ali1234is compiz involved?00:08
MartijnVdSI see it too04:28
Azelphur_ali1234, you about? lg4l question :p04:29
Azelphur_or anyone who happens to be good with packaging, I'm trying to remove a package, and it's refusing :<04:30
Azelphur_think I managed to patch the prerm script to make it work \o/04:32
MartijnVdS\o/ hacking in /var/lib/dpkg/info/04:56
Azelphurindeed :p05:29
AzelphurMartijnVdS: since your the only awake person, happen to know how to install a bios .rom file?05:32
AlanBellmorning all06:37
DJonesMorning all07:13
MartijnVdSAzelphur: urrr07:29
MartijnVdSAzelphur: install a BIOS ROM file?07:29
MartijnVdSAzelphur: as in, flash your bios with the contents of a file?07:29
MartijnVdSAzelphur: apt-cache search flash bios :)07:30
DJonesmorning daubers07:30
daubersPlasterer finishes today \o/07:32
daubersJust painting and tiling left to do now \o/ (and skirting board and archetraves)07:33
DJonesdaubers: Hope its not like road resurfacing, as in resurface a road, the have to dig/put holes to run a cable/pipe afterwards07:36
diploMorning all07:52
MooDoohello all08:12
daubersDJones: Cables are already in \o/08:28
daubersdiplo: Yup08:29
daubersGot cat 6a running through the house now :)08:32
diploBorrowed from work ?08:33
daubersBought through work08:33
daubersWas excess from a 1k reel08:33
DJonesInteresting comparison for anybody looking at mobile internet http://www.reghardware.com/2012/05/21/review_uk_carriers_network_vs_network/08:34
bigcalmGood morning peeps :)08:36
bigcalmHow can I send a ctrl-c to a terminal without pressing ctrl-c?08:36
diploI had a few boxes of 315mtr boxes myself daubers08:36
diploStill not got round to properly wiring08:36
daubers:) I need to wire in the patch panel still... but need to put a socket in the comms cabinet first08:38
diplounder linux bigcalm ?08:38
bigcalmdiplo: it's a Debian server that isn't responding to ctrl-c08:38
ali1234kill -INT08:39
ali1234or kill -208:39
bigcalmOk. I still need to work out how to get ctrl-c working08:40
ali1234what's the deal with zombies?08:40
bigcalmLack of brains apparently08:41
ali1234serverfault says they use no resources08:41
ali1234i know for a fact this is not true08:41
ali1234because i'm still weekly killing hundreds of them on a server08:41
ali1234if i don't, oomkiller comes out to play08:42
bigcalmRead that as 'weakly'08:48
ali1234[1899841.373219] mysqld invoked oom-killer: gfp_mask=0x1201d2, order=0, oomkilladj=008:50
ali1234[1899841.383262] Killed process 32246 (python)08:50
ali1234same thing every tme08:52
ali1234[1968900.628640] npviewer.bin[1754]: segfault at f5a6d0b4 ip 00000000f620a943 sp 00000000ffe38730 error 4 in libflashplayer.so[f5e42000+b5f000]08:52
ali1234every time that happens it creates a zombie08:52
bigcalmOh my. Taken from a client's email sig: Senior Computer Operator08:56
ali1234is that like "elderly drivers"08:57
christelbigcalm: hahaha08:58
diplobigcalm: Reply and say what does your job title involve ?08:58
DJonesSounds like somebody who does open heart surgery on a computer08:58
diploHis name Steve Camplin ?08:59
diploFound someones Linkedin profile with the same title08:59
diploBut that was '92 to '9509:00
bigcalmNa, a lass is our account manager at PayPoint09:00
DJonesdiplo: How about these for strange job titles http://www.recruitment-views.com/the-ten-strangest-job-titles-on-linkedin/189309:01
ali1234lots of people spell it "senor" by accident09:01
ali1234which is just comical09:01
diplo4.         Wizard of Light Bulb Moments09:02
diploTop score tbh09:02
ali1234microsoft launched a social network09:19
ali1234i don't predict this turning out well09:20
popeyis it called "live" perchance?09:20
ali1234no it's called so.cl09:21
popeyoh dear09:21
ali1234which i assume is pronounced "sockel"09:21
ali1234because how else would you pronounce it?09:21
popey"social" I suspect ;)09:21
popeyhaha, you can sign in with facebook09:21
ali1234no, i telling you, it rhymes with the way a 3 year old says "bottle"09:21
popeybo ul09:22
* diplo predicts flop09:23
SuperMattI've just installed 10.04 in a vm and it's fucking snappy09:25
SuperMattI'm half tempted to install it to disk and use that instead of 12.0409:25
bigcalm!ohmy | SuperMatt09:25
lubotu3`SuperMatt: Please remember that all Ubuntu IRC channels share the same attitude of providing friendly and polite interaction with all users of all ages and cultures. Basically, this means no foul language and no abuse towards others.09:25
SuperMattoh, sorry. I swore again09:25
TheOpenSourcererSuperMatt: So am I09:25
SuperMattsorry sorry09:25
SuperMattI think I prefer ambiance in 10.04, the window buttons were much nicer09:26
hamitronI wish windows wouldn't move down and to the right each time I left click on them09:27
hamitronseems to be just the top bar09:27
SuperMattthat's pretty sweek09:29
ali1234i'm going to tweak the theme a bit to fix the excessively dark menu bar. but first i need to finish this website that i've been procrastinating on for the past month09:30
ali1234possibly try to hack back in the old system menu09:31
ali1234interesting. the windows signature page requires silverlight for the demo video, but the so.cl demo video is html5...09:36
davmor2morning all10:00
MooDoomorning davmor210:01
brobostigongood morning everyone.10:06
davmor2morning MooDoo10:09
davmor2czajkowski: PROD!!!!!10:09
czajkowskidavmor2: herrro10:11
davmor2czajkowski: how was you're lazy weekend :D10:12
