MarkDudeEclipse right now00:59
MarkDudeTake a pair of binoculars, point the big part at the sun00:59
MarkDudefocus the eye part at a wall or paper00:59
MarkDudeyou get a safe reflection to look at00:59
grantbowI remember there was a big one in 1985/1986. lol http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_solar_eclipses_in_the_20th_century01:19
grantbowerr, a couple01:19
grantbowso this is an annular. interesting. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_solar_eclipses_in_the_21st_century01:21
pleia2meeting in 10 minutes :)01:50
* jtatum flails his arms01:51
DonkeyHoteimy eyes are still not 100% after watching the eclipse out the window01:56
pleia2my eyeballs are ok01:58
DonkeyHoteii've been staring straight at it wearing shades01:59
pleia2I think that's #1 on ways not to watch the eclipse ;)01:59
pleia2#2 is wearing 2 pairs01:59
pleia2ok, meeting time!02:00
pleia2who all is here for the meeting? :)02:00
pleia2not everyone at once :P02:01
jtatumone guy! hehe02:02
pleia2ok, so agenda: https://wiki.ubuntu.com/CaliforniaTeam/Meetings/12May2002:02
pleia2#topic UDS Wrap up02:03
pleia2so, UDS in Oakland was awesome :)02:03
pleia2I didn't get nearly enough "I'm a local" buttons, I ran out early on Monday02:04
jtatumagree. quite busy but very nice.02:04
pleia2we had lots of local folks, many of them I hadn't met :)02:04
scientesdat solar eclipse is pretty cool and almost over02:04
* jledbetter is here too02:04
scientesanyone that hasn't looked at it02:05
pleia2scientes: we're having a meeting ;)02:05
scientesDonkeyHotei, you need the cool-ass solar glasses02:05
scientesoh well i guess im in02:05
pleia2there were lots of great events that the team and other locals put on02:05
pleia2Michael Paoli did a Debian Dinner on Wednesday, I took some folks out touristing in SF (the cable cars were a huge hit),02:06
pleia2then on Thursday MarkDude took a bunch of people to an A's game (and I did an Ubuntu Women dinner at my home)02:06
scientesI was at the debian dinner !02:06
scientescool discussions02:06
pleia2we usually have them in SF after an Ubuntu Hour, so Oakland during UDS was a nice change of pace02:07
pleia2I wish I could have gone02:07
scientesbest topic was the Packet in Packet02:07
jtatumsounds fun. all the evenings seemed quite overbooked :)02:07
pleia2jtatum helped me with touristing in SF, so he couldn't go either02:07
pleia2yeah, there were official events every night too, first time I've seen that at a UDS actually02:08
scientespacket in packet: http://events.ccc.de/congress/2011/Fahrplan/events/4766.en.html02:08
pleia2usually there are a couple nights that are free02:08
DonkeyHoteigah, black on the screen still looks purplish blue to me02:08
pleia2jono really liked the idea of local buttons (or stickers) so I'm hoping it'll continue to the next loco team when UDS is elsewhere02:09
scientesexcept you needed more buttons02:09
jledbetterGood idea02:09
pleia2and I encouraged him to engage the loco teams more, we didn't get any real communication or feedback from canonical until after we'd done stuff (the transportation page that eps and chris helped with was very popular)02:09
pleia2scientes: yeah :)02:09
pleia2I was paying for them out of pocket at $2 each, so getting more than 15 would have been hard for me02:10
pleia2but stickers are cheaper!02:10
pleia2or if Canonical could have paid for them ;)02:10
geofftI would have gladly given you $2 for a button :(02:10
scientesI would have been OK with a sticker02:10
scientesyou could put in on the name badges and that would have been fine and worked02:11
pleia2I didn't actually know how popular the buttons would be02:11
pleia2scientes: yeah02:11
pleia2so, thanks for everyone who was available to give directions and help out UDS folks, I think we were a pretty good host loco :)02:12
jtatumagree. got and answered lots of questions about our confusing transportation system :)02:12
pleia2but effective!02:12
pleia2eps got me 25 clipper cards, I was able to give them all out to people who used them02:13
jtatumyes, seems it worked out. must have been quite nice for visitors to be a quick trip from the city.02:13
pleia2and we gave the woman at AC Transit who hooked us up with the cards a UDS t-shirt :)02:13
DonkeyHoteieps got them? figures...02:13
scientesooh, i really would loved to have one of those clipper cards02:14
scientesthat would have helped me alot02:14
pleia2I emailed the uds-announce list about them so people could track me down02:15
pleia2gave out my last one Wednesday night when we went out touristing02:15
pleia2that's pretty much all I had, good work everyone!02:15
pleia2jdeslip ran a Linux table at Maker Faire this weekend and I know some of us went out, anyone here who made it out?02:15
scientesyeah i really could have used one of those02:16
jledbetterI saw the booth02:16
* pleia2 was mostly stuck doing work and grown up things all weekend, no Maker Faire02:16
* scientes thought of going02:16
pleia2I dropped off some CDs with jdeslip last weekend at BerkeleyLUG though02:16
jtatumworked there on saturday. it was really neat. a lot of ubuntu cds got handed out02:16
pleia2jtatum: yay!02:16
