want is a caching resolver that also has the ability to host a local "fake" domain, although the term used for "fake" differs beween implementations.06:37
twbPart of this is confused because bind -- the reference implementation -- does both jobs (serving zonefiles to the world, and caching the world's zonefiles for your LAN)06:38
KXTwoI think the guide is talking about setting up one to that works outside the local network06:38
twbProbably, yes06:38
twbSince usually this job would be done on your appliance router, not on your app server06:38
KXTwook lets start there06:39
KXTwois me ewanting to do this kind of pointless?06:39
KXTwodo I need to have my own domain?06:39
KXTwoI was just doing this to learn how to do so06:39
KXTwomy lab had a local DNS, but we also had dozes of various machines we would log into for various projcts, including a half a dozen vm servers06:40
twbyou don't need to buy a domain from a registrar06:40
twbBut if you only have four boxes, and you don't have a FOSS firmware on your appliance router, it's probably easier to just hard-code things in /etc/hosts on all hosts06:41
KXTwook lets break that down al ittle06:41
twbfree / open source software06:42
KXTwoI googled it lol06:42
KXTwowhy do I need open source router?06:42
KXTwoI have a newer LINKSYS N router06:42
twbKXTwo: so that you can set up your local domain on it06:43
KXTwoI think I can do that on my router?06:44
twbI'm assuming the vendor's default firmware is too stupid to do so, otherwise we wouldn't be having this conversation06:44
Poindexter_Twb have you used VBOX Virtual Box?06:44
twbPoindexter_: yes.  Use KVM or LXC.06:45
Poindexter_I have set up lots of Guests with it. The most proficient Guest is Debian LXDE.06:46
KXTwotwb: I thought my linksys router could do it but I'm not sure how to do it06:47
KXTwowhat was your suggestion about /etc/hosts?06:47
twbKXTwo: you will need to ask your hardware supplier about that06:47
twbKXTwo: /etc/hosts is where you can hard-code entries, instead of using DNS06:47
KXTwowould I do that for every machine?06:47
Poindexter_I will Google KVM and LXC. I think I have seen this before but I will check it out again.06:48
twbKXTwo: yes, and you'd have to keep them in sync all the time.  Which is why DNS is used for >>1 host sites06:48
KXTwoon each node, put all other nodes in there?06:48
twbKXTwo: right06:48
KXTwoin sync all the time?06:49
twbKXTwo: like " yoyo.example.net www mail" " frisbee.example.net".  You'd probably just copy-and-paste the stanza to each machine06:49
Poindexter_It seems that Vbox is hands down over VMWare. Vmware has lots of issues.06:49
twbKXTwo: well suppose you add another machine in three weeks, called "waffle".  Now you have to go update ALL hosts files06:49
twbPoindexter_: they're both closed-source software owned by oracle, so avoid them.06:50
KXTwook twb, so whats the reason why you say to do that instead of DNS?06:50
twb(Technically vbox has a free core, but IME everyone uses the partially-non-free version.)06:50
twbKXTwo: because otherwise you will have to learn how to use DNS06:50
KXTwoI really thought DNS would be simple lol06:50
Poindexter_I was looking at this page:   http://virt.kernelnewbies.org/TechComparison06:51
KXTwobut I dont even really know how to set up a domain name for my local network lol06:51
twbKXTwo: it's simple iff you've done it before06:51
KXTwoyah thats what I figured06:52
KXTwoim going to search for another guide06:52
KXTwoI ahve to set up a file server to so all my machines can copy data back and forth to others06:54
Poindexter_KVM is Red Hat?06:55
twbKXTwo: are they all unix hosts?06:55
twbPoindexter_: kvm is linux.  RH funds a lot (30%?) of linux development06:56
KXTwotwb, I dual boot a windows machine, and do want any windows host to communicate as well06:56
twbPoindexter_: kvm should be documented in the Ubuntu Server Guide06:56
KXTwobut personally run mint and ubuntu06:56
twbKXTwo: then you probably should deploy samba06:56
KXTwosamba file server06:56
KXTwoyes I have it installed06:56
KXTwoits on my list of things to do lol06:56
Poindexter_I will download the ISO file when I find it.06:57
KXTwook here is a possibly dumb question06:57
KXTwowhen setting up my dns is that HOW I set up a domain name for my local network?06:57
KXTwoor does that need to be done somewhere else?06:58
KXTwoI found a much better guide but it doesnt say anything, just says copy domain name here06:58
twbPoindexter_: uh... apt-get install kvm06:58
Poindexter_Twb I have a few choices here.    http://sourceforge.net/projects/kvm/files/06:59
twbDo not install anything except via apt-get, or you WILL fuck up your system06:59
Poindexter_Twb is there an ISO file?07:00
KXTwoyah why woudl you download the iso?07:00
KXTwojust install through apt-get or even aptitude07:00
Poindexter_What if I am running Debian?07:00
twbPoindexter_: ubuntu steals most of their packages from debian, so that advice goes double for debian07:01
KXTwoapt advanced packaging tool and is debian07:01
Poindexter_It is always a new story every day with this stuff.07:03
KXTwoubuntu is based off of debian07:03
KXTwomint is based off of ubuntu lol07:03
KXTwomost modern/popular versions of linux are similar07:03
Poindexter_I know that apt-get is a debian based download system.07:03
Poindexter_Seeing that  Ubuntu has decided to follow the system.07:04
Poindexter_I think it is a good thing, since Red Hat had the old Packages.07:04
KXTwored hat wow is that even still around?07:05
KXTwoI iused redhat and slackware back in the 90's lol07:05
twbKXTwo: yes, RH is still around.  It is called "RHEL" and "Fedora" now.07:05
Poindexter_RPM   Red Hat Package Manager.07:05
KXTwowhat about slackware?07:05
KXTwoslackware was the shit back in the day lol07:05
twbAFAIK slackware does not have the same order of market penetration07:06
twbTry distrowatch.com07:06
KXTwolinux has come so far in the past decade07:06
lifelessit still ticks on, one guy only working on it I think.07:06
Poindexter_That goes back a ways. I had a Dual SCSI RAID Pentium III server in those days with Red Hat 9.07:08
KXTwook question twb, I found a better written guide but when editing the named.conf.local he has only 3 octets in his network address, whats that all about?07:08
twbKXTwo: read https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/CIDR and https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Classful_network07:09
KXTwoim familiar with the difference between classful and classless actually07:10
KXTwoam I not making a connection I should?07:10
twbWell he is probably just talking about a /2407:10
KXTwook will the file except 4 octets with /2407:11
Poindexter_That brings me back to my old days at a Network Academy studying for CCNA classes. IP addresses.07:11
Poindexter_Slash 2407:12
KXTwoI just took network fundamentals lol07:12
Poindexter_Using Pumpkin telnet software.07:13
