mhall119tgm4883: from the discussion at UDS, the remote will work like the arrow buttons and enter button00:03
mhall119try not to assume more than that00:03
mhall119bobweaver: I don't think LP is a good place to host an ISO, how big will it be?00:04
mhall119we can probably find a better place for it00:04
tgm4883mhall119, that's actually how I was making it :)00:04
bobweavermhall119,  not sure yet but I am thinking that it will be no bigger then 1.5 gigs but I 100% could be wrong on that.00:05
mhall119yeah, so we should probably find a better place to host it00:05
mhall119I'll ask tomorrow where we can do that00:06
mhall119bobweaver: do you have an automated process for making it?  Maybe we can have it start doing daily or weekly images00:06
bobweaversweet mhall119  You know where to find me also here is my lp page and wiki    https://wiki.ubuntu.com/josephmills    https://launchpad.net/~josephjamesmills00:07
bobweavermhall119,  not yept but that would not be to hard will work on that.00:08
mhall119wait, your name is joseph james mills, but your irc nick is bob weaver?00:09
mhall119that's not confusing at all00:09
bobweaverbobweaver is a sudo name for jon fishmen to make thing's easier00:18
bobweaverwhos nick name is henrietta  :D00:18
MrChrisDruifWell...not mine00:27
bobweaverI wish that this worked https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntutv00:29
bobweaveranyone know how to get in touch with will ?00:29
MrChrisDruifI don't know and I'm off to bed00:31
bobweaverhave good sleep :)00:31
MrChrisDruifThanks, you too when the time cometh00:32
mhall119bobweaver: why do you want blueprints?00:34
mhall119we already have the one from UDS00:34
bobweavermhall119,  thouse are the links ?00:39
bobweaverin the topic00:39
bobweaverI use blueprints wrong I think I 0like too use them like flowcharts00:40
bobweaverLike this https://blueprints.launchpad.net/zpanelcp/+spec/upsource-dev00:40
mhall119bobweaver: https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/community-q-ubuntu-tv-involvement is the blueprint from UDS00:40
bobweavermhall119,  that is 100% what I was looking for thanks a ton again :)00:41
bobweavermhall119,  s-team stands for santon ? if so what is santon ?00:44
bobweaversome how I keep on ending up on the lp page for santon when searching for docs/code and what not00:45
mhall119bobweaver: santon was the project name for the CES demo01:22
popeyMrChrisDruif: --- Log opened Wed Nov 02 13:19:31 201105:52
popey13:19 -!- popey [~alan@ubuntu/member/popey] has joined #ubuntu-tv05:52
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bobweaverSweet at the end of the day the size of the ISO is 686MB  \0/08:29
bobweavernow to test on virtual box08:30
bobweaverer back to mucking with xsession09:07
bobweaverer now I am over cd limit11:17
bobweaverall right 2nd build is done lets see if it boots11:51
bobweaverIt is Installing \o/12:05
mhall119bobweaver: nice!12:17
bobweaverit is failing to load session thou12:17
mhall119not so nice12:17
bobweaverstill some kinks to work out12:17
bobweaverI am also 34MB over cd limit :(12:19
mhall119I wouldn't worry to much about being under 700MB12:19
mhall119it's not like most TVs have CD drives12:20
bobweavertrue I also have a bare min unity 3d on this thing and that can go but I figured that it is good for it to stay for right now12:22
tbfwhy is ubuntu that obsessed over 700 MB btw?12:29
tbfat least at my home DVD are much cheaper than CDRs for several years now12:30
ogra_tbf, where do you live ? :)12:30
tbfogra_, germany12:30
ogra_try getting a DVD RW or even a DVD reader in africa :)12:30
ogra_or india ...12:30
ogra_as long as there are still lots of users in the world not being able to use DVDs ubuntu will provide CD isos ... which binds to 700M12:31
tbfogra_, first consumer recorders were introduced more than 12 years ago...12:32
ogra_also note that there are still huge amounts of pople still using dialup modems ...12:33
tbfok. world is strange, but __that__ strange?12:33
tbfare cdr recoreders even produced still?12:34
bobweaveralright I beefed it up to 848.something MB wish me luck12:35
popeyhey bobweaver12:35
tbfok. amazon still lists a few. ok.12:36
popey bobweaver have you documented how the image was created anywhere?12:36
popeymaybe we should have an etherpad doc open to track this great stuff :D12:36
mhall119tbf: it makes it easier to obtain, and also means we can't be lazy and just add more stuff to get around problems12:36
bobweaverpopey,  hey there :) no I have not started docing this stuff yet12:36
bobweaverdocumenting *12:37
popeyhow are you making the iso?12:37
popeyremastersys or something?12:37
tbfbut seems they are more expensive than the cheapest dvd recorders12:37
bobweaveras of right now I am useing remastersys12:37
tbfbut well. i am off-topic12:37
