hiatusam i missing something or does the app categories not show up with the latest version of ubuntu?06:00
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njinHallo, can someone manage bug 1001976 ? is not the first time that i see reported problems with citrix, but I don't know what is it. thanks08:38
ubot5Launchpad bug 1001976 in Ubuntu "ICA Client (wfica): Citrix (Receiver) incomplete and not well integrated into Ubuntu Software Center" [Undecided,New] https://launchpad.net/bugs/100197608:38
jussiIs it possible to get legacy scrollbars back?10:27
seb128jussi, try to LIBOVERLAY_SCROLLBAR=0 yourcommand?10:35
jussiseb128: thats a fair hassel - Im currently on KDE using a couple of GTK apps, which Id like to have scrollbars same as my kde apps10:37
seb128jussi, well set it in your session environment?10:37
jussiseb128: sounds good - how would I do that?10:37
scriptwarlockis a sudden of transfer/change of workspace to a certain app that occupies most of the desktop space horizontally is by design?10:37
seb128jussi, dunno, I don't use KDE10:38
jussiseb128: ok, thanks anyway10:38
seb128jussi, you can try to gsettings set org.gnome.desktop.interface ubuntu-overlay-scrollbars false10:40
seb128should work as well10:40
scriptwarlockis a sudden transfer/change of workspace to a certain app that occupies most of the desktop (or in minimize mode) space horizontally is by design?10:41
jussiseb128: ahh that works, thank you10:41
seb128jussi, yw10:41
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tsdgeosdidrocks: ping15:12
didrockshey tsdgeos15:13
tsdgeosdidrocks: hey, did you do the stuff that shows the nautilus favorites in the nautilus quicklist?15:13
tsdgeosfound a blog that claims you did15:13
didrockstsdgeos: indeed15:13
tsdgeosbut you can't trust the interwebs these days :D15:13
didrocksheh :)15:14
tsdgeosdidrocks: there's a bug in which if the folder is called foo_bar15:14
tsdgeosit things _ is the "underline stuff"15:14
tsdgeosso you get foobar with b underlined15:14
tsdgeosdidrocks: if you point me where to look at i'd like to try to fix it15:14
didrocksah interesting :)15:14
didrocksyeah, one sec, take the ubuntu nautilus branch15:15
tsdgeosprobably some gtk thing creeping in15:15
didrocksbzr branch lp:~ubuntu-desktop/nautilus/ubuntu15:15
didrocksshould be gtk I'm afraid15:15
didrockslet me look, one sec15:15
didrockstsdgeos: I would say the bug is in dbusmenu15:17
tsdgeosi'll have a look at both15:17
tsdgeostx for the pointers15:17
didrocksI pass the bookmark content straight from the one shown in nautilus sidebar15:18
didrockstsdgeos: see debian/patches/12_unity_launcher_support.patch15:18
seb128tsdgeos, didrocks: bug #961129 might need to be undupped, it was marked as duplicate of a bug that got fixed before precise, if that's still an issue it might turns out it was not a dup and should be changed back15:19
ubot5Launchpad bug 903200 in libdbusmenu (Ubuntu Precise) "duplicate for #961129 Underscore on menu items change on switching focus" [High,Fix released] https://launchpad.net/bugs/90320015:19
didrocksthanks for the pointer seb128, tsdgeos you maybe want to keep that one in mind15:20
tsdgeosthere's https://bugs.launchpad.net/unity-2d/+bug/961170 too15:20
ubot5Ubuntu bug 961170 in unity-2d "Folders with underscore in name shown incorrectly in Home Launcher quicklist" [Undecided,New]15:20
MGandTL'afternoon all. I'm running quantal, and I'd like to build unity and get started, but I've got a problem with dependencies: http://paste.ubuntu.com/999250/ - the current version of libboost is 1.4915:48
tsdgeosdidrocks: are you sure it's not expected dbusmenu behaviour? because dbusmenu-qt has code that converts _ to &, so it seems to be the designed behaviour that _ is the marker for underlining in dbusmenu15:49