KXTwoeven at my lat the dns file has only 3 octets07:13
Poindexter_2   4   8   16   32   64   12807:15
KXTwoalso do not get why its in reverse order but ok07:16
Poindexter_128   64   32  16  8  4  207:17
KXTwowasnt talking about that07:17
KXTwoand you are missing your 1's place :)07:18
Poindexter_Carry the 1?07:18
Poindexter_I always liked    Anding the octets.07:19
KXTwook theres is a file /etc/bind/zones/domain.name.db I need to create07:21
Poindexter_Dot decimal notation.07:21
Poindexter_You may like this website though.07:21
KXTwohe says I have to put in the name of my DNS07:21
KXTwookt his is weird07:28
KXTwoI dont knwo if i have a working dns server or not lol07:29
Poindexter_I left the 1 out because it is not a binary number by itself. It needs a Zero to help it.07:32
Poindexter_Always remember 1 is not a binary number.07:37
twbKXTwo: use dig to interrogate DNS servers07:39
_rubenPoindexter_: why not?07:40
Poindexter_Ruben, one    1    is singular. Not Two.07:40
Poindexter_Binary means two.07:41
KXTwothats what the guid esaid07:41
KXTwobut I dont know how to read the response07:41
KXTwoim assuming yes07:41
KXTwoforgive me, the channel is dead07:42
KXTwo/ replace example.com with your domain name, and with the address of your new DNS server.07:42
KXTwosearch example.com07:42
KXTwoguess it was a hint not to do what I was going to lol07:42
Poindexter_192.168.0.1 is your router address isn't it?07:43
KXTwoI think the dns server is working, but the guide doesnt tell me how to add files to it07:43
KXTwonot mine, that was the guides example07:43
xranbyKXTwo: try dig @ google.com07:43
xranbythis should give you successfull dns lookups for google using the google nameserver07:44
xranbyto show a successful lookup07:44
KXTwoim testing if my own personal lan dns is working07:44
xranbyright.. so then use  dig @ google.com07:45
xranby(if your local lan DNS ip is )07:45
xranbydo you know which ip your local lan DNS use?07:45
xranbyis it working?07:46
KXTwoI guess?07:46
xranbyyou can verify using dig07:46
KXTwoI dont know what I'm looking for in the response07:46
KXTwojust says query time 380ms07:46
KXTwothen spits back my servers ip address07:47
xranbyKXTwo: if the dns lookup is sucessful then you should see an ANSWER SECTION line like google.com.300INA173.194.32.1407:47
KXTwoI dont think tis working07:47
KXTwowhatever i give up for tonight07:47
xranbythis means that the DNS server tells your system that you can find google.com at the
KXTwothought this would be simpler lol07:48
KXTwoif it was workign I should be able to ping my server by name from a node but I can't07:48
xranbyKXTwo: which DNS server do your DNS server use?07:48
KXTwobind if I udnerstand your question but I probably dont07:49
KXTwoI fllowed the instructions07:51
KXTwoand my name server is server.fashizzle.lan07:51
KXTwoso it would seem is hould be able to ping that but cannot07:51
xranbyKXTwo: have you configured your DHCP server to tell all computers attached to your network to use this nameserver?07:53
KXTwoi havent gottehn that far07:53
KXTwobut everything is static thats on now anyway07:53
xranbyKXTwo: please post a link to the guide you followed07:53
twbxranby: he has a small local lan.  He wants local machines to be able to resolve one another via DNS, to avoid having to edit /etc/hosts on each machine and keep them in sync.  He doesn't need to host his local domain such that the world can see it.  He has an ubuntu server and some kind of appliance router which runs default firmware.07:55
twbxranby: ^^ that's the basic dump of what we've learned so far.07:55
twb"Install Ubuntu dapper" -- that guide is very old07:57
twbIf you're going to follow "some web page I found", make sure it's up-to-date!07:58
KXTwoits for bind, should work in theory lol07:58
twbOnly because bind is so stale07:58
twbIf you were askng about zone "0.168.192.in-addr.arpa" before, that's how PTR records (reverse resoluton) works.07:59
KXTwoill play with this more tomorrow and hopefully get it going out07:59
KXTwoit doesnt tell me where to add hosts07:59
twb"getent hosts" corresponds to "dig -t PTR"07:59
KXTwoor do the dhcp07:59
KXTwotwb ho the fuck do you remember so much08:00
KXTwoeven commands l ol08:01
twbno girlfriend08:01
twbAnd https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Asperger_syndrome08:01
KXTwoI still have to look up commands that ive used a dozen times lol08:01
_rubena working brain helps...08:01
xranbytwb: thank you, for the summary.08:01
KXTwoI have one of those, a strong one in fact :)08:01
twbKXTwo: what does she bench08:02
KXTwoI was referring to a working brain lol08:02
xranbyKXTwo: i think you "simply" need to edit the /etc/bind/zones/example.com.db and /etc/bind/zones/rev.0.168.192.in-addr.arpa   to add hosts and reverse records08:02
KXTwomy girlfriend is a petit little thing I don't think she could bench the bar lol08:02
_rubenthen you should be able to remember things as well08:02
KXTwoshe does mostlyc ardio lol08:02
KXTwoxranby: that was my guess as well08:02
twb_ruben: I think normals waste their memory on unimportant things like their address, phone number, which sock is the left sock08:03
KXTwospeaking of my massively intelligent brain, I need to rest it lol08:03
xranbyKXTwo: for you lan setup start with creating two files /etc/bind/zones/fashizzle.lan.db    and /etc/bind/zones/rev.1.168.192.in-addr.arpa08:04
KXTwoI did that xranby08:04
twbThe names of the files aren't important; as long as they're referred to by named.conf08:05
KXTwoI appreciate the added info but im about to crash so im not gaining anything right now, hopefully ill catch you guys tomorrow08:05
xranbyKXTwo: ok good night08:06
Kriz1hi guys, im trying to find a good startup script for vnc4server but im really struggling, is anyone able to link me?08:21
acapemontquick question: my site works when you go to https://site.site.com but not http://site.site.com (loads HTML without a stylesheet)08:24
RoyKacapemont: probably something fishy in the html, a wrong path somewhere?08:31
twbKriz1: what are you trying to achieve?08:38
twbKriz1: generally servers should be configured by CLI, and individual apps can be tunnelled directly with ssh -X08:38
Kriz1twb, i just want vnc4server to start up at boot08:39
lynxmanmorning o/08:39
acapemontit's live.leapmotion.com08:40
twbKriz1: serving a virtual head, or the same as what's shown on the local (say) vt7?08:40
Kriz1twb, yeah a virtual display08:41
twbThe latter is... nontrivial, especially if a GUI login is used.08:41
twbKriz1: well that should be a simple matter of writing an upstart job08:41
Kriz1where would i write that?08:41
twbstart on runlevel [2345] ; stop on runlevel [^2345] ; exec vnc4server -blah -blah08:41
twbKriz1: in /etc/init/<service name>.conf08:42
twbThere is a manpage about the file format; init(5) I think08:42