popeywe use live-build internally12:37
bobweaverbut  I want to get down then start making chrooted one12:37
ogra_tbf, http://cdimage.ubuntu.com/releases/precise/release/ has DVD images btw12:37
tbfogra_, +112:38
bobweaverpopey,  debian live build ?12:38
bobweaverthat is easy enough :)12:38
ogra_(since years, they are just not promoted as default)12:38
popeyyeah, thats what i used for the demo iso we used at the various trade shows12:38
bobweavercool popey12:39
bobweaverpopey,  do you know if anyone in boston is working on this ?12:39
bobweaveror is it all UK ?12:39
popeywe're a global company :D12:39
bobweaverI meant the office in boston :)12:39
popeywe have people all around the world, sometimes they go to offices12:40
popeymost people work from home though12:40
bobweaverwell I would take bus there to try and talk too some people if option is open12:40
bobweaveronly 5 or 6 hr away12:41
jhodappbobweaver: are you in MA?12:41
bobweaver+ I have a bunch friends that live in the south shore12:41
bobweaverno I am in New york upstate12:41
popeymost of the work doesn't happen in lexingon tbh12:41
popey(thats not a generalisation ;) )12:41
popeyjust that TV is spread out.12:41
bobweaverI see12:41
jhodappI'm in Indiana12:42
popeybobweaver: if you need specific help with stuff then just ping jhodapp or Saviq, they're most involved right now AIUI12:43
bobweavercool thanks a bunch12:43
* popey lunches12:43
bobweaverby the way the iso is working for ubuntu tv but not unity3d12:43
bobweaverjhodapp,  northen or southern ?12:45
bobweaverI have some friends well 2 that live in gary but that is not central12:45
jhodappoooh, Gary...they choose to live there? :)12:46
bobweaverI still wonder that my-self I think it is because of family12:46
jhodappinteresting, scary place, even in the daylight12:47
bobweaverbut yeah that is coming from me the one that lives in the ghetto12:47
Saviqbobweaver, is there anything in particular you have issues with to get the iso built?12:47
bobweaveryeah I have to learn more about debian live it has been a couple of months sense I last used12:49
* bobweaver scratches his head and thinks about hooks 12:49
bobweaverSaviq,  I am having trouble with GSETTINGS_ part also I want to point it to /usr/share/unity-2d/ as I have planted that there now but it keeps yelling about the com.canonical.Unity2d part12:51
bobweaverwell /usr/share/ubuntu-tv/data   I think12:52
bobweaverwell I know that is where "ubuntu-tv" is but not sure about pointing GSETTINGS12:52
Saviqbobweaver, that's not how you should approach that, just build packages from the ubuntutv code12:52
Saviqbobweaver, and replace unity-2d* with them12:52
Saviqbobweaver, the installation trigger will take care of compiling the schemas for gsettings12:53
Saviqbobweaver, ubuntutv is now just a version of unity-2d12:54
bobweaveryeah I figured as much like a alted version12:54
Saviqbobweaver, you will need to modify the gnome session to replace launcher+dash with shell12:54
Saviqas they got merged12:54
bobweaverthere are a couple of things that I am having trouble with. Like how to assign pictures for fan art and metadata ect12:55
Saviqbobweaver, we used the xbmc format for that12:55
bobweaverSaviq,  yup xbmc is installed and all set up12:55
bobweaverbut there is sill not pictures or info for movies12:56
Saviqbobweaver, so you just need to export the metadata from xbmc into .nfo files and images12:56
Saviqbobweaver, and the video lens will pick those up12:56
Saviqbobweaver, you can see the details in the README file for the lens12:56
bobweaverscan -r and also on start up with xbmc is set up also ~/Videos/unity/local/{rented,featured,and the other two} also have set up just like it says in the README.txt12:58
bobweaverI also removed xbmc.desktop and .application  files12:59
bobweaverso there is only ubuntu and ubuntutv in lightdm menu13:00
bobweaverhere is what I am talking about with the images http://imagebin.org/21325613:04
bobweaverthat is live iso by the way ^^13:04
bobweaverhere is a youtube video of it running http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VbRRrJEwZ3E13:16
bobweaverthat video is only allowed for people with the link13:16
Saviqbobweaver, so is there a <same_file_name>.tbn file for that video?13:24
Saviqthat's what's used for the image in the list13:24
bobweaverSaviq,  under ~/Videos/unity/local/featured/   ?13:25
bobweavernot sure what you mean13:26
Saviqbobweaver, the video you have there is under .../rented/13:26
bobweaverthere is no .tbn file13:26
Saviqso say the video file name is "some_file_name.avi", then there should be a "some_file_name.tbn" file13:27
Saviqwhich is really just an image file13:27
Saviqxbmc does that for you, but obviously not for a video that the web doesn't know about13:27
