rick_h_morning, ugh I forgot my headphones at the coffee shop this morning11:45
brouschbah, just use the speakers11:48
shakes808Good morning all12:09
rick_h_ugh, recovery monday in effect12:21
brouschah, crap. missed the eclipse last night12:25
shakes808I didn't even know one was happening, I wish I could have seen it as well.12:26
rick_h_man, it was flooding my twitter feed12:27
shakes808lol I seen some pretty cool pics from people around G+12:27
shakes808But thought those were the works of photoshop. Now knowing that those were real, it makes them all that more beautiful. There were some talented pictures.12:28
brouschhas anyone used coffeescript?12:34
rick_h_brousch: so I've tinkered, I've got the "little book on coffeescript" we talked about it on Lococast12:34
rick_h_brousch: what's the question? or you just curious if any of us have caved?12:35
brouschnext grwebdev will be coffeescript. i thought someone else was running it, but i think now i will be12:35
brouschneed to do a little boning up12:35
rick_h_brousch: gotcha12:36
rick_h_brousch: yea, I'd suggest checking out that little book of coffescript12:37
rick_h_I read through most of it on the plane out to pycon and it goes pretty quick while still being good info12:37
snap-lbrousch: Unless you were on the west coast, you weren't likely to see anything for the eclipse12:46
brouschsomeone mentioned seeing it from detroit12:48
brouschmaybe they meant over a webcam or something12:48
brouschpragmatic programmer has a user group program http://pragprog.com/reviewers12:50
snap-lJoDee was watching the eclipse via ustream13:29
snap-lAlso, song of the day: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHparblxwzE15:14
greg-gsnap-l: yes. sad day.15:15
snap-lGoing to be another one of those years where we lose too many musicians15:17
snap-lWhiney Houston, Robin Gibb, Adamn Yauch15:18
greg-grick_h_: uhhhh http://identi.ca/notice/93872762 ;)15:36
rick_h_greg-g: yea, guess I'm on the way out :P15:36
rick_h_greg-g: so I hope the argument there is that "can't work on your codebase and the coding guidelines you've chosen because they're wrong to him"15:37
rick_h_greg-g: vs "if your dev wants to keep thigns at some stupid code guideline...fire them!"15:37
rick_h_but I'm quickly reaching the point in life where "your boss doesn't care about you caring about code quality...then quit!"15:38
greg-gheh, fair15:39
snap-lThank you, Ubuntu.16:39
greg-gsnap-l: oh arch :)17:00
snap-lThat's the great thing about Ubuntu: less time spent configuring hardware so you can spend more time bitching about how much Ubuntu sucks online17:03
brouschthey have moved the complaints from hardware not working to unity being annoying17:04
snap-lbrousch: Yep17:04
snap-lYou take the good, you take the bad17:04
snap-lyou take them both, and there you have17:05
snap-lthe FOSS of life17:05
snap-lthe FOSS of life17:05
brouschi did not watch that show17:05
snap-lI watched it from time to time17:06
snap-lJoDee likes it way more than I do17:06
brouschWhat's wrong with this picture? http://pydanny.com/may-12th-2012-la-open-source-recap.html17:57
snap-lbrousch: Not a damn thing. :)17:58
snap-lbrousch: Oh, wait, I know... there's a thinkpad or two in the back row17:59
MilyardoThat coffee isn't from Starbucks18:00
greg-gI don't see enough black rimmed glasses18:00
shakes808all the Apple laptops?18:03
brouschshakes808 wins the cookie!18:04
shakes808YAY! I am fat, I like cookies :D18:04
rick_h_that pic was from CA right?18:04
rick_h_I heard they give them away for free out there18:04
rick_h_or make you buy one when you move, I can't recall which18:05
snap-lIt's part of the reeducation program18:05
snap-lYou get a Prius and an Apple laptop, and a 1 week trial to Whole Foods18:06
shakes808If they give them away, I am all down for it, give me the big PRO laptop. :D18:06
shakes808HA HA18:06
snap-lThey tried something similar in Ann Arbor18:06
greg-gI turned down my macbook that was handed to me at the border. I gave them a GNU sticker instead. And kissed him on his cheek. I think I sold him on it.18:07
shakes808HA HA greg-g! Did he blush?18:08
greg-gwe don't blush in SF from a simple kiss on the cheek.18:08