Kriz1so are all files in /etc/init ran at boot?08:42
Tm_Ttwb: I would kindly ask you to not bring AS into discussion where it doesn't belong08:43
Tm_T(or no-girlfriends)08:43
twbTm_T: he asked how I remember stuff08:43
twbKriz1: upstart is "event based" so jobs in there are initated when the relevant events are emitted08:44
Tm_Ttwb: ah, misread, my bad08:44
twbKriz1: in practice, most stuff in there *will* start at boot, but the details are a little more complex08:44
twbTm_T: no problem08:44
* Tm_T read it that it was general guestion, not directed to one person08:44
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tdnHow do I backup from Ubuntu Server to a Windows server? What is the easiest to get up and running? I was thinking about cygwin+openssh+rsync, but is there something better or easier?10:24
twbtdn: you can't10:25
tdnI can't?10:25
twbNot losslessly, anyway10:25
tdnPlease elaborate.10:25
twbe.g. hard links would not be preserved except on recent versions of Windows, xattrs and acls probably cannot be preserved at all10:26
twbI suppose you could roll it up into e.g. squashfs loopback filesystem, and then push that onto the Windows host...10:26
_rubengzip + ftp ;)10:26
twbcygwin also, at least historically, has some very bad race conditions that are triggered when rsyncing files to/from it over SSH.  This condition isn't triggered when running rsync without SSH.10:27
tdntwb, this is a recent version of windows (2008 server R2)10:28
twbI think hard link support was added in nt 6.1, possibly 6.010:28
tdnAnyway, I do not use xattrs, acls, nor do I use hardlinks in what I want to backup (svn repos)10:29
twbAh, well if it's svn the best way to back it up is git-svn ;-)10:29
tdnAlso, I do not require it to be rsync. I was actually hoping for a more "boxed" solution. Like the dejadup that is default on Ubuntu Desktop?10:29
twbI wouldn't trust Windows with backups, though10:30
twbBest would be to flash that server with ubuntu10:30
twbHell it doesn't even have inodes10:31
MischinkaHow do i get 7z in precise using command line?11:23
e_t_Mischinka: sudo apt-get install p7zip p7zip-full11:29
alex88hello guys, i've a strange issue, i can see packets with tcpdump but they're not passing mangle table, pre routing chain in iptables.. any idea?11:29
Mischinkae_t_ what is the full command for?11:30
e_t_Mischinka: Are you wanting to comress something with 7z?11:30
Mischinkai did this: apt-get install p7zip withouth the p7zip full, and it seems to be working.11:31
e_t_7z a name_of_archive.7z files_to_add11:31
MischinkaAnother question, How do I add my ape server to automatically start with nginx? and setup so i can have service aped restart commands?11:32
MischinkaHow do i add a script to the service commands? and start with server?11:42
rbasakMischinka: you could have upstart start your app service after nginx starts. See http://upstart.ubuntu.com/cookbook/12:05
hallynjdstrand: just to make sure, re bug 1001895, is there a good reason not to have lines like the /var/lib/libvirt/...monitor files in apparmor policy template-able instead of hard-coded in virt-aa-helper?12:17
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1001895 in libvirt "apparmor policy for libvirt can't cope with symlinked /var/lib/libvirt" [Low,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100189512:17
jdstrandhallyn: the thing is the the user is playing a trick on libvirt-- libvirt still believes they are in /var/lib/libvirt and is just moving things around and using symlinks. symlinks are resolved by apparmor for security reasons which is why the guest gets the denial12:21
jdstrandhallyn: there isn't much that can be done. /var/lib/libvirt is a compile-time choice12:22
jdstrandhallyn: to fix this in the manner that I think you are suggesting, you would need to update the xml to make this configurable, and the security drivers access this configuration option and the security drivers to update the policy12:23
hallynjdstrand: good point.  Should I suggest he build his own pkg?12:23
jdstrandhallyn: that would be the easiest thing todo. it would take no insignificant effort to write said patch12:24
hallynI wasn't suggesting we do it  :)  if he wanted it i figured he would have to submit the patch12:25
jdstrandactually, all that would need to be added to the xml is the 'monitor' bits and the security drivers updated to look at it12:25
hallynOk thanks.12:27
hallyn(will comment and move to wishlist)12:27
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brainysmurfHere in Precise http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/precise/release/ "This image is adjusted to work properly on Mac systems." is that image what I probably want to put Precise on an xserve?12:43
MischinkaI did a restart and got a guru meditation wtf?12:50
ikoniasorry what ?12:58
brainysmurfguru mediation?13:00
mikeeeeeyHi, I have forgotten my root password and I've tried adding "rw init=/bin/bash" and "rw init=/bin/sh" to the kernel startup lines but they all lock up after displaying a error message. What can I do to fix this? More info @ http://ubuntuforums.org/showthread.php?t=198378113:05
ikoniamikeeeeey: there shouldn't be a root password13:14
lunaphyte_hi.  i'm upgrading to 12.04 with do-release-upgrade, and i see at one point during the process "Updating repository information WARNING: Failed to read mirror file".  how can i further troubleshoot what this is actually talking about?13:16
lunaphyte_my google searching has revealed a number of similar discussions, but all from some time ago and none that seems to offer a clear resolution.13:16
ikonialunaphyte_: check the mirror13:16
ikonialunaphyte_: check the availability of the files it wants13:16
lunaphyte_ikonia: in sources.list, there are two hostnames referenced: us.archive.ubuntu.com and security.ubuntu.com.  how can i determine which mirror it's complaining about, and which files?13:18
lunaphyte_it seems to retrieve a number of items from both during the process13:18
lunaphyte_i'll pastebin13:18
ikonialunaphyte_: it's us13:18
ikonialunaphyte_: security is for updates13:18
lunaphyte_see line 9213:20
lunaphyte_it seems to, at least in some capacity, be able to talk to us.archive.ubuntu.com just fine.13:21
ikonialunaphyte_: odd, it complains and then carries on13:22
ikoniafor me - I wouldn't continue,13:22
lunaphyte_it seems like it might work ok, but i would like to understand it before continuing.13:22
patdk-wkthe upgrades for me worked fine, except grub fails13:22
lunaphyte_i've had all kinds of issues with grub and updates over the years.  :(13:23
patdk-wkI never had any, till now13:23
lunaphyte_that's become almost expected at this point, for me anyway13:23
mikeeeeeyikonia: i know there shouldn't be one either, but I lost all the passwords for my sudo accounts, therefore I need root to reset them13:24