bobweaverso can I make .tbn file ?13:28
bobweaverdo you have a sample that I could see ?13:29
* bobweaver is googleing it now 13:29
Saviqbobweaver, it's just JPEG13:29
Saviqor PNG13:29
bobweaverthe .tbn file is not metadata ?13:30
Saviqbobweaver, no, .nfo is metadata13:30
Saviqand you have that, otherwise the video wouldn't even show up on the list13:30
Saviq.nfo is required13:30
bobweaverwhere is .nfo  located ?13:31
Saviqbobweaver, same place, same name as the video13:31
bobweaverSaviq,  should I be making a folder for each video and storing all info in that said folder ?13:32
Saviqbobweaver, not necessary13:33
Saviqbobweaver, you can, but it will work either way13:33
bobweaverlike ..../rented/foo/foo.{avi,nfo,tbn} .13:33
bobweaversorry too slow on the typing13:33
Saviqbobweaver, ..../rented/foo.{avi,nfo,tbn} will work just as well13:33
bobweaverThanks Saviq13:34
bobweaverthere is something funny because there is no nfo file the only files I have are .avi13:34
Saviqthey shouldn't show up then :]13:34
Saviqat least IIRC13:35
Saviqlet me take a quick look at the code13:35
Saviqah you're right13:37
Saviqwe're looking for all videos13:37
Saviqso what you're seeing is fine13:37
mhall119http://www.networkworld.com/community/blog/waiting-%E2%80%9Creal%E2%80%9D-apple-tv while it's all about Apple TV, the things the author says are needed are exactly what we're working on for Ubuntu TV13:42
mhall119I think lenses and scopes on a TV are going to be a real selling point for us13:45
tgm4883although I disagree with the author of that article13:45
tgm4883Apple does not provide any more of a consistent interface than any other TV maker13:45
jhodappas an Apple TV owner I agree13:47
bobweaverso I could make perl bash or python scrip most likly python that  that is on loop that checks to see if file.avi/some video format  then also check for .nfo and .tbn file if not there go scrape some site.  if it is there check to see if it is up-too-date13:47
mhall119tgm4883: he's speculating about the what Jobs was supposed to be working on just before he died13:47
mhall119something different from the current Apple TV13:47
tgm4883mhall119, that's not what I meant13:48
tgm4883how can you have consistency from 1 thing?13:49
Saviqtgm4883, I believe it's consistency _in_ that one thing13:49
Saviqwhich most lack13:50
tgm4883Saviq, but that's the point. Them being different actually adds in another change. They are essentially fragmenting the market more13:50
tgm4883Don't all Samsung smart TV's have the same interface too?13:50
Saviqtgm4883, in that sense we're fragmenting it again13:51
Saviqtgm4883, but there's a lack of consistency _inside_ a single product13:51
tgm4883Saviq, not exactly13:51
mhall119tgm4883: He meant that finding a video on Netflix and finding a video on Hulu require 2 completely different interfaces, even on the same device13:51
mhall119our goal with Unity and Ubuntu TV is to make everything available through one interface, regardless of it's source13:52
mhall119same with playback, we want everything go use the same player UI13:52
bobweaverthat is a awesome goal !13:52
tgm4883apple has only ever done two things that are good13:52
tgm48831) marketing13:52
tgm48832) using there marketing to sell a bunch of stuff and then force big companies to release stuff digitally13:53
tgm4883and they aren't even doing #2 that well13:53
mhall119$0.99 music downloads, I'd say they cracked #2 pretty well13:53
jhodappmhall119: yes, that is my biggest complaint of the Apple TV...search is a pain on it and I rarely use it13:53
jhodappso I have to browse a lot13:54
tgm4883mhall119, well that depends on your view13:54
* tgm4883 isn't a fan of exclusivity deals13:54
bobweaverwhat about having emulator plugins does apple tv have that ?13:54
bobweaverlike pcsx and pcsx 2 sct13:54
mhall119tgm4883: they were able to force the recording industry to do something that was good for consumers, even if it was bad for their bottom line, that can't have been easy13:55
bobweaverect *13:55
jhodappbobweaver: Apple TV has no plugins13:56
bobweaverwell that is not good13:56
jhodappit's not extendible by anyone but Apple13:56
tgm4883mhall119, yes, they partially did music and videos. Anything not in their itunes store doesn't exist13:56
jhodappbut apps can interact with the TV over Airplay13:56
tgm4883Saviq, I'd agree with you on the fragmentation if we only planned to release to one manufacturer, although it seems we're attempting to do something similar to what google tv does13:57
tgm4883in that sense, we are fragmenting the market13:57
bobweaverI know that this is a little offtopic but you guy's think that rotten tomato is the best movie database or imbd ?13:58
bobweaverI am going to write scraper13:58
tgm4883bobweaver, we can't use imdb13:58
tgm4883bobweaver, why?13:58