jtatumgrantbow put in a lot of hours there and did a great job selling Ubuntu :)02:17
pleia2as he does :)02:17
jtatumjyo was there on Sunday in full Ubuntu garb02:17
scientesooo, that would have been a great arrangement if i could have done that02:17
pleia2haha, awesome02:17
scientesthe cost of the Maker Faire kinda put me off...02:17
scienteseven though transportation would have cost about as much02:17
jtatumaw. it was excellent, scientes.02:17
pleia2scientes: are you on the ubuntu-us-ca mailing list? jdeslip had a couple of passes that he gave out to ubuntu california folks who could volunteer at the booth02:18
scientesbut it was sure fun walking about downtown here with eclipse glasses and getting reactions ;)02:18
scientespleia2, yeah ill sign up, u got a link?02:18
pleia2so, for next time :)02:18
pleia2I also announce the debian dinners there02:19
pleia2thanks for the details on Maker Fair jtatum :)02:20
pleia2#topic any other comments, questions, announcements?02:20
pleia2scientes: get the link? https://lists.ubuntu.com/mailman/listinfo/ubuntu-us-ca02:21
scientesugggh, i've really gotta track down what is causing these auto-reboots02:21
scientesi've meant to setup kexec-on-oops crash dumps for a while now.....02:21
pleia2I should actually get a meeting bot in here so these commands mean something02:22
pleia2ok, thanks everyone!02:23
pleia2have a good night02:23
scientesthat was quick02:23
pleia2usually is02:24
jtatumthanks again pleia2 :)02:24
pleia2ok, off for sushi now!02:24
pleia2sure :)02:24
jtatumi can toss a meetingbot in here02:24
scientesi got my first patch into mozilla :)02:25
nhainespleia2: oops, missed the meeting because I was staring at the sun!  Wanted to request precise CDs.  :)02:25
nhainesscientes: congrats!02:25
scientesnhaines, 32-bit?02:25
nhainesscientes: I think that's all they come in, yup.02:26
nhainesUsually the Desktop CDs are 32-bit and the Server CDs are 64-bit.02:26
scientesthere were a ton at the UDS02:26
nhainesI'll ping her again after she has sushi.02:29
MarkDudeOreilly can hook people up with tickets with an advanced warning02:47
MarkDudeThey were half the door price if you got them ahead of time02:47
scientesMarkDude, i should have known02:51
scientesthen i would have gone02:51
MarkDudeThey also will send books to groups02:52
MarkDudeLike Ubuntu Cali for example02:52
scientesthat would be nice02:52
scientesi need a good C book02:52
scientesand maybe C++ too02:52
MarkDudeThey should have sumthin :)02:52
scientesI should also get my parents to send me my nice Ruby book.....;)02:53
* MarkDude cant ask for this group. But can for Partimus, or sumthin. 02:53
MarkDudeOreilly likes people to review and post books02:53
* MarkDude has a volunteer that has got books from them, read, reviewed and been happy. I should call him and see what else he was hoping to read02:54
MarkDudeOne of the triumvirate can ask for the books if I remember correctly. After that is done, a person or 2 can be made the *book person*.02:56
MarkDudeIt would make sense to have Nor and So Cal do it as regions02:56
scientesMarkDude, so what do i do to procede with a book ask?05:02
MarkDudeWell, this is my guess at how to do it and keep everyone happy.05:03
MarkDudeput it on next meeting or ask the 3 leads of the Cali team05:04
MarkDudeWe had talked about it before, Im not sure what was worked out05:04
* MarkDude was under the understanding they were cool with the idea, but did not have time to handle logistics05:05
MarkDudeI wonder if there is a wiki page for the team. That would be what I would do 1st is create a page for it.05:05
MarkDudewith 2 headings of Nor and So Cal05:06
MarkDudeIf So Cal wants to divide into inland Empire and San Diego or LA or whatever they can.05:06
MarkDudeCome up with a wishlist of books to put on the page.05:08
MarkDudescientes, are you cool with wiki markup? If not I can help , Im ok with it :)05:08
scientesMarkDude, i'm VERY use to wikipedia markup05:09
scientesbut its not very portable, even to other wikimedia sites05:09
MarkDudeFair enough.05:09
scientesotherwise there is the hockuspocus of other standards, like markdown, redcloth, etc05:10
scientesand <html> of course05:10
* MarkDude tries to remind himself that some folks might be new to this. If I did not do that, I would not be sharing the spirit of Ubuntu ;)05:10
scienteshowever i think the new wikimedia rich text editor is promising05:10
scientesand look forward to using it05:10
* MarkDude does moin and mediawiki05:10
MarkDudeand thatas about it :D05:11
scientesalthough when i tried it out it was pretty buggy05:11
scientesnah its a good answer05:11
scientesit might be behind the reason that 90% of wikipedia contributes are male (!!!!)05:11
pleia2nhaines: same address as usual? I'll get them out in the next few days05:37
nhainespleia2: yup, should work.  Thanks!08:04
nhainespleia2: also happy sushi!08:04
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paulproteusscientes: I wasn't, but now I am19:59
paulproteusMostly took a weekend vacation from IRC.19:59
scientescool cool19:59
scientesu see the solar eclipse?19:59
paulproteusscientes: Yes!23:47

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