CaribouQuestion : since ubuntu-vm-builder is near EOL, and I was told here the debian live-build was the new way to go, is there some other documentation than the debian one to achieve the same as with vm-builder ?13:30
CaribouThe Ubuntu server guide still mentions vm-builder as the way to create VMs13:32
ikoniamikeeeeey: just boot into single suer mode13:34
ikoniamikeeeeey: you've lost all the passwords for all your sudo accounts13:34
mikeeeeeyikonia: that was what i was going to do, but i get asked for the root password, but root is locked with "passwd -l" so it doesn't have one.13:43
ikoniamikeeeeey: it shouldn't ask for the root password unless you have set it13:43
ikoniaif you've not set it, it shouldn't ask, did you set the root password ?13:43
mikeeeeeyikonia: the hoster set the password, i created a user for myself and gave it sudo, i then locked root13:44
ikoniamikeeeeey: is it a proper ubuntu install, or a a virtual/xen/style thing13:45
mikeeeeeyikonia: it is a proper install, the machine is a Dell R210II13:45
ikoniayou're going to have to boot from a CD and remove the password field from the shadow file13:46
ogra_you should always be able to edit your kernel cmdline and just add init=/bin/sh, then mount your rtoofs and chroot into it to reset the passwords13:46
mikeeeeeyogra_: this is what i have been trying to do, but it errors upon me all the time13:46
ikoniaogra_: unless it's one of the virtualized / bastardised installs, which is why I was querying it13:46
mikeeeeeylike, it does boot13:46
ogra_iirc there were issues with sulogin (single user mode) and locked rootpw13:47
mikeeeeeyit does drop me to the "shell" but i can't do anything13:47
mikeeeeeyits like its locked13:47
mikeeeeeydoesn't register anything13:47
mikeeeeeykeybaord doesn't even work13:47
ogra_you should be able to mount your rootfs13:47
ogra_oh, no keyboard is special13:47
mikeeeeeyogra_: cannot set terminal process group (-1) inappropriate ioctl for device ubuntu13:47
ogra_you can try something else:13:47
mikeeeeeythis is the one i get with /bin/bash13:47
ogra_add break=bottom intstead of init=/bin/sh13:48
ogra_see if that helps it should stop the boot in the initrd right before it would switch to the rootfs13:48
ogra_so everything should be mounted etc13:48
mikeeeeeyso replace rw init=/bin/bash with that?13:49
mikeeeeeyshould i replace anything else in the loader too?13:49
mikeeeeeyuh, remove anything else*13:49
mikeeeeeyor should i just add it at the end of the linux* line13:49
ogra_well, use your default cmdline and just add break=bottom13:49
mikeeeeeyno recovery mode?13:50
mikeeeeeyalright, thanks! going to try it13:50
ogra_break=bottom will drop you into the initramfs shell13:50
ikoniaI'll be interested in how this works13:50
ogra_with mounted rootfs under /root13:50
mikeeeeeyok, so then i just edit the /etc/shadow file?13:51
mikeeeeeyor, /root/etc/shadow13:51
ogra_just use the passwd command13:51
mikeeeeeyalright, thanks13:51
ogra_dont edit passwd or shadow directly, the tools usually have checks you dont want to miss13:51
biomanGot a problem with DRBL and Ubuntu Server 12.0414:02
bioman/opt/drbl/sbin/drbl-ocs does not exist :(14:02
ikoniabioman: that is not an ubuntu package14:03
ikoniaor it wouldn't be in /opt14:03
ikoniathe error is pretty clear "file does not exist"14:04
patdk-wkand there is no drbl package at all14:04
biomanikonia: using the same package as I used to with 10.10, and I had no problem. I know it's not an ubuntu package14:04
ikoniaok, so what's the issue ?14:05
ikoniayou're using a package that worked on 10.10 - you're not using 10.10 any more14:05
ikoniathe error is "no such file/directory" - there you go, that's the issue14:05
biomanikonia: /opt/drbl/sbin/drbl-ocs does not exist14:06
ikoniacorrect, there is your problem14:06
biomanikonia: so how to fix this ?14:06
patdk-wkask the drbl people?14:06
ikoniabioman: contact the person who made the package and ask them to include the fix in the installer14:06
patdk-wkask the people that made that package?14:06
biomanpatdk-wk: dunno is there are people...14:06
ikoniabioman: where did you get the package ?14:07
patdk-wkthen, your going have to figure it out yourself14:07
_rubenthen ask the creatures who created it :)14:07
biomanI have to say that there was a missing dependency with 12.04. To boot via PXE, I had to install manually tftpd-hpa...14:07
ikoniabioman: where did you get the package ?14:08
biomanikonia: ubuntu's repository I think14:08
ikoniadrbl from ubuntu's repo /14:08
ikoniayou just said it wasn't an ubuntu package14:08
biomandrbl is not an ubuntu package, dunno for tftpd-hpa. Is there a way to know it ?14:09
ikoniawhere did converation about tftpd-hpa. come from ?14:10
ikoniaI thought we where talking about drbl14:10
ikoniaI'm asking where you got the drbl package from14:10
Davieybioman: tftpd-hpa provides a tftp *SERVER*, how/why would that be missing from what?14:10
ogra_apt-cache madison <packagename>14:10
biomanDaviey: is it an Ubuntu package ?14:10
ogra_that tells you wherev a package comes from14:11
ikoniaDaviey: sorry, am I missing something where is tftp coming into the equasion, the initial question was about drbl ?14:11
biomanikonia: tftpd-hpa should have been installed as a drbl dependency I guess14:12
Davieyikonia: I *think* an unofficial package is missing the depends on tftpd-hpa.. which is not something we can resolve.14:12
ogra_bioman, so talk to the creators of the drbl package and make them fix that bug :)14:12
ikoniabioman: drbl shouldn't depend on a TFTP server14:12
ikoniaDaviey: totally, I just couldn't see how we'd got from a missing file in a DRBL package to a TFTP server14:12
ogra_iirc DRBL is a hackish veariant of LTSP14:13
ikoniaogra_: ahhh, thank you14:13
ogra_so you will likely need a tftp server to do PXE booting of the thin clients14:13
ikoniathere is the missing link14:13
ikoniayup, I see where you are going14:13
ikoniathank you14:13
biomanok, gonna try to find. Maybe #drbl exists...14:13
ogra_nontheless this is the wrong forum for that bug :)14:13
ikoniabioman: find the people who made the package14:14
ikonianot drbl - the project, but the people who made the package you are using14:14
ikoniabioman: I'll ask one more time "where did you get the package"14:14
ranfuuhey yooooooooooooooool14:16
biomanikonia: I've added in /etc/apt/source.list : deb http://drbl.sourceforge.net/drbl-core drbl stable14:16
ikoniabioman: ok, so the team who maintain that package on sourceforge are who you need to talk to14:16
ikoniabioman: you'll need a log a bug to them - not talk to them on IRC14:17
ikoniabioman: please keep in mind that you told me this package was "the same one" you used on 10.10 - and you are not using 10.10 any more14:17
biomanikonia: ok thank you. I'm really annoyed, I have 7 days to make it work :(14:17
ikoniabioman: perhaps a little better planning and research would be well placed in future/going forward ?14:18