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diploRather quiet here again today11:06
diploIt's odd feeling that people actually have work to do ?!?11:06
ali1234i've written 10 lines of code for that website so i guess now i can go back to procrastinating11:07
diploI really must get on with doing some work with Joomla tnoight11:09
diploRather than watching telly all night11:09
dogmatic69Since yesterday strange things are happening with workspaces. All of a sudden things like replying to a mail is opening a window in another space, instead of the one evolution is in (and always has been in)11:23
dogmatic69anyone got an idea on how to pin some app to a specific space?11:23
popeydogmatic69: is your evo window hanging over a workspace boundary when you open a new window?11:57
dogmatic69popey: evo window?11:59
dogmatic69it is just maximised12:02
davmor2dogmatic69: what screen are you on when you open the window and how are you opening it?12:02
dogmatic69what screen?12:03
dogmatic69clicking 'reply' opens the window12:03
dogmatic69I have 2x workspaces [   | x ][ y |   ] evolution is in x, reply opens in y12:04
dogmatic69dual monitor, 2x workspaces12:04
davmor2dogmatic69: no idea then I'm afraid12:05
ali1234i thought it was thunderbird now?12:06
popeydogmatic69: i get that if the main window overhangs the next workspace/screen12:07
dogmatic69popey: I could understand that if the window was not maxed. Maybe there is a bug in unity or something?12:07
dogmatic69def not about overhang. Just made the window 400x400 in the centre and the same thing12:08
dogmatic69also I have just noticed. I have [ X |   ] and click the icon to make the window smaller (not full size) and it goes to [   | x ]12:09
dogmatic69things are just seeming very random12:09
davmor2dogmatic69: have you been playing with that system if so I suggest you write a bug with exactly what you've done to it, it sounds like the mods may have triggered something in those settings has triggered an underlying bug maybe (corner case bug)12:13
dogmatic69davmor2: I only installed the unity config app and changed to 2 workspaces instead of 412:15
davmor2dogmatic69: indeed but it could be the way that the tool set this that is triggering an issue I don't see it here with any app of gnome (please note I am not using evolution)12:17
dogmatic69ye, I have not noticed with any other app12:17
popeybug 87414612:23
lubotu3`Launchpad bug 874146 in compiz (Ubuntu) "New windows open on the wrong monitor" [Low,Triaged] https://launchpad.net/bugs/87414612:23
dogmatic69popey: exactly \o/12:25
DJonesHeh, nice registration for a plumbers http://goo.gl/r8JgK12:40
daubersdogmatic69: I've notice that if you have unbalanced screen sizes and an app that is slightly bigger than the smaller one, if you drag it to the smallest screen and hit maximise it will jump to the larger monitor12:49
dogmatic69daubers: they are both 23" 1980ish x whatever. also using twin view so its 'one screen'12:51
daubersdogmatic69: Ah :) Mine is my littl 14" laptop connected to a 21" monitor12:52
dogmatic69that bug popey dug up is pretty much identical. and 33 users affected12:53
dogmatic69bah.. nothing beats dealing with 'IT' people12:59
daubersdogmatic69: Having fnu?13:01
dogmatic69so much...13:01
dogmatic69daubers: "head of it" send file.7z with link to download 7zip. "Why do I need that, I already have a program for zip files"13:02
daubersdogmatic69: Nice :)13:03
dogmatic69then setup uniserver (wamp) to run a site. same "head of IT" basically said, I cant view it over the network when I disconnect the network cable13:04
diplodogmatic69: I had to IT Managers like that at the last place I worked.13:05
dogmatic69diplo: If I actually working with someone like that it would end up outside in the park with boxing gloves13:07
hamitronwouldn't you want it to be bare fists, to cause them some damage?13:08
dogmatic69that or a bat13:08
hamitronyeh :)13:08
dogmatic69even my mother knows what 7zip is13:09
diploI ended up leaving dogmatic6913:09
hamitronit came after 6zip?13:09
diploCompany has recently gone under13:09
dogmatic69diplo: don't blame you.13:09
dogmatic69hamitron: ye, its the new version13:09
dogmatic69cant wait for 8zip, that is going to be good...13:09
daubers\o/ oggcampl hotel booking altered13:10
dogmatic69diplo: is it just me, or do these 'IT people' always seem to some how pull the wool over the eyes of boss/ceo/almost everyone in the office that they are some kind of computing god?13:10
daubersMissus fancies a weekend away13:10
diploDefo, they can talk the talk because they are not techie I guess13:11
diploGuy who is running IT where I worked now, sort of knows phone systems13:11
diploAnd that's it, he has been there just shy of 2 years13:11
diploAnd still hasn't asked for one password for ANY of about 70 physical servers13:11
hamitrondiplo, at least it means it continue to run? ;)13:12
dogmatic69I would not consider myself any sort of network/admin/database/<fancy_term> specialist. but so long as there is a connection and I can view google.com I can figure it out13:12
ali1234why you sending 7zip files? 7zip totally sucks13:12
dogmatic69ali1234: ye, files 40% smaller than .zip totally suck13:12
* hamitron tends to just use .zip anyway13:13
ali12347zip is lol13:13
dogmatic69it was 120mb vs 200mb.13:13
hamitronali1234, what you use? .xz?13:14