tsdgeosor at least the dbusmenu-qt implementator though so15:50
didrockstsdgeos: it is, but I'm not sure how it should be treated then when you want an underscore to be an undescore15:50
didrockstsdgeos: does __ works? (2 underscore)15:50
tsdgeosdidrocks: yep15:51
tsdgeos"works" as in15:51
didrockstsdgeos: so maybe change the nautilus quicklist patch to replace _ with __?15:51
tsdgeosi get foo_bar in the quicklist when the folder is called foo__bar15:51
tsdgeosdidrocks: makes sense to me15:51
didrocksthat should do it ;)15:52
tsdgeosok, will code the patch15:52
didrocksthanks tsdgeos15:52
tsdgeostomorrow, getting close to my eod15:52
tsdgeoslike 5 min away from it15:52
MGandTLCan anyone tell me how to fix the dependency problem and build unity?16:12
mhall119MGandTL: did you build Nux first?16:14
MGandTL...nope. Didn't have on precise, so I assumed I didn't have to.16:15
mhall119MGandTL: I've been told it's usually a good idea16:16
MGandTLEven so, I presume that to do that I would have to get nux, which depends upon an old version of lobboost.16:16
mhall119MGandTL: http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity/#build-nux16:16
MGandTLthanks, will read that.16:16
greybackMGandTL: I'm a fan of this doc http://askubuntu.com/questions/28470/how-do-i-build-unity-from-source16:17
MGandTLI should clarify-I know how to, but I can't install dependencies.16:18
MGandTLbut thanks for the advide. :D16:18
greybackMGandTL: sorry I didn't read up. What version of libboost1.46-dev have you installed?16:19
mhall119MGandTL: that should all be condensed into http://unity.ubuntu.com/getinvolved/development/unity/ now16:20
MGandTLnp. I haven't. apt-get build-dep fails as I've got 1.4916:20
MGandTLI can manually install 1.46...but shouldn't the depency be on the most recent version, or a specific version?16:21
MGandTLthanks mhall119.16:21
MGandTLstuff it, I'll install 1.46. Thanks for the help everyone!16:24
greybackMGandTL: sorry that's all I can recommend. the package build-depends explicitly requires 1.4616:28
MGandTLgreyback, no problem. I gathered. ;)16:28
greybackMGandTL: well good luck with the build!16:29
MGandTL...uh-oh. Build errors, looks like somewhere in boost. Oh well, thanks for your time. This evening's job. :D Thanks for the help again greyback.16:30
greybackMGandTL: np16:30
Roshanhello everyone,17:05
Roshani hav an idea that ask for more consistency17:05
Roshancan we extend non-active behaviour to windows title bar?17:06
Roshanboth in active and inactive windows, the color of titlebar and border is same17:06
ais523hmm, that might just be a feature of the theme, because I'm reasonably sure that Compiz can do that already17:08
ais523so it might just be a case of finding where inactive title bar color is set in the theme and changing it17:08
Roshanais523, oh..thanx..17:09
Roshanjust hope that the upstream devs noticed it17:09
Roshanais523 , which color caould bmake a better consistency , given the color in active windows is black?17:11
Roshanais523, is ubuntu 12.10 go for a new theme??17:11
ais523probably a lighter shade of gray is usual17:12
ais523I'm not in charge of theming (or anything else), so can't really tell you about any plans that might not be there (I'm not an Ubuntu developer)17:12
Roshanok..me too..:)17:12
Roshanand still dreaming of a Ubuntu dev one day:)17:13
Roshanais523, do u know how to make GTK+3 theme?17:14
bobweaverHello there could I ask a newbie question plz What are some of the tools  that you all use to develop unity scopes and lens ? Are there any gui tools ? Would qtdesign work ? Or I guess my question is what are your fav. programs to write unity lens plugins and daemon's in ? thanks for your time.23:59

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