biomanikonia: when I search with drbl-ocs package not found I find nothing14:18
ikoniaapologies, I don't know what you mean14:19
biomanikonia: that's normal, I'm french ^^14:19
ikoniayou're English is good, I'm just not fully understanding14:19
biomanI mean, I've searched in Google yet, without success14:20
ogra_click on "tracker" file a bug14:21
ikoniabioman: I wouldn't expect this to be fixed and released in 7 days though14:23
ogra_use LTSP, it is fully supported in ubuntu ;)14:24
biomanikonia: that's what I'm afraid of...14:24
urthmoverWhere is "sudo command" logged in 12.04?  I'm not finding /var/log/secure14:24
biomanogra_: have a look, the latest bug is 201014:24
biomanogra_: thank you but I MUST use DRBL :(14:25
ogra_bioman, i really dont care what their latest bug is, thats the place to file your bugs if you have probs with their packages14:25
ogra_if you want to use something that is supported and gets regular bugfixes, use LTSp14:25
henkjanurthmover: /var/log/auth.log14:26
urthmoverhenkjan: ok thanks   checking now14:26
krielOkay, I'm trying to host the data from a wordpress installation on a remote Windows2003 server. I tried mounting /usr/share/wordpress and /var/lib/mysql as cifs mounts to network shares, but that's no good. No symbolic links, not to mention mysqld doesn't like the redirect. for mysql, I can redirect just the database folder, but not sure what to do about wordpress.14:27
krielcan i create a virtual 'disk' and store it in a file on the cifs share?14:28
urthmoverhenkjan: I'm seeing the auth attempt for root level privliges....but not seeing the bash command itself....in /var/log/auth.log   is there somewhere else the "sudo command" will show up similar to a .bash_history ?14:28
henkjanUSER=root ; COMMAND=/bin/ls14:29
henkjanis what i get in my logs14:29
urthmoverhenkjan: looking again14:29
biomanok. I thank you all for your help/advices :)14:30
urthmoverhenkjan: all my logs appear to have stopped on the May 3rd.   I'll check my other test system and see how this works   thanks henkjan14:30
KristianDKDid anyone successfully use LXC in 12.04? I just installed the packages, but the containers I spawn does not have a network connection. They do have an eth0 card, but it has no ipv4, and it seems that the ipv6 does not have routes to anyone. I'm using the default lxc.conf14:56
Guest83754Are there any graphical web authoring packages recommended specifically for the lighttpd web server package?14:59
=== Guest83754 is now known as wolferz
esuavehow can i totally remove all php from a server?15:04
autifWhat is the right place to ask about Install CD customization? https://help.ubuntu.com/community/InstallCDCustomization is based on hardy and i386 - I need to customize a CD for amd64 - have some questions.15:04
hallynstgraber: how's your queue of patches for quantal and precise for lxc now?  Trivial fix needed for bug 1000174 ...15:05
uvirtbotLaunchpad bug 1000174 in lxc "lxc-net fails to start with bash" [Medium,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100017415:05
tashdoes Ubuntu have some kind of magic ability to detect when a file system change is made on 1 machine, and will replicate to another?15:08
tashmuch like mysql replication15:08
tashI could write a cron that does an rsync at a specific interval, bt would prefer more magic :)15:08
e_t_tash: Look at DRBD15:08
urthmovere_t_: cool stuff15:12
esuavehow can i totally remove package installs? so i can build from source instead?15:14
esuaveany easy way?15:14
ubottuTo purge all removed but not yet purged packages, use the following command: dpkg -l | awk '/^rc/{print $2}' |  sudo xargs dpkg -P15:14
Davieythat is crap.15:14
Davieysudo apt-get remove --purge foobar15:14
ogra_just sudo apt-get purge <package>15:15
ogra_no need for the "remove" anymore15:15
Davieyogra_: you and your new fangled shortcuts.15:15
esuavehm.. ok i did that and apache is still there15:15
ogra_well, new since lucid :)15:15
Davieyogra_: I find it easier to use dselect.15:16
patdk-wkrm :)15:16
* ogra_ never thought Daviey was *that* old :)15:16
Davieydselect isn't that old!15:17
ogra_10-12 years ?15:17
biomanback here :)15:47
biomanSorry for the bothering (DRBL and 12.04 server). The fact is -I've checked- there's no package of DRBL for 12.04 yet15:48
biomanGonna use 10.10 server and try to update to 3.2.16 kernel15:48
Jeeves_What's DRBL?15:49
Jeeves_Kinda like LTSP15:49
biomanJeeves_: http://drbl.sourceforge.net/15:49
biomanThe fact is that whe have a 10.10 server DRBL, but whe're having problems with new hardware which is not recognized...15:51
biomanI found some tuto to update to 3.2.x15:51
biomanHope it'll work...15:52
Jeeves_Why wouldn't it?15:52
biomanJeeves_: because 10.10 is made to run 2.6.3x15:52
Jeeves_It's made to run on the linux kernel15:55
biomanJeeves_: :)15:57
biomanwhich is the latest version of module-init-tools on 10.10 server please ?15:58
biomanin 10 minutes I install 10.10 server on a VM :) suspense ^^15:59
SpamapSbioman: 10.10 ?! why would you have based a server on 10.10?16:03
SpamapSbioman: I'd recommend an immediate upgrade to 11.0416:03
SpamapSbioman: and then consider going all the way to 12.0416:04
biomanSpamapS: sorry, typo, it's 10.10... Cannot use 12.04 as there is no DRBL package yet16:05
biomanSpamapS: holly s*hit 11.1016:05
SpamapSbioman: whats the advantage of DRBL over LTSP?16:06
biomanSpamapS: dunno. I MUST install DRBL16:07
biomanSpamapS: source : my boss16:07
SpamapSbioman: looks like drbl is in Debian now..16:08
SpamapSbioman: you could just build the Debian package for 12.0416:08
biomanSpamapS: dunno how to. I'm an Archlinux user ;)16:08
SpamapSbioman: actually its already even in quantal ..16:08
SpamapSbioman: so why are you doing this with Ubuntu?16:09
biomanSpamapS: my boss...16:09
biomanSpamapS: do you know how to build this package for 12.04 please ?16:10
SpamapSbioman: apt-get install ubuntu-dev-tools && backportpackage drbl16:12
SpamapSbioman: that *should* get it done16:12
biomanSpamapS: there's nothing else to do ?16:14
SpamapSbioman: backportpackage --build drbl .. I forgot that it doesn't build by default16:15
SpamapSbioman: pretty much thats it. You'll probably have to install some build dependencies16:15
biomanSpamapS: will I be told which dependencies I'll have to install ?16:16
SpamapSbioman: no it will pose you a riddle, which you must solve in 20 minutes or the build dependencies change and it starts all over again16:16
SpamapSbioman: sorry that was very snarky ;)16:16
SpamapSbioman: yes it will show them to you :)16:16
biomanSpamapS: ^^ You said the drbl is yet in Debian. This command "backportpackage --build drbl" will download the .deb drbl package by itself ?16:18
biomanOr should I add something in source.list ?16:18
SpamapSbioman: it will download the source16:20