ali1234the linux command line implementation deletes the input archive when unpacking because it wants to be like gunzip13:14
dogmatic69for a small file I would use .zip, unless its *nix then .gz13:14
ali1234but it isn't because gzip actually handles streams13:14
ali1234and also gzip has a way to override the deletion behaviour - 7zip does not13:14
gordfor doing what i want 7zip to do, that is, compress a file. it is very far away from sucking13:15
dogmatic69gord: exactly13:15
ali1234if you want to compress a file, and you don't want to keep a copy of the archive when decompressing, then it can just about handle that13:15
hamitronso what would you use ali1234?13:17
ali1234zip or gzip depending on audience13:17
hamitronnot bzip?13:17
ali1234but the main reason i use archivers is because i want to keep multiple files together with permissions13:17
ali1234something that 7zip totally sucks at... zip too, but i only use zip if i'm sending stuff to windows users13:18
hamitronyeh, that is main reason I often use zip13:18
hamitrontoo lazy to worry about different platforms13:18
ali1234most people don't even do that13:18
ali1234gmail's "download all attachments as a zip file" is a life saver13:18
dogmatic69ali1234: I am not sure about the archive stuff you are talking about. I would think it is safe to say that 99% of people just want xyz file to be smaller.13:19
ali1234when someone emails me 50 jpegs attached to one email13:19
ali1234dogmatic69: no, you're totally wrong, 99% of people just want to make 50 files into 1 file and do not car if there is zero compression13:19
hamitronso tar? ;)13:19
ali1234basically yes13:19
ali1234sometimes i don't even bother to gzip it13:20
hamitrongzip I find to be ok for compression, but without major overhead13:21
hamitronso i tend to use that13:21
hamitronalso, because j is not a char I like typing13:21
ali1234i just had sandwiches with precooked bacon for lunch13:23
ali1234it was like a ready made supermarket sandwich except i had to make it myself13:23
* hamitron had cheese and cucumber sandwich13:26
dogmatic69should be cucumber and lettuce13:31
dogmatic69washed down with some tea :D13:31
hamitronI had tea13:31
hamitronso nearly there13:31
hamitronubuntu will run on comps with 256MB memory?13:32
AlanBellno, but it will walk13:32
AlanBellpossibly jog slowly13:32
hamitronso what about 512MB?13:32
ali1234server will13:32
ali1234ubuntu will run on a machine with 64mb if you give it enough swap13:33
ali1234it will take several hours to boot though13:33
hamitrondesktop version says 256MB13:33
hamitronso wondering if I should try it on my latpop13:33
AlanBellyeah, less than that and the installer complains about it13:33
AlanBellyou can install it and then take memory away13:34
ali1234not if you use debootstrap13:35
ali1234that doesn't care. at all.13:35
hamitronI'm thinking more about the end experience13:35
AlanBellyou won't enjoy it13:35
ali1234don't bother with less than 2GB on 32bit or 4GB on 64bit13:35
AlanBellfitting lots of ram to a laptop is probably cheaper than you might expect13:35
hamitronlaptop is maxed out at 512MB13:36
ali1234laptops are silly13:36
AlanBellwhat laptop?13:36
hamitrondell inspiron 810013:36
hamitronbut I am enjoying ubuntu 12.04 in vmware, with 3GB memory13:36
AlanBellI used to have one of those!13:37
hamitronI got a Latitude C810 too13:37
AlanBellwith the big yellow pad things13:37
hamitronI got the full range of colours13:38
hamitronblack, grey, purple, yellow, navy13:38
AlanBellyeah, I fitted the yellow ones as I was doing Lotus stuff at the time13:38
AlanBellbest laptop screen ever, 1600x1200 4:3 aspect ratio13:39
hamitronI'd love to upgrade, but laptops with decent resolution displays cost a fair bit13:39
ali1234do you know why?13:39
hamitronI've upgraded to a geforce 4 :)13:39
ali1234it's because they're supposed to be portable13:39
hamitronI must say, my laptop would not be so great for a smaller female or something13:40
hamitronif you have to move around a lot13:40
ali1234there is really no point in 1600x1200 unless the display is like 19"13:40
hamitronthey so is!13:40
ali1234then you've got a laptop that basically can't be moved from it's desk13:41
hamitron15" is fine13:41
hamitronI wouldn't go bigger though13:41
ali1234no, 15" 1600x1200 is not worth it at all, there's no way you can tell the difference if you are using it normally13:42
ali1234by normally i mean your head is further than one foot away from the screen13:42
hamitron2 cd drives is nice too13:42
hamitronI find it nice when drawing electronic circuits ali123413:43
diploali1234: I've always owned/run laptops with 1920x108013:43
diploD820 / E range aswell latitudes13:44
diploFor your experience it may not work, but the last 7-8 years it's what I've had13:44
diploAnd I wouldn't like smaller res13:44
hamitrondiplo, is that 17"?13:44
diplonah 1513:46
hamitronI could live with that13:46
hamitronlooking at it13:46
hamitronprofessional nvidia graphics13:46
DJonesali1234: I had a 15" 1600x1200 laptop for about 10 years, the screen size was worth it for me beause there was enough screen space for all the apps I wanted onscreen  and viewable at the same time, yes it was heavy, but it was used every day of taht 10 years & moved around from home to office to clients 5 days a week, teh weight wasn't a noticable concern13:47
hamitronI don't get how anyone can live with anything less than 1024 pixels high :/13:48