bobweaverbecause xbmc is not working for me13:58
Saviqbobweaver, you seem to be reinventing the wheel a lot ;)13:58
tgm4883scrapers are a bad idea13:58
tgm4883use tmdb API13:58
Saviqbobweaver, xbmc is already doing all that for you13:59
tgm4883and pull an already made script13:59
bobweaverThanks a ton tgm488313:59
tgm4883the only reason XBMC is needed, is because it makes the nfo and tbn files, and that is what UTV expects to find13:59
tgm4883Saviq, please tell me that won't always be the case ^13:59
tgm4883I think we'll need to ditch the .nfo files14:00
Saviqtgm4883, of course not14:00
Saviqtgm4883, that was just a quick'n'dirty solution for the demo14:00
bobweaverSaviq, what can we write to get ride of it  ?14:00
Saviqbobweaver, we need a media scanner14:01
Saviqbobweaver, that will scan the filesystem and retrieve data and images14:01
tgm4883I actually have something that might work for part of that14:01
tgm4883It's a python app I wrote that uses inotify to monitor a directory for new files or removed files14:02
tgm4883it then triggers another process14:02
tgm4883that other process would be the metadata gathering utility. We'd need to plug in a grabber for tmdb or ttvdb14:03
tgm4883Saviq, but where does this all end up? if we aren't ending in .nfo files, is there plans to use a DB?14:03
bobweaverThe thing that keeps poping up in my head is a easy way for end user to add videos for there own collection14:03
jhodapptgm4883: yes, a db14:03
tgm4883bobweaver, thats the idea behind my app. The user just adds it to a directory14:04
Saviqtgm4883, db is the only thing that will allow for fast searching14:04
tgm4883Saviq, I agree14:04
Saviqso yup, it's a db14:04
bobweaverso we need db then :)14:04
tgm4883that's the monitoring utility I wrote14:05
tgm4883it was written for MythTV, but it would be easily adaptable to ubuntu tv14:06
tgm4883we never actually shipped it though, so it's unfinished14:06
tgm4883it works though14:07
bobweaverHow is the video.lens being called ? I am hacking the launcher16:08
bobweaverI  want to intergrate unity-lens.applications  I have all the buttons that I can select now because I alted ubuntutv/launcher/Simplelauncher.qml16:09
bobweaverwell a hacked up version of it16:09
mhall119bobweaver: Unity will call the lens and scopes when the user initiates it16:11
mhall119initiates the Dash that is16:11
mhall119bobweaver: what are you trying to do with it?16:12
bobweaverwell I got all the icons working I mean I can now select them16:13
mhall119icons in the dash, or the launcher?16:13
bobweaverI would now like to start on making a lens for applications that are installed so the enduser can use16:13
mhall119we already have an applications lens16:13
bobweaverme and the wheel16:14
bobweaverwhere is code ?16:14
mhall119one second16:14
mhall119argh, unity.ubuntu.com is being slow16:15
mhall119bobweaver: http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/common-components/#applications-lens16:17
bobweaverthanks a ton mhall119  and also I have no been able to tell you how awesome you are for making Singlet it has helped me big time so Thanks for that your are awesome and I give you a gold star :)16:17
mhall119aw, thanks :)16:17
mhall119I hope to be able to do a lot more with singlet this cycle16:17
bobweaversweet it is like dh_make for packaging but only for unity stuff well kinda anyway good stuff16:19
bobweaverso wait I can just tie stock unity-lens-applications into this ?16:20
bobweaveronClicked: launcher.itemClicked("applictions-lens ")  ?16:22
bobweaverto the SimpleLauncher.qml file16:22
mhall119oh, you mean putting a launcher icon that opens the lens?16:23
mhall119hmmm, I think there were plans to support that already, you might want to ask in #ubuntu-unity16:23
mhall119you certainly don't want to execute the applications-lens script on click16:24
mhall119bobweaver: ok, I'm told that there's a task to make this possible in Unity, but it hasn't been implemented yet16:28
mhall119it's something that will require a code change to Unity itself, I think16:28
bobweaveris it going to be like your pencil markups ?16:29
mhall119I think it's going to be an option for the desktop, and probably default for TV16:30
bobweaverlike to jump back to the desktop ?16:31
bobweavernm sorry16:31
mhall119bobweaver: no, just general support for adding launchers to lenses16:35
mhall119like we had in 11.0416:35
mhall119once that support lands in Unity, it'll be possible to do with any installed lens16:36
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bobweaverShould I try and get all these or some of them implanted into TV ?  http://www.noobslab.com/2012/01/install-important-lenses-in-ubuntu.html23:55
bobweaverwrite qml dash templates for each ?23:56

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