SpamapSbioman: and build it16:20
ikoniabioman: why are you asking us about this package16:20
ikoniabioman: it's hosted on sourceforge16:21
SpamapSikonia: its in Ubuntu now too16:21
SpamapSas of quantal16:21
ikoniaSpamapS: then why is bioman saying it's not and downloaded from sourceforge ?16:21
biomanSpamapS: ok, thank you. I try...16:21
SpamapSikonia: because he's an arch user and he needs our help to find stuff in Ubuntu. :)16:22
ikonia!info drbl16:22
ubottuPackage drbl does not exist in precise16:22
ikoniawhat's the package name ?16:22
biomanikonia: hello ;) I added a repo in sources.list but the latest version that sourceforge gives is only for 11.1016:23
ikoniabioman: yes, we discussed that16:23
SpamapSikonia: its in quantal16:23
biomanikonia: and what do you think about SpamapS's fix ?16:24
SpamapSikonia: hence the suggestion to use backportpackage16:24
biomanSpamapS: what is quantal please ?16:24
ikoniaSpamapS: ooh quantal16:24
ikoniasorry, I was reading 12.04 in my head16:24
ikoniabioman: the next release of ubuntu16:24
SpamapS!info quantal16:25
ubottuPackage quantal does not exist in precise16:25
ikonia!info drbl quantal16:25
ubottudrbl (source: drbl): diskless remote boot, and a disk cloning utility. In component universe, is extra. Version 1.10.31-2 (quantal), package size 2022 kB, installed size 6886 kB16:25
* SpamapS never knows how to use th ebots :-P16:25
ikoniaok, so version 1.10 is in quantel16:25
biomanSpamapS: so it will build a .deb that I'll install with dpkg -i ?16:29
stgraberhallyn: I uploaded all my changes to quantal, will look at SRUing some of them once the package currently in -proposed is accepted in -updates16:42
hallynstgraber: ok, i pushed the fix to quantal, let me know when you're queuin up the next sru candidate, or just pull in the trivial fix yourself.  thanks16:44
stgraberhallyn: I'll go through all our quantal changes to get the list of stuff to SRU so it should get on my list16:45
hallyncool.  thanks16:45
biomanSpamapS: backportpackage --build drbl says error: Please specify either a working dir or an upload target!16:51
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biomanSpamapS: please help me... You've told too much or nothing ;)16:57
mr-richHow do I set up Ubuntu Server with a static IP (class B)?16:58
smosermr-rich, man interfaces16:59
SpamapSbioman: sorry I had to go do something else for a bit. ;)17:01
SpamapSbioman: did you try reading the man page? ;)17:01
biomanSpamapS: np17:01
biomanSpamapS: not yet...17:02
SpamapSbioman: hm, I'd have expected more from an Arch user. :) Anyway, create a dir somewhere and pass --workdir=/that/dir17:02
patdk-wkpeople still use ip classes?17:03
SpamapSpatdk-wk: only to prove that they don't understand CIDR :)17:04
patdk-wkor they had too many cisco classes17:04
biomanSpamapS: I was just trying to find how-to specify a workdir ;)17:05
SpamapSI so wish we could peek 5 years into the future *JUST* at the internet for 5 seconds to see how much IPv6 is not being used17:05
patdk-wkmaybe it will be up to 5% by then17:05
biomanSpamapS: error : debsign: gpg error occured! Aborting... debuild: fatal error at line 1271: running debsign failed backportpackage: Error: debuild returned 29.17:07
biomanSpamapS: gpg: /tù/debsign.7ZmHk2X1/drbl_1.10.31-2~precise.dsc: clearsign failed: secret key not available17:10
wolferzI have lighttpd running on my server and created a generic page to test. My keywords are not being published in Google ie I cannot search for the website. What do I need to do? webpage is http://wolferz.sleepingwolf.net17:11
patdk-wkask google? we are not google17:20
patdk-wkand you do know google has stopped using keywords recently17:21
patdk-wkand is depending on content, that you lack17:21
wolferzpatdk-wk: I did not know that... Is there no way to make the site visible to search?17:22
patdk-wkdunno, I'm not google, and I have no interest in increasing my search ratings17:22
patdk-wkfrom years ago17:22
patdk-wkwonder what that keyword thing was from a few weeks ago17:22
biomanSpamapS: Googled without luck :'(17:24
wolferzpatdk-wk: thank you for the link17:24
SpamapSbioman: you just need a gpg key17:24
SpamapSbioman: though you should be able to skip that somehow17:25
biomanSpamapS: that's what I understood (I'm french ^^). How do I please ?17:25
SpamapSbioman: gpg --gen-key17:27
* SpamapS can't see how to tell backportpackage to pass options to not sign the package.. which is annoying :-P17:27
biomanSpamapS: it fails17:33
bioman"it needs 284 bytes more"17:34
SpamapSbioman: are you on a VM?17:36
biomanSpamapS: yep17:37
SpamapSbioman: sudo apt-get install haveged17:40
SpamapSbioman: will generate entropy for you17:40
hattorihanzoi have a custom c http server, sitting behind a few things (nginx, other proxyies...etc)17:42
hattorihanzobut sometimes it segs, or hangs17:42
hattorihanzowhat tool should i use to monitor this, and restart it if need be?17:42
biomanSpamapS: key generated, but dunno where it is stored...17:43
biomanSpamapS: same error: debsign: gpg error occured! Aborting...17:45
SpamapSbioman: argh17:56
koolhead17hello all17:56
SpamapSbioman: wait, did you end up with a .dsc file in your work dir?17:56
biomanSpamapS: no17:56
SpamapSbioman: really? I did when I failed to sign17:57
koolhead17jamespage, i was trying hard to trouble you for java6 dep needed by hadoop in ubuntu17:57
SpamapSoh wait no I did sign17:57
koolhead17i finally got it up and working :17:57
koolhead17hello SpamapS17:57
SpamapS    check_call(['debuild', '--no-lintian', '-S', '-nc', '-sa'], cwd=srcdir)17:58
SpamapSNo way to change that. *hrm*17:58
biomanSpamapS: have to leave for 20 minutes. Will you be there ?17:59
SpamapSbioman: ok so use this instead...  'pull-lp-source drbl quantal && dpkg-source -x drbl_1.10.31-2.dsc && cd drbl-1.10.31 && debuild binary'17:59
SpamapSbioman: I'll be in and out17:59
biomanSpamapS: hope you'll be there :)18:00
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negoneI am having a problem with my server i tried to install ubuntu 12.04 on it and now every time i boot i have 1 drive failure and another degraded18:20
negonei have switched out the drives i get the same i have changed out the perc controllers and the raid controllers same thing18:20
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neuralstateI have a couple questions regarding Dovecot/Postfix installation and implemination in a virtual host environment. I have a VPS running Ubuntu Server 11.10 64bit18:28
neuralstateWas wondering if anyone can offer their assistance18:28
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biomanPlease how to know the version of a package ?18:57
biomanI have an issue. I've installed on a VM Ubuntu Server 10.10. I've installed kernel 3.3.6. From grub, the default does not boot (black screen). If I choose troubleshooting mode, it starts. If I then choose "resume" it runs fine. What's going on please ?19:05