hamitronand widescreens seem to have just kicked that into touch13:48
DJonesI'd still be using it if I could have got a memory & graphics card upgrade for it13:48
hamitronunless you go upper range13:49
hamitronfound this with desktop monitors too13:50
hamitronI basically have to go 1920x120013:50
DJoneshamitron: It took me a while to get used to a 1600x900 after dropping down from the 1600x120013:51
hamitrona struggle with 320mm height limit :/13:51
hamitronah yeh, there is 1600x90013:52
hamitronbut still feels like a downgrade13:52
hamitronmy CRT does 1280x102413:52
ali123415" 1600x1200 is 133dpi, which is basically higher than anything but an iphone 413:52
hamitronali1234, and you are saying more is not better?13:53
hamitronthat is like saying we can all use atoms instead of core i13:53
ali1234er, no13:53
hamitronwe could.... but not as good for some things13:53
ali1234i'm saying you can't tell the difference13:54
ali1234the only reason you can tell is because the UI is all smaller if you use windows13:55
hamitronmy sisters laptop is 1280x768..... looks a lot nicer than mine for colours, but not as detailed13:55
ali1234if you want to cram more on the screen just make the font smaller and it will work fine on a 1280x1024 @ 15"13:55
hamitronso better for media13:56
hamitronyeh, I could live with 1280x1024, agreed13:56
hamitronbut 1280x768.....13:56
DJonesMy point wasn't about the dpi, it was purely that everything would fit nicely on screen at a readable resolution and without individual windows being eitehr too small or needing to be scrolled13:57
ali1234as i said, just change the font size13:57
hamitronon a serious note, I can't work out how to change all these settings on ubuntu 12.04 is unity13:57
ali12341600x1200 15" is *much* too small to be readable13:58
hamitronwith unity13:58
hamitronali1234, make the fonts bigger? ;D13:58
ali1234hamitron: you have to install gnome-tweak-tool13:58
hamitronah, I remember now13:59
hamitronyou told me last time13:59
hamitronbut I was having stability issues13:59
ali1234hamitron: a normal person would make the fonts bigger on a 15" 1600x1200 yes. or more likely they'd just change the resolution to 800x600 and then wonder why it looks really blurry13:59
ali1234actually that would not look blurry because /213:59
ali1234but you know what i mean. i;m sure you've seen people doing that14:00
hamitronbut I still think a higher resolution gives you more detail and options14:00
hamitronyou can move your face closer to see more detail14:00
hamitronI've really liked it when using CAD software, and a bit of blender14:01
ali1234get a 42" TV14:01
ali1234sit 2 feet away from it14:01
hamitronbut at end of the day, phones have got more dpi over the years14:02
hamitronso why can't laptops?14:02
hamitronwe are actually reducing the spec, and lowering the price14:02
ali1234as i said, 133dpi is more than anything other than an iphone 4, which has a stupidly high res14:03
hamitronwhat does android run at?14:03
hamitronthat is a higher dpi than my laptop then14:04
DJoneshamitron: Are still using the old Dell, mine was 10 years old when it retired14:04
gordpretty sure the ps vita is much higher than 133 dpi14:04
ali1234yeah, typical android is about 200dpi14:04
hamitronDJones, my geforce 2 died :/14:04
ali1234iphone 4 is like 360dpi14:04
ali1234or 4s or whatever14:04
DJoneshamitron: Shame, mine is still working, but not been used for about a year14:05
hamitronDJones, not a shame.... good excuse to upgrade to a geforce 4 ;)14:05
ali1234i can't see individual pixels on my phone14:06
diploali1234: As i said I ran 1920 on my 15" screen D82014:06
hamitronI bought a latitude c810 to test too14:06
diploIt was fine for work, and is still fine for home.14:06
hamitronthat is my dedicated scalextric comp now14:06
diploMy eyesight is perfectly happy with it, others do complain admittedly, but it's what I work with daily and prefer it.14:07
ali1234diplo: why wouldn't it be fine? the point is that 1280x1024 would also have been fine for work and home, and cost a lot less14:07
hamitrontbh ali1234, you can see the dots on a 1280x102414:07
hamitron1600x1200 makes them smaller14:07
diploIt's not my money, and I don't agree with you. But also not going to argue :)14:07
ali1234if it's 17" and you are under 1 foot away, then yes, you can see the dots, just about14:08
hamitronboth are "fine" ofc14:08
hamitronbut is 1280x768 fine?14:08
ali1234if the screen is 10"? yes, it's absolutely fine14:08
hamitronand 15"?14:09
ali1234it's borderline14:09
DJonesAt the end of the day, its what works for you14:09
hamitronif I have to use 1280x768, I will consider one of them 12.1" netbooks14:10
hamitronPentium 3 is showing its age now though :/14:10
hamitronany idea how to stop windows moving down and to the right when I left click on the top bar?14:11
hamitronthis is just frustrating now14:11
ali1234use metacity14:12
hamitronI may as well just install what I want, than use the default install.... at this rate14:13
directhex"use metacity" isn't a very useful answer, since that also means "don't use unity at all"14:13
ali1234kind of defeats the purpose of a preconfigured distribution but there you go14:14
directhexsince unity is a plugin for compiz14:14
ali1234yes, i know14:14
ali1234but the bugs are in compiz, not unity14:14
hamitronso is it a bug that will be fixed later?14:14
ali1234so merely getting rid of unity isn't enough14:14
