triptecin ubuntu, is it possible to detect 2 gestures at the same time?08:26
triptecor is it like windows where one have to release a gesture before another one can begin08:27
triptecI'm about to make a multitouch flash application will that work u think?08:27
triptecon ubuntu?08:27
SatorisFlash as in Adobe Flash?08:30
SatorisProbably not.08:30
triptecwell, I guess I didn't really think so but I was more hoping08:31
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cndtriptec, you can make flash apps, but they don't have any multitouch support in ubuntu14:11
cndbeing closed source and all, we don't have any way of fixing that14:11
cndespecially since they've abandoned flash on Linux anyway14:12
dandradercnd, flash is abandoned on Linux!? oh, didn't know that..14:15
cnddandrader, yeah14:15
cndadobe has stopped development14:16
cndthey have committed to a few years of security fixes14:16
cndbut that's it14:16
dandraderwhen was that announced?14:16
cnda couple months ago14:16
SatorisThey are providing it with Chrome, though.14:16
dandraderhopefully html5 replaces all current flash use cases overtime14:17
cnddandrader, bregma, tvoss, Satoris: standups :)14:17
dandraderas for my status report: checking how nux is integrated with compiz in unity. putting geis events into nux14:17
SatorisIn addition to Arsenal I have been working on my other team. In fact, I'm not sure if I should even be here any more.14:17
cndI got some X patches off my plate, so I need to do some small revisions to the uTouch article and then some more research14:18
tvosssprint organization, Kanban fun14:18
cndSatoris, if you have other work, then I think it's ok if you don't keep coming to this meeting14:18
cndit probably won't last much beyond this week anyway14:18
cndSatoris, just make sure to follow up and get the arsenal stuff done14:18
cndSatoris, where does that stand?14:19
SatorisI have a merge request going.14:19
SatorisThen I need to get it run on the production machines.14:19
bregmait's a stat holiday here today14:20
cndbregma, ok, please leave then :)14:20
cndwe don't want your kind round here no more14:20
bregmaI just did, not I'm back again14:20
cnduntil tomorrow :)14:20
bregmaI don;t seem to have a login to the kanban -- should I, or do I need to go to someone?14:20
SatorisGetting back to knee deep C++ was an interesting change. All those static hoops you have to leap through and all.14:21
cndtvoss, bregma's comment ^^14:22
tvossbregma, just don't ask ;)14:22
dandradercnd, is there any problem in having multiple subscriptions with the very same parameters/filters?14:29
cnddandrader, I don't think so14:30
dandraderI was wondering the other day, what's the use case for gesture classes that dynamically appear, change and go away?14:37
bregmathat should only happen when the mythical programmable recognizer comes into being14:39
cnddandrader, we had some interesting ideas way back that never materialized14:44
cndbregma created geis in a way that provided for those ideas14:44
cndbut some areas look like holes or odd interfaces without them14:44
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