RoyKwhy are you using 10.10?19:06
RoyKiirc it's not even supported anymore19:06
RoyK10.10 support ended 2012-04-1019:07
RoyK10.04 server support ends 2015-0419:07
RoyKdon't use non-LTS versions unless you know what you're doing ;)19:07
biomanRoyK: sorry, typo, it's 11.1019:09
biomanRoyK: after -update and -upgrade, I had kernel 3.0.019:10
biomanRoyK: I thought I could install 3.3.619:10
RoyKoh - custom compiled kernel?19:10
RoyKwhy did you do that? anything that doesn't work with the default kernel?19:11
biomanRoyK: no, download from here : http://kernel.ubuntu.com/~kernel-ppa/mainline/v3.3.6-precise/19:12
RoyKok, still, why?19:12
biomanRoyK: it's for a DRBL. I need the "latest" kernel because of hardware detection19:12
biomanRoyK: what's the difference between generic and generic-pae please ?19:14
RoyKbioman: pae is "physical address expansion", to be able to address >3GB on 32bit machines19:15
biomanRoyK: ok, thanks. I've choosen generic. But why do I have a black screen when I launch default ?19:16
RoyKbioman: are you running 32bit?19:16
RoyKbioman: no idea, might be a bug19:16
RoyKbioman: is this fixed in precise?19:16
RoyKif so, an upgrade might be easier to get support for than some special kernel19:17
RoyK(also, if running 32bit, why?)19:17
hallynzul: jdstrand: the pc-0.12 machine type is become quite a headache in precise.  I wonder what we can do to help people.  Do we just announce that people should update?  Do we provide a script?  do we automatically use pc-1.0 even though people say 0.12?19:19
hallyn(the latter is likely bad...)19:19
RoyKwhat's pc-0.12?19:20
hallynolder machine type...19:21
hallyn(in libvirt)19:21
jdstrandhallyn: I wonder if we just declare 0.12 as bad and then maybe downgrade them to 0.11?19:21
hallynis 0.11 better?19:22
jdstrandwell, I don't know-- I assume it is closer than 1219:22
jdstrandcloser to 0.12 than 1.019:22
jdstrandwe could output a warning message19:22
jdstrand(or log it)19:23
jdstrandand then a script to migrate19:23
hallynthing is oneiric is supposed to default to 0.14, but i never see that anywhere...  of course that may just be bc it works for them so there's no bugs :)19:23
hallynhm - where would we output the mssage?19:23
hallyn(sorry, will wait for your example :)19:23
biomanRoyK: 32bits because the laptop have 2Go of RAM19:24
RoyKbioman: ic19:24
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jdstrand"XML machine type is spcified as 0.12, but this is a known bad machine type. Using 0.14 instead."19:24
RoyKbioman: but I think upgrading to precise would be better if the kernel there supports what you need (currently at 3.2.0-24-generic-pae or so)19:25
jdstrandhallyn: I was thinking libvirt on stderr19:25
biomanRoyK: ok thanks :)19:25
jdstrandhallyn: it could be logged as well, but logging is pretty quiet by default19:25
jdstrands/as well/instead/19:25
hallynjdstrand: well we could make this the log-no-matter-what loglevel :)19:25
jdstrandtrue. this is only for precise?19:26
hallynthat's wher ei've been seein gthe bugs, yes.19:26
hallynthat's not to say the same bugs don't exist on oneiric19:26
jdstrandwhat is weird is that 0.12 worked on earlier releases19:27
hallynright it probably is only precise19:27
hallynand the latest bug, problem is, was reported on migration from oneiric->precise19:27
jdstrandthat is where I hit stuff19:27
hallynso our message would show up on the precise server, but it needs to be updated on the oneiric server19:27
jdstrandI had vms created at some point that default to 0.12, then upgraded libvrt to precise and they don't work well19:28
hallyn(must have been created during natty?)19:28
hallynof course it's possible that there's another option - fixing the 0.12 bugs in precise :)  but i'm not optimistic on that19:29
hallyn(there appear to be many)19:29
jdstrandI just wonder why there are so many 0.12 bugs on precise19:29
hallyndo you know what would be a reason why someone woul dprefer 0.12 to 0.14 (on oneiric) or 1.0 (on precise)?19:29
hallyni.e. is there any downside to automatically updating, with a log msg?19:30
jdstrandautomatically upgrading/downgrading probably would break stuff-- if someone really wanted 0.12, they couldn't get it19:30
jdstrandhallyn: no idea19:30
jdstrandhallyn: might be better to suggest 0.14 or 1.0 and havea  tool to help19:30
jdstrandhallyn: another option is not to patch libvirt at all, but to provide the tool and in postinst unconditionally upgrade to 0.1419:31
jdstrandhallyn: but only when upgrading from below a particular version19:31
jdstrandthat will allow new machines to use 0.12 if the user really knows what he/she is doing. and it could arguably be justified as just part of upgradign to precise19:32
RoyKwhere are these pc-0.xx things documented?19:33
hallyni don't know, if it's not safe to do it unconditionally at domain start time, then it's not safe to do it unconditionally at upgrade19:34
hallynand that doesn' thelp if they have some script that downloads existing xml templates with 'pc=0.12' in them (as i actually have)19:34
hallynthey'll just be creating new problem vms after the upgrade19:34
hallynI think I'm fine with a patch to libvirt to spit out a warning any time  a vm with pc=0.12 gets started or defined.  but is there then another way we can publicize this, sort of like post-release release notes?19:35
jdstrandthere is the NEWS file, but that seems heavy handed. you could also update the release notes so post release upgraders see it19:36
jdstrandactually, there is a way to mark those. you might ask skaet (idr off-hand). it might just be the SRU process makes it show up19:37
hallynin that case, what exactly are the release notes?  :)19:37
hallyn'virsh capabilities' doesn't give any hint of differences between pc-0.12 and pc-0.??19:37
hallynall right i'll comment the bug for now and think about it for a half day19:38
hallynthanks jdstrand19:38
hallyn(and then talk to skaet :)19:38
jdstrandsure thing. it is not an easy problem19:38
hallynjdstrand: actually...  if we wanted to offer a script for users to automatically update their VMs, where should that live?  Or should we just offer it online and advertise users can download it if they want it?  (I don't want to pollute /usr/bin with that...)19:40
hallynoh, i guess under /usr/share/doc/libvirt-bin19:40
jdstrandhallyn: we have precedent for this. see /usr/sbin/libvirt-migrate-qemu-disks19:41
jdstrandhallyn: in that case, we were actually upgrading during postinst-- but that was because a security update would have otherwise broken everyone's vms19:41
jdstrandwell, not everyone's, but quite a few :)19:42
hallynyeah, this is not quite so crucial.  i really don't want to pollute sbin with that19:42
biomanRoyK: please how can I remove 3.3.6 packages ? I've installed 3.2.0 but grub displays and load 3.3.619:42