directhexhamitron, i don't see the issue you describe.14:15
hamitronleft click on the bar at the top of a window14:15
hamitronand it moves down and right slightly14:15
hamitronon each click14:15
Laneyrice milk is surprisingly nice14:16
directhexhmm, nope14:16
directhexLaney, it's not milk if it's not squeezed from a bovine animal! it's just an impostor!14:16
hamitrondirecthex, really?14:16
directhexhamitron, really. i'm wondering how sensitive your mouse is, e.g. if you're trying to click, but are dragging slightly14:17
ali1234make a video14:17
ali1234have you reported it btw?14:17
hamitronI haven't14:18
ali1234or even looked on launchpad?14:18
hamitronI wasn't sure if I was just newbing it14:18
ali1234if you need to ask...14:18
popeythere was a bug some time back where windows would creep cross the screen14:18
ali1234there were several actually14:18
directhexi remember seeing compiz do that, like, 5 years ago14:18
ali1234but most of them got fixed14:18
directhexback when it was on Xgl!14:18
ali1234i remember seeing it 6 months ago14:18
ali1234bug 77016014:20
lubotu3`Launchpad bug 888039 in unity (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #770160 Gradual degradation in desktop performance." [Critical,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/88803914:20
ali1234bug 98606314:20
lubotu3`Launchpad bug 974242 in compiz (Ubuntu) "duplicate for #986063 Compiz edge detection code is moving windows against my will" [Undecided,Confirmed] https://launchpad.net/bugs/97424214:20
ali1234hamitron: also make a new user and test that14:20
directhexyeah, that's always good practice14:21
directhexexcellent point14:21
lubotu3`Ubuntu bug 811212 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Compiz's Wobbly Windows causes window creep" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:22
lubotu3`Ubuntu bug 914529 in compiz (Ubuntu) "Windows creep to another workspace/desktop" [Undecided,Confirmed]14:22
bigcalmAnybody here done much work with sockets?14:23
hamitronhow I set the password for the new account in the GUI? ;)14:24
ali1234you have to click "account disabled"14:24
ali1234then it asks you for a password14:24
* hamitron facedesks14:24
diplobigcalm: Socket calls ?14:24
ali1234senseful i know14:24
bigcalmdiplo: yes. In PHP, but might be generic my problem14:24
diployeah we use them for work unfortunately :)14:24
bigcalmThat was horrible. But my problem might be generic. That's better14:25
ali1234socket calls in php?14:25
bigcalmYes, socket calls in PHP14:25
hamitronbrb, switching to new user14:25
bigcalmA client send a packet of data to my service. The 1st to bytes of the packet contain the packet length. So I do two reads. One for 2 bytes and another for the length of the packet itself.14:26
bigcalmThis works just fine, expect I cannot receive a 2nd packet sent later14:27
bigcalmI fear something is waiting for more data or a special character14:27
ali1234fun times14:27
ali1234this is why most people don't write their own socket code14:28
bigcalmNo choice. There's no public code for what I'm doing14:28
bigcalmI was wondering if this was a generic problem that others have faced14:28
ali1234it most certainly is14:29
bigcalmAnd know how to fix it ;)14:29
ali1234that too14:29
bigcalmIn here?14:29
ali1234what you've done is define the most simple possible data link layer possible14:30
ali1234read a byte then read n bytes where n is the byte you read14:30
ali1234then repeat14:31
ali1234this fails if even one byte goes missing14:31
ali1234once it is out of sync it is unlikely to ever get in sync again14:31
ali1234there are multiple ways of dealing with this problem. you might have heard of some of them: PPP, SLIP, TCP...14:32
diploWhat you actually trying to do bigcalm ?14:33
bigcalmdiplo: A payment service (PayPoint) connect to my socket service and send a payment message for me to manage and respond to14:34
diploWe use TCPServer which calls a bash script basically which calls our old software14:34
diploSounds a similar setup as us, so we use http://cr.yp.to/ucspi-tcp/tcpserver.html14:35
diploon the *nix box which listens on a set port14:35
ali1234bigcalm: is it a TCP socket? UDP socket? ICMP packets?14:35
bigcalmali1234: TCP14:35
diploWhen it goes through it calls a script which calls our app and returns the info14:35
ali1234then you don't need to worry about bytes going missig. you just have a bug in your code14:35
bigcalmdiplo: sounds a little more sane14:36
ali1234i suspect you are having a problem because you try to read n bytes assuming that 1 message = 1 packet14:37
ali1234but all n bytes are not available14:37
bigcalmali1234: glad to hear it, just don't know what's buggy :)14:37
ali1234you are checking how much you actually read after each read call?14:37
bigcalmI'm limiting how much I read anyway14:37
ali1234limiting is not good enough14:38
ali1234you can also get LESS than you asked for14:38
diploWe use this setup for all our E-Commerce sites at the mo to read and write to the old system14:38
diploBut have wrote our own socketcall server for our new system14:38
ali1234in a good language that would cause an exception when you read past the end of the array. but php is not a good language so who knows14:38
diplolol ali1234, do you like anything :)14:39
ali1234yes. i like python14:39
bigcalmTook a while for the PHP bashing to start14:39
* bigcalm shrugs14:39