snap-lgreg-g: I think the reason for the pause was that wasn't his cheek18:09
shakes808HA HA18:09
greg-gwhich cheek?18:09
snap-lhard to tell under those beards.18:09
* greg-g picks out a hair from between his teeth18:09
snap-lI'll bet that busker never does a handstand again18:10
greg-gbtw, I won the "... in bed" competition at the chinese restaurant this weekend18:10
greg-g"Keep your nose to the grindstone."18:10
shakes808HA HA18:11
snap-lgreg-g: I don't get it.18:11
shakes808greg-g: If your nose is being ground down, someone needs to shave.18:11
greg-gI think I have successfully derailed the channel for the day, I shall go back to my real work now18:12
snap-lbrousch: You started it18:13
greg-git's true.18:13
brouschit went places i had never dreamed it would18:13
greg-gyour dreams wouldn't even be PG here in SF, brousch.18:13
snap-lbrousch: Oh the places your joke will go18:13
brouschit wasn't even a joke!18:18
snap-lWell I kissed a man in Reno, just to watch him cry. When I gave him that GNU sticker, I bade him goodbye.18:19
snap-lgreg-g MacOS prison blues ^^18:20
greg-gsnap-l: :)18:22
waldo323_is that why so many jailbrake?18:22
rick_h_#$@#$#@ Django...that is all18:22
snap-lrick_h_: That good, eh?18:23
brouschi can't seem to translate #$@#$#@ into a real word, so I'll assume you mean "love 4 ever"18:23
rick_h_brousch: I will not violate the CoC...I will not....18:24
rick_h_so yea, whatever that translates to :P18:24
brouschwhat'd it do to you this time?18:25
rick_h_the stupid dev server sucks balls, the serialization is a pita, and the stupid decisions on how to load config files is just a pita18:25
rick_h_I'm freaking hacking config in tests so that I can actually not run something in production but test it18:25
brouschjust have a config for testing18:27
rick_h_right, so the 'django' way is to change config based on the debug flag18:29
rick_h_but tests run with the debug flag always set to false18:29
brouschdjango-admin.py runserver --settings=mysite.settings18:29
rick_h_you don't runserver with tests :P18:29
rick_h_and their stupid dev server doesn't support multiple workers, writing a pidfile, and here I am trying to find some way to killall any running django (with no success)18:30
brouschyou could run a real server, like gunicorn18:38
rick_h_yea, but all the django people freak out "but but the django dev server is the way to go, we shouldn't need to run a 'real' server18:39
brouschi haven't heard that18:39
brouschone of the big complaints i hear is the dev server sucks18:39
rick_h_so in reading my reply, the issue seems to be "if we're going to use a real server let's just use apache since that's productino"18:41
rick_h_but then you lose pdb'ing ability18:41
rick_h_so debugging suffers18:41
rick_h_I'll have to demo/educate/etc just annoyed that the default things in django are having me fight django vs getting anything done18:42
* rick_h_ rants...rants... wheeee18:42
brouschone nice thing about django is that you're generally not trailblazing. what you are trying to do has been done before.18:45
brouschyet you seem to be hitting trailblazing problems18:45
rick_h_yea, but then you hit the opinion enforcement issues: https://code.djangoproject.com/ticket/499618:45
Blazeixbah, this returns two columns, with FooBaz's values aliased to FooFoo: http://vpaste.net/JDxER18:52
Blazeixkind of obvious in that example, but less obvious when you have 10 columns, and the columns in question are bit columns18:52
rick_h_rough day Blazeix18:54
Blazeixyeah, i was at the point where i was saying "ok, either i'm insane or i found a bug in sql..."19:01
greg-gnixternal: hey man, do you live right around Hot Doug's?22:02
greg-gnixternal: it was a cramped trip: in Thursday night and out saturday morning, with work stuff all friday22:02
greg-g(and dinner the night before with work peeps, and then dinner friday night with some OSI peeps)22:03
* snap-l got a Squeezebox Touch loaner for my article22:46
snap-lHave to say, it's a pretty nice little unit22:47
snap-lthough I had to force a firmware upgrade on it so it wouldn't hang while trying to get a hold of mysqueezebox.com22:47
rick_h_snap-l: sweet!23:35

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