hallyndo you think /usr/share/doc/libvirt-bin would be ok?19:42
biomanRoyK: I've tried dpkg -r with no luck19:43
jdstrandhallyn: it would, but I think the warning message that is output should be clear on where and how to use it. the advantage of putting it in /usr/sbin or similar is you can do a man page, etc19:43
jdstrandI mean you could do a manpage that talks about using a script in /usr/share/doc too...19:43
hallynjdstrand: ok, thanks.  I'll let that process for a half day19:44
RoyKbioman: hm.. should work. they're just packages, right?19:44
biomanRoyK: yes, they are .deb19:44
hallynzul: your libvirt package builds fine for me on precise.  But I get test failures, all apparently from "memory unit='KiB'>219136</memory"19:44
hallynhm.  i misread the error :)19:44
hallynI guess the testscripts need to be updated.  sorry :)19:44
RoyKdpkg --reemove --purge19:45
RoyKbioman: try that19:45
biomanRoyK: conflict --remove --purge19:46
RoyKjust --purge it, then19:47
RoyKI was thinking apt-get remove --purge19:47
biomandpkg --purge linux-headers : no installed package matching linux-headers19:48
RoyKbioman: that's a metapackage19:49
RoyKbioman: dpkg -l | grep 3.3.619:49
biomanRoyK: thanks :)19:52
kirklandsmoser: ping19:52
smoserkirkland, here.19:52
kirklandsmoser: I'm having trouble running ntpdate from within aws19:52
kirklandsmoser: have you seen anything like this?19:52
kirklandsmoser: this is 12.04;  I *know* I've used ntpdate before19:52
kirklandsmoser: having trouble triaging this, though I'd ask if anyone else is having trouble19:53
smoserkirkland, i just ran:19:54
smoser$ sudo ntpdate ntp.ubuntu.com19:54
smoser21 May 19:53:46 ntpdate[4352]: adjust time server offset -0.101924 sec19:54
kirklandsmoser: hmm19:54
smoser(in ec2)19:54
kirklandsmoser: all ports open?19:54
kirklandsmoser: PERMISSION950047163771defaultALLOWSudp065535GRPNAMEdefault19:55
kirklandsmoser: looks like that's all udp ports are open, right?19:57
smoseri dont think it means that.19:57
smoseri just checked tcp19:57
smoserby running 'nc -l 1234' and then trying to connect from outside, and its shutoff19:58
smoser(but using 8000 rather than 1234 connects as expected)19:58
kirklandsmoser: hmm, okay19:59
smoserkirkland, i'm not saying something isn't broken. but i didn't see it just now. are you able to reproduce ?20:18
travisneidsIs it possible to remove a LVM group during installation?  Keep getting "Partition in user" error20:38
travisneidsUbuntu Server 12.0420:38
travisneidsI get the error when trying to "Delete volume group".  Frustrating!20:39
esuaveso i accidentally added a route that looks like this: host-216-153-1720:49
esuavebut it wont let me delete it20:49
esuavei get error20:49
esuavehost-216-153-17: Unknown host20:49
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RoyKesuave: that'll be its reverse dns name - type netstat -rn to view the ip address and remove that21:26
SpamapSW: Failed to fetch bzip2:/var/lib/apt/lists/partial/  Hash Sum mismatch21:35
SpamapSYay.. not unique to Ubuntu.. :-P21:35
RoyKSpamapS: local repo?21:36
SpamapSRoyK: approx21:36
SpamapSRoyK: its just skew on my upstream mirror caused by apt not being atomic on updates21:37
SpamapSSomething we're trying to solve this cycle actually21:37
SpamapShrm no this seems almost like something else21:40
SpamapSgetting it on all mirrors21:40
SpamapSTranslation-en.bz22012-May-21 16:08:073.8Mapplication/x-bzip21:43
SpamapSRelease2012-May-21 10:26:02227.4Kapplication/octet-stream21:43
SpamapSLooks like Translation-en.bz2 was updated but Release was not21:43
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jkylegoing to give maas another whirl I think.22:17
jkyleI'm wondering how flexible maas is though, I know it uses cobbler as the pxe manager. I was told, though, that you're not supposed to create new systems using cobbler but only through maas. Which means you have to do it manually mac by mac in the web gui22:19
Davieyjkyle: no, the default pxe boot target for machines maas doesn't yet know about get auto enlisted into MAAS>22:20
Davieyyou just need to accept them.22:20
jkyleDaviey: alright, so I can just spin up my nodes set to pxe boot and click accept. cool22:23
Davieyjkyle: yup22:23
Davieyjkyle: if you have a list of mac's.. you can add them through the API aswell fwiw.22:24
Davieybut really, just doing a power on.. makes more sense IMO.22:24
jkylecool, I'll have to start reading the API. I suspect this is a fairly customizable system by just leveraging the underlying utils, like cobbler. I shouldn't have to worry about "breaking" maas by modifying on that level, I'd assume.22:25
jkylee.g. custom late_commands, postflight scripts, etc.22:26
Davieyjkyle: no, should be good.  Note, that more exciting things are in the works.22:26
Davieyjkyle: what custom late commands are on your mind?22:26
jkyleDaviey: there's some funky stuff I have to do with networking to get bonding working...though I should verify the issues haven't been patched22:26
jkyleothe rthan that, standard stuff, like RAID configuration, etc.22:27
Davieyjkyle: MAAS provides a metadata service which runs user-data supplied on first boot.. which is the place where people would put mot late_commands content22:27
Davieybut then, funky networking might be more of a challenge.. if default dhcp doesn't cut it for you.22:27
Davieyjkyle: RAID configuration should happen in the commissioning environment, which happens before the install22:28
jkyleyeah, mine run on first boot. I have a runonce script that adds itself to the init, then executes all scripts in a certain directory in lexical order22:28
Daviey(note that, as shipped.. the comissioning enviroment is not as accessible to customisations as we wanted.. but still viable.)22:28
jkyleDaviey: should22:28
jkyle. . .22:28
Davieyjkyle: anyway.. you didn't buy me a drink at UDS.. :(22:30
jkylethese use the megacli utility, so takes a bit of fudging. also the utility doesn't work (officially) for 3.x kernels. but if you spoof the arch, seems to do ok. makes for a quirky config22:30
jkyleDaviey: I didn't see yah! (/me thinks...did i?)22:30
jkyleDaviey: I was getting kp's on our cloud, missed all but like 1/2 a day22:31
jkylespent most of that with Kyle22:31
Davieyjkyle: if you want to watch an ill-prepared talk, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=m3utPU99Wgg#t=2079s22:39
Davieythat was me at UDS.22:39
roaksoaxDaviey: the best talk of the day!22:40
Davieyroaksoax: yah, it was a good trip.22:40
roaksoaxDaviey: haha besides the trip, the talk was good, you definitely have ankerman skills man22:41
Davieyroaksoax: thanks :)22:41
* koolhead17 wants to have that crowd connector skill too22:43
pehdenwww.wegotoyourpc.com catchy aint it?23:44
LordOfTimepehden:  not sure this is the right place :/23:47

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