bigcalmI'll take a look at using tcpserver14:39
ali1234i like poached eggs14:39
ali1234i like black tea with two sugars14:39
diploI like things that do what I want them to do, if not I find something else I guess14:40
diploI like python for some things, perl for others14:40
diploPHP for others14:40
bigcalmTime for a cuppa tea14:41
bigcalmAnd some paracetamol14:41
diploGot to take my sprogs to swimming lessons in 20 mins14:42
diploNot sure my head can take it14:42
ali1234you mean... you've got to drop the kids off at the pool?14:42
ali1234i never understood that joke for ages14:43
ali1234i mean it seems like a reasonable thing to do14:43
diploKids love there lessons, the noise is a bit to much though14:44
bigcalmali1234: it's a joke? Toilet humour?14:45
* popey pokes bigcalm with a pm14:46
* bigcalm notices and eeks14:46
bigcalmSo do I try and fix this 99% working service, or make it into a standalone instance and use tcpserver?14:48
ali1234just fix it14:48
bigcalmNext question: how? :)14:48
diploFix it if you are that far into the code, tcp service didn't take us that long to write but we had done something similar before14:49
diploSo think how long it's worthwhile doing/trying14:49
bigcalmThis is a bad week as we're off on holiday next week14:49
bigcalmTaking holiday is not good for one's stress levels14:50
diploDon't work with anyone else you can pass it on to ?14:51
bigcalmI am the company these days14:52
diploWell not your problem if it's holiday.. taken me two years but I've nearly got out of the worrying part14:52
diploIt's all I did at the last job, would even log in from holiday to help people14:53
diploI now finish at 5 99% of the time and I don't think about work till 8 the following morning14:53
diploStill don't like the job but at least I'm better with in myself14:53
bigcalmI like the job I have and try to separate home and work life. But after all these years, I still don't always manage14:55
diploGoing to update my CV over next month or so, ready to start applying June/July.14:56
diploGet my bonus in August and then go at it full tilt till I get a job.14:56
bigcalmGood luck!14:58
diploJust want to get back to 90% sysadmin work14:59
diploAnd the rest doing anything else that's chucked at me14:59
diploDon't want to develop full time14:59
ali1234hmm oh yeah i just realised... facebook floats on friday, microsoft makes competing site on monday... facebook shares now worth less than the floatation value14:59
bigcalmA blip?15:00
czajkowskiAlanBell: sorted out cds15:00
diploSee you later guys, off to a bunch of screaming kids15:00
ali1234well i thought it was a blip on friday but now microsoft has basically done an exact copy of google+ it does make facebook look a bit dated15:01
hamitronmy drifting windows seems to be only in vmware workstation15:02
ali1234doesn't microsoft already own part of facebook?15:02
bigcalmAny soothing/ambient music suggestions for me to play on spotify?15:04
czajkowskithe frames15:05
czajkowskialways the frames15:05
czajkowskiespecially the set list15:05
czajkowskior my favourite song Star15:05
ali1234bigcalm: boards of canada15:05
* bigcalm nods15:05
ali1234btw is there spotify for precise yet?15:06
bigcalmczajkowski: sounds nice but if there are words I get distracted15:06
bigcalmali1234: I've been using it just fine for many months15:06
czajkowskibigcalm: hello goldfish15:06
bigcalmczajkowski: erm, hi :)15:06
bigcalmDrawn the curtains to blocks out the wonderful sun shine15:07
bigcalmPondering hiding in the dark bedroom for a while15:07
czajkowskisunshine on ones face is fantastic15:07
bigcalmNot with a headache15:08
DJonesbigcalm: Cure for a headache = dihidacodine , ibrufen15:09
DJonesIts working for me at the minute15:09
bigcalmParacetamol, water and time15:09
bigcalmI'll kill the music for a bit as well15:10
czajkowskibigcalm: cure for headache is fresh air and walk in the sun15:10
DJonesAlanBell: http://distrowatch.com/weekly.php?issue=20120521#feature Report on accessibility in linux, seem to rememebr you've had some interest in this15:14
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AlanBellczajkowski: oh, ok great15:52
czajkowskithere are gonna be about 140 people there15:52
czajkowskiin theory15:52
AlanBellI might still try to find an excuse to end up in London this week15:52
AlanBellDJones: thanks, nice writeup15:54
DJonesAlanBell: The only bit that made me blink was when it said he'd been able to do a full install with his eyes shut15:58
AlanBellI can do that15:58
DJonesIncluding partitioning, that sounds scary if you've already got another OS there15:58
AlanBellas long as I let it auto-find the location and keyboard15:58
AlanBellpartitioning is ok (well not massively more scary than with eyes)15:58
AlanBellthe map and typeahead widget is broken, the keyboard auto-selection is impossible (do you have a key with a symbol that looks like ^ on it etc)16:00
AlanBellbut if you are plugged into a working network connection that bit is done for you by magic16:00
AlanBelleveryone should try an install with no eyes, just press ctrl+s when you hear the drums16:01
shaunoheh, I can't get my keymap working properly with my eyes open :/  but I've done a headless install with keyboard and headphones.  it was a very educational experience16:03
AlanBellwas that with the GUI ubiquity installer or the alternate CD?16:04
shaunothe install would have been over a year ago, it was still a two-panel gnome16:05
shauno(the keymap woes are simply because my preferred keymap simply doesn't exist)16:06
DJonesIf I get chance, I'm going to give it a chance on an old machine just to see how easy it is to use16:07
DJonesWhy is that a clock at work will never gain time? They always lose time, may only be a couple of minutes a week, but its frustrating16:15
popeyThe clocks at DVLA are radio controlled. but the building is like a faraday cage, so frequently you'll catch them out of the corner of your eye as they re-sync. it's very offputting16:16
popeyas time spins by at an alarming rate16:17
davmor2bigcalm: you could use my patented cure all for your head ache only one side effect!16:19
bigcalmThankfully the headache subsided a wee while ago now16:20
bigcalmThe DVLA work outside of time itself16:21
MartijnVdShttp://i.imgur.com/yfYlN.jpg ?16:30
gordonjcpI never really got my head around Google+17:52
gordonjcpjust poking at it there17:52
gordonjcpI seem to have a couple of thousand followers, none of whom I know17:52
ali1234are you famous?17:53
gordonjcpmany of them are apparently from places like University of Thirunavananthapuram"17:53
gordonjcpali1234: not as far as I know17:54
gordonjcpI'm sure someone would have told me if I was17:54
gordonjcpit's an interesting philosophical conundrum17:54
ali1234a lot of people don't "get" g+17:54
davmor2gordonjcp: yeah think of it as a facebook/twitter hybrid, so anyone can follow you but you don't need to follow them like twitter, but with the whole friend and feature set like facebook17:54
gordonjcpI mean17:54
gordonjcpI could actually be really famous17:55
gordonjcpnot sure for what, horrible unlistenable electronic music possibly17:55
gordonjcpbut because I don't watch TV I might not know about it17:55
ali1234you think it would be possible to be on TV and not know about it?17:56
ali1234hidden cameras aren't that good17:56
gordonjcpwell if you weren't looking for "live" video17:56
gordonjcpyou could probably get enough still images off flickr, facebook and so on17:57
ali1234not enough to make a tv show worth watching17:57
ali1234you know how every one thinks TV is fake? well it's even more fake than that17:57
ali1234even when it isn't fake, it's still totally fake17:57
ali1234filing a 5 minute bit takes a day of endlessly shooting the same thing over and over again17:58
ali1234you never know that. you might be internet famous in japan or something17:59
ali1234but TV? no17:59
ali1234anyway the thing about G+ that makes it different from twitter and facebook is nobody is following people they don't care about just so they can get them to follow them back18:00
ali1234because it doesn't work18:00
ali1234like facebook has this problem: you don't want to "friend" someone you don't know cos it looks weird18:01
ali1234and they have to friend you back. the etiquette of the whole thing is a drag18:02
ali1234so on facebook i'm friends with a bunch of people i went to school with and have not talked to since. and i don't care about anything they post18:02
ali1234they friended me so i friended them out of politeness. they only wanted a higher friend count anyway18:03
ali1234those sites are essentially write-only because nobody ever actually reads the stuff people write18:03
ali1234G+ is different however, and you are encouraged to follow people you find interesting or entertaining (like on twitter) except it has no silly 140 character limit, and proper conversations (following a conversation on twitter is impossible)18:04
ali1234so there in lies the difference: facebook and twitter are set up to attract people who talk but don't listen. G+ is set up for people who can do both.18:06
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ubuntuuk-planet[Tony] Medium format fun - http://tonywhitmore.co.uk/blog/2012/05/21/medium-format-fun/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=medium-format-fun18:16
AlanBellsudo halt18:36
AlanBelloh noes, I nearly broke the internet18:37
* AlanBell trys again in a different window18:37
mattiAlanBell: ;-)18:38
* AlanBell successfully turns off a raspberry pi18:40
AlanBellali1234: I think you summed up social networking pretty well there18:43
ali1234AlanBell: :)18:44
AlanBellthe only compelling thing about twitter is the userbase18:44
ali1234i didn't even mention how microsoft cloning G+ with their new sockle thing in fact legitimises G+ and makes facebook look outdated18:44
AlanBellI must have missed the memo on this sockle thing18:45
ali1234it was released completely out of the blue this morning18:46
ali1234though i doubt doing it on the working day after facebook IPO was a coincidence18:46
AlanBellso how much of debian and gnome should I install on this raspberry pi18:47
mattiAlanBell: Do you still use BB?18:50
AlanBellmatti: not really18:50
mattiAlanBell: I have found somw brand new things at home to give away.18:50
mattiAlanBell: Cool then ;-)18:50
AlanBellmy daughter will have a blackberry handset when theopensourcerer gets his Galaxy S318:51
AlanBellblackberry perl, on giffgaff18:51
AlanBellprobably won't pay the £3 a month for blackberry services though18:51
mattiI will put it on eBay and then donate simewhere then ;-)18:52
AlanBellgood plan18:53
AlanBellczajkowski: did you fix your battery indicator icon?19:00
AlanBellmine has gone wrong19:00
popeymine seems okay today19:02
* bigcalm eyes the world at large19:04
* popey tickles BigRedS 19:05
* popey tickles bigcalm 19:05
bigcalmShould I be jealous now? :P19:05
* bigcalm drums fingers19:06
* bigcalm tickles popey19:08
czajkowskiAlanBell: nope19:26
* davmor2 flicks elastic bands at popey for not tickling bigcalm first19:33
MartijnVdSMy neighbor has procured (a) an elephant or (b) a vuvuzela19:56
gord(c) vuvuzela loving elephant that does the hoovering19:58
MartijnVdSgord: :(19:58
ali1234has anyone ever done a vuvuzela design for reprap/makerbot?19:59
popeywouldn't it leak air?20:00
ali1234because if they haven't i'm totally going to do it20:00
ali1234i don't think so20:00
MartijnVdSA whole new world of annoyance20:00
ali1234maker faires will never be the same again20:01
MartijnVdSEveryone will hate you20:01
ali1234i know that's the beauty of it20:01
MartijnVdS"Who's that? Is he famous?" "Infamous."20:02
ali1234better to be infamous than forgotten20:02
ali1234https://plus.google.com/101653798591830993272/posts/LRuz6GDy6e9 <- this guy already working on it. followed.20:07
C-S-BAny reason the default apt-get install phpmyadmin doesnt work?20:11
popeymissed sudo?20:12
C-S-BNot that simple :P20:12
C-S-Bits installed the files are there20:12
C-S-Bbasically, I'm not convinced its taking into account the config in /etc/apache2/config.d20:13
C-S-Bas the logs are tell me the file doesnt exist in /var/www20:13
MartijnVdSother vhost?20:13
C-S-Bwhich it shouldnt20:13
BigRedSconfig.d or conf.d? only conf.d is included automatically20:21
* AlanBell installs mono on the raspberry pi20:21
MartijnVdSPoor Pi20:22
* bigcalm waddles in20:23
MartijnVdSbigcalm: had a good meal? :)20:23
* popey tickles bigcalm 20:23
bigcalmChicken meat and chips shared with Hayley20:23
* bigcalm vibrates popey20:23
bigcalmI think I can hear endermen20:24
bigcalmMost odd20:24
MartijnVdSthey're coming for you20:25
DJonesbigcalm: If you think thats odd, I woke up 2 nights ago having a nightmare about being chased down caverns & tunnels....20:25
bigcalmDJones: I've had that a couple of times20:25
DJonesHeh, its not good20:26
bigcalmI killed an enderman but got nothing but xp for it :(20:33
popeyminecraft time!20:34
C-S-BBigRedS, conf.d20:38
C-S-BI would have thought a default install would work...20:38
BigRedSyeah, it does on a default apache20:39
BigRedSbut you may have config of your own getting in the way20:39
C-S-BI've made no changes20:39
BigRedSthough it sounds like teh Alias isn't being honoured20:39
C-S-Bfresh server install with lamp20:39
C-S-Bthen apt-get install phpmyadmin20:39
diploevening all20:53
diplobigcalm: Get sockets fixed ?20:57
bigcalmdiplo: yep :) I was missing a do while loop20:59
diploCool \o/20:59
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* popey hugs bigcalm 21:20
bigcalmWas fun21:20
bigcalmpopey: wifey and kids coming to oggcamp this year?21:22
popeyhah, no chance21:26
C-S-BI really see no reason why apache2 isnt picking up the phpmyadmin file in conf.d21:26
C-S-BAny tips?21:26
C-S-BI'm getting File does not exist: /var/www/phpMyAdmin21:27
bigcalmpopey: oh dear, sharing a room with Daviey again? ;)21:27
popeyif he comes ☺21:28
czajkowskichoooo choooo21:29
matttC-S-B: contents of that config file commented perhaps ?21:33
C-S-BWhich config would you like to see?21:36
C-S-Bmattt, ^21:36
C-S-Bmattt, it's the default: http://pastebin.com/3gs88KVx21:38
C-S-Bthats /etc/apache2/conf.d/phpmyadmin.conf21:39
BigRedSC-S-B: are you visiting .../phpMyAdmin or .../phpmyadmin ?21:39
BigRedS'cause there's no alias in there for the camelcase version21:39
C-S-Boh balls.21:39
C-S-Bif this is it, i'm going to disappear off quietly21:39
C-S-B<-linux admin.21:39
C-S-BThanks, big fail. :( its working.21:40
BigRedSwe've all done it :)21:40
C-S-BI play look after centos at work, thats my excuse21:40
BigRedScentos, the notoriously case-insensitive distro? ;)21:41
matttBigRedS: nice work!21:42
BigRedSmattt: haha, I've seen enough people do that for it to do that that it really should be my first assumption :)21:45
BigRedSwhoa, that was a bad sentence21:45
BigRedSmattt: haha, I've seen enough people do it that it really should be my first assumption :)21:46
BigRedSis there a command for adding a long list of users to a group?21:49
BigRedS(I know I can write a for loop but I find it hard to believe there's not been a better solution written in the past 40 years)21:50
matttjust open up /etc/group and manually paste it in :P21:50
BigRedSyeah, that feels similarly inelegant but may have to do21:51
matttfor user in users; do usermod -G <group> $user; done21:52
matttassuming -G is the switch you want :P21:53
BigRedSwell -a -G21:53
BigRedSbut, yeah, I wanted <cmd> <group> <list of users>21:53
BigRedSI'm now having fun and games with user naming conventions anyway21:54
MonsterKillerHey, having trouble with xchat in 12.04. Every time i start it, it seems to have lost all its settings except the server i added to the network list. The nicks/ident ect are reset, the network list opens even though i told it not to last time etc22:01
MonsterKilleranyone know what could be wrong?22:01
MonsterKilleri installed it through the software center22:01
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Azelphurhow do you install a gtk 3.x theme from gnome-look in 12.04?23:20
AzelphurI stuck it in ~/.themes but it doesn't show up in the appearance dialog23:20

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